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Aug 30, 2007:

8:41 PM Ticket #1990 (RevTree initialization error when the svn repository is empty) created by jesspub@…
Config: * Windows XP SP2 * Apache 2.2 * Python 2.5.1 * …
7:52 PM jrh18 created by jrh18
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7:01 PM Ticket #1989 (the zip file dont contains the smarty class) closed by roman
wontfix: That's on purpose. Teamtrac uses several libraries (e.g., GD, SQLite3) …
6:15 PM Ticket #1989 (the zip file dont contains the smarty class) created by arnoldroa@…
Hi, i forget to tell you about this issue, your zip file dont contains …
2:40 PM Ticket #1987 (enabling globbing user "*") created by trac@…
Hi, currently the pseudo-user "*" is missing in dropdown list. This …
2:31 PM Ticket #1986 (Wrong fields hided from the ticket view, after it's creation) created by didoux
Hello, I've tried to use this interesting plugin, but …
12:35 PM Ticket #1985 (Upgrade crashes on Mac OS X) created by anonymous
The version of OS X is 10.4.10 and Python is 2.3.5. Below is the …

Aug 29, 2007:

11:31 PM Ticket #1964 (Plugin isn't loaded in Trac 0.11) reopened by smrobinson62@…
I'm having the same problem but upgrading Genshi didn't help. Here's …
10:18 PM Ticket #1984 (Does not apply to attachments) created by kcsasquatch@…
I am using Trac 0.10 using the patch at #898, and I have …
9:55 PM Ticket #1983 (SQLITE EROR) created by arnoldroa@…
Hi, in your code you have: impl/tracktickets.php : […] when …
8:13 PM ManualTestingPlugin edited by anonymous
5:55 PM Ticket #1978 (ticket creation doens't populate graph properly) closed by mape
fixed: [2607] (plugin version 0.4) did fix this issue for me.
5:52 PM TracTimeVisualizerPlugin_ss1.PNG attached to TimeVisualizerPlugin by mape
example burndowns
5:49 PM TimeVisualizerPlugin edited by mape
5:48 PM Changeset [2607] by mape
  • timevisualizerplugin/0.10/tractimevisualizerplugin/__init__.py
  • timevisualizerplugin/0.10/tractimevisualizerplugin/impl.py
  • timevisualizerplugin/0.10/tractimevisualizerplugin/pluginwrapper.py

TimeVisualizerPlugin: Rewrote the whole implementation, should fix also #1978

12:52 PM EggCookingTutorialTrac0.11 edited by anonymous
Fixed typo (diff)
11:05 AM Ticket #1981 (Doesn't work, when tracd runs as Windows service) closed by athomas
10:59 AM ChristianM created by ChristianM
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10:26 AM WantedPagesMacro edited by anonymous
10:23 AM adam created by adam
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7:20 AM Changeset [2606] by coderanger
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/dispatch.py

Less brittle jailbreak.

7:10 AM Changeset [2605] by coderanger
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/dispatch.py

Working again, POSTs are not eaten, redirects work.

5:38 AM Changeset [2604] by coderanger
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/dispatch.py

Trying to fix the wsgi.input consumption problem.

3:23 AM Ticket #1982 (Works for multiple users?) created by greacen
We have a bunch of bloggy folks on the team. I'd like to give everyone …

Aug 28, 2007:

1:22 PM DeyV edited by DeyV
9:29 AM Ticket #1981 (Doesn't work, when tracd runs as Windows service) created by thesorcerer
The plugin produces empty PDFs, when tracd is running as Windows …

Aug 27, 2007:

7:19 PM Ticket #1872 (Internal Error: TclError: bad screen distance "640.0") closed by khundeen
6:48 PM Changeset [2603] by coderanger
  • permredirectplugin/0.10/setup.py

Bump version.

6:48 PM Changeset [2602] by coderanger
  • permredirectplugin/0.10/permredirect/filter.py

Add redirect for webadmin.

6:33 PM PermRedirectPlugin edited by coderanger
6:32 PM Changeset [2601] by coderanger
  • permredirectplugin/0.10/svn-commit.tmp

This shouldn't be here

6:31 PM Changeset [2600] by coderanger
  • permredirectplugin/0.10/permredirect
  • permredirectplugin/0.10/permredirect/__init__.py
  • permredirectplugin/0.10/permredirect/filter.py
  • permredirectplugin/0.10/setup.py
  • permredirectplugin/0.10/svn-commit.tmp

Inital add.

6:30 PM PermRedirectPlugin created by coderanger
New hack PermRedirectPlugin, created by coderanger
6:30 PM Changeset [2599] by coderanger
  • permredirectplugin
  • permredirectplugin/0.10

New hack PermRedirectPlugin, created by coderanger

2:13 PM AccountManagerPlugin edited by d0nut
HttpAuthStore is not available in AccountManagerPlugin for Trac 0.9 (diff)
2:01 PM d0nut created by d0nut
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7:43 AM Changeset [2598] by yuanying
  • flashviewplugin/0.10/setup.py

author and url are added.

7:27 AM TracMetrixPlugin edited by anonymous
Fix typo in markup (diff)
6:12 AM Ticket #1980 (Date label miss aligned by one point) created by khundeen
The date label should be aligned to the left.

Aug 26, 2007:

7:32 PM Ticket #1976 (DIV end tag missing) closed by Blackhex
fixed: I've fixed XHTML validation errors for 0.10 branch with changeset r2597.
7:29 PM Changeset [2597] by Blackhex
  • discussionplugin/0.10/tracdiscussion/htdocs/css/discussion.css
  • discussionplugin/0.10/tracdiscussion/templates/admin-forum-list.cs
  • discussionplugin/0.10/tracdiscussion/templates/admin-group-list.cs
  • discussionplugin/0.10/tracdiscussion/templates/discussion-header.cs
  • discussionplugin/0.10/tracdiscussion/templates/discussion-macros.cs
  • Fixed XHTML validation for 0.10 branch.
5:37 PM BatchModifyPlugin edited by anonymous
5:34 PM Ticket #1979 (Google search on SVN repository) created by czkiss@…
Somehow to be able to set up and configure google search on the hooked …
5:29 PM Ticket #1978 (ticket creation doens't populate graph properly) created by mape
if new ticket is created with estimated hours, that might not be …
1:50 PM Ticket #1977 (filtering with milestone and component may give wrong results) created by mape
Trac & 3rd components may change milestone name or component name …
12:03 PM news/2007-08-18-trachacks-has-moved edited by athomas
11:03 AM Blog: TracHacks has moved edited by athomas
10:20 AM Ticket #1976 (DIV end tag missing) created by sylvain@…
I think a div end tag is missing when you try to access a forum which …
8:29 AM TracMetrixPlugin edited by khundeen
7:54 AM Ticket #1975 (IndexError: list index out of range) closed by khundeen
7:47 AM Changeset [2596] by khundeen
  • tracmetrixplugin/0.11/tracmetrixplugin/web_ui.py

FIX - #1975: IndexError: list index out of range

handle the case when matching request of root url

7:38 AM Ticket #1974 (TclError: no display name and no $DISPLAY environment variable) closed by khundeen
fixed: pylab automatically use interactive backend. matplotlib.use('Agg') …
7:25 AM Changeset [2595] by khundeen
  • tracmetrixplugin/0.11/tracmetrixplugin/mdashboard.py
  • tracmetrixplugin/0.11/tracmetrixplugin/model.py

FIX: #1974

  • Disable interactive option of matplotlib
6:15 AM Ticket #1975 (IndexError: list index out of range) created by khundeen
4:55 AM Ticket #1915 ('trac-admin TRACENV upgrade' failed in patched trac-0.10.5dev) closed by jmt4b04d4v
fixed: trac-post-commit-hook not in place?, closing ticket manually. …
4:47 AM Changeset [2594] by jmt4b04d4v
  • tracspanishtranslation/0.10/patchs/trac-spanish-python_utf-8.diff

closes #1915: 'trac-admin TRACENV upgrade' failed in patched trac-0.10.5dev

  • Undo translation of $TRACSRC/trac/scripts/admin.py script and related test.
1:58 AM kiniry created by kiniry
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Aug 25, 2007:

2:01 AM Ticket #1974 (TclError: no display name and no $DISPLAY environment variable) created by khundeen
File …

Aug 24, 2007:

10:18 PM aboas created by aboas
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10:01 PM ScrumPlugin edited by anonymous
10:00 PM ScrumPlugin edited by anonymous
9:57 PM ScrumPlugin edited by masariello
9:56 PM ScrumPlugin edited by masariello
7:53 PM rdunlap created by rdunlap
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7:09 PM Ticket #1973 (Problem for Includewikimacro with trac 0.11) created by sibok@…
The macros.py of Includewikimacro contains `macro = …
5:55 PM Ticket #1845 (Does not work with Trac 0.11) closed by athomas
duplicate: Duplicate of #1100.
5:55 PM Ticket #1932 (Patch for 0.11 version of TracTags) closed by athomas
fixed: No more reports of this problem, closing.
5:50 PM Ticket #1319 (Add SOAP support to "XmlRpcPlugin") closed by athomas
wontfix: I'm really not a fan of SOAP.
5:49 PM Ticket #363 (HTML problem with trac-hacks logo in IE6) closed by athomas
fixed: This should be fixed.
4:55 PM Ticket #1972 (ParentWiki produce wrong link when split_page_names = true) created by anonymous
When split_page_names is set to true in trac.ini, in a wiki page of …
11:24 AM Ticket #1971 (Multi milestone chart) created by chradev
Tanks for a good plugin (even as startup). I try to make complete …
11:12 AM chradev created by chradev
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11:06 AM Ticket #1965 (TypeError from impl.py, line 91) closed by anonymous
10:05 AM Changeset [2593] by yuanying
  • flashviewplugin/0.10/FlashView.egg-info/PKG-INFO

Author and EMail is added.

9:32 AM Changeset [2592] by mape
  • timevisualizerplugin/0.10/LICENSE.txt
  • timevisualizerplugin/0.10/tractimevisualizerplugin/__init__.py
  • timevisualizerplugin/0.10/tractimevisualizerplugin/impl.py

TimeVisualizerPlugin: new version: 0.3

  • fixed license file (From MIT to BDS which was already in init.py)
  • url to trac-hacks
  • Better NULL & empty string handling, should fix: re #1965
9:21 AM abandoned edited by anonymous
fix typo (diff)
9:08 AM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by sv
incremented counter (diff)
8:44 AM TimeVisualizerPlugin/FeedBack edited by mape
8:26 AM Ticket #1948 (Debug statement causes malformed headers with cgi (on 0.11)) closed by pacopablo
fixed: Fixed in #2591. Thanks.
8:24 AM Changeset [2591] by pacopablo
  • irclogsplugin/0.11/irclogs/__init__.py
  • Removed erronous print statement. Fixes #1948
6:23 AM Ticket #1947 (can't login) closed by anonymous
3:21 AM alexp created by alexp
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1:21 AM Ticket #1970 (Can't move tickets) created by JamesMills
Using: * trac-0.10.4 * DataMoverPlugin-1.2 r2542 I also am using …
12:46 AM TracMetrixRequirements edited by chrisg
12:41 AM TracMetrixPlugin/FeedBack edited by chrisg
Moved/added Feedback from the other page. (diff)
12:38 AM TracMetrixRequirements edited by chrisg
12:37 AM TracMetrixRequirements edited by chrisg

Aug 23, 2007:

10:44 PM ljcoomber created by ljcoomber
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9:31 PM Ticket #1969 (ascii codec can't encode character) created by anonymous
When trying to click "stop work" with comment supplied, the following …
9:25 PM TracMetrixPlugin/FeedBack edited by khundeen
9:24 PM TracMetrixPlugin/FeedBack created by khundeen
9:22 PM TracMetrixPlugin edited by khundeen
9:15 PM TracMetrixPlugin edited by khundeen
9:14 PM TimeVisualizerPlugin/FeedBack edited by khundeen
9:04 PM Ticket #1601 (TrackMetrix Dashboard: I want to see more detail progress report of ...) closed by khundeen
fixed: Implemented in [2582] as version 0.1.0
8:55 PM Ticket #1968 (0.11 build doesn't work in 0.11) created by anonymous
Adding the 2.0 egg to an environment's plugin folder does...nothing. …
4:08 PM EclipseTracPlugin edited by anonymous
1:42 PM Ticket #1967 (error) created by jan
11:11 AM Ticket #1966 (Tagsplugin-dev still depends on clearsilver) created by anonymous
Am I right that the current development version of tagsplugin still …
9:24 AM Ticket #1965 (TypeError from impl.py, line 91) created by anonymous
I have just test the TimingAndEstimationPlugin and different time …
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.