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Sep 21, 2007:

10:24 PM Ticket #2066 (problems with the links) reopened by anonymous
10:23 PM Ticket #2066 (problems with the links) closed by anonymous
3:51 PM tlokitz created by tlokitz
New user tlokitz registered
12:16 PM Ticket #2067 ([patch] Ugly message formatting when removing users from group) created by jesse.luna@…
4:08 AM Ticket #2066 (problems with the links) created by anonymous
First problem: when a link? is inserted in the mediawiki macro, a …

Sep 20, 2007:

10:31 PM PageToOdtPlugin edited by JasonWinnebeck
typos (diff)
10:26 PM JasonWinnebeck edited by JasonWinnebeck
Some info about me (diff)
10:24 PM PageToOdtPlugin edited by JasonWinnebeck
python 2.5 ticket link, English example, tutorial on creating … (diff)
10:22 PM Ticket #2065 (Internal Trac Links Dissapear) created by JasonWinnebeck
When converting a document, links to internal trac wiki pages …
10:13 PM Ticket #1736 (getting it to work under Python 2.5) reopened by JasonWinnebeck
This didn't actually appear to be checked in?
10:11 PM JasonWinnebeck created by JasonWinnebeck
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3:47 PM Ticket #1923 (reports don't work with PostgreSQL) closed by bobbysmith007
fixed: Given that I have had no update in a month, I will assume that this is …
3:44 PM Ticket #2007 (Unable to run upgrade on trac after installing plugin in project) closed by bobbysmith007
fixed: Well one thing I notice is that you are using an out of date version …
1:23 PM Ticket #2063 (make doesn't work) created by hottimbo@…
I download the latest version (r2647) of the source packaged as a zip. …
10:47 AM Ticket #2062 (Plugin removes functionality to change Ticket status from Ticket view) closed by ftiede
fixed: Fixed in [2647].
10:46 AM Changeset [2647] by ftiede
  • tracticketdepgraphplugin/0.10/depgraph/templates/dg_ticket.cs
  • tracticketdepgraphplugin/0.10/depgraph/web_ui.py

Added a new template for Ticket view. Fixes #2062.

10:44 AM Ticket #2062 (Plugin removes functionality to change Ticket status from Ticket view) created by ftiede
When installed the plugin shows a link to the dependency graph but …
8:54 AM Ticket #2061 (0.11 Version) created by pacopablo
Attached is a singel file plugin that holds a 0.11 version of the plugin.

Sep 19, 2007:

11:42 PM Ticket #2060 (Patch with various improvements) created by Gary Oberbrunner
This patch does the following: * rename cummulative -> cumulative …
11:17 PM PageToOdtPlugin edited by anonymous
typo correction (diff)
7:21 PM Ticket #2059 (ValueError: list.remove(x): x not in list) created by luigi
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a GET operation on …[…]
5:39 PM Changeset [2646] by Bombenbodo
  • tracsvnhooksplugin/0.10/setup.py
  • tracsvnhooksplugin/0.10/svnhooks/svnhooks.py

New option repository_hooks_dir

11:44 AM Ticket #2058 (Error: Macro TOC(None) failed -1) created by anonymous
Hi, I installed the TocMacro on two servers, both FreeBSD from ports …
8:42 AM Ticket #2057 (Genshi Template not provided with ScrumPlugin) created by aneez_backer@…
The ScrumPlugin is not shipped with the Genshi Tempalate for use …
6:46 AM Ticket #2056 (Hour reports not working with Trac 10.4 & MySQL 5.0 & ...) created by idbill@…
All Hour reports indicate some variation of SQL syntax error. The …
6:20 AM Ticket #1697 (Hour reports not working with Trac 10.4 & MySQL 5.0) closed by anonymous
invalid: nm this isn't a cast issue... but a problem with mysql5.0 nevertheless.
6:17 AM Ticket #1697 (Hour reports not working with Trac 10.4 & MySQL 5.0) reopened by idbill@…
I am having this problem. What was the fix? Trac 0.10.4 + mySQL …
12:22 AM EggCookingTutorialTrac0.11 edited by krieg

Sep 18, 2007:

11:21 PM EggCookingTutorialTrac0.11 edited by krieg
9:19 PM Srl295 created by Srl295
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7:16 PM EggCookingTutorial/BasicEggCooking edited by krieg
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5:12 PM pphaneuf created by pphaneuf
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3:52 PM Ticket #2055 (The wysiwyg editor cannot be selected when Apple Safari is used) created by anonymous
When Safari is used, the selection radio button between wysiwyg and …
11:15 AM Changeset [2645] by ftiede
  • tracticketdepgraphplugin/0.10
  • tracticketdepgraphplugin/0.10/depgraph/web_ui.py

Fixed a bug in depgraph request handler, failing to access the database.

11:04 AM Ticket #2054 (Let full image displayed inside browser context) created by trac@…
First: Thanx for the new nice matrix-layout. But you should note, that …
5:54 AM TracWysiwygPlugin edited by jun66j5
5:52 AM tracwysiwyg-opera9.png attached to TracWysiwygPlugin by jun66j5
5:52 AM tracwysiwyg-ie.png attached to TracWysiwygPlugin by jun66j5
5:52 AM tracwysiwyg-firefox2.png attached to TracWysiwygPlugin by jun66j5

Sep 17, 2007:

10:50 PM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
9:09 PM Ticket #2053 (Viewing a ticket after patch installed leads to backtrace) created by grib@…
I patched my r6000 Trac source with the BackRefPatch svn r2507. Upon …
8:31 PM Ticket #2034 (Invalid module name (tracdownloads.tags) during build) closed by Blackhex
fixed: OK, I'm closing this then.
8:29 PM Ticket #1937 (Won't display images in Opera) closed by Blackhex
fixed: GUI is rewritten with r2644. I test it with Opera and it works.
8:19 PM Ticket #775 (Add image view to ![screnshot:<id>] macro.) closed by Blackhex
fixed: Implemented with r2644.
8:17 PM Changeset [2644] by Blackhex
  • screenshotsplugin/0.10/setup.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.10/tracscreenshots/api.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.10/tracscreenshots/core.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.10/tracscreenshots/db/db1.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.10/tracscreenshots/db/db2.py
  • Complete rewrite of ScreenshotsPlugin internals.
  • New API for creating screenshots diplay plugins.
  • Matrix display component of screenshots, old-style display component will follow.
  • [screenshots:<id>,<width>x<height>] macro now displays screenshot directly on wiki page.
  • Old environment upgrade not implemented yet, test only with clean Trac environment!!!
  • TagsPlugin support not implemented yet!
7:08 PM Ticket #2051 (ticket delete does not work) closed by coderanger
invalid: You are trying to use the 0.11 version of the plugin with 0.10.
1:46 PM Changeset [2643] by ftiede
  • tracticketdepgraphplugin/0.10/setup.py

Homepage is now set to trac-hacks.org.

1:42 PM Changeset [2642] by ftiede
  • tracticketdepgraphplugin/0.10/depgraph/depgraph.py
  • tracticketdepgraphplugin/0.10/depgraph/web_ui.py

Set up properties correctly.

1:38 PM Ticket #2052 (azcalendar "Internal Server Error") created by unger@…
Hello, i have a problem with azcalendar. At one Trac-project i can …
1:38 PM Changeset [2641] by ftiede
  • tracticketdepgraphplugin/0.10/depgraph/depgraph.py
  • tracticketdepgraphplugin/0.10/depgraph/web_ui.py

Fixed checkout variables (hopefully).

1:31 PM TracTicketDepgraphPlugin edited by ftiede
1:26 PM Changeset [2640] by ftiede
  • tracticketdepgraphplugin/0.10/COPYING
  • tracticketdepgraphplugin/0.10/depgraph
  • tracticketdepgraphplugin/0.10/depgraph/__init__.py
  • tracticketdepgraphplugin/0.10/depgraph/depgraph.py
  • tracticketdepgraphplugin/0.10/depgraph/htdocs

Initial checkin.

1:23 PM TracTicketDepgraphPlugin created by ftiede
New hack TracTicketDepgraphPlugin, created by ftiede
1:23 PM Changeset [2639] by ftiede
  • tracticketdepgraphplugin
  • tracticketdepgraphplugin/0.10

New hack TracTicketDepgraphPlugin, created by ftiede

1:03 PM ftiede created by ftiede
New user ftiede registered
10:20 AM Ticket #2051 (ticket delete does not work) created by anonymous
When I click on Delete to delete a ticket, this is what I get. This is …

Sep 16, 2007:

1:16 PM Ticket #2050 (Flash quality) created by redliner@…
It would be nice if I can also redefine the default quality of flash …
8:50 AM Ticket #2049 (Printing for Users without WIKI_ADMIN permission) created by virtel@…
I would like everybody who has the WIKI_VIEW permission to be able to …

Sep 15, 2007:

5:55 AM EggCookingTutorialTrac0.11 edited by anonymous
corrected a typo (diff)
1:02 AM Changeset [2638] by eblot
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/enhancers/logenhancer/logenhancer/logenhancer.py
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/hooks
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/hooks/README
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/hooks/repproxy.py
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/hooks/svnstubs
  • Add existing SVN hook scripts.
    • These scripts are currently being reworked (quick & dirty implementation)
  • Update logenhancer.py to support the SVN hook scripts

Sep 14, 2007:

5:56 PM Ticket #2048 (Links relative to the page instead of relative to the wiki) created by sphillips1@…
I just installed PageToPdf and it's really great, but when there's a …
3:32 PM Ticket #2047 (BlogShow command in the main Blog page causes havoc) created by szm
Placing a BlogShow command (and presumably BlogPost) in the main …
12:56 PM TracWysiwygPlugin edited by jun66j5
12:54 PM TracWysiwygPlugin edited by jun66j5
12:54 PM tracwysiwyg.png attached to TracWysiwygPlugin by jun66j5
12:49 PM Changeset [2637] by jun66j5
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/MANIFEST.in
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/setup.cfg
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/setup.py
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/tracwysiwyg
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/tracwysiwyg/__init__.py

first release.

12:45 PM TracWysiwygPlugin created by jun66j5
New hack TracWysiwygPlugin, created by jun66j5
12:45 PM Changeset [2636] by jun66j5
  • tracwysiwygplugin
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10

New hack TracWysiwygPlugin, created by jun66j5

12:24 PM jun66j5 created by jun66j5
New user jun66j5 registered
4:11 AM Changeset [2635] by coderanger
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/api.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/db_default.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/dispatch.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/model.py

Working with mod_python now.

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.