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Dec 10, 2007:

11:59 PM TracDownloaderPlugin edited by peca
11:50 PM TimeVisualizerPlugin edited by mape
11:49 PM Changeset [2864] by mape
  • timevisualizerplugin/trunk

changed repository layout to common one

11:47 PM Changeset [2863] by mape
  • timevisualizerplugin/tags/TimeVisualizer_0.4

tagged 0.4

11:44 PM TracDownloaderPlugin edited by peca
11:29 PM Changeset [2862] by mape
  • timevisualizerplugin/tags

added tags

9:26 PM Ticket #2283 (Session Settings Population) created by bryce@…
I think the next logical step for LdapPlugin to grow into an LDAP
3:52 PM Ticket #2281 (Failed Installation; Syntax Error) closed by bobbysmith007
fixed: Just FYI we use generator expressions which were only added in python …
3:45 PM TimingAndEstimationPlugin edited by bobbysmith007
1:56 PM TracDownloaderPlugin created by peca
New hack TracDownloaderPlugin, created by peca
1:56 PM Changeset [2861] by peca
  • tracdownloaderplugin
  • tracdownloaderplugin/0.10
  • tracdownloaderplugin/0.11
  • tracdownloaderplugin/0.9

New hack TracDownloaderPlugin, created by peca

1:51 PM peca created by peca
New user peca registered
12:31 PM yserrano created by yserrano
New user yserrano registered
10:51 AM Ticket #2282 (Make default htpasswd hash type configurable) created by anonymous
Hi, i installed Account Manager Plugin v 0.1.3dev-r2548 with Trac …
12:17 AM Ticket #2281 (Failed Installation; Syntax Error) created by sean.wedig@…
This may be related to #2270, but my symptoms weren't exactly the …
12:11 AM Changeset [2860] by diroussel
  • luntbuildtracintegration/0.10/setup.py

LuntbuildTracIntegration: made setup.py work on unix

Dec 9, 2007:

11:45 PM Changeset [2859] by diroussel
  • luntbuildtracintegration/0.10/setup.py

LuntbuilTracIntegration: corrected package name in setup.py

11:40 PM Changeset [2858] by diroussel
  • luntbuildtracintegration/0.10/LuntbuildTracIntegration
  • luntbuildtracintegration/0.10/LuntbuildTracIntegration/LuntbuildTracIntegrationPlugin.py
  • luntbuildtracintegration/0.10/LuntbuildTracIntegration/__init__.py
  • luntbuildtracintegration/0.10/LuntbuildTracIntegration/htdocs
  • luntbuildtracintegration/0.10/LuntbuildTracIntegration/htdocs/failed.gif

LuntbuilTracIntegration: added new plugin

10:34 PM Ticket #1877 (Take only last version of wiki pages) reopened by kisielk
The implemented version is incorrect. The indentation level on the …
12:11 PM Ticket #2280 (delete environment) created by ThurnerRupert
it would be nice to have a delete option as well. always beeing able …

Dec 8, 2007:

4:54 PM dmayer created by dmayer
New user dmayer registered
11:06 AM Ticket #2279 (Can't add/edit Subversion Paths) created by anonymous
trac: 10.4 SVN: 1.5.5 PY: 2.4.4 the path are different after modified …
5:11 AM Changeset [2857] by athomas
  • xmlrpcplugin/trunk/tracrpc/ticket.py

Fixed #2269, thanks mayer.

5:11 AM Ticket #2269 (Notification error using 0.11-dev and xmlrpc trunk) closed by athomas
fixed: (In [2857]) Fixed #2269, thanks mayer.
5:09 AM Changeset [2856] by jun66j5
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.css
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.11/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.css
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.11/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js

Fixed a problem that undo-buffer is cleared when assigning style in IE.

Dec 7, 2007:

10:53 PM InfoCardAccountPlugin edited by anonymous
3:50 PM Ticket #2278 (Add basic authentication support) created by anonymous
Is there any way we could add basic authentication support into this …
3:25 PM TracForgePlugin edited by anonymous
Remove link to tracforge.net as it seems dead now (diff)
2:40 PM ProjectMenuPlugin edited by anonymous
corrected a typo (diff)
2:36 PM Ticket #2277 (ODBC connection) created by anonymous
Hello, it would be useful if trac could store data via ODBC
12:19 PM TimeVisualizerPlugin edited by anonymous
12:18 PM TimeVisualizerPlugin edited by anonymous
10:30 AM trac_flow_kam.png attached to ZoomQuietTranslation by ZoomQuiet
金山trac 传票流程
7:20 AM Ticket #2276 (nav bar display) closed by dalius
fixed: Fixed. Are use using this plugin with trac version 0.10?
7:18 AM Changeset [2855] by dalius
  • authopenidplugin/0.11/authopenid/authopenid.py

Ticket #2276 fixed.

7:15 AM Changeset [2854] by ento
  • twittracscript
  • twittracscript/0.9

New hack TwittracScript, created by ento

Dec 6, 2007:

9:34 PM Changeset [2853] by jun66j5
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.11/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js

fixed #2212 - a problem that browsers don't scroll down when replying to tickets.

9:34 PM Ticket #2212 (Wysiwyg editor breaks usability) closed by jun66j5
fixed: (In [2853]) fixed #2212 - a problem that browsers don't scroll down …
7:26 PM Ticket #2276 (nav bar display) created by philip.cooper@…
This is pretty minor but: You did the right thing in a 'sreg' request …
6:20 PM Ticket #2249 (New lexers not recognised by TracPygmentsPlugin) closed by anonymous
fixed: Ok finally figured it out. It's just that a real example would have …
4:24 PM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
2:53 PM TocMacro edited by anonymous
corrected trac.ini configuration (diff)
1:19 PM hkaimio created by hkaimio
New user hkaimio registered
10:16 AM Ticket #2275 (UNC paths are not changed to file-URLs) created by jtiai
It seems that UNC path conversion is only done for 0.11 altough …
8:39 AM Ticket #2274 ("Iinternal error " when i add Path) created by LongBrother
Yes, it can add user group,but when i "add path" ,it ignor a "Trac …
4:53 AM Ticket #2273 (HTML Image file automatic link) created by anonymous
If you copy a web page that contains images, and then paste it into …
2:10 AM Ticket #2272 (Include a google paga and nothing happened) created by davidcai
i do [[Include(http://www.google.com)]] but nothing happen but …

Dec 5, 2007:

8:01 PM LuntbuildTracIntegration created by diroussel
New hack LuntbuildTracIntegration, created by diroussel
8:01 PM Changeset [2852] by diroussel
  • luntbuildtracintegration
  • luntbuildtracintegration/0.10

New hack LuntbuildTracIntegration, created by diroussel

7:59 PM Changeset [2851] by diroussel
  • luntbuildtracintegrationpluginintegration
  • luntbuildtracintegrationpluginintegration/0.10

New hack LuntbuildTracIntegrationPluginIntegration, created by diroussel

7:17 PM Changeset [2850] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.10/scripts/trac-post-commit.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.11/scripts/trac-post-commit.py

added documentation back to post-commit hook

4:59 PM Ticket #2271 (macro works not) created by didley@…
I put the line [[MilestoneCompact()]] in a wiki page after submit …
4:49 PM GringottsPlugin edited by zregvart
4:42 PM GringottsPlugin edited by zregvart
9:54 AM ZoomQuietTranslation edited by ZoomQuiet
9:40 AM Ticket #2270 (Installation on 0.11 fails) created by divamys
Hi, I tried to install the plugin on 0.11 but I end up with console …
3:33 AM Ticket #2269 (Notification error using 0.11-dev and xmlrpc trunk) created by dmayer
Hi, using Trac 0.11-dev (r6280) and the xmlrpc plugin (trunk) …
12:54 AM Ticket #2268 (Make parameters for total and full settings) created by cvsdude
Rather than one-size-fits-all, it'd be nice to say split the parameter …

Dec 4, 2007:

11:24 PM Ticket #2259 (Dependant tickets' milestone contradictions.) closed by coderanger
wontfix: No, I try to enforce as few semantics in my plugins as possible.
11:01 PM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
8:41 PM osimons edited by osimons
Adding ohloh badge. Fun :-) (diff)
6:35 PM Ticket #2267 (Graphical representation of the result) created by anonymous
Show not only the names, but also a graphical bar, just like in the …
5:08 PM gsf edited by gsf
4:39 PM Changeset [2849] by jun66j5
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/tests/testcase.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.11/tests/testcase.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.11/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js

refs #2142

  • Fixed a problem that the autolinks generation convert from CamelCase to [CamelCase CamelCase].
  • Fixed a problem that text like CamelCase get [wiki:CamelCase] instead of CamelCase.
  • Fixed some bugs.
3:34 PM Ticket #2266 (Excel Report option is not available in Custom Query screen) created by geordee
* Is this a known limitation?
3:18 PM Changeset [2848] by gotoh
  • ticketboxmacro/0.10/TicketBox.py
  • ticketboxmacro/0.11/TicketBox.py
  • ticketboxmacro/0.8/TicketBox.py
  • ticketboxmacro/0.9/TicketBox.py

Applied a patch to allow inline summary dispaying. Closes #2265.
Thanks to laas<at>eenet.ee.

3:18 PM Ticket #2265 ([PATCH] include summary_inline.patch) closed by gotoh
fixed: (In [2848]) Applied a patch to allow inline summary dispaying. Closes …
2:05 PM Ticket #2265 ([PATCH] include summary_inline.patch) created by laas@…
With the attachment:wiki:TicketBoxMacro/summary_inline.patch this …
1:04 PM Ticket #2264 (0.11 does not show Blocked By) closed by coderanger
worksforme: In the 0.11 version, you must add the field yourself.
1:04 PM MasterTicketsPlugin edited by coderanger
1:01 PM Ticket #2264 (0.11 does not show Blocked By) created by anonymous
The old MasterTicketsPlugin showed us a field Blocked By: <numbers> …
6:48 AM Ticket #2261 (anonymous logout results in system error (and redirects to trust root)) closed by dalius
fixed: Thanks. I have added your patch.
6:41 AM Changeset [2847] by dalius
  • authopenidplugin/0.11/authopenid/authopenid.py

logout patch from gsf

12:04 AM Ticket #2261 (anonymous logout results in system error (and redirects to trust root)) created by gsf
Anonymous logout results in a system error, due to a return that …

Dec 3, 2007:

10:35 PM Ticket #2260 (mastertickets.web_ui not being loaded, ticket headers not linkified) created by dekimsey
While examining an issue where the ticket header's for …
10:32 PM gsf created by gsf
New user gsf registered
9:51 PM dekimsey created by dekimsey
New user dekimsey registered
7:51 PM Ticket #2259 (Dependant tickets' milestone contradictions.) created by pavel.uvarov@…
Milestone of a blocked ticket may have more recent due date than that …
7:46 PM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
6:47 PM Ticket #2258 (0.11 version of RepoSearchPlugin?) created by rmurphey@…
just curious whether this is available/planned, or whether the 0.10 …
1:15 PM Ticket #2257 (mailto links not linking correctly with hyphenated addresses/domains) created by mr_nil
The MailTo linking works well, expect for email address abd domains …
9:14 AM Ticket #2242 (ProgrammingError triggered with 0.11dev-r5703) closed by dalius
fixed: I have added your patch and registered ticket in trac itself: …
8:55 AM Changeset [2846] by dalius
  • authopenidplugin/0.11/authopenid/authopenid.py
  • authopenidplugin/0.11/authopenid/tracstore.py

sqlite patch from martin@…

8:40 AM Ticket #1908 (JavaScript error in blog.cs) closed by pacopablo
fixed: (In [2845]) * Fixed #1908. Added string found in wiki.cs of base …
8:40 AM Changeset [2845] by pacopablo
  • tracblogplugin/0.10/tBlog/templates/blog.cs
  • Fixed #1908. Added string found in wiki.cs of base trac install to silence the JS error.
8:21 AM Ticket #1982 (Works for multiple users?) closed by pacopablo
wontfix: Replying to greacen: > We have a bunch of bloggy folks …
8:05 AM davidcai created by davidcai
New user davidcai registered
2:51 AM Ticket #2256 (Just doesn't work) created by anonymous
I just spent two hours to get hidevals working on Trac 0.13 I see the …
2:12 AM Ticket #2255 (No bounds checking when adding/subtracting months) created by anonymous
There are several locations in web_ui.py where a month is passed into …
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