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Dec 29, 2007:

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Adding e-mail address (diff)
5:19 AM Ticket #551 (wiki-format parameter in activator causes error) closed by sgrayban
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Dec 28, 2007:

8:15 PM Ticket #2335 (TimingAndEstimationPlugin writes to sys.stdout) closed by bobbysmith007
fixed: (In [2948]) re #2334 closes #2335 Fixed error caused by printing to …
8:15 PM Changeset [2948] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.11/setup.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.11/timingandestimationplugin/tande_filters.py

re #2334
closes #2335

Fixed error caused by printing to std out rather than to the trac log.
There might also be an underlying error, but I cannot recreate it right now (all reports work for me with this version of the plugin).

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5:21 PM Ticket #2340 (Selected pages with CombineWikiPlugin) created by Myriam
I use Trac 0.10. I installed HTMLDOC 1.8.24 and PageToPDFPlugin which …
2:51 PM Ticket #2339 (Who work on version 0.12?) created by DeyV
See http://trac.edgewall.org/attachment/wiki/MacroBazaar/Color-0.11.py
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add some comment about port to 0.11 (diff)
1:16 PM Changeset [2947] by ttressieres
  • perforceplugin/trunk/README.txt
  • perforceplugin/trunk/p4trac/__init__.py
  • perforceplugin/trunk/p4trac/api.py
  • perforceplugin/trunk/p4trac/repos.py
  • perforceplugin/trunk/setup.py

plugin port to Trac 0.11 (first draft)

1:05 PM Ticket #2338 (Port PerforcePlugin to Trac 0.11) created by ttressieres
Trac 0.11 is very closed to be delivered, then we have to port all …
10:43 AM Ticket #2337 (0.10.4 patch : enable notifications to domain users without any ...) created by techtonik
The hack works perfectly except for ticket notifications. This patch …
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7:10 AM Ticket #2336 (Nondeterministic depgraph generation) created by kjdavies
If you generate the same depgraph image repeatedly, you can get …
4:46 AM Ticket #2335 (TimingAndEstimationPlugin writes to sys.stdout) created by kjdavies
This plugin wants to write to sys.stdout (this is not allowed under …
4:41 AM Ticket #2334 (Ticket Work Summary report fails) created by kjdavies
I've got Timing and Estimation Plugin installed, it seems the reports …

Dec 27, 2007:

10:02 PM Ticket #2331 (MySQL not supported) closed by coderanger
wontfix: The plugin page is tagged with "unfinished" for a reason. The plugin …
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9:00 PM Ticket #2333 (href between depgraph and tickets) created by kjdavies
The depgraph would be more useful if it were an imagemap. I know …
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8:56 PM Ticket #2332 (CSS problem between depgraph and PyDotOrg theme) created by kjdavies
When the depgraph is presented, using PyDotOrg theme, the depgraph …
8:55 PM Ticket #2331 (MySQL not supported) created by anonymous
At least mention the problem in the docs on the WIKI page and don't …
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11:59 AM Changeset [2946] by qwp0
  • progressmetermacro/0.11/progressmeter/macro.py
  • progressmetermacro/0.11/setup.py

ProgressMeterMacro: Defining all variable

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2:39 AM Changeset [2945] by rlotun
  • tracmathplugin/tracmath/tracmath.py

small info update

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Dec 26, 2007:

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6:43 PM Changeset [2944] by qwp0
  • progressmetermacro/0.11/progressmeter/macro.py
  • progressmetermacro/0.11/setup.py

Mega commit (sorry that I haven't commited continuously) -- v0.1b

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6:19 AM Changeset [2943] by coderanger
  • masterticketsplugin/0.11/mastertickets/graphviz.py
  • masterticketsplugin/0.11/mastertickets/web_ui.py
  • masterticketsplugin/0.11/setup.py

Unbreak trunk.

Dec 25, 2007:

8:02 PM Changeset [2942] by qwp0
  • progressmetermacro/0.11/progressmeter
  • progressmetermacro/0.11/progressmeter/__init__.py
  • progressmetermacro/0.11/progressmeter/macro.py
  • progressmetermacro/0.11/setup.py

ProgressMeterMacro: Initial commit (v0.1a)

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Small additional changes (diff)
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New hack ProgressMeterMacro, created by qwp0
7:05 PM Changeset [2941] by qwp0
  • progressmetermacro
  • progressmetermacro/0.11

New hack ProgressMeterMacro, created by qwp0

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4:11 AM Ticket #2330 (How to enable ScrumBurndownPlugin in 0.11b1) created by anonymous
I recevied these error messages, after I enabled ScrumBurndownPlugin

Dec 24, 2007:

5:51 PM Ticket #2329 (CSS for print) created by kjdavies
When printing, the nav menu is correctly hidden... but margin-left is …

Dec 23, 2007:

1:57 PM Changeset [2940] by mape
  • timevisualizerplugin/tags/TimeVisualizer_0.5

tagged timevisualizer 0.5

10:29 AM Ticket #2328 (escaped links are listed) created by punne@…
In the list rendered by [[WantedPages]], there are all …
7:57 AM Changeset [2939] by osimons
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/setup.py

FullBlogPlugin: Follow-up to new RSS support - actually include the new .rss template when installing...

Dec 22, 2007:

11:48 PM Changeset [2938] by osimons
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/tracfullblog/htdocs/css/fullblog.css
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/tracfullblog/templates/fullblog_delete.html
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/tracfullblog/templates/fullblog_view.html
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/tracfullblog/web_ui.py

FullBlogPlugin: Implemented new feature to delete a comment on a blog post (requires BLOG_ADMIN permission).

10:01 PM Changeset [2937] by osimons
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/tracfullblog/core.py
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/tracfullblog/model.py
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/tracfullblog/templates/fullblog.rss
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/tracfullblog/templates/fullblog_sidebar.html
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/tracfullblog/web_ui.py

FullBlogPlugin: Reworked the RSS support - now the plugin renders the full-post RSS feed itself, and leaving the details of creation, updates and comments to the timeline.

Additionally, feeds are now provides for the main dimensions of the blog, allowing users to subscribe to feeds restricted by category or author.


  • Simplified 'Search' by only having one search source.
  • Increased default number of front page to 20.
  • More permission checks against resource.
  • Fixed a count issue for when requested category was a substring of another (giving too many hits).
  • Some other small fixes.
9:40 AM Changeset [2936] by coderanger
  • masterticketsplugin/0.11/mastertickets/graphviz.py
  • masterticketsplugin/0.11/mastertickets/web_ui.py

Trying to improve formatting of the graph.

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5:39 AM Changeset [2935] by coderanger
  • masterticketsplugin/0.11/mastertickets/graphviz.py
  • masterticketsplugin/0.11/mastertickets/model.py
  • masterticketsplugin/0.11/mastertickets/templates/depgraph.html
  • masterticketsplugin/0.11/mastertickets/web_ui.py

Basic depgraph system.

2:05 AM Changeset [2934] by osimons
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/tracfullblog/htdocs/blog.png
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/tracfullblog/htdocs/css/fullblog.css
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/tracfullblog/templates/fullblog_macro_monthlist.html
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/tracfullblog/templates/fullblog_macro_post.html
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/tracfullblog/templates/fullblog_sidebar.html

FullBlogPlugin: Various changes:

  • Added support for restricting a blog feed on category or author.
  • Added RSS icons to interface to simplify.
  • Added a number of attributes to templates to make it easier to style.
  • Changed som layouts to make them better - styling and fixes.
  • Improvements / fixes in styles.
  • New icon for timeline viewing.
2:03 AM Ticket #1169 (HTTPAuth doesn't validate against AccountManager htpasswd file) closed by coderanger
wontfix: This an Apache issue clearly. I can't do anything about it.
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.