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Jul 29, 2008:

7:31 PM Ticket #3460 (error when installing this plugin) closed by k0s
fixed: (In [4077]) include the package data verbosely; hopefully fixes #3460
7:31 PM Changeset [4077] by k0s
  • ticketsubmitpolicyplugin/0.11/setup.py

include the package data verbosely; hopefully fixes #3460 ; please reopen if this doesnt work

7:03 PM Ticket #3361 (svnsync init on Windows) closed by k0s
fixed: (In [4076]) updates to generalize the svnsync plugin for windows …
7:03 PM Changeset [4076] by k0s
  • svnsyncplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • svnsyncplugin/0.11/svnsyncplugin/svnsync.py

updates to generalize the svnsync plugin for windows (untested on windows); hopefully fixes #3361 ; cleanup; bump microversion to reflect change

6:02 PM Changeset [4075] by k0s
  • svnurlsplugin/0.11/svnurls/svnurls.py

apply patch from #3473; closes #3473, thanks for the patch!

6:02 PM Ticket #3473 (XPath (and other) cleanup) closed by k0s
fixed: (In [4075]) apply patch from #3473; closes #3473, thanks for the patch!
5:16 PM Ticket #3474 (HDF dataset not available) created by lucy.bridges@…
When clicking the 'Peer Review' tab I get the following error: "Trac …
2:22 PM EggCookingTutorial/AdvancedEggCooking edited by anonymous
2:19 PM EggCookingTutorial/BasicEggCooking edited by anonymous
9:09 AM Ticket #2851 (Installed 0.11, Cannot get the themeengine to show any themes or even ...) closed by coderanger
worksforme: Replying to nigelsim: > This issue, at least for me, was …
8:29 AM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
7:53 AM Changeset [4074] by richard
  • zoomquiettranslation/trunk/0.10.x/templates/about.cs
  • zoomquiettranslation/trunk/0.10.x/templates/attachment.cs
  • zoomquiettranslation/trunk/0.10.x/templates/milestone.cs
  • zoomquiettranslation/trunk/0.10.x/templates/newticket.cs
  • zoomquiettranslation/trunk/0.10.x/templates/ticket.cs

revise translation of template pages

6:49 AM Ticket #3473 (XPath (and other) cleanup) created by xtg
This is a patch that corrects the issue with "th[@class='%s' or …

Jul 28, 2008:

11:06 PM TicketSubmitPolicyPlugin edited by lungpu
11:06 PM TicketSubmitPolicyPlugin edited by lungpu
Zipped source fails on install, edited page until the file is updated (diff)
10:20 PM lungpu created by lungpu
New user lungpu registered
9:58 PM Ticket #3472 (Reading settings from config file) created by dottedmag
TracCiaPlugin reads settings from Python file, not from Trac config. …
9:57 PM Ticket #3471 (Wik page revision deletion notification) created by dottedmag
Currently TracCiaPlugin does not report deletion of wiki page …
9:56 PM Ticket #3470 (Ticket changes notifications) created by dottedmag
Currently TracCia does not report ticket changes. This is pity.
9:53 PM Changeset [4073] by dottedmag
  • tracciaplugin/trunk/setup.py
  • tracciaplugin/trunk/traccia
  • tracciaplugin/trunk/traccia/__init__.py

Importing source to trac-hacks.org

9:50 PM Changeset [4072] by dottedmag
  • tracciaplugin/0.10
  • tracciaplugin/0.11

Removed 0.10 and 0.11 as not relevant yet

9:49 PM TracCiaPlugin edited by dottedmag
9:48 PM Changeset [4071] by dottedmag
  • tracciaplugin/trunk

Trunk dir added

9:46 PM TracCiaPlugin created by dottedmag
New hack TracCiaPlugin, created by dottedmag
9:46 PM Changeset [4070] by dottedmag
  • tracciaplugin
  • tracciaplugin/0.10
  • tracciaplugin/0.11

New hack TracCiaPlugin, created by dottedmag

7:48 PM Changeset [4069] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.10/setup.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.10/timingandestimationplugin/ticket_daemon.py

closes #3166

applied patch that adds commits to the ticket_daemon (necessary for some dbs)
bumped version to 0.6.7

7:48 PM Ticket #3166 (port db.commit() changeset:2893 to trac0.10 branch) closed by bobbysmith007
fixed: (In [4069]) closes #3166 applied patch that adds commits to the …
7:33 PM Ticket #3469 (not install) closed by coderanger
wontfix: Thats a feature. There is a reason the 0.11 version isn't mentioned …
6:01 PM Ticket #3469 (not install) created by anonymous
Execute plugin for version 0.11 and ocurred error
5:57 PM Ticket #3468 (Bug affter instalation) closed by athomas
invalid: This site is for plugins, not Trac itself. Try sending a mail to the …
5:44 PM Ticket #3468 (Bug affter instalation) created by anonymous
I create project with Trac when i try enter to web-page i recive …
5:34 PM mcow created by mcow
New user mcow registered
5:08 PM Changeset [4068] by robm
  • mathcaptchaplugin/0.11/mathcaptcha
  • mathcaptchaplugin/0.11/mathcaptcha/MathCaptcha.py
  • mathcaptchaplugin/0.11/mathcaptcha/__init__.py
  • mathcaptchaplugin/0.11/setup.py

Initial import of MathCaptcha plugin

3:23 PM MathCaptchaPlugin created by robm
New hack MathCaptchaPlugin, created by robm
3:23 PM Changeset [4067] by robm
  • mathcaptchaplugin
  • mathcaptchaplugin/0.11

New hack MathCaptchaPlugin, created by robm

2:37 PM BlackMagicTicketTweaksPlugin edited by anonymous
the trac.ini entry should be blackmagic, not blackmagics (diff)
1:28 PM Ticket #2703 (PrivateTickets for .11) closed by coderanger
fixed: Not sure why this was filed here, but it is done.
9:42 AM Changeset [4066] by richard
  • zoomquiettranslation/README.txt
  • zoomquiettranslation/branches/README.txt
  • zoomquiettranslation/trunk/0.11.x/ZhTracGuideToc.py
  • zoomquiettranslation/trunk/0.11.x/readme.txt


  • add ZhTracGuideToc.py for 0.11.x
  • organize documents
9:29 AM Ticket #3466 (No matches found) created by anonymous
Hello, I've just install the tracsearchall plugin, and have the …
6:47 AM Changeset [4065] by robm
  • mathcapthaplugin
  • mathcapthaplugin/0.11

New hack MathCapthaPlugin, created by robm

5:50 AM robm created by robm
New user robm registered

Jul 27, 2008:

11:08 PM Ticket #3465 ('NoneType' object has no attribute 'endswith') created by anonymous
Hi, I encounter the following problem when trying to use 'wikitopdf' …
8:12 PM Ticket #3464 (TaskListPlugin : Error when accessing the tasklist page) created by gonzague.reydet@…
I installed the TaskListPlugin but I obtain the following error when I …
3:39 PM Ticket #3463 (Error: Failed to load processor ZhTracGuideToc) created by anonymous
在wiki页面的“Trac使用及管理指南”中出现了如下错误: Error: Failed to load processor …
6:41 AM Ticket #3461 (RFE: User permissions by file) created by anonymous
It would be useful to be able to specify permission on a per download …
3:31 AM FullBlogPlugin edited by pacopablo
Updated docs re: location of the migrate-tracblog.py script (diff)
1:15 AM Ticket #3460 (error when installing this plugin) created by anonymous
I got this error when installing TicketSubmitPolicyPlugin: […]

Jul 26, 2008:

8:18 PM Ticket #3459 (htpasswd/tracd/trac11 Authentication information not available) created by cantthinkthinkpink@…
I have Trac 0.11 running on tracd, the standalone server. I had not …
9:59 AM Changeset [4064] by progrium
  • subprojectspatch/0.11/sub-projects.diff

and then i had to remove some stuff the mercurial diff put in there.

9:55 AM Changeset [4063] by progrium
  • subprojectspatch/0.11/sub-projects.diff

this corrects a problem in that last revision where the patch came from a version that was incorrectly patched from before. follow? it works now... actually tested

1:33 AM Changeset [4062] by pacopablo
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/contrib
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/contrib/migrate-tracblog.py

Added migrate-tracblog.py script. Closes #2927

1:33 AM Ticket #2927 (import tool for wiki-based blogs (or documentation to help in ...) closed by pacopablo
fixed: (In [4062]) Added migrate-tracblog.py script. Closes #2927

Jul 25, 2008:

7:40 PM Ticket #2802 (Cant save Announcer preferences on Postgres backend db) closed by doki_pen
worksforme: maybe the trac code has been fixed?
7:30 PM Ticket #2820 (HTML formatter should support custom-field) closed by doki_pen
worksforme: I just tested, the ticket_email_header_fields option works.
7:17 PM Ticket #2800 (Get preferred format SQL fails) closed by anonymous
duplicate: duplicate of #3447
7:16 PM Ticket #2873 (Plugin doesn't seem to install for me) closed by anonymous
7:15 PM AnnouncerPlugin edited by anonymous
7:13 PM Ticket #3447 (DatabaseError: no such column: True) closed by anonymous
fixed: ok, checked in r4061
7:13 PM Changeset [4061] by doki_pen
  • announcerplugin/0.11/announcerplugin/distributors/email_distributor.py

fixes ticket #3447, database error

3:51 PM Ticket #3458 (File names have extra characters causing IE to treat files as HTML) created by andrew.simpson@…
Trac version is 0.11b2 When Using the Downloader under Firefox, …
1:21 AM Ticket #3456 (plugin consumes all memory with large perforce repository) created by bike_head@…
I have perforceplugin working with trac 0.11. My perforce server has …
12:45 AM Ticket #3325 (Enabling plug-in fails when installing) reopened by echo0101
Problem still occurs for me. […] […] […]
12:38 AM Ticket #3455 (Trac breaks) closed by eblot
duplicate: Weird, this is a dup of #3325, which has been already fixed. Please …
12:26 AM Changeset [4060] by echo0101
  • tracticketstatsplugin/0.11/ticketstats-plugin/Tracticketsats.egg-info
  • tracticketstatsplugin/0.11/ticketstats-plugin/Tracticketstats.egg-info
  • tracticketstatsplugin/0.11/ticketstats-plugin/Tracticketstats.egg-info/PKG-INFO
  • tracticketstatsplugin/0.11/ticketstats-plugin/Tracticketstats.egg-info/SOURCES.txt
  • tracticketstatsplugin/0.11/ticketstats-plugin/Tracticketstats.egg-info/dependency_links.txt

Renamed egg-info

12:17 AM Ticket #3455 (Trac breaks) created by echo0101
I checked out the latest via SVN, 0.2.1dev_r3950 and did a bdist_egg. …

Jul 24, 2008:

11:27 PM Changeset [4059] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/0.11/setup.py

fixed bad path to console script

11:23 PM Ticket #3454 (GitPlugin fails to work, with short error) created by anonymous
After upgading to python 2.4, and updating my system in general, I …
11:20 PM Ticket #3451 (Cannot build git plugin against 0.11) closed by anonymous
fixed: Bingo; closing.
9:44 PM Ticket #3452 (Attempting to login with a Yahoo-based OpenID results in ...) closed by dalius
fixed: Thank you for the patch. Have you already created ticket for …
9:28 PM Ticket #3452 (Attempting to login with a Yahoo-based OpenID results in ...) created by varmaa@…
This error happens consistently, and I am submitting a simple patch to …
7:46 PM Ticket #3451 (Cannot build git plugin against 0.11) created by anonymous
I cannot build the current zip, or svn checkout of GitPlugin. […] …
7:06 PM Ticket #3450 (sqlquery.macro can't import; no datatypes module) created by rdeeming
After installing this macro I am getting the following error in trac …
6:57 PM Ticket #3449 (mastertickets.webui causes genshi traceback) closed by coderanger
duplicate: Duplicate of #2658
5:00 PM Ticket #3449 (mastertickets.webui causes genshi traceback) created by bernd.tegge@…
When I enable mastertickets.web_ui on an OpenSuse 11.0 install I get …
3:58 PM Ticket #3448 (Couldn't manage to use testcases with utf-8 (unicode) character content) created by faxayran
When we try to create a test case in a language with utf-8/unicode …
2:27 PM TicketModifiedFilesPlugin edited by anonymous
2:20 PM Ticket #3435 (Add date/time info to changeset list) closed by anonymous
2:16 PM Changeset [4058] by e2jk
  • ticketmodifiedfilesplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • ticketmodifiedfilesplugin/0.11/ticketmodifiedfiles/templates/ticketmodifiedfiles.html
  • ticketmodifiedfilesplugin/0.11/ticketmodifiedfiles/ticketmodifiedfiles.py

Implementing #3435 (Add date/time info to changeset list)

12:56 PM TicketModifiedFilesPlugin edited by anonymous
12:52 PM Ticket #3441 (Hide the checkboxes by default) closed by anonymous
12:50 PM Changeset [4057] by e2jk
  • ticketmodifiedfilesplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • ticketmodifiedfilesplugin/0.11/ticketmodifiedfiles/htdocs/css/ticketmodifiedfiles.css
  • ticketmodifiedfilesplugin/0.11/ticketmodifiedfiles/htdocs/js/ticketmodifiedfiles.js
  • ticketmodifiedfilesplugin/0.11/ticketmodifiedfiles/templates/ticketmodifiedfiles.html

Implementing #3441 (Hide the checkboxes by default)

12:18 PM Ticket #3447 (DatabaseError: no such column: True) created by shahbaz_khalid@…
Here is the log from trac.log - using latest version of trac 0.11, …
11:08 AM BurndownPlugin edited by gunseg
11:08 AM BurndownPlugin edited by gunseg
11:05 AM Burndown.JPG attached to BurndownPlugin by gunseg
10:58 AM BurndownPlugin edited by gunseg
10:57 AM BurndownPlugin edited by gunseg
10:40 AM BurndownPlugin edited by gunseg
10:38 AM burndown-plugin.zip attached to BurndownPlugin by gunseg
10:34 AM BurndownPlugin edited by gunseg
10:29 AM BurndownPlugin edited by gunseg
10:26 AM BurndownPlugin created by gunseg
New hack BurndownPlugin, created by gunseg
10:26 AM Changeset [4056] by gunseg
  • burndownplugin
  • burndownplugin/0.10
  • burndownplugin/0.9

New hack BurndownPlugin, created by gunseg

3:52 AM Ticket #3446 (tracdownloaderplugin fails on easy_install - Python 2.4) created by anonymous
Installed …
12:25 AM Ticket #3445 (a way to reset form, esp if 'tf.who' is stored with form) created by anonymous
I've created a master form and am including it on other pages and all …

Jul 23, 2008:

8:49 PM Ticket #3413 (package name is wrong in setup.py) closed by echo0101
fixed: Fixed in [4055].
8:48 PM Changeset [4055] by echo0101
  • tracticketstatsplugin/0.11/ticketstats-plugin/dist/Tracticketsats-1.0-py2.5.egg
  • tracticketstatsplugin/0.11/ticketstats-plugin/setup.py

Fixed typo per #3413 and rebuilt egg

7:12 PM rdeeming created by rdeeming
New user rdeeming registered
4:27 PM Ticket #3444 (Plugin modifies Trac options description) created by thesorcerer
If you use the plugin as well as the IniAdminPlugin, in category …
3:46 PM Ticket #3443 (ticket.get() requires a float) created by anonymous
When I use the following pyscript with XML-RPC, I get the error …
3:29 PM Ticket #3442 (SimpleEnhancer does not work, changes required in enhancer.py (attached)) created by erik@…
I followed the installation instructions, but got an error message …
11:45 AM MasterTicketsPlugin edited by mizipzor
corrected link (diff)
11:44 AM mizipzor created by mizipzor
New user mizipzor registered
11:28 AM Ticket #3441 (Hide the checkboxes by default) created by anonymous
self explanatory
11:27 AM Ticket #3440 (Updating the Status of a Trac ticket via a SVN commit) created by cuongbd
One of the really nice things about the SVN/Trac combo is that when …
11:26 AM Changeset [4054] by e2jk
  • ticketmodifiedfilesplugin/0.11/ticketmodifiedfiles/templates/ticketmodifiedfiles.html

Correction of a typo

11:13 AM cuongbd created by cuongbd
New user cuongbd registered
8:45 AM Changeset [4053] by progrium
  • subprojectspatch/0.11/sub-projects.diff
  • subprojectspatch/0.11/trac.web.main.py.diff

updated patch for latest 0.11

8:39 AM Ticket #3439 ([PATCH] Updated patch for 0.11) created by progrium@…
I wanted this patch, but I had to upgrade it to 0.11, so I'm giving it …
8:38 AM DiaVisViewPlugin edited by anonymous
5:04 AM Ticket #3438 (worklog 'autoreassignaccept' option leaves ticket status in 'assigned' ...) created by willw@…
The 'Automatically reassign and accept (if necessary) when starting …
4:47 AM Ticket #3390 (summary option cause error with direct numbered tickets) closed by gotoh
fixed: (In [4052]) Support using of 'summary' option with direct numbered …
4:47 AM Changeset [4052] by gotoh
  • ticketboxmacro/0.10/TicketBox.py
  • ticketboxmacro/0.11/TicketBox.py
  • ticketboxmacro/0.9/TicketBox.py

Support using of 'summary' option with direct numbered tickets.
Close #3390.

3:25 AM Ticket #3299 (Bug when creating egg package (don´t copying the images)) closed by sawtelle
duplicate: This is a duplicate of 2843.
3:06 AM VotePlugin edited by sawtelle
3:02 AM sawtelle created by sawtelle
New user sawtelle registered

Jul 22, 2008:

11:56 PM Ticket #3437 (exclude pages) created by anonymous
A useful option would be a way to exclude pages ie. […]
6:21 PM Ticket #3436 (Have header link to particular changeset) created by rmarianski@…
I think it'll be useful to have the header on a changeset link back to …
1:45 PM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
Incrementing the counter. (diff)
1:30 PM Ticket #3435 (Add date/time info to changeset list) created by e2jk
self explanatory ;)
7:59 AM Changeset [4051] by bellbind
  • extlinkrewriterplugin/0.11
  • extlinkrewriterplugin/0.11/ExtLinkRewriter
  • extlinkrewriterplugin/0.11/ExtLinkRewriter/__init__.py
  • extlinkrewriterplugin/0.11/ExtLinkRewriter/provider.py
  • extlinkrewriterplugin/0.11/README.txt

make compliant with trac 0.11

4:27 AM Ticket #3431 (Ticket creation always assigns owner) created by Mr Papa
Whenever I create a new ticket with this plugin installed, it gives it …
1:53 AM Ticket #3430 (There is no visual button available to click next to CC field in Trac 0.11) closed by athomas
invalid: What plugin are you talking about? Set the component in this ticket to …
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