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Oct 2, 2008:

10:42 PM Ticket #3852 (Back Links does not find pages that link with out the wiki: syntax) created by anonymous
The Back Links macro does not find back links that link to a page …
9:33 PM mixedpuppy created by mixedpuppy
New user mixedpuppy registered
7:04 PM Ticket #3850 (Installed but no perspective) closed by bellatorisopacus@…
invalid: Reinstalled Eclipse and it's working now.
6:25 PM Ticket #3851 (TAGS_VIEW not showing page tags along for anonymous) created by izzy
We have granted TAGS_VIEW to anonymous. So without logging in, the …
6:00 PM Ticket #3850 (Installed but no perspective) created by bellatorisopacus@…
I've just installed the plugin but the perspective is not showing in …
5:58 PM ScreenshotsPlugin edited by izzy
reverted spell check correction in poll since poll results have been lost (diff)
5:46 PM Ticket #2837 (Create an egg file to install Calendar) closed by anonymous
invalid: like with all other plugins
5:30 PM ScreenshotsPlugin edited by izzy
5:20 PM ScreenshotsPlugin edited by izzy
5:13 PM ScreenshotsPlugin edited by izzy
some reformatting (diff)
5:03 PM ScreenshotsPlugin edited by izzy
Spell checking and TOC (diff)
4:53 PM Ticket #3849 (TracBacks only works from comments, should also work for ticket description) created by k0s
if you write a new ticket that references others, no comment is made …
4:30 PM TicketModifiedFilesPlugin edited by e2jk
4:23 PM Ticket #3848 (Loading Failed) created by anonymous
LookupError: unknown encoding: /projects/downloader.
2:22 PM Ticket #2896 (Inconsistent rounding in developer work summary) reopened by caleb@…
At some point (I think when I upgraded to trac 0.10.5) this problem …
1:01 PM RestrictedAreaPlugin edited by Chriki
license added (diff)
12:56 PM Ticket #3847 (missing licence) closed by Chriki
fixed: (In [4373]) license added to package; fixes #3847
12:56 PM Changeset [4373] by Chriki
  • restrictedareaplugin/0.10/LICENSE
  • restrictedareaplugin/0.10/setup.py

license added to package; fixes #3847

12:52 PM Changeset [4372] by coling
  • clientsplugin/0.11/cron/send-client-email

Convert to the built in methods in the plugin.
This is slightly hacky for now (no more so than before) but I will be creating
some new management interfaces to allow the definition of 'actions' that can
be run on a 'summary'. One of these actions will be an email, another will be a
Zen Desk forum post.

12:48 PM Changeset [4371] by coling
  • clientsplugin/0.11/setup.py

Package the new interfaces/components

12:48 PM Changeset [4370] by coling
  • clientsplugin/0.11/clients/milestonesummary.py
  • clientsplugin/0.11/clients/summaryinterface.py
  • clientsplugin/0.11/clients/ticketchanges.py

Add some classes/interfaces to allow for summarising of a client to an XML object.
This is essentially a straight port from the email script (which will be updated shortly).
I have done this as I intend to use this information in different ways (e.g. integration with Zen Desk to post a client summary to a forum entry)

12:40 PM ScreenshotsPlugin edited by izzy
updated latest feature adds (diff)
11:46 AM Ticket #3826 (One blog per user) closed by osimons
worksforme: The blog is built to either provide for one user blog (removing the …
11:42 AM Ticket #3847 (missing licence) created by anonymous
The licence of the plugin is not mentioned anywhere on …
10:35 AM CmTeknikTheme edited by anonymous
9:18 AM Ticket #3846 (CSS Fix for header alignment issues) created by paul.hieromnimon@…
Diff -u patch for the fix: […] Patch does not break IE7 or Safari 3.
7:57 AM Ticket #3845 (Maintainership status for Trac 0.11 version) created by omry
zip file only contains 0.10 directory, and it does not seem to work …
7:32 AM Ticket #3840 (Can't reset password) closed by anonymous
7:31 AM Changeset [4369] by pedro
  • noanonymousplugin/0.11/noanonymous/filter.py

added the reset_password to the non redirect pages. Add any other page to the paths list

6:11 AM Ticket #3844 (Oops postgreSQL) created by butterflow
Oops in the following two SQL in PostgreSQL SELECT path FROM …
4:27 AM Ticket #3832 (All pages imported by trac-admin are marked "system pages") closed by gotoh
fixed: Thanks for your opinions. I've pushed a new implementation to pick up …
4:12 AM Changeset [4368] by gotoh
  • tracwikinegotiatorplugin/0.10/wikinegotiator/macros.py

Add option to specify system pages explicitly

New option _explicit_system_pages is available to specify the pages
to be categolized into 'system'. This option and _explicit_user_pages
are a list of page names. The page name can be ends with '*' character
for prefix matching.

Related: #3832

4:11 AM Changeset [4367] by gotoh
  • tracwikinegotiatorplugin/0.10/setup.py
  • tracwikinegotiatorplugin/0.10/wikinegotiator/macros.py

Alter the way to list up system pages (#3832).

Now we know system page names by listing files in 'wiki-default'
directory. This is a solution of for ticket #3832.

Note that the pages provided by plugins (they are not placed in
wiki-default directory) are not categorized as system page any more.

There is no way to force them categorizing as system page yet,
but it may be implemented in near future.

12:47 AM Changeset [4366] by osimons
  • tocmacro/0.11/tractoc/macro.py

TocMacro: Fixed a serious bug whereby the 0.11 version of the macro would keep a database connection open after execution.

This innocent-looking line...

self.formatter = formatter

... essentially attaches the transient formatter and its formatter.db connection to the instantiated plugin/component that lives for the lifetime of the environment (that in most setups gets cached for the duration of the process or until event like config change forces reload). Next time the macro executes it will free the old connection, and replace it with the new.

The problem continually ties up 1 connection of a process-wide default maximum number of 10. Many projects using the macro can get to the point where it locks the process due to no database connections being available - failing with TimeoutError. Particularly dangerous with embedded interpreter on Apache for Windows as it serves all requests using just a single process.

Code is changed to not persist the formatter, but instead pass it around as needed.

To all users of 0.11 version: Please upgrade!

12:02 AM Ticket #3843 (TypeError: decoding Unicode is not supported) created by anonymous

Oct 1, 2008:

9:31 PM TestCaseManagementPlugin edited by anonymous
7:53 PM LastModifiedMacro edited by bill.coffman@…
added 0.11 tag (diff)
7:50 PM Ticket #3842 (Error calculating changeset size? TypeError: unsupported operand ...) created by mculbert@…
We are getting the following exception for some of our changesets. I …
7:50 PM Ticket #3841 (Browser doesn't re-fill form on return, if plugin is enabled) created by skstrobel
When editing a wiki page in Trac without this plugin enabled, if I …
7:45 PM LastModifiedMacro edited by bill.coffman@…
Comments on new attached version for 0.11 (diff)
7:44 PM Ticket #3840 (Can't reset password) created by anonymous
When using NoAnonymousPlugin with TracAccountManager, it is not …
7:08 PM Changeset [4365] by Blackhex
  • screenshotsplugin/0.11/tracscreenshots/wiki.py


  • Fixed missing exclamation mark in configuration option documentation.
6:38 PM Ticket #3839 (Grouping of entries) created by izzy
In 0.11, there were options added to the [[TitleIndex]] macro, …
6:32 PM ScreenshotsPlugin edited by izzy
5:39 PM Ticket #3838 (Add MathML support to the wiki) created by Tim K
I'd like to be able to embed mathml into trac wiki pages when using …
3:57 PM Ticket #3837 (create page does not work) closed by athomas
duplicate: Duplicate of #3145.
3:23 PM Ticket #3837 (create page does not work) created by trachacks@…
Iff I fill in tags while creating a new page, the page is empty after …
1:51 PM Ticket #3700 (RFE: upload all images in one go) closed by Blackhex
fixed: Implemented in r4364 as zip archive upload. Just add zip to your …
1:42 PM Changeset [4364] by Blackhex
  • screenshotsplugin/0.11/tracscreenshots/api.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.11/tracscreenshots/core.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.11/tracscreenshots/matrix_view.py


  • Zip archive upload support.
  • Fixed bug that first screenshot was not displayed.
1:40 PM Ticket #3836 ([PATCH] Disable gridmodify until explicitly enabled) created by shez@…
Hi, GridModifyPlugin is almost very useful to us, unfortunately …
1:37 PM Changeset [4363] by gotoh
  • tracwikinegotiatorplugin/0.10/README

Fix setup example in README.

6:55 AM Ticket #3830 (trac-admin initenv with --inherit option fails) closed by vnaum
fixed: Thanks for the info and patch! I finally could repeat the bug, and …
6:43 AM Changeset [4362] by vnaum
  • tracunreadplugin/0.11/trac_unread/env_setup.py

Bug#3830 (trac-admin initenv with --inherit option fails) should be fixed now

12:19 AM Ticket #3835 (Correct permission for ticket modify) created by okamototk
Hi, XmlRpcPlugin needs TRAC_ADMIN permission for update ticket. …

Sep 30, 2008:

11:41 PM EstimationToolsPlugin edited by hoessler
11:37 PM Changeset [4361] by hoessler
  • estimationtoolsplugin/trunk/estimationtools/hoursinplaceeditor.py
  • estimationtoolsplugin/trunk/estimationtools/htdocs/jquery.jeditable.mini.js
  • estimationtoolsplugin/trunk/estimationtools/templates/edithours.html
  • estimationtoolsplugin/trunk/estimationtools/tests/burndownchart.py
  • estimationtoolsplugin/trunk/estimationtools/tests/hoursremaining.py

port to trac 0.11

8:56 PM Ticket #3834 (TicketSubmitPolicy does not work with IE) created by k0s
As reported in …
6:24 PM Ticket #3815 (autolink "stops" editor after creating link) closed by hju@…
worksforme: Don't what happenen to my computer inbetween, but the described …
6:09 PM dhenry created by dhenry
New user dhenry registered
6:09 PM Ticket #3833 (ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'None' in reports) created by watho
I'm not sure if ticket #3205 deals with the same problem. I get the …
6:00 PM Ticket #860 (Cause estimated hours to be used as weighting for Roadmap milestones) reopened by anonymous
5:05 PM TestCaseManagementPlugin edited by anonymous
3:12 PM Ticket #3832 (All pages imported by trac-admin are marked "system pages") created by izzy
To me it is not a rare case that I create wiki articles externally and …
2:51 PM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
12:20 PM Changeset [4360] by cbalan
  • menusplugin/0.11/tracmenus/web_ui.py

MenusPlugin: - Added: 'inherit' option and ctxtnav support.

10:44 AM Changeset [4359] by Blackhex
  • screenshotsplugin/0.11/tracscreenshots/core.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.11/tracscreenshots/htdocs/css/matrix-view.css
  • screenshotsplugin/0.11/tracscreenshots/htdocs/css/screenshots.css
  • screenshotsplugin/0.11/tracscreenshots/matrix_view.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.11/tracscreenshots/templates/screenshots-matrix-view.html


  • [[Screenshot()]] macro now keeps aspect when one dimension is not specified.
  • Display of matrix view screenshots with preserved aspect via CSS.
8:10 AM Ticket #3831 (Error if submitted in a wiki page with version specified) created by butterflow
When a submission of TracForm occurs in a specific version of wiki …
1:30 AM Ticket #3829 (UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position ...) closed by athomas
invalid: You are not using a current version of the TagsPlugin. Use 0.5 or 0.6 …

Sep 29, 2008:

11:31 PM Ticket #3830 (trac-admin initenv with --inherit option fails) created by butterflow
If TracUnreadPlugin is activated when trac environment is initialized …
7:22 PM Ticket #3828 (Inefficient Permission Check (Was:Permission Problem with internal tickets)) closed by bobbysmith007
fixed: If you were using a group name instead of a permission name, this …
7:18 PM Ticket #3829 (UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position ...) created by dreel@…
Please see http://trac.edgewall.org/ticket/7683#comment:1
7:16 PM Changeset [4358] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.11-Permissions/setup.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.11-Permissions/timingandestimationplugin/ticket_policy.py

re #3828 fixed a bug in ticket policy where it should have been checking for a permission or a group, but was only checking for a permission

6:37 PM TimeEstimationUserManual edited by bobbysmith007
6:07 PM watho created by watho
New user watho registered
5:31 PM AccountManagerPlugin edited by PinTail_b
5:28 PM Ticket #3828 (Inefficient Permission Check (Was:Permission Problem with internal tickets)) created by watho
Setting a ticket to internal leads to error message: Error forbidden, …
5:22 PM PinTail_b created by PinTail_b
New user PinTail_b registered
5:00 PM NavAddPlugin edited by izzy
4:57 PM Ticket #3827 (acct_mgr.web_ui.registrationmodule - RegistrationModule does not ...) created by anonymous
I have the following in my [components] section. […] I have …
4:15 PM Ticket #3161 (autoquery should use genshi transformer instead of its own template) closed by k0s
wontfix: obseleting, see #3226 and trac:#7562
4:14 PM Ticket #3226 (do AutoQuery as a patch to trac) closed by k0s
fixed: closing, as trac:#7562 seems resolved
3:28 PM ru created by anonymous
2:29 PM AcronymsPlugin edited by izzy
2:26 PM StractisticsPlugin edited by izzy
1:49 PM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
augmented user counter (diff)
12:48 PM Ticket #3826 (One blog per user) created by FilipeCorreia
Would be great to have the possibility of creating one blog for each …
12:32 PM Ticket #3825 (One blog per user) created by FilipeCorreia
It would be great having the possibility to have one blog per user. …
10:25 AM HugoNaam edited by karma
10:24 AM HugoNaam edited by karma
10:23 AM HugoNaam edited by karma
10:05 AM Ticket #3824 (Sync from authentificated repository) created by david@…
I want to use trac with a remote repository where i've just a user …
8:03 AM Ticket #3823 (AccountModule trouble? LookupError: unknown encoding: /account) created by anonymous
Enabling AccoundModule does an error: Traceback (most recent call …
6:27 AM Ticket #3822 (Billing reports have syntax error) created by jfrankov@…
I'm using trac 0.10.4. On the /Billing page, when I click on any of …
1:52 AM Ticket #3821 (Support for Trac 0.11) created by kennethxu
Is this any plan to support 0.11? Thanks!
12:06 AM CsvMacro edited by kennethxu
12:01 AM Ticket #1842 (Dropping the CSV.py file in the plugins directory no longer works for ...) closed by kennethxu

Sep 28, 2008:

11:55 PM KeywordSuggestPlugin edited by scratcher
Described changes in [4357] (diff)
11:39 PM Changeset [4357] by scratcher
  • keywordsuggestplugin/0.11/keywordsuggest/keywordsuggest.py

Added two new options: matchcontains and multipleseparator. Trailing redundant separator is removed automatically now before keyword list is submitted.

7:14 PM Ticket #3820 (fixes for compatibility with trac v0.11) closed by anonymous
duplicate: Next time I'll check the bug list.
6:27 PM Ticket #3820 (fixes for compatibility with trac v0.11) created by jonathan_w_brown@…
The hack didn't work with v.011 so I fixed it. This should be …
2:59 PM Ticket #3819 (empty cells result in broken table) created by izzy
editing a table which contains empty cells results in broken table. …
12:13 PM PhpBugTracker2TracScript edited by Viper7
12:11 PM LdapSessionSettingsPatch edited by ThurnerRupert
12:10 PM PhpBugTracker2TracScript edited by Viper7
11:48 AM LdapSessionSettingsPatch edited by ThurnerRupert
11:19 AM PhpBugTracker2TracScript edited by Viper7
Reworked wiki page since abandoned by domluc (diff)
11:15 AM PhpBugTracker2TracScript edited by Viper7
11:13 AM Ticket #3213 (Import from PhpBugTracker to Trac (existing plugin is missing)) closed by Viper7
fixed: Attached domluc's version and a version i've customised for MySQL.
10:55 AM PhpBugTracker2TracScript edited by Viper7
10:53 AM PhpBugTracker2TracScript edited by Viper7
Contributor (diff)
10:38 AM Viper7 created by Viper7
New user Viper7 registered
8:18 AM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by ThurnerRupert
8:14 AM AgiloForScrumPlugin edited by ThurnerRupert
7:03 AM Ticket #3818 (AttributeError: 'Ticket' object has no attribute 'get_value_or_default') created by anonymous
With "timeandestimating with permissions" plugin there is an error …
4:51 AM Ticket #3817 (How can I set a ticket be readonly when it is in closed status?) created by hulm19
Dear datallah: Now I have a task: I want to set a ticket be readonly …
3:46 AM Ticket #3544 (easy_install error: Couldn't find a setup script ...) reopened by hulm19
Dear viola: I have installed the plugin. bug I still don't know how …
2:15 AM Changeset [4356] by coderanger
  • tracdeveloperplugin/trunk/setup.py
  • tracdeveloperplugin/trunk/tracdeveloper/htdocs/js/log.js
  • tracdeveloperplugin/trunk/tracdeveloper/log.py

Add an inline log viewer for the current request.

12:21 AM Changeset [4355] by Blackhex
  • screenshotsplugin/0.11/tracscreenshots/htdocs/css/matrix-view.css
  • screenshotsplugin/0.11/tracscreenshots/matrix_view.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.11/tracscreenshots/templates/screenshots-matrix-view.html


  • Links to first page, last page and go to page form added to matrix view (#3780).

Sep 27, 2008:

11:39 PM Ticket #3735 (monletob) closed by dalius
fixed: Thank you for the patch.
10:55 PM MenusPlugin edited by anonymous
9:59 PM TaskTicketsMacro edited by ThurnerRupert
9:56 PM Ticket #3816 ([Patch] Offer all keywords used up to now for selection) created by ThurnerRupert
it would be nice to offer all keywords used up to now for selection, …
9:55 PM KeywordSuggestPlugin edited by ThurnerRupert
9:34 PM Changeset [4354] by coderanger
  • textmatebundle/0.11/Templates/setup_py.tmTemplate/template.py

Fix an old typo.

8:53 PM Ticket #3399 (tabs insertion in wiki page broken in firefox 3) closed by jun66j5
fixed: (In [4353]) * fixed #3399 - handle pressing tab * in list, …
8:53 PM Changeset [4353] by jun66j5
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.11/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js
  • fixed #3399 - handle pressing tab
    • in list, execute indent/outdent.
    • in table, move focus to next/previous cell.
    • in pre, insert a tab.
  • auto format-paragraph.
7:47 PM Ticket #3815 (autolink "stops" editor after creating link) created by hu@…
I installed the Plugin under Trac 0.11. If autolink is enabled …
2:10 PM HugoNaam created by karma
12:47 PM Ticket #3812 (Transparent background arrows) closed by athomas
fixed: (In [4352]) Fixes #3812, thanks!
12:47 PM Changeset [4352] by athomas
  • voteplugin/0.11/tracvote/htdocs/adowngray.png
  • voteplugin/0.11/tracvote/htdocs/adownmod.png
  • voteplugin/0.11/tracvote/htdocs/aupgray.png
  • voteplugin/0.11/tracvote/htdocs/aupmod.png

Fixes #3812, thanks!

11:28 AM Ticket #3811 (Translation of example) closed by viola
fixed: The translation can easily be done in TicketHeader.py, you will see …
11:27 AM e2jk edited by anonymous
11:25 AM TaskTicketsMacro edited by anonymous
11:25 AM TaskTicketsMacro edited by anonymous
9:38 AM Ticket #3814 (add component parameter) created by anonymous
Would be great if there was a 'component' parameter for the macros.
5:17 AM cee1 created by cee1
New user cee1 registered

Sep 26, 2008:

11:05 PM Changeset [4351] by scratcher
  • keywordsuggestplugin/0.11/keywordsuggest/keywordsuggest.py
  • keywordsuggestplugin/0.11/setup.py

Removed unused import, version changed to 0.2

10:55 PM Ticket #3793 (Javascript error in Internet Explorer 6) closed by scratcher
fixed: Fixed in [4350].
10:54 PM KeywordSuggestPlugin edited by scratcher
added description of new options (diff)
10:47 PM keywords.png attached to KeywordSuggestPlugin by scratcher
'helppage' option turned on
10:38 PM Changeset [4350] by scratcher
  • keywordsuggestplugin/0.11/keywordsuggest/htdocs/jquery.bgiframe.min.js
  • keywordsuggestplugin/0.11/keywordsuggest/keywordsuggest.py

Fixed problem with Internet Explorer, added possibility to turn 'keywords' label into link to a wiki page

10:32 PM Ticket #3798 (Getting a 404 when trying to use easy_install to grab ...) closed by edunnesoftwaretesting@…
fixed: ok try this: easy_install …
10:29 PM Changeset [4349] by edunne
  • testcasemanagementplugin/tags/testManagementPlugin-0.11.3-py2.5.egg

uploading a packaged (egg) version of the latest stable version of the genshi/unicode merge.

9:54 PM Ticket #3813 (IE does not toggle the vote counts when clicking more than once on the ...) created by butterflow
In IE6 or IE7, clicking on the same arrow toggles the vote …
9:16 PM Ticket #3812 (Transparent background arrows) created by butterflow
Transparent png arrows are attached.
8:47 PM Ticket #3811 (Translation of example) created by ctmurphy
I realize this is kind of silly - but I wanted to know if you could …
7:22 PM Changeset [4348] by edunne
  • testcasemanagementplugin/tags

creating a tags folder

7:21 PM TestCaseManagementPlugin edited by anonymous
7:20 PM TestCaseManagementPlugin edited by anonymous
7:17 PM TestCaseManagementPlugin edited by anonymous
7:16 PM TestCaseManagementPlugin edited by anonymous
7:15 PM TestCaseManagementPlugin edited by edunnesoftwaretesting@…
7:04 PM Changeset [4347] by edunne
  • testcasemanagementplugin/branches/testManagmentPluginGenshi/make.bat
  • testcasemanagementplugin/branches/testManagmentPluginGenshi/setup.py
  • testcasemanagementplugin/branches/testManagmentPluginGenshi/testManagementPlugin/testScriptValidator.py

added some additional error messages, merged the unicode version with the genshi version (also that was in the previous change). Updated the version num in setup.py

7:00 PM n3rd3x edited by anonymous
6:59 PM n3rd3x edited by anonymous
6:59 PM n3rd3x edited by anonymous
6:34 PM Changeset [4346] by edunne
  • testcasemanagementplugin/branches/testManagmentPluginGenshi/testManagementPlugin/__init__.py
  • testcasemanagementplugin/branches/testManagmentPluginGenshi/testManagementPlugin/properties.py
  • testcasemanagementplugin/branches/testManagmentPluginGenshi/testManagementPlugin/testRuns.py

adding default _init_.py file to avoid warnings in easy install.

6:33 PM Changeset [4345] by edunne
  • testcasemanagementplugin/branches/testManagmentPluginGenshi/testManagementPlugin/templates/testRunNotConfigured.html

a minor change in the layout of the testRunNotConfigured.html template.

5:38 PM Ticket #3809 (Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('TracWebAdmin')) closed by coderanger
worksforme: You are using the 0.10 version of the plugin with Trac 0.11. Don't do …
5:13 PM TicketModifiedFilesPlugin edited by e2jk
4:26 PM Ticket #3810 (Support editing comments to blog posts) created by skstrobel
TracFullBlogPlugin 0.1 supports editing and deleting blog posts, but …
3:13 PM Ticket #3423 ([patch] default value does not work) closed by cboos
duplicate: Duplicate of #3542.
2:49 PM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
1:53 PM Changeset [4344] by Blackhex
  • screenshotsplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.11/tracscreenshots/api.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.11/tracscreenshots/core.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.11/tracscreenshots/db/db4.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.11/tracscreenshots/htdocs/css/screenshots.css


  • DB schema updated with priority field. Backup your DB before upgrading!!!
  • Screnshots order facility introduced (default_orders and default_order_directions configuration options added. SCREENSHOTS_ORDER permission added.).
  • Screenshot images can be now replaced via edit form.
  • AND/OR relation between component and version filters added.
  • Fixed UnicodeDecodeError when system error messages has international characters.
  • Fixed missing components, versions and description in HTML view.
  • Behavior of align attribute of [[Screnshot()]] macro changed for ticket #3771.
1:41 PM GraphvizPlugin edited by cboos
Add note about enabling the plugin (related to #3724) (diff)
1:08 PM Ticket #3559 (Error for non trac-projects in the project dir) closed by airadier
fixed: (In [4343]) Fix search with non-environment folders. Closes #3559, …
1:08 PM Changeset [4343] by airadier
  • searchallplugin/tracsearchall/searchall.py

Fix search with non-environment folders. Closes #3559, thanks to bobbysmith007

12:02 PM Ticket #2412 (lialcaelva) closed by cboos
fixed: This was fixed in the 0.11 version of the plugin (r3385).
11:30 AM Ticket #3543 (Upgrade of Plugin and Trac to 0.11 Failes) closed by cboos
worksforme: Works as advertised in source:graphvizplugin/0.11/ReleaseNotes.txt: …
11:27 AM Ticket #3809 (Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('TracWebAdmin')) created by Andrew Schulman <trac-hacks.org-andrex@…>
11:22 AM Ticket #3756 (Magrating to Trac 0.11 breaks GraphVisPlugin) closed by cboos
duplicate: Another #3605 duplicate, please have a look there for a fix.
11:16 AM Ticket #3304 (Doesn't work for me) closed by cboos
duplicate: Another duplicate of #3605.
11:01 AM Ticket #3663 (Fail to render without graphviz option) closed by cboos
duplicate: Right, same problem, similar fix suggested in ticket:3605#comment:3
10:34 AM NoticeManagerPlugin edited by morodin
10:30 AM Ticket #3799 (Bugs in code - wrong tuple declarations) closed by morodin
fixed: Replying to ergo@ergo-pc.net: Strange, I tried the code …
10:28 AM Changeset [4342] by morodin
  • noticemanagerplugin/0.11/notice_mgr/admin.py

Corrected wrong tuple declaration as found
by ergo@…, ticket 3799

9:46 AM Ticket #3781 (Oops wrt datetime function when using TicketModifiedFiles) closed by anonymous
9:40 AM Changeset [4341] by e2jk
  • ticketmodifiedfilesplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • ticketmodifiedfilesplugin/0.11/ticketmodifiedfiles/templates/ticketmodifiedfiles.html
  • ticketmodifiedfilesplugin/0.11/ticketmodifiedfiles/ticketmodifiedfiles.py

#3781: Correcting database query that only worked on SQLite

7:47 AM Ticket #3808 (PostgreSQL database upgrade fail) created by butterflow
trac-admin upgrade failed if PostgreSQL was used as database backend. …
5:18 AM Ticket #3807 (how to use .patch files?) created by hulm19
Dear all: I am a new learner of Trac. I see some of you support many …

Sep 25, 2008:

11:29 PM Ticket #3806 (KeyError) created by anonymous
When I run queries under TaskLisk I get the following error: […]
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10:00 PM Ticket #3209 (Error: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xfc' ... when using ...) closed by bobbysmith007
fixed: ps... sorry it took so long, we dont use this plugin as much as we …
9:59 PM Changeset [4340] by bobbysmith007
  • estimatorplugin/0.10/estimatorplugin/dbhelper.py
  • estimatorplugin/0.10/setup.py
  • estimatorplugin/0.11/estimatorplugin/dbhelper.py
  • estimatorplugin/0.11/setup.py

re #3209

Based on what you linked to, this seems like a problem using the str() function when I should be using unicode()

The place that I found where it was doing this was in building up some json output. I changed this to unicode, which will hopefully mean that this error is solved.



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7:42 PM Ticket #3621 (Can NOT work normal in Trac 0.11.1) reopened by butterflow
Maybe, I shouldn't close the ticket but maintainer should.
7:36 PM Ticket #3621 (Can NOT work normal in Trac 0.11.1) closed by butterflow
fixed: Replying to anonymous: > solved my problem described in …
6:32 PM Ticket #3805 (mime_encoding is ignored) created by anonymous
mime_encoding is ignored and therefore spezial chars like ö, ä and ü …
6:29 PM Ticket #3385 (object has no attribute 'get_htdocs_dirs') closed by l.vahl
fixed: just add these 2 lines in your TicketStatsPlugin class (Line 41) def …
6:20 PM Ticket #3804 (0.11 setup.py misses out calendar.png) created by hp@…
chrome/datefield/calendar.png not found because package_data = { …
5:56 PM Ticket #3803 (more secure gringotts, password, maybe client side decryption) created by mgrant
It's not ideal to have the db and the trac.ini with the key on the …
5:08 PM mgrant created by mgrant
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3:51 PM Ticket #3774 (Error by using svnsync as repository type in trac.ini) closed by k0s
fixed: (In [4339]) convert command to a string. hopefully this fixes #3774
3:51 PM Changeset [4339] by k0s
  • svnsyncplugin/0.11/svnsyncplugin/svnsync.py

convert command to a string. hopefully this fixes #3774 though honestly i dont understand the issue

3:38 PM Ticket #3802 (smtp_subject_prefix is ignored) created by anonymous
The trac setting smtp_subject_prefix is ignored in all cases. So it is …
2:19 PM Ticket #3801 ([Patch] Add project name to growl titles) created by icing
I am working on several trac projects and started using the growl …
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1:20 PM Ticket #2929 (Fails to work with postgres database) closed by cee1
fixed: The db.py->DownloaderDB->environment_needs_upgrade: […] when the …
12:27 PM Ticket #3775 (OperationalError: (1054, "Unknown column 'created' in 'where clause'")) closed by anonymous
fixed: I changed the qry by hand.. now it works fine
12:26 PM Ticket #3800 (Support for trac 0.11) created by l.vahl
The plugin gets no Data.. All charts are just white. If I test it with …
12:01 PM Ticket #2191 (Trac crashes after installing plugin) closed by l.vahl
fixed: Problem fixed in #2922 Res again: build TracXMLRPC-0.1-py2.5.egg …
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10:02 AM Ticket #3799 (Bugs in code - wrong tuple declarations) created by ergo@…
The code is buggy - several wrong tuple declarations like: …
8:55 AM Ticket #3544 (easy_install error: Couldn't find a setup script ...) closed by viola
wontfix: sorry, easyinstall not yet provided. I fixed the wiki page. Simply …
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1:22 AM Ticket #1726 (Change first day of the week in calendar) reopened by hju@…
> There seems to be a bug in jquery-ui datepicker that causes the tue …
1:14 AM DateFieldPlugin edited by hju@…
adding first_day parameter to description (diff)
12:12 AM Ticket #3791 (Plugin don't work with method=post forms) closed by psyborg
worksforme: I tried it with different clients, IE and firefox. For the firefox I …
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