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Jul 3, 2009:

6:17 PM Changeset [6154] by doki_pen
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/filter.py

fixed #4457

6:17 PM Ticket #4457 (Unable to use an empty separator) closed by doki_pen
fixed: (In [6154]) fixed #4457
5:37 PM Changeset [6153] by doki_pen
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/templates/datefield.html

removed work-around and comment about jquery-ui but that doesn't exist anymore.

4:09 PM Changeset [6152] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/releases/testing/artifacts.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/releases/testing/content.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/releases/testing/features/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.feature_0.0.5.200906301728.jar
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/releases/testing/features/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.feature_0.0.5.jar
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/releases/testing/plugins/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core_0.0.5.200906301728.jar

Release test version from branch 0.0.x

3:37 PM Ticket #5470 (Cannot commit hierarchycal Pages (with Plugin 0.5)) created by teha75@…
When using the Testversion 0.5 of the plugin i can not commit changes …
3:12 PM Ticket #5469 (Enhancement for the auto-complete popup) created by manski
I've created (and attached) a patch that changes the styling of the …
3:04 PM Ticket #5468 (DeprecationWarning with python2.6) created by tekknokrat
When using timingandestimation within python2.6 environment you get …
2:14 PM AutocompleteUsersPlugin edited by manski
Added note about email addresses (diff)
11:10 AM TicketModeratorPlugin edited by manski
A comment is not visible when it's rejected. (diff)
11:00 AM Changeset [6151] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/plugin.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/src/main/java/org/trachacks/wikieditor/eclipse/plugin/editor/NonRuleBasedDamagerRepairer.java
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/src/main/java/org/trachacks/wikieditor/eclipse/plugin/editor/WikiCompletionProcessor.java
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/src/main/java/org/trachacks/wikieditor/eclipse/plugin/editor/WikiContentOutlinePage.java
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/src/main/java/org/trachacks/wikieditor/eclipse/plugin/editor/WikiDocumentProvider.java

Replace old wiki source editor

8:13 AM Changeset [6150] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/templates/irclogs.html
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/web_ui.py

UI redesign, in progress

8:10 AM Changeset [6149] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/css/irclogs.css
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/css/jquery-ui.css
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/css/ui.datepicker.css
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/images
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/images/ui-bg_diagonals-thick_18_b81900_40x40.png

UI redesign, in progress

7:57 AM Ticket #5467 (how to formating outputs) created by anonymous
how can i change the components output format
7:00 AM Ticket #5466 (Patch to make it record automatically into the TracHoursPlugin) created by lvs@…
Hi, I use TracHoursPlugin to record my ime to tickets. I wanted the …
6:48 AM Changeset [6148] by doki_pen
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/htdocs/css/jquery-ui.css
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/htdocs/css/ui.datepicker.css

updated image paths

6:45 AM Changeset [6147] by doki_pen
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/filter.py

update resource paths

5:36 AM Changeset [6146] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/provider/file.py
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/tests/file_parser.py

added logic for custom formatters and gozer format.

3:25 AM Ticket #5465 (Read setup.cfg file) created by thijs
Would be nice to have a way to inject options from a setup.py …
3:22 AM Ticket #5464 ([patch] Implement AccountManagerPlugin Jira authentication support) created by thijs
The AccountManagerPlugin needs to support base64 encoded sha-512 …
3:18 AM Ticket #5463 (Ability to import into a new local Trac db) created by thijs
Would be nice if the commandline tool's had a --new option that …
2:26 AM Ticket #5462 (Ticket Notification Formatting) created by hayalci
Hi, thanks for this plugin. Formatting for ticket notifications can …

Jul 2, 2009:

11:26 PM Ticket #5461 (first day of week should be found in locale) created by doki_pen
first day of week in calendar should be configured based on the users …
6:55 PM DownloadsPlugin edited by anonymous
6:54 PM DownloadsPlugin edited by anonymous
6:39 PM DownloadsPlugin edited by anonymous
6:35 PM DownloadsPlugin edited by anonymous
5:38 PM Ticket #5460 ([Patch] Support for NumberedHeadlinesPlugin) created by tiago@…
When trying to edit a section delimited by the …
3:14 PM Ticket #5459 (need to input past dates in date field) created by pramila.neharkar@…
Hello, I am using trac with datefield plugin for some …
1:46 PM Changeset [6145] by doki_pen
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/htdocs/css
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/htdocs/css/jquery-ui.css
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/htdocs/css/ui.datepicker.css
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/htdocs/images
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/htdocs/images/ui-bg_diagonals-thick_18_b81900_40x40.png

move resources, added proper images

11:21 AM Ticket #5458 (how should i use trachours plugin for trac 0.10) created by anonymous
how should i install trachours plugin for trac 0.10. Is there any …
5:45 AM Ticket #995 (uninstall time and estimation plugin) reopened by anonymous
Uninstalling this plugin is a major issue. We installed it evaluate it …
3:00 AM CcSelectorPlugin edited by anonymous
2:42 AM Ticket #5457 ([PATCH] After a TracBack reference is added, all subsequent comments ...) created by rjollos
After a TracBack reference is added to a tickets comment list, all …
2:41 AM Changeset [6144] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/provider/__init__.py
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/provider/file.py
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/tests
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/tests/file_parser.py

some unit tests for supy log parsing

2:40 AM Changeset [6143] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/templates/irclogs.html

fixed javascript calendar

2:39 AM Changeset [6142] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/calendar.png
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/css
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/css/datePicker.css
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/css/style.css
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/jquery.dimensions.js

moved resources and deleted unused files

2:20 AM Changeset [6141] by osimons
  • xmlrpcplugin/trunk/setup.py
  • xmlrpcplugin/trunk/tracrpc/web_ui.py

XmlRpcPlugin: Consume generators before sending result to json-encoding.

Also bumped version to 1.0.6.

12:28 AM BranchTimelinePlugin edited by anonymous
12:23 AM AuthzGroupsPlugin edited by anonymous
12:22 AM AutocompleteUsersPlugin edited by anonymous
12:21 AM SqlQueryMacro edited by anonymous
12:18 AM PageVariableMacro edited by anonymous
12:10 AM HeadLinkMacro edited by anonymous
12:08 AM ReSTMacro edited by anonymous
12:08 AM ReSTMacro edited by anonymous
12:08 AM SqlQueryMacro edited by anonymous
12:04 AM TicketChartsMacro edited by anonymous

Jul 1, 2009:

11:53 PM VsTracIntegration edited by anonymous
10:36 PM Changeset [6140] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/console.py
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/web_ui.py

removed some needless imports

10:35 PM Changeset [6139] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/__init__.py
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/api.py
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/provider
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/provider/__init__.py
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/provider/db.py

new and improved parse. not done

10:16 PM RevtreePlugin edited by anonymous
9:57 PM IncludeMacro edited by anonymous
8:15 PM TracBacksPlugin edited by anonymous
8:14 PM TracBacksPlugin edited by anonymous
8:13 PM TicketB.bmp attached to TracBacksPlugin by anonymous
8:13 PM TicketA.png attached to TracBacksPlugin by anonymous
7:54 PM Ticket #5456 (Wiki formatting is not properly displayed in referenced ticket) created by rjollos
I added the following comment to one of my tickets: --- 1. Complete …
6:16 PM Changeset [6138] by qwp0
  • progressmetermacro/0.11/progressmeter/macro.py

ProgressMeterMacro: all matching tickets are included in the resultant progress bar, fix #5439

6:16 PM Ticket #5439 (The progress meter seems to be limited to 100 tickets) closed by qwp0
fixed: (In [6138]) ProgressMeterMacro: all matching tickets are included in …
6:03 PM Changeset [6137] by morodin
  • noticemanagerplugin/0.11/notice_mgr/admin.py

file parsing bug corrected, now able to handle comments

12:47 PM Ticket #5455 (phpdoc plugin appears to support SVN only, GIT support would be nice.) created by phillipsic@…
I have trac setup with GIT. When trying to use the phpdoc plugin I …
11:54 AM SslAuthenticationPlugin edited by giel
Update diff for r6136, add note that the diff is only required for 0.10 (diff)
11:51 AM Changeset [6136] by giel
  • sslauthenticationplugin/0.10/sslauthentication/__init__.py
  • sslauthenticationplugin/0.11/sslauthentication/__init__.py

Use exception handling instead of an 'if' check to check for perm_user (e-mail address from SSL certificate):

  • This fixes a bug where non-SSL-cert authentication (but not anonymous) caused an exception (AttributeError) while trying to access req.perm_user while it didn't exist
11:33 AM Ticket #5454 (Browse by more than one category) created by WPaul
This plugin is very nice, but I need a little bit more: It's good to …
11:30 AM WPaul created by WPaul
New user WPaul registered

Jun 30, 2009:

11:44 PM Changeset [6135] by giel
  • sslauthenticationplugin/0.11
  • sslauthenticationplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • sslauthenticationplugin/0.11/sslauthentication/__init__.py

Implement a version of the plugin that works with Trac 0.11

  • This version doesn't require patching of Trac's sources
    • Works through changing code at runtime (replacing a single routine of Trac)
11:41 PM Changeset [6134] by giel
  • sslauthenticationplugin/0.10/setup.py

Make the setup.py script executable

10:27 PM Changeset [6133] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/pom.xml

pom: scm information

10:27 PM Changeset [6132] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF

mylyn dependencies

9:45 PM IncludeMacro edited by anonymous
8:49 PM Ticket #5453 (Image filenames cannot contain whitespace) created by rjollos
Although the image macro allows whitespace in the filenames, when the …
5:51 PM Changeset [6131] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/releases/testing/artifacts.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/releases/testing/content.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/releases/testing/features/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.feature_0.0.5.200906301728.jar
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/releases/testing/plugins/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core_0.0.5.200906301728.jar
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/releases/testing/plugins/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin_0.0.5.200906301728.jar

New Testing release for version 0.0.5 (with timestamp)

5:50 PM Changeset [6130] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/source/core/pom.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core/build.properties
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core/pom.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.feature/feature.xml

Automated build for series 0.0.x (Merged from trunk)

4:43 PM Changeset [6129] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core/build.properties
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.feature/feature.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.site/site.xml

Automated build for series 0.1.x

2:57 PM FlexibleAssignToPlugin edited by oggei@…
! (diff)
1:16 PM Ticket #5452 (Calender no longer opens after update to new version) created by hju@…
After updating to the "new 1.0.1" version (06/29/09) of the plugin due …
12:42 PM Ticket #5451 (VotePlugin failing on trac-admin upgrade) created by p.pover@…
Fails to run the trac-admin upgrade. Traceback: […] I noticed …
8:50 AM Ticket #5450 (DB error when adding additonal tickets to blockedby/blocking) created by vArDo
When I try to add additional ticket to Blockedby field (the same with …
8:33 AM Ticket #5449 (Ignore milestones matching a pattern) created by rjollos
The default milestone for my Trac instance is unspecified. I …
8:15 AM PlannedMilestonesMacro edited by anonymous
1:18 AM OsxRssDashboardWidgetLeopardIntegration edited by rjollos
1:18 AM OsxRssDashboardWidgetLeopardIntegration.png attached to OsxRssDashboardWidgetLeopardIntegration by rjollos
12:34 AM SectionEditPlugin edited by anonymous
12:07 AM Changeset [6128] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/core/pom.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core/build.properties
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core/pom.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.feature/feature.xml

Update poms and manifests for automated build for series 0.1.x

Jun 29, 2009:

9:51 PM Changeset [6127] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x

0.0.x series branch

8:08 PM Changeset [6126] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/releases/testing/artifacts.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/releases/testing/content.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/releases/testing/features/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.feature_0.0.5.jar
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/releases/testing/plugins/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core_0.0.5.jar
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/releases/testing/plugins/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin_0.0.5.jar

New Testing release for version 0.0.5

8:07 PM Changeset [6125] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/src/main/java/org/trachacks/wikieditor/eclipse/plugin/navigation/actions/AbstractBaseAction.java
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/src/main/java/org/trachacks/wikieditor/eclipse/plugin/navigation/actions/AbstractLongRunningBaseAction.java
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/src/main/java/org/trachacks/wikieditor/eclipse/plugin/views/util/Labels.java

Improved more verbose error messages

7:57 PM Changeset [6124] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/src/main/java/org/trachacks/wikieditor/eclipse/plugin/navigation/actions/page/UneditPageAction.java

Close (posibly dirty editor) after unedit page

7:57 PM Changeset [6123] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/src/main/java/org/trachacks/wikieditor/eclipse/plugin/navigation/actions/PageActionsManager.java

Hide delete button for pages that do not exists in remote server

7:56 PM Changeset [6122] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/src/main/java/org/trachacks/wikieditor/eclipse/plugin/model/Page.java
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/src/main/java/org/trachacks/wikieditor/eclipse/plugin/model/Server.java

Fixes for #5438

5:57 PM WikiEditorForEclipsePlugin edited by ivangsa
Develpment Plan (diff)
5:45 PM Ticket #2530 (IRCLogs documentation) closed by doki_pen
fixed: on IrcLogsPlugin wiki page under "Wiki Macros"
5:45 PM Ticket #1949 (Default irclogs view page to current date) closed by doki_pen
fixed: This is done in irclogs/0.11
5:44 PM Ticket #1183 (Make Logs Searchable) closed by doki_pen
fixed: This is done in irclogsplugin/0.11
5:43 PM Ticket #1119 (Excerpt Macro) closed by doki_pen
fixed: done
5:42 PM IrcLogsPlugin edited by doki_pen
5:21 PM Ticket #2599 (Conflict with TicketDeletePlugin) closed by doki_pen
5:17 PM Ticket #3621 (Can NOT work normal in Trac 0.11.1) closed by doki_pen
fixed: -r6121
5:16 PM Changeset [6121] by doki_pen
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/filter.py

fixes bug #3621

5:15 PM Ticket #1606 (Link for selection of date) closed by doki_pen
fixed: -r6120
5:15 PM Changeset [6120] by doki_pen
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/filter.py
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/htdocs/calendar.png

fixes bug #1606. Use trac common ics png for cal image.

5:12 PM Ticket #3515 (can't see calendar icon to use date picker) closed by doki_pen
5:11 PM Ticket #3804 (0.11 setup.py misses out calendar.png) closed by doki_pen
fixed: -r6119
5:11 PM Changeset [6119] by doki_pen
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/setup.py

fixes bug 3804

5:10 PM Ticket #4289 (Wrong layout of the Week days in the calendar by default) closed by doki_pen
fixed: -r6118
5:02 PM Ticket #1726 (Change first day of the week in calendar) closed by anonymous
fixed: -r6118
5:02 PM Changeset [6118] by doki_pen
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/filter.py
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/htdocs/jquery-ui.css
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/htdocs/jquery-ui.js
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/htdocs/ui.datepicker.css

updated jquery-ui for bug fix on first_day. Fixes bug #1726

3:55 PM Ticket #5448 (version for pyhton 2.3) closed by eblot
wontfix: You'll have to edit the code and replace the staticmethod decorator …
3:40 PM Ticket #5448 (version for pyhton 2.3) created by fane.legall@…
hi, as revtree is using @staticmethod in the pyhton scripts, revtree …
8:28 AM AgiloForScrumPlugin edited by andreat

Jun 28, 2009:

8:26 PM Changeset [6117] by thijs
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/Readme.txt
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/bin/run-script.sh
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/jira2trac/scripts/__init__.py
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/jira2trac/util.py

Fix some broken imports and defs

8:08 PM Ticket #5447 (Ability to specify the author and creation time for ticket attachments) created by thijs
It's currently not possible to specify the creation time or author for …
7:57 PM Ticket #5446 (Ability to specify the comment index when updating a ticket) created by thijs
Currently it's not possible to update/replace a specific comment in a …
7:50 PM Ticket #5445 (Ability to specify the author for ticket comments/updates) created by thijs
Currently it's not possible to specify the author of a comment when …
10:16 AM Ticket #5444 (anonymous user can see all private wikis) created by anonymous
Hi, I'm appriciate privatewikiplugin. However I have odd spec and …
7:58 AM Ticket #3233 ([patch] Infinite redirect loop after resetting the password) reopened by chutz
WTF? anonymous closing tickets!? http://trac.pioto.org/paludis/ which …
6:46 AM Ticket #3233 ([patch] Infinite redirect loop after resetting the password) closed by anonymous
2:31 AM Ticket #5443 (set_owner_to_previous doesn't work) closed by turkanis
fixed: I realized I had a typo in my [ticket] section. Sorry for the noise.
1:28 AM Ticket #5443 (set_owner_to_previous doesn't work) created by turkanis
When I perform an action that should set the ticket owner to the …

Jun 27, 2009:

10:24 PM Ticket #5442 (Image Download don't work if linked to source instead of wiki) created by dirk.hoffmann@…
I like to add an Image from the source repository. It seem's it …
8:01 PM WikiEditorForEclipsePlugin edited by ivangsa
12:19 PM Ticket #5441 (convert workflow) created by anonymous
a really great plugin, thanks! it would be even greater if workflows …
12:18 PM JiraToTracIntegration edited by anonymous
12:17 PM JiraToTracIntegration edited by anonymous
2:16 AM Ticket #5440 (can't connect) created by evansstephend@…
when I try... svn co http://trac-hacks.org/svn/dbauthplugin/0.10

Jun 26, 2009:

11:57 PM ProgressMeterMacro edited by qwp0
11:56 PM qwp0 edited by qwp0
11:01 PM TracShellScript edited by anonymous
10:48 PM BlogPartsMacro edited by anonymous
10:32 PM FullBlogNotificationPlugin edited by anonymous
10:18 PM NewsFlashMacro edited by anonymous
10:15 PM MovieMacro edited by anonymous
10:09 PM SqlQueryMacro edited by anonymous
10:02 PM Changeset [6116] by k0s
  • tracopenthreeoneoneplugin/0.11/tracopen311/open311.py

allow request submission

10:01 PM TracRedirect edited by anonymous
9:57 PM WikiTableMacro edited by anonymous
9:53 PM Ticket #5439 (The progress meter seems to be limited to 100 tickets) created by jevans
I have the following line in a wiki page […] Shows a beautiful …
9:30 PM Changeset [6115] by thijs
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/CHANGES.txt
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/jira2trac/__init__.py

Bump version and add changelog

9:18 PM Changeset [6114] by thijs
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/tags/0.1/setup.cfg

remove metadata

9:17 PM Changeset [6113] by thijs
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/tags/0.1

Tagging 0.1

9:16 PM InsertElementMacro edited by anonymous
9:16 PM Changeset [6112] by thijs
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/bin/jira2trac

Make executable

9:08 PM JiraToTracIntegration edited by thijs
improve note about user imports (diff)
9:04 PM JiraToTracIntegration edited by thijs
9:02 PM Changeset [6111] by thijs
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/LICENSE.txt
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/Readme.txt
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/bin/jira2trac
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/jira2trac/__init__.py
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/jira2trac/scripts/__init__.py

Add license

8:51 PM Changeset [6110] by thijs
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/jira2trac/__init__.py
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/jira2trac/scripts/__init__.py
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/jira2trac/util.py

Adding util

8:39 PM JiraToTracIntegration edited by thijs
adding python 3.1 note and more descriptions (diff)
8:30 PM JiraToTracIntegration edited by thijs
add better description (diff)
8:16 PM VsTracIntegration edited by anonymous
7:11 PM Changeset [6109] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor

branch to working on irc log parsing

6:16 PM Ticket #5438 (Delete/Unedit page errors) created by ivangsa
As commented in ticket:5411 comment:8 - Fails when trying to delete …
6:08 PM Changeset [6108] by k0s
  • tracopenthreeoneoneplugin/0.11/tracopen311/open311.py

fake getFromToken method

5:59 PM Changeset [6107] by k0s
  • tracopenthreeoneoneplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • tracopenthreeoneoneplugin/0.11/tracopen311/open311.py

more fleshing out

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adding ohloh badge (diff)
1:03 PM Ticket #2008 (XML RPC Plugin create Ticket return non standard Integer Type ...) closed by osimons
wontfix: I'm closing this. The way all methods work is that they use Trac …
12:44 PM Ticket #5430 (HTTPS with self signed certificate) closed by Homes2001
fixed: Hey, the new version seems to work. I can see my builds in the …
12:40 PM Ticket #2818 (Trac crashes after installing the XMLRPC plugin) closed by osimons
fixed: (In [6106]) XmlRpcPlugin: Removing use of posixpath and replacing …
12:40 PM Changeset [6106] by osimons
  • xmlrpcplugin/trunk/tracrpc/tests/__init__.py
  • xmlrpcplugin/trunk/tracrpc/tests/wiki.py
  • xmlrpcplugin/trunk/tracrpc/wiki.py

XmlRpcPlugin: Removing use of posixpath and replacing with os.path. Also added tests for wiki attachments where this code was used.

Closes #2818.

12:04 PM Ticket #5437 (AMF support) created by thijs
PyAMF provides Action Message Format …
11:59 AM Ticket #5436 (Rename xmlrpc plugin to tracrpc) created by thijs
The XmlRpcPlugin recently received support for JSON, allowing you to …
11:53 AM Changeset [6105] by thijs
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/patches/xmlrpcplugin-1.0.patch

adding xmlrpcplugin version nr to patch filename

11:45 AM Changeset [6104] by thijs
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/Readme.txt
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/bin
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/bin/jira2trac
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/bin/run-script.sh
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk/jira2trac

importing original files

11:41 AM Changeset [6103] by thijs
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/branches
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/tags
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11/trunk

Initial commit.

11:39 AM JiraToTracIntegration created by thijs
New hack JiraToTracIntegration, created by thijs
11:39 AM Changeset [6102] by thijs
  • jiratotracintegration
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11

New hack JiraToTracIntegration, created by thijs

11:34 AM Ticket #3670 (0.11 gives AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'has_key') closed by osimons
worksforme: I don't see xml-rpc code anywhere in that traceback, and not sure what …
11:21 AM Ticket #4539 ([0.12] getTicket() fails with cannot marshal <type ...) closed by osimons
worksforme: Running the plugin tests against latest Trac 0.12dev gives no errors …
10:02 AM Changeset [6101] by roadrunner
  • hudsontracplugin/0.10/HudsonTrac/HudsonTracPlugin.py

Ensure url-opener is always properly closed.

10:01 AM Changeset [6100] by roadrunner
  • hudsontracplugin/0.10/HudsonTrac/HudsonTracPlugin.py

Fixed authentication handling. There were two issues:

  1. need to register the auth info for all paths not just the feed, because the descriptions will have different paths
  2. feedparser's authentication handling is broken (there's an over two year old bug report on it at http://code.google.com/p/feedparser/issues/detail?id=40 but the fix there is not correct). So we just open the url ourselves which avoids feedparser's handler and hence the problem.

This really fixes #4113 and hopefully addresses #5430.

6:03 AM Changeset [6099] by roadrunner
  • hudsontracplugin/0.10/HudsonTrac/HudsonTracPlugin.py

Code indentation fix.

5:33 AM Changeset [6098] by roadrunner
  • hudsontracplugin/0.10/HudsonTrac/HudsonTracPlugin.py

Raise an error instead of silently listing no builds if an error occurred
trying to get the feed.

5:14 AM Changeset [6097] by roadrunner
  • hudsontracplugin/0.10/HudsonTrac/HudsonTracPlugin.py

Minor code simplification by returning immediately if we're not in the
timeline filters.

2:42 AM Ticket #5382 (Test suite for XmlRpcPlugin) closed by osimons
fixed: (In [6096]) XmlRpcPlugin: Improvement to Trac infrastructure has been …
2:42 AM Changeset [6096] by osimons
  • xmlrpcplugin/trunk/tracrpc/tests/__init__.py

XmlRpcPlugin: Improvement to Trac infrastructure has been added in trac:changeset:8303, so just updating the error message.

Closes #5382, and futher tests will just have to be added in time as the various parts of the code is touched.

2:38 AM Ticket #5434 (Removing Files during Resubmit fails) created by mlb5000
When Resubmitting a code review, if you click on a file in the list to …
1:40 AM Ticket #5433 (Tag cloud links get confused if there is a wiki page with the same name) closed by athomas
wontfix: This is intentional behaviour, allowing you to customise the content a …
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