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Jul 7, 2009:

7:31 PM Ticket #5485 (LDAP Plugin not working with all SSHA variants) created by ian@…
Our central LDAP is a Debian Lenny system running MDS (Mandriva …
6:55 PM Ticket #5480 (GitError: GIT control files not found) closed by tmontuori@…
invalid: Figured out what the issue is; the git repo wasn't owned by the user …
4:20 PM Ticket #5371 (KeyError: u'\xe2') closed by KlauX
duplicate: This problem have one patch in ticket #5484. Unicode error... I'm so …
4:04 PM Ticket #5483 (unicode suport and multirepos suport) closed by anonymous
3:47 PM Ticket #5484 ([Patch] unicode support and multirepos support) created by KlauX
The attached patch adds two capabilities to SvnAnthzAdminPlugin for …
3:43 PM Ticket #5483 (unicode suport and multirepos suport) created by KlauX
The attached patch adds two capabilities to SvnAnthzAdminPlugin for …
2:57 PM Ticket #5482 (UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xd0 in position ...) created by tsn@…
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a GET operation on /hours, …
9:56 AM ColorMacro edited by anonymous
9:49 AM Ticket #585 (Mass Ticket Editor) reopened by manski
I'm currently implementing such a plugin. I'll reopen this ticket for …
6:59 AM Ticket #5479 (Disable show_email_addresses) closed by otaku42
fixed: Replying to potter: > Sorry, appears to be a 0.11 …
3:02 AM IttecoTracPlugin edited by alfredocerrillo@…
2:35 AM Ticket #5481 (Position Change button below the Reply button and change styling to ...) created by anonymous
I think the look and feel would be better if the Change button …
2:09 AM EmailProcessorMacro edited by anonymous
2:06 AM MailToTracPlugin edited by anonymous
2:06 AM NeverNotifyUpdaterPlugin edited by anonymous
2:05 AM TicketTeamDispatcherPlugin edited by anonymous
2:04 AM athomas edited by athomas
1:04 AM Changeset [6159] by robm
  • mathcaptchaplugin/0.11/mathcaptcha/MathCaptcha.py
  • mathcaptchaplugin/0.11/setup.py

Released version 2.0

1:01 AM MathCaptchaPlugin edited by robm

Jul 6, 2009:

11:55 PM hayalci created by hayalci
New user hayalci registered
11:44 PM Ticket #5480 (GitError: GIT control files not found) created by tmontuori@…
Attempted to use GitPlugin (v.; most recent SVN version as of …
10:14 PM Ticket #4460 (FullBlog broken with 0.12dev) closed by osimons
fixed: Fix committed in [6158]. Thanks!
10:10 PM Changeset [6158] by osimons
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/tracfullblog/model.py
  • fullblogplugin/0.11/tracfullblog/web_ui.py

FullBlogPlugin: Trac 0.12 compat fix. Closes #4460. Thanks for testing!

9:53 PM Ticket #2203 (having trac at https url opening the date popup gives a security warning) closed by doki_pen
9:33 PM Ticket #1815 (IE7 popup calendar) closed by anonymous
9:26 PM Ticket #5479 (Disable show_email_addresses) created by potter
To minimize the Spam that users of your site may get, please set …
9:06 PM Ticket #5478 ([Patch] Allow multiple paths to be specified) created by potter
Add the ability to take multiple repository paths. For example …
7:41 PM Ticket #5458 (how should i use trachours plugin for trac 0.10) closed by k0s
wontfix: TracHoursPlugin will not work with 0.10. Feel free to note this in …
5:34 PM DateFieldPlugin edited by anonymous
4:32 PM Ticket #5477 (Plugin not visible in the Menu selection) created by davide.frignati@…
I've installed the plugin and update the trac.it within [components] …
2:33 PM Ticket #5476 (Strange sorting order of RssEmbedMacro) created by rino@…
I have RssEmbedMacro to get me a list of Bugzilla bugs (using the …
8:16 AM Ticket #5475 (Path of filename incorrect - breaks MIME detection for syntax highlighting) created by Haw Loeung
It seems that a forward slash ('/') is being appended to the end of …
6:31 AM Ticket #5474 (Ability to import votes and cc's) created by thijs
Data looks like this: […]

Jul 5, 2009:

12:35 PM Ticket #5471 (Can't use filename as download link in 0.12 branch) closed by anonymous
fixed: I forgot to port this one, thanks. Fixed in r6157. As for "can't …
12:31 PM Changeset [6157] by Blackhex
  • downloadsplugin/0.12/tracdownloads/core.py
10:16 AM Ticket #5473 ([patch] Limit upload size) created by manski
I've created a patch that adds a trac.ini setting to limit the …
12:11 AM TaskjugglerPlugin edited by anonymous

Jul 4, 2009:

7:52 PM IncludePagesPlugin edited by anonymous
This plugin sets "class" attribute, not "id" attribute. Just tried it … (diff)
6:52 PM Ticket #5472 (Permission limitation after user registration, but not with acct_mgr ...) created by luguolei@…
I installed AccountAdminPlugin,0.2.1dev_r0-py2.5 on Trac 0.11 use …
4:28 PM Ticket #5471 (Can't use filename as download link in 0.12 branch) created by olistudent
Hi. I just upgraded from 0.11 to 0.12 branch. I'm running …
5:38 AM Changeset [6156] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/templates/irclogs.html
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/web_ui.py

status line works with errors

5:38 AM Changeset [6155] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/provider/file.py
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/tests/file_parser.py

added formatting for gozerbot simple and supy formats

Jul 3, 2009:

6:17 PM Changeset [6154] by doki_pen
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/filter.py

fixed #4457

6:17 PM Ticket #4457 (Unable to use an empty separator) closed by doki_pen
fixed: (In [6154]) fixed #4457
5:37 PM Changeset [6153] by doki_pen
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/templates/datefield.html

removed work-around and comment about jquery-ui but that doesn't exist anymore.

4:09 PM Changeset [6152] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/releases/testing/artifacts.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/releases/testing/content.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/releases/testing/features/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.feature_0.0.5.200906301728.jar
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/releases/testing/features/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.feature_0.0.5.jar
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/releases/testing/plugins/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core_0.0.5.200906301728.jar

Release test version from branch 0.0.x

3:37 PM Ticket #5470 (Cannot commit hierarchycal Pages (with Plugin 0.5)) created by teha75@…
When using the Testversion 0.5 of the plugin i can not commit changes …
3:12 PM Ticket #5469 (Enhancement for the auto-complete popup) created by manski
I've created (and attached) a patch that changes the styling of the …
3:04 PM Ticket #5468 (DeprecationWarning with python2.6) created by tekknokrat
When using timingandestimation within python2.6 environment you get …
2:14 PM AutocompleteUsersPlugin edited by manski
Added note about email addresses (diff)
11:10 AM TicketModeratorPlugin edited by manski
A comment is not visible when it's rejected. (diff)
11:00 AM Changeset [6151] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/plugin.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/src/main/java/org/trachacks/wikieditor/eclipse/plugin/editor/NonRuleBasedDamagerRepairer.java
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/src/main/java/org/trachacks/wikieditor/eclipse/plugin/editor/WikiCompletionProcessor.java
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/src/main/java/org/trachacks/wikieditor/eclipse/plugin/editor/WikiContentOutlinePage.java
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/src/main/java/org/trachacks/wikieditor/eclipse/plugin/editor/WikiDocumentProvider.java

Replace old wiki source editor

8:13 AM Changeset [6150] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/templates/irclogs.html
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/web_ui.py

UI redesign, in progress

8:10 AM Changeset [6149] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/css/irclogs.css
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/css/jquery-ui.css
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/css/ui.datepicker.css
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/images
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/images/ui-bg_diagonals-thick_18_b81900_40x40.png

UI redesign, in progress

7:57 AM Ticket #5467 (how to formating outputs) created by anonymous
how can i change the components output format
7:00 AM Ticket #5466 (Patch to make it record automatically into the TracHoursPlugin) created by lvs@…
Hi, I use TracHoursPlugin to record my ime to tickets. I wanted the …
6:48 AM Changeset [6148] by doki_pen
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/htdocs/css/jquery-ui.css
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/htdocs/css/ui.datepicker.css

updated image paths

6:45 AM Changeset [6147] by doki_pen
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/filter.py

update resource paths

5:36 AM Changeset [6146] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/provider/file.py
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/tests/file_parser.py

added logic for custom formatters and gozer format.

3:25 AM Ticket #5465 (Read setup.cfg file) created by thijs
Would be nice to have a way to inject options from a setup.py …
3:22 AM Ticket #5464 ([patch] Implement AccountManagerPlugin Jira authentication support) created by thijs
The AccountManagerPlugin needs to support base64 encoded sha-512 …
3:18 AM Ticket #5463 (Ability to import into a new local Trac db) created by thijs
Would be nice if the commandline tool's had a --new option that …
2:26 AM Ticket #5462 (Ticket Notification Formatting) created by hayalci
Hi, thanks for this plugin. Formatting for ticket notifications can …

Jul 2, 2009:

11:26 PM Ticket #5461 (first day of week should be found in locale) created by doki_pen
first day of week in calendar should be configured based on the users …
6:55 PM DownloadsPlugin edited by anonymous
6:54 PM DownloadsPlugin edited by anonymous
6:39 PM DownloadsPlugin edited by anonymous
6:35 PM DownloadsPlugin edited by anonymous
5:38 PM Ticket #5460 ([Patch] Support for NumberedHeadlinesPlugin) created by tiago@…
When trying to edit a section delimited by the …
3:14 PM Ticket #5459 (need to input past dates in date field) created by pramila.neharkar@…
Hello, I am using trac with datefield plugin for some …
1:46 PM Changeset [6145] by doki_pen
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/htdocs/css
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/htdocs/css/jquery-ui.css
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/htdocs/css/ui.datepicker.css
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/htdocs/images
  • datefieldplugin/0.11/datefield/htdocs/images/ui-bg_diagonals-thick_18_b81900_40x40.png

move resources, added proper images

11:21 AM Ticket #5458 (how should i use trachours plugin for trac 0.10) created by anonymous
how should i install trachours plugin for trac 0.10. Is there any …
5:45 AM Ticket #995 (uninstall time and estimation plugin) reopened by anonymous
Uninstalling this plugin is a major issue. We installed it evaluate it …
3:00 AM CcSelectorPlugin edited by anonymous
2:42 AM Ticket #5457 ([PATCH] After a TracBack reference is added, all subsequent comments ...) created by rjollos
After a TracBack reference is added to a tickets comment list, all …
2:41 AM Changeset [6144] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/provider/__init__.py
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/provider/file.py
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/tests
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/tests/file_parser.py

some unit tests for supy log parsing

2:40 AM Changeset [6143] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/templates/irclogs.html

fixed javascript calendar

2:39 AM Changeset [6142] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/calendar.png
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/css
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/css/datePicker.css
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/css/style.css
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/htdocs/jquery.dimensions.js

moved resources and deleted unused files

2:20 AM Changeset [6141] by osimons
  • xmlrpcplugin/trunk/setup.py
  • xmlrpcplugin/trunk/tracrpc/web_ui.py

XmlRpcPlugin: Consume generators before sending result to json-encoding.

Also bumped version to 1.0.6.

12:28 AM BranchTimelinePlugin edited by anonymous
12:23 AM AuthzGroupsPlugin edited by anonymous
12:22 AM AutocompleteUsersPlugin edited by anonymous
12:21 AM SqlQueryMacro edited by anonymous
12:18 AM PageVariableMacro edited by anonymous
12:10 AM HeadLinkMacro edited by anonymous
12:08 AM ReSTMacro edited by anonymous
12:08 AM ReSTMacro edited by anonymous
12:08 AM SqlQueryMacro edited by anonymous
12:04 AM TicketChartsMacro edited by anonymous

Jul 1, 2009:

11:53 PM VsTracIntegration edited by anonymous
10:36 PM Changeset [6140] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/console.py
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/web_ui.py

removed some needless imports

10:35 PM Changeset [6139] by doki_pen
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/__init__.py
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/api.py
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/provider
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/provider/__init__.py
  • irclogsplugin/parsing_refactor/irclogs/provider/db.py

new and improved parse. not done

10:16 PM RevtreePlugin edited by anonymous
9:57 PM IncludeMacro edited by anonymous
8:15 PM TracBacksPlugin edited by anonymous
8:14 PM TracBacksPlugin edited by anonymous
8:13 PM TicketB.bmp attached to TracBacksPlugin by anonymous
8:13 PM TicketA.png attached to TracBacksPlugin by anonymous
7:54 PM Ticket #5456 (Wiki formatting is not properly displayed in referenced ticket) created by rjollos
I added the following comment to one of my tickets: --- 1. Complete …
6:16 PM Changeset [6138] by qwp0
  • progressmetermacro/0.11/progressmeter/macro.py

ProgressMeterMacro: all matching tickets are included in the resultant progress bar, fix #5439

6:16 PM Ticket #5439 (The progress meter seems to be limited to 100 tickets) closed by qwp0
fixed: (In [6138]) ProgressMeterMacro: all matching tickets are included in …
6:03 PM Changeset [6137] by morodin
  • noticemanagerplugin/0.11/notice_mgr/admin.py

file parsing bug corrected, now able to handle comments

12:47 PM Ticket #5455 (phpdoc plugin appears to support SVN only, GIT support would be nice.) created by phillipsic@…
I have trac setup with GIT. When trying to use the phpdoc plugin I …
11:54 AM SslAuthenticationPlugin edited by giel
Update diff for r6136, add note that the diff is only required for 0.10 (diff)
11:51 AM Changeset [6136] by giel
  • sslauthenticationplugin/0.10/sslauthentication/__init__.py
  • sslauthenticationplugin/0.11/sslauthentication/__init__.py

Use exception handling instead of an 'if' check to check for perm_user (e-mail address from SSL certificate):

  • This fixes a bug where non-SSL-cert authentication (but not anonymous) caused an exception (AttributeError) while trying to access req.perm_user while it didn't exist
11:33 AM Ticket #5454 (Browse by more than one category) created by WPaul
This plugin is very nice, but I need a little bit more: It's good to …
11:30 AM WPaul created by WPaul
New user WPaul registered

Jun 30, 2009:

11:44 PM Changeset [6135] by giel
  • sslauthenticationplugin/0.11
  • sslauthenticationplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • sslauthenticationplugin/0.11/sslauthentication/__init__.py

Implement a version of the plugin that works with Trac 0.11

  • This version doesn't require patching of Trac's sources
    • Works through changing code at runtime (replacing a single routine of Trac)
11:41 PM Changeset [6134] by giel
  • sslauthenticationplugin/0.10/setup.py

Make the setup.py script executable

10:27 PM Changeset [6133] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/pom.xml

pom: scm information

10:27 PM Changeset [6132] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF

mylyn dependencies

9:45 PM IncludeMacro edited by anonymous
8:49 PM Ticket #5453 (Image filenames cannot contain whitespace) created by rjollos
Although the image macro allows whitespace in the filenames, when the …
5:51 PM Changeset [6131] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/releases/testing/artifacts.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/releases/testing/content.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/releases/testing/features/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.feature_0.0.5.200906301728.jar
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/releases/testing/plugins/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core_0.0.5.200906301728.jar
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/releases/testing/plugins/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin_0.0.5.200906301728.jar

New Testing release for version 0.0.5 (with timestamp)

5:50 PM Changeset [6130] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/source/core/pom.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core/build.properties
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core/pom.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/branches/v_0.0.x/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.feature/feature.xml

Automated build for series 0.0.x (Merged from trunk)

4:43 PM Changeset [6129] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core/build.properties
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.feature/feature.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.site/site.xml

Automated build for series 0.1.x

2:57 PM FlexibleAssignToPlugin edited by oggei@…
! (diff)
1:16 PM Ticket #5452 (Calender no longer opens after update to new version) created by hju@…
After updating to the "new 1.0.1" version (06/29/09) of the plugin due …
12:42 PM Ticket #5451 (VotePlugin failing on trac-admin upgrade) created by p.pover@…
Fails to run the trac-admin upgrade. Traceback: […] I noticed …
8:50 AM Ticket #5450 (DB error when adding additonal tickets to blockedby/blocking) created by vArDo
When I try to add additional ticket to Blockedby field (the same with …
8:33 AM Ticket #5449 (Ignore milestones matching a pattern) created by rjollos
The default milestone for my Trac instance is unspecified. I …
8:15 AM PlannedMilestonesMacro edited by anonymous
1:18 AM OsxRssDashboardWidgetLeopardIntegration edited by rjollos
1:18 AM OsxRssDashboardWidgetLeopardIntegration.png attached to OsxRssDashboardWidgetLeopardIntegration by rjollos
12:34 AM SectionEditPlugin edited by anonymous
12:07 AM Changeset [6128] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/core/pom.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core/build.properties
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core/pom.xml
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/source/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.feature/feature.xml

Update poms and manifests for automated build for series 0.1.x

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.