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Mar 31, 2010:

11:34 PM Ticket #6915 (showing progres by hours and closed tickets) created by linkma
hi there, how can i modify my "roadmap" to use the …
11:09 PM Ticket #6831 (Great Theme but I need this to be 1020 px wide instead of 770) closed by clahti@…
fixed: I fixed this myself after figuring out how to recompile the egg
7:04 PM Ticket #6914 (TypeError: milestone_stats_data() takes at least 4 arguments (3 given)) created by anonymous
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a GET operation on …
7:04 PM Ticket #6913 (userpermission per milestone) created by anonymous
it would be very useful, if i cant grant the viewtickets and …
5:43 PM Ticket #6912 (Suggestions work when creating new ticket, but not when modifying an ...) created by anonymous
The summary says it all. When creating a new ticket, the Keywords …
5:09 PM Ticket #6911 (AddCommentMacro does not work with trac 0.12) created by benjamin@…
I am trying to use the comment macro on a trac 0.12 instance. The …
1:54 PM lxsameer created by lxsameer
New user lxsameer registered
10:50 AM PhpdocPlugin edited by anonymous
Add the easy_install way explaination (diff)
9:55 AM Ticket #6910 (UnknownTimeZoneError: '<trac.util.datefmt.LocalTimezone object at ...) created by dharrigan@…
Hiya, I'm using Trac 0.11.7rc1, with irclogs 0.3. I am getting this …
4:42 AM Ticket #6909 (Not working with another Trac Timeline feed) created by lucasrangit
I am not able to add feeds that are other Trac project timelines. …
1:41 AM FlashEmbedMacro edited by rudyryk
1:40 AM FlashEmbedMacro edited by rudyryk
1:35 AM FlashEmbedMacro edited by rudyryk
1:29 AM Changeset [7801] by rudyryk
  • flashembedmacro/0.11/tracflashembed/macros.py

FlashEmbedMacro: patch #5168 applied for enabling flv-player embedding

1:02 AM Ticket #4937 (Allow linking to all Trac attachments for swf=<source>) closed by rudyryk
fixed: attachments for current page should work since r7800 […]
12:58 AM Ticket #6258 ('Fragment' object has no attribute 'attrib') closed by rudyryk
12:56 AM Ticket #6247 (Exception upon execution of macro tracflashembed) closed by rudyryk
12:52 AM Changeset [7800] by rudyryk
  • flashembedmacro/0.11/tracflashembed/macros.py
  • flashembedmacro/COPYING

FlashEmbedMacro bugfix #6258, Embed(swf=attachment:output.swf)? syntax should work in general case

Mar 30, 2010:

11:43 PM FlexibleWikiPlugin edited by rudyryk
10:13 PM Ticket #6908 ([patch] Tagged pages with names containing non-ASCII chars break ...) created by claudius.link@…
I love to use Trac and the Tag Plugin. As I use different languages …
9:28 PM Ticket #6907 (An option to turn off numbering) created by anonymous
It should be useful to have An option to turn off the section …
6:41 PM Ticket #6906 (Ticket descriptions with quotes not displayed properly when hover over ...) created by skstrobel
I have a ticket with the description […] When that node is visible …
6:28 PM Ticket #6905 (AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'navpath') created by anonymous
trac-0.11.6-1.fc12 flexiblewikiplugin rev 5589 get this after …
4:45 PM Ticket #6833 (AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'startswith') closed by exarv
fixed: Requested change implemented
4:44 PM Ticket #6825 (html_output is mandatory in trac.ini) closed by exarv
duplicate: Should be fixed after fixing #6833
4:41 PM Changeset [7799] by exarv
  • phpdocplugin/0.11/phpdoctrac/phpdoctrac.py

re #6833 - Changed None to an empty string

4:00 PM Ticket #6901 (Missing source code) closed by olemis
invalid: Replying to anonymous: > I tried to download the code …
3:38 PM Ticket #6904 (Genshi UnicodeDecodeError error while rendering template (unknown ...) created by thuffir
I have managed to install the plugin, but every time I try to call the …
6:37 AM Ticket #6902 ([Patch] Sqlite error while performing upgrade) created by josh@…
While attempting to perform a series of upgrades to install the …
5:27 AM Ticket #6901 (Missing source code) created by anonymous
I tried to download the code from SVN or direct ZIP download, but both …
1:01 AM TracMetrixPlugin edited by rjollos
Remove empty example section. (diff)
12:58 AM RevtreePlugin edited by rjollos
Add maintainer (diff)
12:58 AM RevtreePlugin edited by rjollos
Adding page outline (diff)

Mar 29, 2010:

10:10 PM Ticket #6900 (Lists not working under IE) created by potter
I have two Trac installations, the first is currently 0.11.6 and the …
9:50 PM Ticket #6899 (Issues with Trac 11.7) created by vaden_mohrmann@…
After installing this plugin on Trac 11.7 I could see the ticket …
9:37 PM TracBibPlugin edited by Amfortas
9:36 PM TracBibPlugin edited by Amfortas
9:34 PM TracBibPlugin edited by Amfortas
9:33 PM Ticket #6890 (support for trac 0.10?) closed by Amfortas
fixed: Thank you for sharing your patch. It's in the repository now..
9:32 PM Changeset [7798] by Amfortas
  • tracbibplugin/0.10/README
  • tracbibplugin/0.10/setup.py
  • tracbibplugin/0.10/tracbib
  • tracbibplugin/0.10/tracbib/tracbib.py
  • tracbibplugin/0.11/bib.bib

compatibility patch for 0.10 regarding #6890, thx abeld for this patch.

9:05 PM Ticket #6897 (problem with get_navigation_items in web_ui.py) closed by anonymous
8:48 PM Ticket #6898 (problem with get_navigation_items in web_ui.py) created by anonymous
I am running CentOS 5.4 with Python 2.4 and Trac 0.11.7. I kept …
8:47 PM Ticket #6897 (problem with get_navigation_items in web_ui.py) created by anonymous
I am running CentOS 5.4 with Python 2.4 and Trac 0.11.7. I kept …
8:05 PM CreatePluginScript edited by olemis
Updating new maintainer (diff)
8:02 PM TracRpcProtocolsPlugin edited by olemis
Full name ;o) (diff)
8:02 PM XmlRpcPlugin edited by olemis
Full name ;o) (diff)
8:00 PM TracGvizPlugin edited by olemis
Full name ;o) (diff)
8:00 PM TracExampleTheme edited by olemis
Full name ;o) (diff)
7:59 PM PyTppThemePlugin edited by olemis
Full name ;o) (diff)
7:55 PM TracPluginTemplateScript edited by olemis
Updating with new maintainer (diff)
7:51 PM RepositoryHookSystemPlugin edited by olemis
Updating after with current maintainer (diff)
7:33 PM Changeset [7797] by olemis
  • restontracplugin
  • restontracplugin/0.11
  • restontracplugin/0.9

New hack RestOnTracPlugin, created by olemis

7:26 PM Changeset [7796] by olemis
  • tracwebhooksplugin
  • tracwebhooksplugin/0.11

New hack TracWebHooksPlugin, created by olemis

7:18 PM Ticket #6896 (Should not render Wiki text comments {{{#!comment}}}) created by lucasrangit
Trac allows for Wiki text to be ignore by wrapping them in the …
5:22 PM Ticket #6895 (Emails fail to be sent if mime-encoding set to None) created by hgibsonNHS
I wasn't getting any notifications through no matter what I changed. …
5:12 PM hgibsonNHS created by hgibsonNHS
New user hgibsonNHS registered
4:19 PM Ticket #6894 (Logout and login problem) created by lxsameer
after trying a successful login by user trac redirect to wiki but …
1:24 AM Ticket #6892 (UndefinedError: None has no member named "get") created by lxsameer@…
when i click to customize link i get an error that say […]

Mar 28, 2010:

11:49 PM Ticket #6891 (Disable IP banning) created by haf@…
Is there a way to disable IP banning? In our trac, we regularly get …
1:23 PM Changeset [7795] by Amfortas
  • tracbibplugin/0.11/README
  • tracbibplugin/0.11/bib.bib
  • tracbibplugin/0.11/releases
  • tracbibplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • tracbibplugin/0.11/tracbib

restructuring repository structure

12:32 PM TracBibPlugin edited by Amfortas
12:31 PM v01 edited by Amfortas

Mar 27, 2010:

9:24 PM Ticket #6890 (support for trac 0.10?) created by abeld
Is TracBibPlugin compatible with trac 0.10? It appears as such on the …
12:41 PM Ticket #6851 (TracTicketStatsPlugin?) closed by anonymous
11:22 AM FineGrainedPageAuthzEditorPlugin edited by anonymous

Mar 26, 2010:

9:17 PM Ticket #6884 (preview of a ticket forces you to submit the ticket) closed by obs
invalid: That sounds like a javascript alert from your description. BMTTP …
7:18 PM Ticket #6889 (Unable to handle milestones containing ampersands) created by anonymous
Error message: Query filter requires field and constraints separated …
5:53 PM TracSnapPlugin edited by sarahstrong
5:53 PM TracSnapPlugin edited by sarahstrong
5:40 PM Ticket #6888 (500 error from tracHacks page) created by anonymous
see attached.
4:00 PM Ticket #6887 ([Patch] WikiCalenderMacro doesn't properly handled urls starting with '/') created by neil@…
If an url pattern starting with '/' is used, this isn't properly …
3:47 PM Ticket #6886 (broke my installation) created by anonymous
After installing with easy-install, enabling and upgrading I got: …
3:12 PM Ticket #6012 ([PATCH] Trac 0.12 Constraints Undefined) closed by CuriousCurmudgeon
2:47 PM goeb edited by goeb
2:45 PM TracSecDlPlugin edited by goeb
1:46 PM Ticket #6885 (where i can get a v0.11.0.1 plugin version ?) created by lmar@…
Good day everyone. I'm try to install GitPlugin in that environment: …
1:44 PM Ticket #6884 (preview of a ticket forces you to submit the ticket) created by anton
I did a test whith your wonderful plugin. One (big) problem is that …
5:52 AM Ticket #6883 (Email to discussion) created by geeksrik@…
Hi Is it possible to create an entirely new discussion topic by just …
12:08 AM HttpAuthPlugin edited by anonymous
Add TOC (diff)

Mar 25, 2010:

10:19 PM Ticket #6873 (Text encoding badly handled) closed by abompard
fixed: Done in r7794.
9:08 PM TracSecDlPlugin edited by goeb
changed title (diff)
9:06 PM TracSecDlPlugin edited by anonymous
9:05 PM TracSecDlPlugin edited by anonymous
8:59 PM admin.png attached to TracSecDlPlugin by goeb
TracSecDl admin interface
8:59 PM TracSecDlPlugin created by goeb
initial version
8:44 PM Changeset [7794] by abompard
  • odtexportplugin/0.11/odtexport/odtexport.py

Fix bug #6873: don't use default_charset to encode the content

8:35 PM Ticket #6404 (XMLSyntaxError: Attribute width redefined, line 28, column 48) closed by abompard
5:07 PM carstenklein created by carstenklein
New user carstenklein registered
11:44 AM Ticket #6879 (Add external site authentication) created by falkb
I simply tried to embed another intranet page by: […] but just get …
11:27 AM Ticket #6878 (Get Full Name an Email from LDAP) created by christof@…
Is it possible to obtain the full name and the email address of users …
11:23 AM Ticket #6873 (Text encoding badly handled) reopened by abompard
Well, actually I fetch this setting in the trac.ini and use it to …
9:33 AM Ticket #6873 (Text encoding badly handled) closed by iblanco@…
invalid: You are right. The "default_charset" was "ISO-8859-15", I changed it …
3:08 AM TracTicketChainedFieldsPlugin edited by richard
3:07 AM Ticket #6684 (Is it mandatory to have the custom fields start with tcf_...?) closed by richard
fixed: fixed in [7793]
3:01 AM Changeset [7793] by richard
  • tracticketchainedfieldsplugin/0.11/tcf/htdocs/tcf_ticket.js
  • tracticketchainedfieldsplugin/0.11/tcf/readme.txt
  • tracticketchainedfieldsplugin/0.11/tcf/web_ui.py

#6684 fixed

2:14 AM TracTicketChainedFieldsPlugin edited by anonymous

Mar 24, 2010:

9:52 PM Ticket #6877 (Discussion Plugin egg doesn't copy all required files for RSS feeds in 0.11) created by arnisandy
Had a problem using the rss feeds for the discussion forum and topics …
9:40 PM arnisandy created by arnisandy
New user arnisandy registered
9:21 PM Ticket #6876 ([Patch] Add documentation for WikiMacros page) created by coldacid
Add some simple documentation for the WikiMacros page.
8:28 PM Ticket #6875 (Allow batch keyword removal) created by BradT
We use keywords for some ad-hoc information and frequently need to …
7:25 PM coldacid edited by coldacid
7:23 PM coldacid created by coldacid
New user coldacid registered
7:22 PM Ticket #6874 (Add option for filtering backlink pages) created by coldacid
It would be useful to tell BackLinksMacro to only list out pages that …
6:41 PM Ticket #6873 (Text encoding badly handled) created by iblanco@…
When exporting content written with acents and other spanish …
6:09 PM Ticket #6872 (Cannot get multiple chains to work.) created by abhishek.bhaduri@…
I am trying to implement three sets of chained fields. …
12:36 PM BadContent edited by otaku42
11:18 AM Ticket #6859 ([patch] Fixing broken ticket diff viewing) created by anonymous
[…] Othervise links like /ticket/[ticketname]?action=diff or …
9:38 AM Ticket #6856 (Using multiple repository syntax breaks admin interface) created by anonymous
Hi - we have used mutliple repository syntax within the authlist file, …
7:57 AM Ticket #6852 (TracTweakUiPlugin cat't work.) created by linyoujushi
As the example, "1.Enter trac's Web Admin, select TracTweakUI …[…]
7:41 AM Ticket #6851 (TracTicketStatsPlugin?) created by wandi.ms@…
i've install TracTicketStatsPlugin from svn repository …
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