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Feb 20, 2011:

8:10 PM Ticket #8522 (Browse Source defaults to HEAD, I'd like to be able to specify a ...) created by trac@…
For consistency sake I'd like browse source to take me to the same …
8:06 AM GtkDocPlugin edited by lsaavedr
7:58 AM Changeset [9881] by lsaavedr
  • gtkdocplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • gtkdocplugin/0.11/tracgtkdoc/admin.py
  • gtkdocplugin/0.11/tracgtkdoc/htdocs
  • gtkdocplugin/0.11/tracgtkdoc/search.py
  • gtkdocplugin/0.11/tracgtkdoc/templates/gtkdoc.html

new version!

  • jQuery dependency is removed in favor of Genshi (genshi.core.Markup)
  • gtkdoc.css is no longer needed, now it's used the documentation css (style.css)
  • htdocs is no longer needed (removed)
12:02 AM Changeset [9880] by anbo
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/trunk/projectplan/htdocs/css/blue3x3.png
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/trunk/projectplan/htdocs/css/green3x3.png
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/trunk/projectplan/htdocs/css/projectplan.css
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/trunk/projectplan/htdocs/css/red3x3.png
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/trunk/projectplan/renderer/ppticketsperuserday.py

new functionality: add the parameter showaggregatedstate to the renderer tableticketperuserday

while setting showaggregatedstate to True, T, Y, or yes the following functionality is initiated: all table cells containing a ticket are jugded by a red, blue, or green bar. This indicates whether the tickets are untouched, in work, or finished, i.e., the states of all tickets terminated at the considered date are aggregated.

Feb 19, 2011:

1:25 AM TracJsGanttPlugin edited by rjollos
Added reference to SubticketsPlugin compatibility in intro. (diff)
1:19 AM Changeset [9879] by anbo
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/trunk/projectplan/renderer/pprenderimpl.py
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/trunk/projectplan/renderer/ppticketsperuserday.py
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/trunk/setup.py

new functionality: while using the renderer tableticketperuserday one can use the new parameter summary adding a new column with a ticket summary of the user in the row (currently only a Google Pie Chart can be selected)

Allowed values:

  • chart (default, equal to chart:pie)
  • chart:pie (Google Chart Pie 3D)


12:52 AM GitPlugin edited by anonymous

Feb 18, 2011:

11:02 PM Ticket #8521 (Install the NewsFlashMacro) created by rjollos
Several of us put a newsflash box on project wiki pagess, e.g. …
9:41 PM Changeset [9878] by robguttman
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/chefapi.py
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/droplets.py

Added more checks for expected and recoverable bootstrap errors.

6:07 PM Ticket #8520 (hours query csv export encoding error) created by anonymous
When i try to export hours query as csv which link at the bottom of …
6:01 PM Ticket #8519 (Trac GitPlugin Error) created by cristian@…
After I've installed GitPlugin I get this errors: […]
2:50 PM H3llGhost created by H3llGhost
New user H3llGhost registered
2:49 PM Ticket #8518 (AttributeError: hdf with Trac 0.13dev-r10554) created by H3llGhost
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a GET operation on …
1:28 PM Ticket #8363 (Plugin calls db.commit() when it shouldn't) closed by bobbysmith007
wontfix: I added a note to the wiki page about the trac 11 versions. Cheers, Russ
1:27 PM TimingAndEstimationPlugin edited by bobbysmith007
added a note about trac11 releases re #8363 (diff)
10:42 AM Ticket #8516 (cannot upload attachment to a topic) closed by Blackhex
fixed: Yeah, this is unfortunately the behavior of some Python versions. …
10:41 AM Changeset [9877] by Blackhex
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/api.py


9:35 AM Ticket #8517 ("Save Query" at the bottom of the page doesn't work) created by anonymous
When i clic on "Save Query" at the bottom of "Hours" page nothing is …
9:33 AM Ticket #8516 (cannot upload attachment to a topic) created by MasopustC
uploading attachments to a existing topic leads to the following …
9:28 AM MasopustC created by MasopustC
New user MasopustC registered
8:18 AM TracTicketValidatorPlugin edited by chronos.hun@…
8:17 AM Ticket #8510 (Regex not working properly) closed by chronos.hun@…
worksforme: Working, sorry for the inconvenience. I'll check if the documentation …
6:09 AM Ticket #8515 (Unable to install on Python 2.4 - extras_require) created by john.williams@…
Attempting to install from source on a RHEL5 box: […] gives the …
2:20 AM TracTicketValidatorPlugin edited by richard
1:45 AM Ticket #8514 (Replace the default Wiki Renderer for all Trac Wiki) created by JamesMills
Would it be possible to modify/improve and/or use this plugin as the …
12:24 AM Changeset [9876] by lsaavedr
  • gtkdocplugin/0.11/tracgtkdoc/htdocs/css/gtkdoc.css

minor change in css

Feb 17, 2011:

11:59 PM Changeset [9875] by lsaavedr
  • gtkdocplugin/0.11/tracgtkdoc/web_ui.py

show ctxtnav only if there are at lest two boks

11:12 PM Changeset [9874] by lsaavedr
  • gtkdocplugin/0.11/tracgtkdoc/htdocs/js/jquery-1.4.3.min.js
  • gtkdocplugin/0.11/tracgtkdoc/web_ui.py
  • jquerry already in trac
11:04 PM Changeset [9873] by lsaavedr
  • gtkdocplugin/0.11/tracgtkdoc/admin.py


10:58 PM Changeset [9872] by lsaavedr
  • gtkdocplugin/0.11/tracgtkdoc/admin.py
  • gtkdocplugin/0.11/tracgtkdoc/api.py
  • gtkdocplugin/0.11/tracgtkdoc/search.py
  • gtkdocplugin/0.11/tracgtkdoc/web_ui.py
  • code simplification
  • Added books variable to the gtkdoc configuration
10:29 PM Ticket #8511 (After trac update to 0.12.1: duplicate key value violates unique ...) closed by anonymous
fixed: Replying to Blackhex: > Hmm, I'm not much PostgreSQL …
6:36 PM Ticket #8513 (Error in patch?) created by bungybun
In query.py shouldn't the change be […] and not […]
5:25 PM Ticket #8512 ([Patch] Calendar is shown in public) created by anonymous
Is it possible to hide the calendar when people are not logged in? …
5:12 PM Changeset [9871] by robguttman
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/awsapi.py
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/chefapi.py

Handles bootstrap race condition that causes a 409 client permission error.

3:36 PM Ticket #8511 (After trac update to 0.12.1: duplicate key value violates unique ...) created by podskalsky
After Trac update to 0.12.1 and PluginUpdate to 0.7 ... we can't …
11:28 AM bersace created by bersace
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11:15 AM Ticket #8510 (Regex not working properly) created by chronos.hun@…
I've configure the trac.ini with the following: […] I've tried the …
8:41 AM Changeset [9870] by lino
  • diskusageplugin/0.11/diskusage/diskusage.py
  • diskusageplugin/0.11/diskusage/templates/diskusage.html
  • diskusageplugin/0.11/setup.py

#8509 fixed

  1. Project don't have repository, report 0 bytes.
  2. Supporting multi repository case
6:36 AM AnchorMacro edited by rjollos
Added more examples of how it might be used. (diff)
6:33 AM AnchorMacro edited by rjollos
Changing maintainer. Refs #6577. (diff)
5:37 AM Ticket #8509 (skip if repository_dir is not specified ...) closed by anonymous
fixed: fix in [9869] this code from matobaa, Thanks a lot!
5:36 AM Changeset [9869] by lino
  • diskusageplugin/0.12/diskusage/diskusage.py
  • diskusageplugin/0.12/diskusage/templates/diskusage.html
  • diskusageplugin/0.12/setup.py

#8509 fixed

  1. Project don't have repository, report 0 bytes.
  2. Supporting multi repository case
2:48 AM Ticket #8501 (Removing duplicate bookmarks) closed by anonymous
fixed: Duplication of bookmarks is basically restricted by it's interface. …
2:44 AM Changeset [9868] by saigon
  • bookmarkplugin/0.11/tracbookmark/__init__.py
  • bookmarkplugin/0.12/tracbookmark/__init__.py

refs #8501 restrict to add duplicate bookmarks.

  • when same url is found for a user, bookmarking pass to record it.
2:35 AM Ticket #8001 (Improve information display in Bookmarks drop-down menu) closed by anonymous
2:35 AM Ticket #8000 (Show ticket summary, report name, etc ... on 'Your Bookmarks' page.) closed by anonymous
2:34 AM Changeset [9867] by saigon
  • bookmarkplugin/0.11/tracbookmark/__init__.py
  • bookmarkplugin/0.11/tracbookmark/htdocs/css/tracbookmark.css
  • bookmarkplugin/0.11/tracbookmark/templates/list.html
  • bookmarkplugin/0.12/tracbookmark/__init__.py
  • bookmarkplugin/0.12/tracbookmark/htdocs/css/tracbookmark.css

refs #8000, #8001 modify bookmark names

  • name is from IResourceManager.get_resource_description() so that any resource implements IResourceManager should show by resource name.

add icons to bookmark list

12:49 AM Ticket #8484 (Syntax error) reopened by dannysauer
Ok, I created a working patch: attachment:oldpython.patch. I …

Feb 16, 2011:

7:14 PM Ticket #8506 (Change path for Management link to be lowercase) closed by bobbysmith007
fixed: (In [9866]) Downcase the url (/billing) so that it can be put in …
7:14 PM Changeset [9866] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/setup.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/timingandestimationplugin/hours_layout_changer.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/timingandestimationplugin/query_webui.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/timingandestimationplugin/ticket_webui.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/timingandestimationplugin/webui.py

Downcase the url (/billing) so that it can be put in trac.ini as a key for trac MenusPlugin fix #8506

6:06 PM Ticket #8413 (Anchor href should match the id) closed by rjollos
fixed: (In [9865]) Fix: for the case of an anchor with visible text, the …
6:06 PM Changeset [9865] by rjollos
  • anchormacro/0.10/Anchor.py
  • anchormacro/0.11/Anchor.py

Fix: for the case of an anchor with visible text, the visible text was being used in the href rather than the anchor id. Thank you peichman@… for the patch. Fixes #8413.

12:57 PM Ticket #8509 (skip if repository_dir is not specified ...) created by matobaa
In following cases, reported svn-usage isn't correct: 1. Project that …
4:50 AM Ticket #8508 (Installation fails with PostgreSQL database backend) created by anonymous
I installed WorkLogPlugin using easy_install, edited my trac.ini to …
4:03 AM ScrippetMacro edited by rjollos
Fixed grammar and page formatting. (diff)
12:05 AM Ticket #8507 (There is a limit on the number of fields with a tip) created by christyk@…
I am using this plugin along with custom fields. I tested this with …

Feb 15, 2011:

8:56 PM AwesomeAttachmentsPlugin edited by rjollos
Escaped wiki markup. (diff)
8:12 PM Ticket #8506 (Change path for Management link to be lowercase) created by cshelton
To be more consistent with other Nav bar links, can the link to the …
6:43 PM Changeset [9864] by robguttman
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/fields.py

Added debug logging to field.set().

5:08 PM Ticket #8505 (Add plugin to wiki page) created by anonymous
how can i add this plugin on my wiki pages with `[[TicketQuery( ... …
2:19 PM Ticket #8504 (Link to download all attachments at once) created by igorsantos07@…
I think it would be very useful to have, in the ticket details page, a …
11:49 AM sub-projects.diff attached to SubProjectsPatch by k.antczak@…
Patch for trac 0.13dev-r10560
9:29 AM DailyReminderScriptForTracScript edited by ethanole
12:30 AM Changeset [9863] by robguttman
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/defaults.py
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/droplets.py
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/web_ui.py

improved droplet config options management.

Feb 14, 2011:

8:23 PM Changeset [9862] by robguttman
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/chefapi.py

Ignores chars from bootstrap output that can't convert to unicode.

5:31 PM Ticket #8503 (Cannot use all as file extenstion) created by anonymous
I would like to allow download of all files, no matter …
4:49 PM Ticket #8502 (bug with ie6 compatibility (css error ?)) created by anonymous
When i want to show my "add hours to ticket" in ticket detail, the …
3:48 PM Ticket #8501 (Removing duplicate bookmarks) created by Krzysztof Antczak
When the same item is added, more than once... Removing it ( ONLY ONE …
3:38 PM TimelineComponentFilterPlugin edited by anonymous
1:57 PM Ticket #8500 (Inline formulas sometimes interfere with WikiFormatting) created by rrossmair
Source code: […] Result: [[Image(...)]]
11:19 AM EmacsWikiEditScript edited by hippiehacker
Changes to xml-rpc.el reflected in patch… (diff)
5:04 AM Ticket #8499 (Ctrl + Tab indents the bullet points.) created by andhos@…
Ctrl + Tab indents the bullet points when using the wysiwyg mode but …
2:28 AM lord edited by lord
2:26 AM lord edited by lord
1:32 AM Changeset [9861] by mitar
  • allattachmentsmacro/0.11/AllAttachments.py
  • allattachmentsmacro/0.11/AllAttachmentsMacro.py

Cleaned macro.

1:17 AM HtGroupEditorPlugin edited by rjollos
12:34 AM Changeset [9860] by lord
  • tracunixgroupsplugin/anyrelease/setup.py
  • tracunixgroupsplugin/anyrelease/unixgroups/unixgroups.py


12:27 AM Changeset [9859] by lord
  • tracunixgroupsplugin/anyrelease/unixgroups/unixgroups.py

corrected for output of Linux (vs. Mac) 'groups' command

12:12 AM Changeset [9858] by lord
  • tracunixgroupsplugin/anyrelease/setup.py
  • tracunixgroupsplugin/anyrelease/unixgroups
  • tracunixgroupsplugin/anyrelease/unixgroups/__init__.py
  • tracunixgroupsplugin/anyrelease/unixgroups/unixgroups.py

initial implementation

Feb 13, 2011:

11:58 PM Changeset [9857] by lord
  • tracunixgroupsplugin/anyrelease/README.txt


11:57 PM Changeset [9856] by lord
  • tracunixgroupsplugin/anyrelease/README.txt


11:52 PM Changeset [9855] by lord
  • tracunixgroupsplugin
  • tracunixgroupsplugin/anyrelease

New hack TracUnixGroupsPlugin, created by lord

11:47 PM lord created by lord
New user lord registered
7:58 AM BadContent edited by otaku42
7:12 AM TracBibPlugin edited by rjollos
Escapred wiki markup. (diff)
7:10 AM WikiNotificationPlugin edited by rjollos
Removing dead link to external site. (diff)
6:52 AM Changeset [9854] by rjollos
  • allattachmentsmacro/0.11/AllAttachments.py

Reverting accidental change to revision info in [9853]. Refs #8446.

6:50 AM AllAttachmentsMacro edited by rjollos
Removing link to fork since it has been pulled in. Adding mitar as a … (diff)
6:48 AM Ticket #7971 (Does not work in Trac 0.12) closed by rjollos
worksforme: I can't see any reason why mitar's patch would fix any 0.12 issues, …
6:46 AM Ticket #8446 (Macro should check for access privileges) closed by rjollos
fixed: (In [9853]) Added permission check. Patch by mitar. Fixes #8446.
6:46 AM Changeset [9853] by rjollos
  • allattachmentsmacro/0.11/AllAttachments.py

Added permission check. Patch by mitar. Fixes #8446.

6:45 AM Changeset [9852] by rjollos
  • allattachmentsmacro/0.11/AllAttachments.py

Renamed macro file.

6:32 AM Ticket #3727 (Where is it?) closed by rjollos
wontfix: Wiki page is gone, i think i remember removing this plugin because the …
1:13 AM Changeset [9851] by anbo
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/trunk/projectplan/ppticketviewtweak.py
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/trunk/setup.py

I found and solved the bug influencing the behaviour of the blocked tickets (thanks to hints by Ruben)

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.