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Mar 10, 2011:

7:59 PM Ticket #8592 (send email on certain status/action like promote) created by henke.mike@…
Is there a way to create a joinable_group like "OnPromote" and email …
4:54 PM Ticket #8591 (NavAdd active state) created by anonymous
Is there a way to make the navadd button have the "active" class when …
4:29 PM Ticket #8590 (post /ticketlog/query not finding any matches) created by henke.mike@…
Hi, I think I have everything setup correctly. I see the changelog …
12:37 PM Ticket #8560 ([TestManager 1.4.3] Parse error thrown everytime after trying to ...) closed by seccanj
10:19 AM Ticket #8589 (Check the access rights before providing a section edit link) created by jean.vittor@…
The [edit] is always displayed, even when the user does not have the …
6:34 AM Changeset [9938] by glen
  • vcsreleaseinfomacro/VcsReleaseInfoMacro.py

use browser view for trunk link

3:13 AM Ticket #8588 (commit_updater.py) closed by rjollos
invalid: Questions such as this should be directed to the [t:MailingList
12:09 AM Ticket #8588 (commit_updater.py) created by anonymous
I successfully upgraded trac 0.11 to 0.12 but having issues with …

Mar 9, 2011:

9:18 PM TracTicketTemplatePlugin edited by sandinak
added pre-req .. found the dependency in the error log. (diff)
9:10 PM sandinak created by sandinak
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8:32 PM jc2trachacks created by jc2trachacks
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7:54 PM todjiang edited by todjiang
7:43 PM Ticket #8587 (htdocs not part and get_htdocs called?) created by anonymous
Breaking when installed: […]
2:21 PM Changeset [9937] by wadatka
  • ticketlastcommentjumpplugin/0.12/TicketLastCommentJump
  • ticketlastcommentjumpplugin/0.12/TicketLastCommentJump/TicketLastCommentJump.py
  • ticketlastcommentjumpplugin/0.12/TicketLastCommentJump/__init__.py
  • ticketlastcommentjumpplugin/0.12/TicketLastCommentJump/locale
  • ticketlastcommentjumpplugin/0.12/TicketLastCommentJump/locale/ja

add TicketLastCommentJumpPlugin sources

2:07 PM sample1.png attached to TicketLastCommentJumpPlugin by wadatka
2:06 PM TicketLastCommentJumpPlugin created by wadatka
New hack TicketLastCommentJumpPlugin, created by wadatka
2:06 PM Changeset [9936] by wadatka
  • ticketlastcommentjumpplugin
  • ticketlastcommentjumpplugin/0.12

New hack TicketLastCommentJumpPlugin, created by wadatka

12:38 PM UsernameCCPlugin created by mitar
12:11 PM Ticket #8580 (Comments not properly escaped / script injection possibility) closed by richard
fixed: (In [9935]) Fixed #8580
12:11 PM Changeset [9935] by richard
  • tracticketchangelogplugin/0.12/ticketlog/web_ui.py

Fixed #8580

9:29 AM Ticket #8586 (Keep CKEditor out of egg; suggestion of different approach) created by Franz
The idea of having a full wysiwyg editor was also a must in our …
8:40 AM Ticket #8585 (error: ResourceNotFound: priority none does not exist.) created by falkb
Don't know when it happens but after a while I see this in my logging: …

Mar 8, 2011:

11:08 PM Changeset [9934] by robguttman
  • queuesplugin/0.12/queues/htdocs/queues.css
  • queuesplugin/0.12/queues/templates/queues.html

Changed report notice color from yellow to gray.

10:00 PM Changeset [9933] by robguttman
  • queuesplugin/0.12/queues/templates/queues.html

refs #8565: Added Trac 0.12.2 support.

5:10 PM Ticket #8584 (TagsPlugin: Not seeing nav button or input fields after installation) created by paleboat
I have seen an issue for this on the mailing list but no one has …
2:21 PM Ticket #8583 ([patch] You can't delete a PDF attachment when PDFRedirector is enabled.) created by lburaggi@…
How can i delete a PDF attachment when PDFRedirector is enabled ? The …
2:18 PM Ticket #8582 (May not work on an access-restricted site) created by von_mises@…
With workfloweiditorplugin 1.0.2 comes with !TracLightning2.5.2, use …
1:21 PM Ticket #8573 (no access to 'estimatedhours' when executing macro) closed by aiscape
worksforme: I updated the htdocs to the latest version from the jsgantt website …
10:41 AM Ticket #8581 (How to use DailyLolMacro) closed by rjollos
worksforme: * WikiStart#HowdoIinstallthesethings * #6797
9:55 AM GoogleSitemapPlugin edited by mitar
9:54 AM Ticket #8581 (How to use DailyLolMacro) created by anonymous
Hi, i would like to use your DailyLolPlugin but i am not so good with …
9:37 AM Ticket #8580 (Comments not properly escaped / script injection possibility) created by anonymous
The ChangeLog comment on the ticket view is not escaped which, in …

Mar 7, 2011:

11:30 PM Ticket #8579 (always notify me when one of my watched wiki or tickets is updated, by ...) created by spohail
I'm sure there's a logical answer to this, though I can't find it. I'm …
9:47 PM Changeset [9932] by walnut
  • childticketsplugin/0.12
  • childticketsplugin/0.12/childtickets/childtickets.py
  • childticketsplugin/0.12/setup.py

Release 2.0.0-BETA

  • Since 0.12 introduces the nice foldable sections for attachments and comments, I have also incorporated this into the childtickets plugin.
8:20 PM Ticket #8578 (Plugin doesn't load) created by dr4cul4@…
When I enable this plugin I see links in admin interace, but when I …
7:32 PM Ticket #8577 (NameError: when trying to delete a ticket) created by anonymous
I got this error in trunk: […] Hmm, couldn't copy/paste the patch …
6:07 PM Ticket #8576 (Some patches to use more Trac built in features) created by pipern
Here is a patch to : * Use ListOption * Use add_warning() * Use …
5:23 PM Ticket #7728 ('diff' causes a crash with mastertickets plugin enabled.) closed by coderanger
fixed: Pretty sure this is fixed in master.
5:13 PM aiscape created by aiscape
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5:10 PM Ticket #8575 (Timing and Estimation: Trac11 & 12 install error) created by bobbysmith007
Stuck in a "need to upgrade database" -> upgrade -> "need to "... …
4:35 PM Ticket #8574 (JS Error: vPopupFeatures not Found) created by anonymous
maybe an 0.12 not compatible issue. well, you don't state that it is …
2:39 PM Ticket #8573 (no access to 'estimatedhours' when executing macro) created by aiscape
Here the macro which is called in the main wiki page: " [ [ …
1:38 PM Ticket #8571 (Can't install the plugin) closed by bobbysmith007
invalid: Run the trac-admin command with --no-backup to skip making a backup, …
1:34 PM Ticket #8569 (need of proxy-access setup plugin) closed by osimons
worksforme: OK, using HTTP_PROXY seems the best solution then. No need to patch …
4:54 AM Ticket #8572 (ticket delete blocks other plugins working in newticket operation ...) created by georgesoon
while using agiloforscrum, the ticket delete plugin blocks * wysiwyg …
2:00 AM Changeset [9931] by hasienda
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/formdata.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/macros.py

TracFormsPlugin: Allow non-ASCII characters in text input and other fields, refs #3741.

X(HT)ML conform unicode character escaping has been largely inspired by


Mar 6, 2011:

4:08 PM Ticket #8571 (Can't install the plugin) created by marek_karczewski@…
I am trying to install the plugin on: mac os 10.6.6 pyton 2.6.5 …
12:41 PM Akinfold created by Akinfold
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Mar 5, 2011:

2:47 PM Ticket #8570 (Genshi UnicodeDecodeError at hours_ticket.html) created by anonymous

Mar 4, 2011:

2:47 PM Changeset [9930] by osimons
  • estimationtoolsplugin/trunk/estimationtools/tests/burndownchart.py
  • estimationtoolsplugin/trunk/estimationtools/tests/hoursremaining.py
  • estimationtoolsplugin/trunk/estimationtools/tests/workloadchart.py

EstimationToolsPlugin: Add dummy req.tz to support latest Trac 0.12 for running tests.

1:48 PM Ticket #8569 (need of proxy-access setup plugin) created by falkb
Our intranet needs a proxy with authentification to get access to …
11:45 AM Changeset [9929] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/locale/fr
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/acct_mgr.po

AccountManagerPlugin: Add French translations (WiP), refs #8551.

This has been contributed by Sukender (Benoit Neil).

9:09 AM Ticket #8082 (Using "component" as parent of chained fields resets value on modify) reopened by cabbiepete@…
Have tried the new version and the change made (which isn't the one …
9:00 AM TestManagerForTracPlugin edited by seccanj
9:00 AM TestManagerForTracPlugin edited by seccanj
6:42 AM Ticket #7764 (Using non tcf_ field as the parent of chained fields) reopened by Mehdi Taileb <mehdi@…>
In my case is shows two "component" fields!! cf. the attached file …
6:20 AM Ticket #8563 (IndexError: list index out of range) closed by godblessyou
fixed: Replying to hasienda: > Would you give the last revision a …
4:21 AM Ticket #8082 (Using "component" as parent of chained fields resets value on modify) closed by richard
fixed: Fixed in [9928]
4:20 AM Ticket #7764 (Using non tcf_ field as the parent of chained fields) closed by richard
fixed: (In [9928]) Fixed #7764
4:20 AM Changeset [9928] by richard
  • tracticketchainedfieldsplugin/0.11/tcf/htdocs/tcf_ticket.js

Fixed #7764

12:56 AM Ticket #8568 (tracscreenshots api.py syntax error) created by gregd72002
when loading tracscreenshots it comes up with the following error: …

Mar 3, 2011:

11:39 PM Ticket #8567 (javascript error when deleting test plans) created by mkc
When attempting to remove a Test Plan, clicking the X button results …
11:22 PM Changeset [9927] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/htfile.py

AccountManagerPlugin: Handle empty password files without exception, refs #8563.

AccountManagerPlugin terminates each line, so there's no such thing
like an empty file because at least one linebreak is always retained.
But other application may not equally care for proper line endings.
So I've moved the existing check for data read length up
to prevent reading from a possibly empty list in case of a blank file.
Checking EOL style not in first but in the last line is the other change,
but certainly unrelated to the issue.

9:23 PM TracCaptchaPlugin edited by felix_schwarz
7:12 PM Ticket #8566 (Port under Trac v.0.12.x and MasterTicket v.3.x ?) created by slevin@…
Please make port to new stable versions of Trac and MasterTicket. …
2:59 PM Ticket #8565 (Queue with groups does not work) created by gmk@…
group.<action> does not work since there is another structure of the …
2:48 PM Changeset [9926] by tbressure
  • traccronplugin/trunk/scripts

remove these files due to a commit error (those files are part of another project)

2:12 PM MotdPlugin edited by ChristianM
1:24 PM Ticket #3742 ([Patch] First submit crashes) closed by hasienda
fixed: (In [9925]) TracFormsPlugin: Fix error `'DBCursor' object has no …
1:24 PM Changeset [9925] by hasienda
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/tracdb.py

TracFormsPlugin: Fix error 'DBCursor' object has no attribute 'lastrowid', closes #3742.

Thanks to Justin R. Cutler for contributing this patch.

1:03 PM Changeset [9924] by hasienda
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/setup.cfg
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/setup.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/__init__.py

TracFormsPlugin: Change setup to explicitely list entry points.

Be more explicit here and make content in init obsolete.

11:37 AM Ticket #8564 (URL placeholders don't work) created by anonymous
I've defined a template in the template admin section: […] …
11:03 AM AcronymsPlugin edited by rjollos
Make use of the NewsFlashMacro. (diff)
11:01 AM NewsFlashMacro edited by rjollos
Use the NewFlashMacro in demo since its been installed on t-h.o (diff)
10:54 AM godblessyou created by godblessyou
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10:51 AM Ticket #8563 (IndexError: list index out of range) created by godblessyou
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a POST operation on …
10:22 AM Ticket #8521 (Install the NewsFlashMacro) closed by otaku42
fixed: Done. Also added a [wiki:news/2011-03-03--newsflash-macro-installed
10:20 AM news/2011-03-03--newsflash-macro-installed created by otaku42
10:17 AM NewsFlashMacro edited by otaku42
Now that the macro is installed on t-h.o, add an example as show case. (diff)
10:15 AM Ticket #8562 (IndexError: list index out of range) created by anonymous
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a POST operation on …
9:20 AM Blog: !NewsFlash macro installed created by otaku42
6:22 AM Ticket #8561 (TracCron doesn't kill processes) created by adam@…
Have the TracCron running every 5 minutes, but it doesn't appear to …
5:11 AM nkv created by nkv
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3:25 AM Ticket #8560 ([TestManager 1.4.3] Parse error thrown everytime after trying to ...) created by nkv
Description: --------- Trac TestManager functionality is …
3:12 AM TwillProcessorMacro edited by rjollos
Added URL for Twill. (diff)
12:31 AM Changeset [9923] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/htfile.py

AccountManagerPlugin: Fix password file handling on Windows systems, refs #8487.

This is a urgent follow-up to my changes introduced in changeset [9272].
It has been possible to rework this after finally figuring out, that
Universal Newline Support works not as expected when writing (back) files.
Many thanks to Jeremy Dunn for initial report, debugging and testing.
Any non-*nix user should upgrade to avoid painful exponential file growth.
Sorry for any inconvenience you've suffered meanwhile.

12:03 AM TwillProcessorMacro edited by trbs
12:02 AM tractwillprocessormacro_screenshot.jpg attached to TwillProcessorMacro by trbs
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.