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Mar 14, 2011:

11:49 PM TagsPlugin edited by rjollos
Clarify that TAGS_* permissions must be granted as a step in the … (diff)
8:16 PM ChildTicketsPlugin edited by anonymous
4:37 PM ListMilestonesMacro created by mitar
2:37 PM ReportChangesRSSPlugin created by mitar
1:12 PM GoogleTranslatePlugin edited by dyeldandi
1:09 PM translate2.png attached to GoogleTranslatePlugin by dyeldandi
1:09 PM translate1.png attached to GoogleTranslatePlugin by dyeldandi
1:02 PM Ticket #8605 (Allow visible fields to be edited through WebAdmin interface) created by dpoulin@…
Hi, When some fields are not provided, they appears in the user …
11:37 AM Ticket #8604 (Customize component field, properties) created by anonymous
I would like to know if it is possible to hide a ticket, or set …
11:01 AM Ticket #8603 (Mylyn integration) created by sparrow
It would be nice if child tickets were shown as subtask in Mylyn …
1:12 AM Changeset [9953] by robguttman
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/chefapi.py
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/launcher.py
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/templates/droplet_progress.html

removed step 5 progress - not sufficiently general or useful.

12:47 AM Ticket #8602 (Not showing Submit Policy in the Web Admin Panel or Plugins Panel either) created by anonymous
After installing this plugin on version 12.1 & 12.2 for windows, the …

Mar 13, 2011:

6:04 PM CloudPlugin edited by robguttman
5:55 PM progress.png attached to CloudPlugin by robguttman
5:55 PM CloudPlugin edited by robguttman
update on new launch/bootstrap mechanism (diff)
5:29 PM Changeset [9952] by robguttman
  • cloudplugin/0.12/setup.py

Bumped the version.

5:12 PM Changeset [9951] by robguttman
  • cloudplugin/.pydevproject
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/chefapi.py
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/daemon.py
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/defaults.py
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/droplets.py

Launching instances now performed in spawned daemon process.

4:28 AM Changeset [9950] by netjunki
  • scrippetmacro/0.12/setup.py

updated the version... there were enough changes to justify it.

4:24 AM Changeset [9949] by netjunki
  • scrippetmacro/0.12/scrippets/render.py

replace smart quotes... :-/

4:05 AM Changeset [9948] by netjunki
  • scrippetmacro/0.12/scrippets/htdocs/css/scrippets-full.css
  • scrippetmacro/0.12/scrippets/htdocs/css/scrippets.css
  • scrippetmacro/0.12/scrippets/render.py

added intra text block handling for bold italic and underline, handling for act start/end act (new header class in css

Mar 12, 2011:

10:48 PM Ticket #5545 (Setting weekends to false causes burndown line to disappear) closed by osimons
fixed: (In [9947]) EstimationToolsPlugin: Fix for burndown chart line …
10:48 PM Changeset [9947] by osimons
  • estimationtoolsplugin/trunk/estimationtools/burndownchart.py
  • estimationtoolsplugin/trunk/estimationtools/tests/burndownchart.py

EstimationToolsPlugin: Fix for burndown chart line disappearing with weekends=False set.

Solution provided by mnsh (thanks!), and I've added some tests that verifies what should be the correct scaling. Closes #5545.

8:02 PM Changeset [9946] by osimons
  • estimationtoolsplugin/trunk/estimationtools/tests/workloadchart.py

EstimationToolsPlugin: Fix 2 tests that broke when run on weekends... :-)

3:52 PM Ticket #8601 (Support for submodules) created by anonymous
I added a submodule to a git repository. When I use the "browse …
1:42 PM Ticket #8024 (`[[BibRef]]` macro produce error) closed by Amfortas
fixed: (In [9945]) don't call close() on the repository. Fixes #8024
1:42 PM Changeset [9945] by Amfortas
  • tracbibplugin/0.10/tracbib/tracbib.py
  • tracbibplugin/0.11/tracbib/tracbib.py
  • tracbibplugin/trunk/tracbib/tracbib.py

don't call close() on the repository. Fixes #8024

12:39 PM Changeset [9944] by Amfortas
  • tracbibplugin/0.10/tracbib/tracbib.py
  • tracbibplugin/0.11/tracbib/tracbib.py
  • tracbibplugin/trunk/tracbib/tracbib.py

unicode problem regarding #8542 should be fixed.

12:32 PM Ticket #8542 (decoding Unicode is not supported) closed by Amfortas
fixed: The problem should be fixed in r9943. Thanks for the report and …
12:30 PM Changeset [9943] by Amfortas
  • tracbibplugin/trunk/tracbib/tracbib.py

unicode problem regarding #8542 should be fixed.

Mar 11, 2011:

8:45 PM Changeset [9942] by rjollos
  • tracticketstatsplugin/branches/0.11
  • tracticketstatsplugin/branches/0.11/ticketstats/templates/greensauce.html
  • tracticketstatsplugin/branches/0.12
  • tracticketstatsplugin/branches/0.12/ticketstats/templates/greensauce.html

Refs #8600: Merged [9941] from trunk to 0.11 and 0.12 branches.

8:38 PM Ticket #8600 (yui_base_url does not work for the 'swf') closed by rjollos
fixed: (In [9941]) Fixes #8600: removed hard-coded entry for yui_base_url.
8:38 PM Changeset [9941] by rjollos
  • tracticketstatsplugin/trunk/ticketstats/templates/greensauce.html

Fixes #8600: removed hard-coded entry for yui_base_url.

8:14 PM Ticket #8600 (yui_base_url does not work for the 'swf') created by sandinak
I am on an airgapped network so I d/l'd the relevant .js and swf and …
7:06 PM AgiloForScrumPlugin edited by anonymous
6:34 PM Ticket #8553 (Query page javascript errors) closed by robguttman
fixed: Great to hear! Closing.
6:08 PM Ticket #8599 (field.default_if_type) created by sandinak
it would be really useful to default a component based on a type.
4:54 PM Changeset [9940] by robguttman
  • dynamicvariablesplugin/0.12/dynvars/web_ui.py

refs #8453: fixed redirect when project name is in url.

4:32 PM DynamicFieldsPlugin edited by robguttman
4:31 PM DynamicFieldsPlugin edited by robguttman
4:17 PM Changeset [9939] by robguttman
  • dynamicfieldsplugin/0.11/dynfields/htdocs/rules.js
  • dynamicfieldsplugin/0.11/dynfields/templates/dynfields.html

refs #8553: fixed two JS errors.

4:15 PM TestManagerForTracPlugin edited by seccanj
3:29 PM SubticketsPlugin edited by marmur99
Added comment regarding database fields (diff)
3:28 PM Ticket #8565 (Queue with groups does not work) closed by robguttman
fixed: Replying to gmk@gmx.at: > > Gernot, collapsing is only …
1:11 PM Ticket #8598 (svn commit messages) created by anonymous
hi, it would be nice if the svn commit messsages could trigger …
10:59 AM Ticket #8597 (Incorrect URL return when voting for ticket) created by slevin@…
We're have many different tracs for some departments, usually URLs of …
10:45 AM Ticket #8596 (Remove hard dependency on XML RPC plugin for Trac 0.11) closed by seccanj
fixed: Fixed with 1.4.4.
10:45 AM Ticket #8567 (javascript error when deleting test plans) closed by seccanj
fixed: Fixed with 1.4.4.
9:56 AM Ticket #8596 (Remove hard dependency on XML RPC plugin for Trac 0.11) created by seccanj
While on Trac 0.12 the Test Manager plugin works correctly even …
6:08 AM Ticket #8595 (Ability to ban accounts) created by jteh
There are times when it would be useful to have the ability to ban an …
5:08 AM Ticket #8594 (ttd/htdocs needs to have something in it) created by sandinak
I had two hacks.. in setup.py […] […] else you get errors …
3:08 AM Ticket #8593 (Bib add error!) created by anonymous
I got the following error when I add the bibtex file : […]

Mar 10, 2011:

7:59 PM Ticket #8592 (send email on certain status/action like promote) created by henke.mike@…
Is there a way to create a joinable_group like "OnPromote" and email …
4:54 PM Ticket #8591 (NavAdd active state) created by anonymous
Is there a way to make the navadd button have the "active" class when …
4:29 PM Ticket #8590 (post /ticketlog/query not finding any matches) created by henke.mike@…
Hi, I think I have everything setup correctly. I see the changelog …
12:37 PM Ticket #8560 ([TestManager 1.4.3] Parse error thrown everytime after trying to ...) closed by seccanj
10:19 AM Ticket #8589 (Check the access rights before providing a section edit link) created by jean.vittor@…
The [edit] is always displayed, even when the user does not have the …
6:34 AM Changeset [9938] by glen
  • vcsreleaseinfomacro/VcsReleaseInfoMacro.py

use browser view for trunk link

3:13 AM Ticket #8588 (commit_updater.py) closed by rjollos
invalid: Questions such as this should be directed to the [t:MailingList
12:09 AM Ticket #8588 (commit_updater.py) created by anonymous
I successfully upgraded trac 0.11 to 0.12 but having issues with …

Mar 9, 2011:

9:18 PM TracTicketTemplatePlugin edited by sandinak
added pre-req .. found the dependency in the error log. (diff)
9:10 PM sandinak created by sandinak
New user sandinak registered
8:32 PM jc2trachacks created by jc2trachacks
New user jc2trachacks registered
7:54 PM todjiang edited by todjiang
7:43 PM Ticket #8587 (htdocs not part and get_htdocs called?) created by anonymous
Breaking when installed: […]
2:21 PM Changeset [9937] by wadatka
  • ticketlastcommentjumpplugin/0.12/TicketLastCommentJump
  • ticketlastcommentjumpplugin/0.12/TicketLastCommentJump/TicketLastCommentJump.py
  • ticketlastcommentjumpplugin/0.12/TicketLastCommentJump/__init__.py
  • ticketlastcommentjumpplugin/0.12/TicketLastCommentJump/locale
  • ticketlastcommentjumpplugin/0.12/TicketLastCommentJump/locale/ja

add TicketLastCommentJumpPlugin sources

2:07 PM sample1.png attached to TicketLastCommentJumpPlugin by wadatka
2:06 PM TicketLastCommentJumpPlugin created by wadatka
New hack TicketLastCommentJumpPlugin, created by wadatka
2:06 PM Changeset [9936] by wadatka
  • ticketlastcommentjumpplugin
  • ticketlastcommentjumpplugin/0.12

New hack TicketLastCommentJumpPlugin, created by wadatka

12:38 PM UsernameCCPlugin created by mitar
12:11 PM Ticket #8580 (Comments not properly escaped / script injection possibility) closed by richard
fixed: (In [9935]) Fixed #8580
12:11 PM Changeset [9935] by richard
  • tracticketchangelogplugin/0.12/ticketlog/web_ui.py

Fixed #8580

9:29 AM Ticket #8586 (Keep CKEditor out of egg; suggestion of different approach) created by Franz
The idea of having a full wysiwyg editor was also a must in our …
8:40 AM Ticket #8585 (error: ResourceNotFound: priority none does not exist.) created by falkb
Don't know when it happens but after a while I see this in my logging: …

Mar 8, 2011:

11:08 PM Changeset [9934] by robguttman
  • queuesplugin/0.12/queues/htdocs/queues.css
  • queuesplugin/0.12/queues/templates/queues.html

Changed report notice color from yellow to gray.

10:00 PM Changeset [9933] by robguttman
  • queuesplugin/0.12/queues/templates/queues.html

refs #8565: Added Trac 0.12.2 support.

5:10 PM Ticket #8584 (TagsPlugin: Not seeing nav button or input fields after installation) created by paleboat
I have seen an issue for this on the mailing list but no one has …
2:21 PM Ticket #8583 ([patch] You can't delete a PDF attachment when PDFRedirector is enabled.) created by lburaggi@…
How can i delete a PDF attachment when PDFRedirector is enabled ? The …
2:18 PM Ticket #8582 (May not work on an access-restricted site) created by von_mises@…
With workfloweiditorplugin 1.0.2 comes with !TracLightning2.5.2, use …
1:21 PM Ticket #8573 (no access to 'estimatedhours' when executing macro) closed by aiscape
worksforme: I updated the htdocs to the latest version from the jsgantt website …
10:41 AM Ticket #8581 (How to use DailyLolMacro) closed by rjollos
worksforme: * WikiStart#HowdoIinstallthesethings * #6797
9:55 AM GoogleSitemapPlugin edited by mitar
9:54 AM Ticket #8581 (How to use DailyLolMacro) created by anonymous
Hi, i would like to use your DailyLolPlugin but i am not so good with …
9:37 AM Ticket #8580 (Comments not properly escaped / script injection possibility) created by anonymous
The ChangeLog comment on the ticket view is not escaped which, in …

Mar 7, 2011:

11:30 PM Ticket #8579 (always notify me when one of my watched wiki or tickets is updated, by ...) created by spohail
I'm sure there's a logical answer to this, though I can't find it. I'm …
9:47 PM Changeset [9932] by walnut
  • childticketsplugin/0.12
  • childticketsplugin/0.12/childtickets/childtickets.py
  • childticketsplugin/0.12/setup.py

Release 2.0.0-BETA

  • Since 0.12 introduces the nice foldable sections for attachments and comments, I have also incorporated this into the childtickets plugin.
8:20 PM Ticket #8578 (Plugin doesn't load) created by dr4cul4@…
When I enable this plugin I see links in admin interace, but when I …
7:32 PM Ticket #8577 (NameError: when trying to delete a ticket) created by anonymous
I got this error in trunk: […] Hmm, couldn't copy/paste the patch …
6:07 PM Ticket #8576 (Some patches to use more Trac built in features) created by pipern
Here is a patch to : * Use ListOption * Use add_warning() * Use …
5:23 PM Ticket #7728 ('diff' causes a crash with mastertickets plugin enabled.) closed by coderanger
fixed: Pretty sure this is fixed in master.
5:13 PM aiscape created by aiscape
New user aiscape registered
5:10 PM Ticket #8575 (Timing and Estimation: Trac11 & 12 install error) created by bobbysmith007
Stuck in a "need to upgrade database" -> upgrade -> "need to "... …
4:35 PM Ticket #8574 (JS Error: vPopupFeatures not Found) created by anonymous
maybe an 0.12 not compatible issue. well, you don't state that it is …
2:39 PM Ticket #8573 (no access to 'estimatedhours' when executing macro) created by aiscape
Here the macro which is called in the main wiki page: " [ [ …
1:38 PM Ticket #8571 (Can't install the plugin) closed by bobbysmith007
invalid: Run the trac-admin command with --no-backup to skip making a backup, …
1:34 PM Ticket #8569 (need of proxy-access setup plugin) closed by osimons
worksforme: OK, using HTTP_PROXY seems the best solution then. No need to patch …
4:54 AM Ticket #8572 (ticket delete blocks other plugins working in newticket operation ...) created by georgesoon
while using agiloforscrum, the ticket delete plugin blocks * wysiwyg …
2:00 AM Changeset [9931] by hasienda
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/formdata.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/macros.py

TracFormsPlugin: Allow non-ASCII characters in text input and other fields, refs #3741.

X(HT)ML conform unicode character escaping has been largely inspired by


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