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Mar 26, 2011:

11:48 PM TracFormsPlugin edited by Steffen Hoffmann
announce new db schema (diff)
11:41 PM Changeset [9985] by Steffen Hoffmann
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/compat.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/environment.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/formdata.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/formdb.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/macros.py

TracFormsPlugin: Change form data storage serialization to JSON.

Beware: Early adopters, really backup all your Trac db's!

This is a fundamental schema upgrade for all TracForms db tables.
While all form states should be kept perfectly consistent, there is no
automatic way to return to the old urlencoded states.
Database upgrade is completely untested with anything else but SQLite.
Testing is highly appreciated, but make sure to have a backup before, please.

Code changes introduce a new additional dependency: If used with Python <2.6
the JSON library simplejson is required for this plugin to work.
Tested with Python2.5; but Python has got it's own JSON library that is used
in preference, if a Python version from 2.6 onwards is detected.

The new state storage avoids problems with readability of unicode text
form content and has less processing overhead, i.e. for future query features.

A considerable amount of code cleanup has been included too, since I found it
not feasible to separate it into an own changeset.

3:51 PM Changeset [9984] by Steffen Hoffmann
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/environment.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/errors.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/formdata.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/formdb.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/iface.py

TracFormsPlugin: Add missing explicit UTF-8 file encoding declaration.

3:38 PM Changeset [9983] by Steffen Hoffmann
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/formdb.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/tracdb.py

TracFormsPlugin: Change schema naming to the common numbers-only form.

Plugin's version in Trac db table system looks much cleaner now.

8:30 AM Ticket #3186 (Request-a-Hack - More Intelligent Search) reopened by md5
Hello. We need the next feature for search function - sort by create …

Mar 25, 2011:

9:55 PM Ticket #8638 (TagsPlugin - [PATCH] TagsPlugin should implement wiki_page_renamed method of ...) created by Itamar Ostricher
Starting Trac 0.12 the WikiRename functionality is available in core, …
7:55 PM Ticket #8637 (DiscussionPlugin - Context object changes breaks email2trac compatibility) created by keith@…
[…] I'm running trac 0.12.1 and the latest svn of discussion …
3:44 PM DynamicFieldsPlugin edited by Rob Guttman
3:43 PM DynamicFieldsPlugin edited by Rob Guttman
added default value append option (diff)
3:37 PM Changeset [9982] by Rob Guttman
  • dynamicfieldsplugin/0.11/dynfields/htdocs/rules.js
  • dynamicfieldsplugin/0.11/dynfields/rules.py

Default values can now be appended if the field is non-empty.

11:41 AM felixhummel created by Felix Hummel
New user felixhummel registered
10:58 AM Ticket #8636 (BuildbotPlugin - Failes to enable plugin with trac 0.11.3) created by superna@…
9:04 AM Ticket #8635 (CodeExampleMacro - Allow code blocks to be initially collapsed) created by sitemap@…
something like […] to initially hide the code block (and only …

Mar 24, 2011:

12:13 PM Ticket #8634 (TracJsGanttPlugin - Error: Macro TracJSGanttChart(milestone=Moe) failed estimatedhours) created by stefan.voelkel@…
Hi, this is in debian squeeze, with Trac 0.12 and these plugins: …
3:05 AM Ticket #8633 (TimingAndEstimationPlugin - Optional Plugin for Updating Burndown Hours via Commit Message) created by jsalaz@…
When we still used TRAC 0.11, we modified our trac-post-commit-hook …

Mar 23, 2011:

9:27 PM Changeset [9981] by Rob Guttman
  • queuesplugin/0.12/queues/templates/queues.html
  • queuesplugin/0.12/queues/web_ui.py

fixed bug when clearing position with name having spaces.

7:46 PM Ticket #6645 (WorkflowEditorPlugin - [Patch] Problem with locales) closed by Ryan J Ollos
fixed: (In [9980]) Merge [9976] into 0.11 branch. Fixes #6645.
7:46 PM Changeset [9980] by Ryan J Ollos
  • workfloweditorplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • workfloweditorplugin/0.11/workfloweditor/api.py

Merge [9976] into 0.11 branch. Fixes #6645.

7:43 PM Changeset [9979] by Ryan J Ollos
  • workfloweditorplugin/0.12/setup.py
  • workfloweditorplugin/0.12/workfloweditor/api.py

Fix error in case that locale information is not received. Note: I wasn't able to reproduce the error, but the code changes are logical. Thanks for szaffarano for the patch. Refs #6645.

7:43 PM Ticket #6940 (ServerSideRedirectPlugin - Setup fails) reopened by anonymous
...\serversideredirectplugin\serversideredirectplugin\0.11>python …
7:36 PM Ticket #7317 (WorkflowEditorPlugin - [Patch] currentTab = ui.panel.id; is undefined for workfloweditor.js ...) closed by Ryan J Ollos
fixed: (In [9978]) Fix for not being able to switch from the Grid to Text tab …
7:36 PM Changeset [9978] by Ryan J Ollos
  • workfloweditorplugin/0.12/workfloweditor/htdocs/js/workfloweditor.js

Fix for not being able to switch from the Grid to Text tab under Trac 0.12. Fixes #7317.

7:22 PM Ticket #5901 (WorkflowEditorPlugin - [Patch] UnicodeDecodeError) closed by Ryan J Ollos
fixed: (In [9977]) Merge [9976] into 0.11 branch. Fixes #5901. Refs #8459.
7:22 PM Changeset [9977] by Ryan J Ollos
  • workfloweditorplugin/0.11/workfloweditor/workfloweditor_admin.py

Merge [9976] into 0.11 branch. Fixes #5901. Refs #8459.

7:20 PM Changeset [9976] by Ryan J Ollos
  • workfloweditorplugin/0.12/workfloweditor/workfloweditor_admin.py

Fixed UnicodeDecode error. Thanks to jun66j5 for the patch. Refs #5901, #8459.

6:40 PM Changeset [9975] by Ryan J Ollos
  • workfloweditorplugin/0.11

Branch 0.12 to create a new 0.11 branch. Refs #7317.

6:39 PM Changeset [9974] by Ryan J Ollos
  • workfloweditorplugin/0.12

The 0.11 branch is now the 0.12 branch. Refs #7317.

6:36 PM WorkflowEditorPlugin edited by Ryan J Ollos
No response from maintainer, plugin needs adoption. Refs #7317. (diff)
1:58 PM AccountManagerPlugin/Modules edited by anonymous
Fixed incorrect formatting directive. (diff)
10:48 AM AccountManagerPlugin/AuthStores edited by anonymous
10:47 AM AccountManagerPlugin/AuthStores edited by anonymous

Mar 22, 2011:

10:44 PM DiscussionPlugin edited by anonymous
10:01 PM Ticket #8632 (DiscussionPlugin - tiny error in 0.11/tracdiscussion/tags.py) created by a.kean@…
[…] there's a tiny error in 0.11/tracdiscussion/tags.py - line …
7:44 PM Ticket #8314 (TimingAndEstimationPlugin - Plugin no longer works correctly when used with the wysiwyg plugin) closed by Russ Tyndall
fixed: (In [9973]) Changed where the add-hours field is being moved to (not …
7:44 PM Changeset [9973] by Russ Tyndall
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/setup.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/timingandestimationplugin/htdocs/change_layout.js
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12/setup.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12/timingandestimationplugin/htdocs/change_layout.js

Changed where the add-hours field is being moved to (not visibly) to increase interoperability ver 1.1.1 fix #8314

5:09 PM Ticket #8631 (DownloadsPlugin - Can not delete an uploaded file) created by anonymous
I installed the Downloads plugin and it works great. Only issue is …
3:21 PM Ticket #8630 (TracTicketChainedFieldsPlugin - Provide an option to not sort the drop down alphabetically) created by sue.sml2006@…
Chained fields drop downs are currently sorted alphabetically, but …
2:59 PM Ticket #8629 (WantedPagesMacro - [PATCH] Support for nested pages and wiki: (and more)) created by ramejan@…
This patch fixes (improves) these issues: * Support for nested pages …
7:51 AM Ticket #8627 (ResourceReservationPlugin - Missing Component) closed by Roberto Longobardi
invalid: Hi, Calendar is a Python class introduced with 2.5: …

Mar 21, 2011:

7:40 PM Ticket #8628 (BookmarkPlugin - [Patch] bookmark.url not being expanded correctly on sub sites) created by branson
- I have a site at /trac/atol - have the most recent bookmarks plugin …
3:26 PM Ticket #8627 (ResourceReservationPlugin - Missing Component) created by anonymous
Resource doesn't load.. tried installing WikiCalendar .. but that …
12:17 PM Ticket #8617 (TimingAndEstimationPlugin - SVN post-commit hook fails) closed by fredrik@…
invalid: Found the problem after adding those log messages: triple checked my …
11:42 AM BadContent edited by Odd Simon Simonsen
Be gone. (diff)
6:16 AM Ticket #8625 (WorkLogPlugin - Installation Error) created by John Lee
0. My environment is Windows Server 2008, Visual SVN Server, Trac …
5:54 AM johnl created by John Lee
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2:30 AM TracTicketChangelogPlugin edited by Richard Liao
2:25 AM Changeset [9972] by Richard Liao
  • tracticketchangelogplugin/0.12/ticketlog/web_ui.py

Add setting log_message_maxlength, thanks for Bernhard Schandl's patch.

Mar 19, 2011:

10:09 PM Ticket #5625 (TicketChangePlugin - Changes should be appear in timeline) closed by Alexis de BRUYN
duplicate: Replying to rjollos: > See also #4780. Ok it is a …
10:07 PM Ticket #5625 (TicketChangePlugin - Changes should be appear in timeline) reopened by Alexis de BRUYN
Replying to anonymous: > See …
3:59 PM Ticket #8623 (TracWikiPrintPlugin - New field in the template - USERNAME) created by charlie@…
I suggest to add following code in order to enhance the fields for …
1:58 PM Ticket #8622 (TracWikiPrintPlugin - Kerberos / NTLM / Windows authentication in urllib2) created by charlie@…
Is there any way to get working the Windows Authentication …
1:51 PM Ticket #8619 (TracWikiPrintPlugin - TRAC and diacritical marks (from Windows-1250 codepage in UTF8)) closed by charlie@…
fixed: Found a solution : 1. Apply the patch from incident #8470 (this is …
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