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Apr 27, 2011:

11:12 PM Changeset [10131] by hasienda
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/tracforms.po
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/locale/messages.pot
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/web_ui.py

TracFormsPlugin: (i18n) Update msgids and German translations, refs #8258.

9:45 PM Changeset [10130] by robguttman
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/daemon_ec2_command.py

disallows commands without both environment(s) and role(s) selected.

9:13 PM Changeset [10129] by robguttman
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/droplets.py
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/templates/droplet_view.html

added clarification message in UI for the special/reserved 'deploy' and 'audit' commands.

8:55 PM Ticket #8737 (Support git in the hook script) closed by bobbysmith007
worksforme: the trac_post_commit.py is not inteded to be used as either an svn or …
8:53 PM TimingAndEstimationPlugin edited by bobbysmith007
more docs about post-commit (diff)
5:24 PM Changeset [10128] by framay
  • settingsplugin/0.12/settingsplugin/settings.py
  • settingsplugin/0.12/setup.py

added command permission removeall and therefore changed version to 0.5.a1

4:55 PM Ticket #8742 (SyntaxError: invalid syntax (core.py, line 205)) created by didley@…
Hello, I got this error when I'm using TracCron. […] I got this …
4:12 PM Ticket #8741 (UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xfc') created by didley@…
Hello, I'm using german umlauts for description and summary field. If …
2:08 PM Ticket #8740 (Having issue getting notifications on Forgotten Password by acct_mgr) created by thomas.zerner@…
I have been testing the announcer plugin for awhile now to clear up …
10:57 AM Ticket #8739 (Auto preview in ticket comments does not work in wysiwyg mode) created by Ark
When I use textarea mode then on changing text of comment I see auto …
10:14 AM Ticket #8738 (Ticketlink in text mail is not recognized) created by anonymous
Generated text mails contains the word URL: followed by the …
1:26 AM TracFormsPlugin edited by hasienda
announce almost finished form reset support (diff)
1:23 AM Changeset [10127] by hasienda
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/templates/form.html
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/web_ui.py

TracFormsPlugin: Make stepwise history reset method available, refs #3445 and #4759.

I've made a decision to not support an single form field reset. So with this
changeset the TracForm reset support is nearly final as far as I consider
it to be necessary, and reasonably usable according to my tests.
But a form reset is a final decision, there is even no confirmation dialog,
so FORM_RESET permission should be granted with care to keep this actions
Again: Think before pressing the almighty button(s) - you've been warned.

12:58 AM Changeset [10126] by hasienda
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/api.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/formdb.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/web_ui.py

TracFormsPlugin: Introduce a stepwise history reset method, refs #3445 and #4759.

Now we utilize the TracForm history parser for recovering the previous state.
With an obvious but notable limitation: We need recorded form history,
that currently is an optional form command, otherwise fallback to a simple
form reset.

12:45 AM Ticket #8737 (Support git in the hook script) created by dmarti
The hook interface for Git is different from Subversion -- in order to …
12:30 AM Changeset [10125] by hasienda
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/templates/form.html
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/web_ui.py

TracFormsPlugin: Remove the superfluvious 'reset' action.

A cleanup after understanding more about the HTTP request arguments:
This was always pointless, since it was the only POST method anyway.
While there, ensure to stay at the default form view after a reset action.

12:17 AM Changeset [10124] by hasienda
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/model.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/web_ui.py

TracFormsPlugin: Some improvements related to the UI.

A new form.has_data property simplifies the decision code for displaying
the reset button. Longer values are presented on separate consecutive lines
in history changesets for higher readability and visibility of changes.

12:00 AM Changeset [10123] by hasienda
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/htdocs/tracforms.css
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/templates/form.html
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/web_ui.py

TracFormsPlugin: Add current values display to TracForms standard 'form' view.

Again this is drawn closely to the current Trac>=0.12 ticket view style,
adapted to form-specific content like per-field author and changetime.

Apr 26, 2011:

11:33 PM Changeset [10122] by hasienda
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/web_ui.py

TracFormsPlugin: Remove last trace of 'history-only' in new default form view.

As a follow-up to changeset [10095] I do break out some resource-independed
methods from existing code into separate rendering methods creating a new
history data parser as well.

10:58 PM Changeset [10121] by hasienda
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/util.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/web_ui.py

TracFormsPlugin: Start another code cleanup aiming at UI related methods.

Form value rendering (for ISearchSource) might involve more formatting
and even i18n code in the future, so it better fits into web_ui.

10:41 PM Changeset [10120] by hasienda
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/formdb.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/macros.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/model.py

TracFormsPlugin: Significantly reduce number of repeated form_id retrivals.

Correct use of integer id values allows for omit use of get_tracform_meta
in most occasions, while it has been mandadory for most FormDBComponent
methods before. Much less DEBUG log output and a certainly a small speed
improvement too (not profiled).

10:22 PM Changeset [10119] by hasienda
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/api.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/macros.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/web_ui.py

TracFormsPlugin: Move TracForms update path to standard 'form' resource path.

8:10 PM Ticket #8736 (AttributeError: 'TracError' object has no attribute 'acctmgr') created by angelo.rigo
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a POST operation on …
6:25 PM TestManagerForTracPluginQuickSetup created by seccanj
6:11 PM Ticket #8735 (Update the powerpoint tutorials) created by seccanj
Users seem to use thes ones, so I should really update them with …
4:32 PM TracBlockDiagPlugin edited by iwata0303
4:31 PM seqdiag-sample.png attached to TracBlockDiagPlugin by iwata0303
4:30 PM TracBlockDiagPlugin edited by iwata0303
4:24 PM Changeset [10118] by iwata0303
  • tracblockdiagplugin/0.11/blockdiagplugin
  • tracblockdiagplugin/0.11/setup.py
4:23 PM Changeset [10117] by iwata0303
  • tracblockdiagplugin/0.12
  • tracblockdiagplugin/0.12/blockdiagplugin
  • tracblockdiagplugin/0.12/blockdiagplugin/__init__.py
  • tracblockdiagplugin/0.12/blockdiagplugin/web_ui.py
  • tracblockdiagplugin/0.12/setup.py

Initial import

4:11 PM TracBlockDiagPlugin edited by iwata0303
4:08 PM blockdiag-sample.png attached to TracBlockDiagPlugin by iwata0303
4:06 PM TracBlockDiagPlugin edited by iwata0303
4:04 PM TracBlockDiagPlugin created by iwata0303
New hack TracBlockDiagPlugin, created by iwata0303
4:04 PM Changeset [10116] by iwata0303
  • tracblockdiagplugin
  • tracblockdiagplugin/0.11
  • tracblockdiagplugin/0.12

New hack TracBlockDiagPlugin, created by iwata0303

2:50 PM Ticket #8734 (Impossible insert blank line after Code block or Quote block) created by Ark
Create new comment or edit any description in wysiwyg mode, insert …
2:50 PM Ticket #8733 (Child Tickets plug-in won't load) created by anonymous
I get the following in the log with debugging turned on: DEBUG: …
2:44 PM iwata0303 created by iwata0303
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1:06 AM CloudPlugin edited by robguttman
1:06 AM CloudPlugin edited by robguttman
added info on rds, commands, environments (diff)
12:24 AM Changeset [10115] by robguttman
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/daemon_ec2_command.py

commander falls back to node name if reference field does not exist.

Apr 25, 2011:

3:53 PM Ticket #4363 (Summing version numbers instead of times) closed by bobbysmith007
fixed: Ok I fixed this bug in the trac 12 branches [10114] for #8732. I …
3:47 PM Ticket #8732 (QueryWebUiAddon is not wrok.) closed by bobbysmith007
fixed: (In [10114]) * Got query.js being included at the correct url * use …
3:47 PM Changeset [10114] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/setup.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/timingandestimationplugin/htdocs/query.js
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/timingandestimationplugin/query_webui.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12/setup.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12/timingandestimationplugin/htdocs/query.js
  • Got query.js being included at the correct url
  • use jquery for much smaller more readable query.js
  • make it only attach to estimatedhours and hours (though there is an easy place to change this)

Thanks very much for the bug report and patch. I ended up
rewriting that javascript file to use jquery and be much
shorter more re and moree

version 1.1.3 & 1.1.3b
fix #8732

11:26 AM Changeset [10113] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/admin.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/notification.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/web_ui.py

AccountManagerPlugin: Add missing ITemplateProvider content to LoginModule, refs #6821.

10:40 AM Ticket #8732 (QueryWebUiAddon is not wrok.) created by kanu-orz
Querywebui is not work at 0.12. QueryWebUiAddon is summarized numeric …
8:46 AM Ticket #5975 (Authenticate users and get roles from Atlassian Crowd user manager) closed by richard
worksforme: Here it is: http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/TracCrowdAuthPlugin
8:43 AM Changeset [10112] by richard
  • traccrowdauthplugin/0.12/crowdauth
  • traccrowdauthplugin/0.12/crowdauth/__init__.py
  • traccrowdauthplugin/0.12/crowdauth/changelog.txt
  • traccrowdauthplugin/0.12/crowdauth/crowd_auth.py
  • traccrowdauthplugin/0.12/crowdauth/readme.txt

init import

8:41 AM TracCrowdAuthPlugin edited by richard
7:52 AM TracCrowdAuthPlugin created by richard
New hack TracCrowdAuthPlugin, created by richard
7:52 AM Changeset [10111] by richard
  • traccrowdauthplugin
  • traccrowdauthplugin/0.12

New hack TracCrowdAuthPlugin, created by richard

Apr 24, 2011:

10:37 PM Ticket #8731 (It is possible to create a child ticket against a 'closed' parent ticket.) created by walnut
Two things to do here: * If a (potential) parent ticket is closed, …
10:33 PM Changeset [10110] by walnut
  • childticketsplugin/0.12/childtickets/childtickets.py
  • childticketsplugin/0.12/setup.py

Release 2.4.0-BETA

See #8643

Hi guys

I've created this beta release with some changes that 'should' ensure the childtickets data is now correctly cached and synced using the trac 0.12 'cached' decorator. I don't have much of a test env here at home to see if this 'really' works but as far as I can tell it's regenerating the cache when required (ticket add, mod, delete) and the decorator should ensure it is being done so across all threads.

I'd appreciate it if you could try it out and see if it also works with the Mylyn plugins.

Many Thx

10:21 PM ChildTicketsPlugin edited by walnut
10:18 PM NewChildTicketTable.png attached to ChildTicketsPlugin by walnut
10:13 PM ChildTicketsPlugin edited by walnut

Apr 23, 2011:

8:06 PM TracPermissions edited by AdrianFritz
Reverting. If you need test dude, go to SandBox. (diff)
8:05 PM WindowsServiceScript edited by AdrianFritz
Reverting. If you need test dude, go to SandBox. (diff)
7:59 PM TracRoadmap edited by AdrianFritz
Reverting. (diff)
7:02 PM WindowsServiceScript edited by anonymous
7:01 PM WindowsServiceScript edited by anonymous
6:47 PM TracPermissions edited by anonymous
6:45 PM TracRoadmap edited by anonymous
4:39 PM aussiealf created by aussiealf
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1:20 PM Ticket #8730 (Tables and Images export does not work) created by anonymous
Paragraph text is exported normal but tables and images are not …
6:17 AM Changeset [10109] by robguttman
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/daemon.py
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/daemon_rds_audit.py

rds audit now handles instances without endpoints.

Apr 22, 2011:

6:30 PM Ticket #8729 (Compilation fails on python 2.4 with Syntax Error) created by ruedi.silvestri@…
On centos 5.6 with python 2.4.3 the compilation of the plugin fails …
10:10 AM Ticket #8727 (installation problem with 0.12) closed by anonymous
invalid: Woow dude, now i stand here with a *.egg on my face! that worked, …
8:18 AM TicketImportPlugin edited by jun66j5
12:57 AM ProjectPlanPlugin edited by cwilson
doc note about easy_install and the [components] setting. (diff)
12:49 AM cwilson created by cwilson
New user cwilson registered

Apr 21, 2011:

2:08 PM Ticket #8728 (links to messages via anchors dont work) created by mbdecke
Links of Messages which appear in the Timeline used to jump right to …
12:41 PM Ticket #8727 (installation problem with 0.12) created by anonymous
I installed the *.egg files on the admin webpage like shown in …
9:12 AM SettingsPlugin edited by framay
edited header for more speaking summary (diff)
7:40 AM WikinfoPlugin edited by rjollos
Removing old egg files. (diff)
4:54 AM LastModifiedMacro edited by AdrianFritz
Related: see WikinfoPlugin (diff)
4:50 AM EntityMacro edited by AdrianFritz
Related: see WikiGoodiesPlugin (diff)
4:46 AM WikiGoodiesPlugin edited by AdrianFritz
Another realted plugin (diff)
4:18 AM TracSubPagesMacro edited by AdrianFritz
Confirm it works and add 0.12 tag (diff)
3:01 AM WikiGoodiesPlugin edited by AdrianFritz
Works on 0.12 (also confirmed at #7159) (diff)
2:53 AM WikiGoodiesPlugin edited by AdrianFritz
more fine tunning (diff)
2:50 AM WikiGoodiesPlugin edited by AdrianFritz
Page formating. (diff)

Apr 20, 2011:

8:11 PM Ticket #8726 (WantedPages not working with trac 0.12.2) created by benoitg
Module doesn't seem to load at all, no error in trac.log, even with …
4:50 PM Changeset [10108] by glen
  • vcsreleaseinfomacro/VcsReleaseInfoMacro.py

Handle errors when no tags have been created

4:40 PM Ticket #8725 ([Patch] Minor path traversal vulnerability) created by tinus
If the 'file' field in the 'download' table can be manipulated, the …
4:37 PM BacklogPlugin edited by anachesa
4:34 PM tinus created by tinus
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2:28 PM Ticket #8724 (Configuration problem?) created by damko
I'm trying to use Trac Remote Ticket plugin and I want to link one or …
1:15 PM Changeset [10107] by framay
  • settingsplugin/0.12
  • settingsplugin/0.12/settingsplugin
  • settingsplugin/0.12/settingsplugin/__init__.py
  • settingsplugin/0.12/settingsplugin/settings.py
  • settingsplugin/0.12/setup.py

initial commit

12:56 PM SettingsPlugin-0.4.0-py2.6.egg attached to SettingsPlugin by framay
Settings plugin, built with python 2.6.5 on Windows
12:54 PM SettingsPlugin edited by framay
replaced &lt; and &gt; with <> (diff)
12:52 PM SettingsPlugin created by framay
New hack SettingsPlugin, created by framay
12:52 PM Changeset [10106] by framay
  • settingsplugin
  • settingsplugin/0.12

New hack SettingsPlugin, created by framay

12:45 PM framay created by framay
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11:31 AM Ticket #8723 (How to avoid text appearing as an icon?) created by anonymous
Hi there, Thanks for this nice plugin. Is there anyway to …
10:09 AM damko created by damko
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10:06 AM Ticket #8722 (Sample worksheet to download) created by wrobel@…
It would be nice if there was a button to download an empty excel …
9:37 AM Ticket #8721 (Conflict with SubticketsPlugin) closed by anonymous
invalid: OK, sorry, I just found out this is a know issue with …
9:14 AM Ticket #8721 (Conflict with SubticketsPlugin) created by anonymous
When coupled with the SubticketsPlugin, BatchModifyPlugin resources …
5:28 AM Ticket #8720 (Does not work with any modern browser other than Firefox 4) closed by jun66j5
wontfix: Thanks for your reporting. This plugin does not support Safari 5 and …
2:40 AM Changeset [10105] by robguttman
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/daemon_ec2_command.py
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/defaults.py
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/droplets.py
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/templates/droplet_view.html
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/web_ui.py

added environment source code repo audit capability.

2:19 AM AddHeadersPlugin edited by AdrianFritz
More generic reference links to SNV repo and source browser. (diff)
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.