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Jul 4, 2011:

8:20 PM Ticket #8944 (Problem with cyrillic file name. (UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec ...) created by Charger
After commit in GIT repositiories file with cyrillic characters in …
8:07 PM Ticket #8943 (Radio buttons wrap to two rows on Firefox 5 / IE 9) created by rjollos
Here is what I see with Firefox 5 and IE 9: …
3:36 PM Charger created by Charger
New user Charger registered
1:35 PM Ticket #8942 (Does not do anything) created by anonymous
Hi there, I put the collapsibleplugin start and end command in a …
1:33 AM AccountManagerPlugin edited by hasienda
ultimately transform components section into table, rearrange other … (diff)

Jul 3, 2011:

10:43 PM Ticket #8941 (Indented Tickets) created by didley@…
Hello, is it possible to have intented Tickets similar like …
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2:54 AM Changeset [10380] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/locale/it
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/locale/it/LC_MESSAGES
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/locale/it/LC_MESSAGES/acct_mgr.po
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/locale/nl
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES

AccountManagerPlugin: (i18n) Add Dutch and Italian translations.

Dutch by Pander and Italian translations by Roberto Longobardi,
both have been contributed via Transifex. Thanks to both of you.

2:25 AM Changeset [10379] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/locale/cs/LC_MESSAGES/acct_mgr.po
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/locale/es/LC_MESSAGES/acct_mgr.po
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/acct_mgr.po
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/locale/ja/LC_MESSAGES/acct_mgr.po

AccountManagerPlugin: (i18n) Update all translations to state on Transifex.

12:44 AM Changeset [10378] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/locale/ru/LC_MESSAGES/acct_mgr.po

AccountManagerPlugin: (i18n) Update Russian translations.

This has been contributed again by Dmitri Bogomolov. Now only 2 msgids
are left - great, thank you very much.

12:29 AM Changeset [10377] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/templates/verify_email.html

AccountManagerPlugin: Rename relevant div attribute of verify_email.html.

Otherwise new CSS style for login page would unintentional apply there too.

12:19 AM Changeset [10376] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/web_ui.py

AccountManagerPlugin: Preserve forced SessionStore password change, refs #8549.

12:10 AM Changeset [10375] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/web_ui.py

AccountManagerPlugin: Really delete user account by AccountModule, refs #8936.

Jul 2, 2011:

4:16 PM Changeset [10374] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/http.py

AccountManagerPlugin: Correct a left-over from [10339], refs #8925 and #8939.

This has been reported by Mario Wehr, thanks. Yet I preferred to fix the
attempted variable rename according to initial intention - the other way round.

3:04 PM Ticket #8939 ([patch] Fix for "mgr" not found error in http.py) created by mwehr
Hi, Attached you will find a fix for a small bug in http.py […] …

Jul 1, 2011:

9:50 AM Ticket #6351 (TicketImport 0.7c import for Agilo fails) closed by andreat
wontfix: Agilo has its own tickets import functionality, the reason is that …
1:23 AM Changeset [10373] by mrelbe
  • wikiextrasplugin/trunk/tracwikiextras/htdocs/icons/fugue/CHANGELOG.txt
  • wikiextrasplugin/trunk/tracwikiextras/htdocs/icons/fugue/FILENAME.txt
  • wikiextrasplugin/trunk/tracwikiextras/htdocs/icons/fugue/bonus/icons-24/minus-circle.png
  • wikiextrasplugin/trunk/tracwikiextras/htdocs/icons/fugue/bonus/icons-24/navigation-090.png
  • wikiextrasplugin/trunk/tracwikiextras/htdocs/icons/fugue/bonus/icons-24/navigation-180.png

WikiExtrasPlugin/0.13.2dev: Fugue Icon Library Version 3.1.1 (June 31, 2011)

Jun 30, 2011:

11:48 PM Changeset [10372] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/web_ui.py

AccountManagerPlugin: Correct wrong reference to AcctMgr object, refs #8936.

Thanks to voithos for testing and reporting back.

10:12 PM Ticket #8938 ([PATCH] Replace Sha module with Hashlib) created by Matt_Sable
In python 2.6 Sha is deprecated, and you get the warning […] …
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9:09 AM Ticket #8937 (When i paste the changesets from multiple repos , it only creates a ...) created by Siddharth
When i paste the changesets from multiple repos , it only creates a …

Jun 29, 2011:

11:41 PM Ticket #8936 (Cannot delete user using AccountModule from web_ui) created by voithos
Running trac 0.12.2, with AccountManagerPlugin 0.3dev-r10371. When …
11:11 PM voithos created by voithos
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6:49 PM Ticket #8935 (How To Make it Work) created by anonymous
How do we enable this plugin and where is the link to the dependency? …
4:30 PM Ticket #8914 (TypeError: execv() argument 1 must be encoded string without NULL ...) closed by thomas.guenther@…
fixed: I have installed some updates in squeeze - but nothing else (not …
2:35 PM Ticket #8844 («No changeset HEAD in the repository») reopened by anonymous
Could you please explain your solution? I have the same problem here, …
11:36 AM Ticket #8934 (CC fields are not being updated by the script) created by spam@…
The RenameUsersScript does not update CC fields. I did this manually …

Jun 28, 2011:

9:58 PM Ticket #8933 ([patch] Provide configurable crypt prefix) created by mitar
For crypt there should be a setting to configure hash prefix. Crypt …

Jun 27, 2011:

7:12 PM Ticket #8932 (Reports) created by anonymous
Is there any way to got to a test plan page and print out the …
7:09 PM Ticket #8931 (Problem with Attatchemnts in test Plan) created by anonymous
I creat multiple test plans under one Sub Catagory. When I open one of …
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