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Sep 5, 2011:

9:17 AM Ticket #9115 (ticket-custom Settings Need Documentation) closed by anonymous
fixed: Hi Paul 'Ticket-custom' is a trac built in feature that I use for the …
1:34 AM Changeset [10639] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/__init__.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/admin.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/api.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/templates/admin_tag_change.html

TagsPlugin: Add tag mass replacement functionality, refs #9058, #9059 and #9061.

This is a modified version of code originally contributed by Itamar Ostricher.
I felt like improving usability by replacing the input field for old tag(s)
with a select box containing all currently defined tags, where even multiple
selection and tag mass deletion is possible now.

Thank you for your truely inspiring work, Itamar.

1:30 AM Changeset [10638] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/api.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/ticket.py

TagsPlugin: Allow optional comment on tag changes, refs #9061.

This is an API change.

It looks tiny, still any Component implementing ITagProvider should
be updated to fully support new capabilities. This is sensible at least,
if its realm knows about tag changes like Trac tickets does, where we use
the keywords field, that has changes recorded like other ticket fields
in Trac db table ticket_change.

Sep 3, 2011:

2:48 PM Changeset [10637] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/ticket.py

TagsPlugin: Refactor author retrieval from tag change request, refs #9059 and #9061.

Code threw an AttributeError: username exception when attempting to change
tags on tickets. Couldn't find another occurance of req.username in any
other plugin nor in Trac core itself.

Turns out this flaw has been specific to the 0.6 release introduced by the
first development code in changeset [2953] back in 2008 - wow. I stumbled
upon this when attempting to implement tag mass replacement - a lucky catch.
Lucky again for finding get_reporter_id, that has been avaiable since
earliest days - 2004, and it works very well.

2:20 PM Ticket #9149 (Adding tags causes the wiki page content to not save) created by mishra.anadi@…
Some of our users reported trac wiki pages not getting saved when …
1:24 PM Changeset [10636] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/api.py

TagsPlugin: A spurious self argument slipped in into changeset [10632], refs #8638 and #9059.

As outlined by Odd (osimons) in comment 4 of #9059
the usual first argument self is omitted from Interface definitions
intentionally; cite:

Interface class declarations in Trac (and plugins) are always defined
without adding self to the template methods. It has no real functional
meaning, other than established practice to specify the essence of the API
without implementation details + prevent that someone by accident makes an
instance of the Interface class and tries to call it (if so it should fail).

11:31 AM Changeset [10635] by mrelbe
  • wikiextrasplugin/trunk/tracwikiextras/htdocs/icons/fugue/CHANGELOG.txt
  • wikiextrasplugin/trunk/tracwikiextras/htdocs/icons/fugue/FILENAME.txt
  • wikiextrasplugin/trunk/tracwikiextras/htdocs/icons/fugue/bonus
  • wikiextrasplugin/trunk/tracwikiextras/htdocs/icons/fugue/bonus/icons-24/arrow-circle-135.png
  • wikiextrasplugin/trunk/tracwikiextras/htdocs/icons/fugue/bonus/icons-24/arrow-circle-225.png

WikiExtrasPlugin/0.13.2dev: Fugue Icon Library Version 3.1.6 (September 2, 2011)

Sep 2, 2011:

7:02 PM Ticket #3408 ([Patch] Mastertickets does not create table) closed by coderanger
fixed: I'm not sure why you think installing the code should create a …
5:40 PM DvbCronRecordingPlugin edited by guidod
0.4.16 multifeed now functional, new SqlAlchemy bridge 2.0, global *.po (diff)
4:53 PM Ticket #9148 (Please check also self defined permisstion, and not only TRAC_* permission) created by antonxx@…
Hi, I just tried you very nice plugin. We have in our (trac_admin) …
2:22 PM Changeset [10634] by jun66j5
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/talm_importer/importer.py

Uses Environment.get_known_users() instead of accessing directly session table.

10:09 AM Ticket #9147 (Including reports in the Include Plugin) created by anonymous
Please add a new source "report:" analogous to "wiki:", "?source:" etc.
10:03 AM Changeset [10633] by jun66j5
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/talm_importer/processors.py

Fixed a problem that TypeError raises when no missing field.

8:04 AM TicketImportPlugin edited by jun66j5
4:04 AM Ticket #9146 (Cannot install the plugin in Trac-0.11.8dev_r10236-py2.4) created by jackie.OpenSource@…

Sep 1, 2011:

11:21 PM Changeset [10632] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/api.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/wiki.py

TagsPlugin: Implement IWikiChangeListener interface for Trac 0.12, refs #8638 and #9059.

This work is based on code contributed/tested by Itamar Ostricher and sika.

Had a hard time myself to understand the consequences of wiki rename in
Trac 0.12 i.e. for attachments, but now I favor this approach, even regarding
naming conventions.

So I preferred reparent_resource_tags over rename_resource because the
former is what we actually do while the latter has already been done, when
IWikiChangeListener method wiki_page_renamed is triggered. Other details
regarding the latest patch by Itamar have been discussed in #9059 before.

9:19 PM Changeset [10631] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/0.11/acct_mgr-md5sums
  • accountmanagerplugin/0.11/acct_mgr-sha1sums
  • accountmanagerplugin/0.11/changelog
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/changelog

AccountManagerPlugin: Denote recent maintenance release in changelogs.

9:10 PM Changeset [10630] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/svnserve.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/changelog

AccountManagerPlugin: Preserve case of user names in SvnServePasswordStore, refs #9139.

Thanks to Nibbler for report as well as the suggested fix.

2:12 PM Ticket #9145 (no templates with Agilo) created by podskalsky
Hello, we are using the agilo-plugin. We can create and edit …
1:25 PM AnnouncerPlugin edited by anonymous
clarified last change, it's only if you're on 0.11 (diff)
1:21 PM AnnouncerPlugin edited by anonymous
email_enabled should be smtp_enabled in announcer config section (diff)
6:04 AM Ticket #9144 (TracWysiwygPlugin tests to work on IE, and it failed) created by anonymous
Error occurred running IE index.html TracwysiwygPlugin tests …
5:28 AM Ticket #9143 (ERROR: Macro TracJSGanttChart(milestone=Test) failed) created by anonymous
I was installed jsgantt-plugin-0.9 based on trac-0.11,but i get some …
12:55 AM Changeset [10629] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/api.py

TagsPlugin: Add deduplication capability to tags query, refs #9059 and #9060.

This has been tested to fix both, the tags query command line exposed in
'tags' main page as well as ListTagged() macro calls with 2 or more
repetitions of the same resource realm.

Thanks - again to Itamar Ostricher - for test/report and proposed fix.

Aug 31, 2011:

10:07 PM Ticket #9023 ([PATCH] remove superflous error message about wiki_namespace) closed by hasienda
fixed: (In [10628]) TagsPlugin: Revert changeset [10498] and apply the …
10:07 PM Changeset [10628] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/model.py

TagsPlugin: Revert changeset [10498] and apply the correct fix, closes #9023 - this time for real.

Remove a superflous error message on Trac environment startup. Must have
been simply to much distracting my eyes. I didn't see this despite of
regular own tests. Thanks for nudging me.

7:27 PM Ticket #9023 ([PATCH] remove superflous error message about wiki_namespace) reopened by anonymous
This still isn't fixed in …
4:14 PM Ticket #9135 (Spanish translation testmanagerForTracPlugin) closed by seccanj
fixed: Added in 1.4.7.
3:42 PM Ticket #9142 (Show comments directly under blog entry in main view) created by ak@…
In the main blog view, the small comment link/number is easy to …
3:22 PM EstimationToolsPlugin edited by jpsecher
3:21 PM EstimationToolsPlugin edited by jpsecher
3:20 PM EstimationToolsPlugin edited by jpsecher
12:54 PM Ticket #9141 (Update installation 1.4.6 -> 1.4.7 not possible) created by podskalsky
Hello Roberto, the update installation 1.4.6 -> 1.4.7 failed !!! …
11:07 AM SqliteToPgScript edited by ttressieres
add comments about 0.12 conversion (diff)
9:34 AM Ticket #9140 (TracNotification after svn commit) closed by mrelbe
worksforme: The trac:TracNotification generates notifications only when a ticket …
8:27 AM Ticket #9140 (TracNotification after svn commit) created by quietman
Hello, When I do a commit related to a ticket I receive many …
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Aug 30, 2011:

6:40 PM Ticket #3051 (Recaptcha support for comments) closed by osimons
worksforme: Well, no chance of fixing this for 0.10 at this stage.... If you have …
5:40 PM BadContent edited by osimons
12:30 PM Ticket #9139 (SvnServePasswordStore and case sensitivity) created by Nibbler
SvnServePasswordStore uses Configuration to read the passwd file which …
12:20 PM Nibbler created by Nibbler
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Aug 29, 2011:

10:42 PM Changeset [10627] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/api.py

TagsPlugin: Improve permission definition for more intuitive permission settings, refs #9058 and #9059.

Add a third permission TAGS_ADMIN for access to future 'tags' admin panel.

9:00 PM Ticket #9138 ([Patch] PrivateTicketsPlugin > LDAP Slowness) created by bobbysmith007
When LDAP is the permissions store the _groups function takes a long …
8:48 PM Ticket #3828 (Inefficient Permission Check (Was:Permission Problem with internal tickets)) closed by bobbysmith007
fixed: (In [10626]) ver 1.1.8b when searching for groups, dont query all …
8:48 PM Changeset [10626] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/setup.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/timingandestimationplugin/ticket_policy.py

ver 1.1.8b

when searching for groups, dont query all permissions unless we are
using the default store (LDAP store takes a long time to return all

fix #3828

7:40 PM Ticket #8870 (Field permissions ignored in timeline) closed by bobbysmith007
fixed: Going to go ahead and close, if this is still a bug, please reopen.
7:39 PM Tickets #1593,​7170 batch updated by bobbysmith007
fixed: (In [10625]) * Got date printing to be mostly iso8601 compliant …
7:39 PM Changeset [10625] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/setup.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/timingandestimationplugin/templates/billing.html
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/timingandestimationplugin/webui.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12/setup.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12/timingandestimationplugin/templates/billing.html
  • Got date printing to be mostly iso8601 compliant (iternationalized)
  • Allow setting a bill date to a manual time, rather than only when clicked (mostly accepts iso8601 format eg: 2010-08-01 12:42:01)

fix #1593 and #7170

4:05 PM Ticket #9137 (Install instructions) closed by techtonik
fixed: Added section to http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/NoAnonymousPlugin#Install
4:04 PM NoAnonymousPlugin edited by techtonik
install instructions (closes ticket #9137) (diff)
2:22 PM Ticket #9137 (Install instructions) created by anonymous
Just wondering if it would be possible to provide some install …
11:44 AM RoadmapPlugin edited by framay
replaced German screenshot with English one (diff)
11:43 AM filterbox3.png attached to RoadmapPlugin by framay
Added English screenshot of new Roadmap-Filter
11:42 AM RoadmapPlugin edited by framay
added version info (diff)
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2:42 AM Ticket #9135 (Spanish translation testmanagerForTracPlugin) created by crossroad
perform the Spanish translation of the plugin
1:57 AM Changeset [10624] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/wiki.py

TagsPlugin: Adapt REGEXP for 1st title extraction to new Trac 0.12 wiki syntax, refs #9059 and #9062.

Report and fix have been contributed by Itamar Ostricher, thank you.

12:43 AM Ticket #9134 (git post-receive hook - remote: error: command not found) created by jeff@…
I tried looking, but couldn't find any other tickets that reference …
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