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Oct 10, 2011:

11:49 PM SimpleMultiProjectPlugin edited by crossroad
Instalation (diff)
11:33 PM Changeset [10754] by crossroad
  • simplemultiprojectplugin/0.12
  • simplemultiprojectplugin/trunk
  • simplemultiprojectplugin/trunk/__init__.py
  • simplemultiprojectplugin/trunk/admin.py
  • simplemultiprojectplugin/trunk/environmentSetup.py

Initial Experimental Trunk Code

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11:19 PM SimpleMultiProjectPlugin edited by crossroad
11:17 PM SimpleMultiProjectPlugin edited by crossroad
11:17 PM roadmap_projects.png attached to SimpleMultiProjectPlugin by crossroad
Roadmap Projects
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11:11 PM edit_milestone.png attached to SimpleMultiProjectPlugin by crossroad
Edit milestone
11:09 PM SimpleMultiProjectPlugin edited by crossroad
11:09 PM Changeset [10753] by j98789
  • traccvsntintegrationplugin/CvsntPlugin/CvsntPlugin.py

now I can click on a changeset. the diff is just the cvsnt revision numbers

11:08 PM edit_project.png attached to SimpleMultiProjectPlugin by crossroad
Edit Project
11:06 PM SimpleMultiProjectPlugin edited by crossroad
11:04 PM project_admin.png attached to SimpleMultiProjectPlugin by crossroad
Project admin Interfaz
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7:09 PM Ticket #9250 (fresh install rolls back TimingAndEstimationPlugin_Db_Version in ...) closed by bobbysmith007
wontfix: You rock! I updated the docs noting the increased sqlite3 version …
7:07 PM TimingAndEstimationPlugin edited by bobbysmith007
Noted increased sqlite3 version requirements (diff)
6:29 PM TracBacklogPlugin edited by jszakmeister
6:23 PM Ticket #9253 (Review account Attributes should allow to select by "sid") created by stoecker
Currently it is a lot of luck necessary to find anything in the …
6:13 PM Ticket #9252 (All session attributes are deleted when user logs in first time) created by stoecker
When a new users is created and "verify_email" is false, the entry in …
2:32 PM Changeset [10752] by zerodeux
  • planetforgeimportexportplugin/0.12/planetforge_import_export.html
  • planetforgeimportexportplugin/0.12/planetforge_import_export.py
  • planetforgeimportexportplugin/0.12/setup.py

clean repo, add setup.py

1:03 PM eseifert created by eseifert
New user eseifert registered
8:53 AM 0.12 edited by netjunki
not sure who changed this... but restored to original behavior (diff)

Oct 9, 2011:

5:14 PM Changeset [10751] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/web_ui.py

TagsPlugin: Hide 'Cloud' back-link on '/tags' page for empty tag queries too, refs #9210.

3:10 PM Ticket #9184 (Multiple parents for tickets) closed by anonymous
fixed: Hi If you are looking to maintain a more complex hierarchy of …
3:05 PM Ticket #9233 (Plugin is missing a licence) closed by anonymous
fixed: I have now added a 'COPYING' file and 'AUTHORS' file by way of …
3:04 PM Changeset [10750] by walnut
  • childticketsplugin/0.11/COPYING
  • childticketsplugin/0.12/COPYING

see #9233

  • Corrected COPYING license file.
2:57 PM Changeset [10749] by walnut
  • childticketsplugin/0.11/AUTHORS
  • childticketsplugin/0.11/COPYING
  • childticketsplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • childticketsplugin/0.12/AUTHORS
  • childticketsplugin/0.12/COPYING


  • Added AUTHORS and COPYING files as way of licensing (BSD)
  • I hope this will be acceptable as a suitable license.
2:56 PM Ticket #8318 (Tag cloud does not contain spaces when using IE8.) closed by hasienda
duplicate: Thanks, but actually this has been reported several times before …

Oct 8, 2011:

11:37 AM Ticket #9251 ([PATCH] del_field operation) created by hju
I've implemented a new operation in our trac to clear one ore more …
7:31 AM Ticket #9250 (fresh install rolls back TimingAndEstimationPlugin_Db_Version in ...) created by pks@…
to reproduce: * create a new environment with sqlite database * …
2:30 AM Changeset [10748] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/changelog
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/web_ui.py

TagsPlugin: Hide 'Cloud' back-link, if showing TagCloud in '/tags', refs #9210.

Renaming the link to 'Back to Cloud' is more consistent with use of context
navigation in Trac core (i.e. see TagsQuery). Thanks to Ryan for this idea.

2:28 AM Changeset [10747] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/api.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/changelog

AccountManagerPlugin: Change SQL to mach type, refs #9246.

Another time PostgeSQL has been pickier than others, but correct after all.

Oct 7, 2011:

11:40 PM Changeset [10746] by hasienda
  • datasaverplugin/trunk/datasaver/locale/.placeholder
  • datasaverplugin/trunk/setup.py

DataSaverPlugin: Make sure to always include a 'locale' dir in zipped plugins, refs #9249.

Just some improved i18n code missing for this plugin, done elsewhere before.

10:11 PM Ticket #9249 (Enabling DataSaverPlugin breaks 0.13dev-r0) created by netjunki
[…] I get the following stack trace when trying to load this …
7:44 PM Ticket #9248 (Implement a more verbose mode) created by mat
It would be nice to be able to display a table containing more …
4:15 PM Ticket #8909 (needs updates for 0.13dev) closed by bobbysmith007
fixed: (In [10745]) removed extra self (thanks! for the bug report) fix #8909
4:15 PM Changeset [10745] by bobbysmith007
  • nevernotifyupdaterplugin/0.13/nevernotifyupdaterplugin/api.py
  • nevernotifyupdaterplugin/0.13/setup.py

removed extra self (thanks! for the bug report) fix #8909

3:13 PM Changeset [10744] by zerodeux
  • planetforgeimportexportplugin/0.12/planetforgeimportexport/planetforge_import_export.py
  • planetforgeimportexportplugin/0.12/planetforgeimportexport/templates/export.html
  • planetforgeimportexportplugin/0.12/planetforgeimportexport/templates/import.html

(vcaron) Add draft template for import plugin (upload phase), see #16

10:14 AM Ticket #9247 (Cast authenticated values to int) created by rea
After upgrade to the lastest /trunk contents (r10743) my PostgreSQL …
5:07 AM Ticket #8909 (needs updates for 0.13dev) reopened by chung.bui.foss@…
Replying to bobbysmith007: > I think i got it all applied …
12:36 AM Ticket #9246 (InternalError when refresh_passwd = true) created by wizpig64
Was really going insane with configuring my new trac server and this …
12:29 AM wizpig64 created by wizpig64
New user wizpig64 registered

Oct 6, 2011:

9:24 PM Changeset [10743] by mrelbe
  • tracticketchangesetsplugin/t7301-mercurial/ticketchangesets/admin.py
  • tracticketchangesetsplugin/t7301-mercurial/ticketchangesets/api.py
  • tracticketchangesetsplugin/t7301-mercurial/ticketchangesets/web_ui.py

Patch supplied by mat (comment:15:ticket:7301)
"working patch, but it's far from being rock-solid"

9:13 PM Changeset [10742] by mrelbe
  • tracticketchangesetsplugin/t7301-mercurial

Branch trunk to apply patches supplied in #7301

6:47 PM TracCvsntIntegrationPlugin edited by j98789
6:46 PM TracCvsntIntegrationPlugin edited by j98789
6:33 PM TracCvsntIntegrationPlugin edited by j98789
4:02 PM Changeset [10741] by miezuit
  • lightgreentheme/0.11/lightgreentheme/htdocs/lightgreen.css

Added compatibility with Trac 0.12 and target highlighting.

2:32 PM Changeset [10740] by zerodeux
  • planetforgeimportexportplugin/0.12/planetforgeimportexport
  • planetforgeimportexportplugin/0.12/planetforgeimportexport/__init__.py
  • planetforgeimportexportplugin/0.12/planetforgeimportexport/pfieModules
  • planetforgeimportexportplugin/0.12/planetforgeimportexport/pfieModules/__init__.py
  • planetforgeimportexportplugin/0.12/planetforgeimportexport/pfieModules/export.py

Make an egg of the plugin,
create 3 module :

  • import
  • export
  • notification
11:54 AM Ticket #9241 (Reset password don't write in password store) closed by Xarkam
fixed: Apache configuration bypass the trac accnmgr configuration.
11:33 AM Ticket #9241 (Reset password don't write in password store) created by xarkam
On my server with trac 0.12.2 and accntmgr 0.3.2 (0.11 svn) the …
10:59 AM Ticket #9240 (Adding contributor subversion write access to ...) created by zerodeux
Hello, I'd like to add subversion write access to the 'zitune' …
4:34 AM Changeset [10739] by rjollos
  • keywordsuggestplugin
  • keywordsuggestplugin/.pydevproject
  • keywordsuggestplugin/0.11
  • keywordsuggestplugin/0.11/TracKeywordSuggest.egg-info

Refs #3868: Removed egg that was accidentally committed in [10431].

4:25 AM TagsPlugin edited by rjollos
Added more examples based on usage I see with 0.7dev. (diff)
3:16 AM Ticket #9239 (Unable to get it working on 0.11.7 TurnKeyLinux on Mac firefox and chrome) closed by trajano@…
fixed: Found a workaround ln -s /usr/share/pyshared/trac/htdocs/js/jquery.js …
12:14 AM Ticket #7525 (If tags AND content of wiki page are changed, content changes are lost) closed by hasienda
duplicate: This is duplicate of #2424 and #3206, even see #3145.
12:04 AM Ticket #4980 ([PATCH] tags css messes with custom query page css) closed by hasienda
worksforme: Can't verify this either. This doesn't apply to trunk. Please …

Oct 5, 2011:

11:32 PM Ticket #8467 (Show tags not only on EDIT page) closed by hasienda
duplicate: What revision/source have you been looking on? This has been fixed in …
11:04 PM Changeset [10738] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/changelog
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/macros.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/templates/listtagged_results.html

TagsPlugin: Move Genshi builder instructions to fragment template, refs #4503 and #9064.

Now all list formats and even the warning message about obsolete TagsQuery
arguments are integrated into a HTML fragment template. Various goodies like
differently shaded odd/even rows and 'no results message' have been added.
Oddly squeezed ListTagged tables are gone as well - all due to re-using big
parts of the TicketQuery code from Trac core.

10:55 PM Changeset [10737] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/macros.py

TagsPlugin: Wrap ListTagged results in Trac pager, refs #4503 and #9064.

This fixes SystemError: ../Objects/tupleobject.c ... occasionally seen
with large sets of results. And response time is getting reasonable even
for 30.000+ matching tagged resources.

Beware: Hold on, it's a feature-incomplete changeset - a step in transition.

10:50 PM Changeset [10736] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/changelog
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/macros.py

TagsPlugin: Allow mixing of upper- and lower-case tags in sorted tags cloud, refs #4200 and #4799.

This is controlled by a new option cloud_caseless_sort that defaults to
False for backwards-compatibility and doesn't touch the more general issue of
case-sensitive tag handling (in TagsQuery) as detailed in #4200.

Thanks to Jeff Hammel for contributing the code for this enhancement.

10:17 PM Changeset [10735] by j98789
  • traccvsntintegrationplugin/CvsntPlugin
  • traccvsntintegrationplugin/CvsntPlugin/CvsntPlugin.py
  • traccvsntintegrationplugin/CvsntPlugin/__init__.py
  • traccvsntintegrationplugin/README
  • traccvsntintegrationplugin/hook


9:50 PM TracCvsntIntegrationPlugin created by j98789
New hack TracCvsntIntegrationPlugin, created by j98789
9:50 PM Changeset [10734] by j98789
  • traccvsntintegrationplugin
  • traccvsntintegrationplugin/0.12

New hack TracCvsntIntegrationPlugin, created by j98789

7:11 PM mat created by mat
New user mat registered
6:13 PM Changeset [10733] by robguttman
  • dynamicfieldsplugin/0.11/dynfields/htdocs/rules.js

enabling owner field on copy to it

3:29 PM Ticket #9239 (Unable to get it working on 0.11.7 TurnKeyLinux on Mac firefox and chrome) created by trajano@…
I have tried to install this plugin using the instructions provided. …
2:04 PM Ticket #9238 (ProgrammingError: Cannot operate on a closed cursor) created by viveikcpuglia@…
I had recently installed the trac template plugin and after …
1:24 PM Ticket #6628 (Inquiring as to maintainership status) closed by otaku42
fixed: Replying to rjollos: > Adoption request sent to the …
11:28 AM Ticket #9237 (if category is not set, use default category defined in trac.ini) created by falkb
Usually, users forget to set a category when they post a new blog …
9:24 AM Ticket #9236 (AttributeError: 'Ticket' object has no attribute 'is_writeable_field') created by satheesh@…
Hi Am using trac 0.11.7 with agilo plugin …
2:44 AM Ticket #9235 (Allow the line numbers to be specified using TracLinks syntax) created by rjollos
Matching a regex is pretty error prone and there are several …
2:34 AM Changeset [10732] by ChrisNelson
  • tracjsganttplugin/0.11/tracjsgantt/tracjsgantt.py

Escape escapes. Refs #9215.

This is experimental but maybe it'll get Ryan further in his testing.

Oct 4, 2011:

8:48 PM Ticket #9234 (Trac 0.12 internal server error) closed by miezuit
invalid: Sorry for the trouble, this bug is invalid. I updated to the latest …
8:27 PM Ticket #9234 (Trac 0.12 internal server error) created by miezuit
When installing this plugin on Trac 0.12 and trying to GET wikicss.css …
4:23 PM Ticket #9233 (Plugin is missing a licence) created by silk
Neither in setup.py, LICENCE file or any header of files is a mention …
2:32 PM Ticket #9232 (Port SpreadSheetPlugin from TWiki to Trac) created by trac-hacks@…
This would make my Trac life simpler: …
12:39 PM Ticket #9231 (RevtreePlugin StopIteration:) created by cristina.sorina@…
Hi! Could you please help me with a Revtree plugin issue I'm trying …
2:24 AM Ticket #9230 (Help in installing the patch) created by anonymous
I am a relative newbie when it comes to this type of system …

Oct 3, 2011:

11:04 PM Changeset [10731] by mrelbe
  • wikiextrasplugin/trunk/tracwikiextras/htdocs/icons/fugue/CHANGELOG.txt
  • wikiextrasplugin/trunk/tracwikiextras/htdocs/icons/fugue/FILENAME.txt
  • wikiextrasplugin/trunk/tracwikiextras/htdocs/icons/fugue/bonus/icons-24/eye.png
  • wikiextrasplugin/trunk/tracwikiextras/htdocs/icons/fugue/bonus/icons-24/globe-green.png
  • wikiextrasplugin/trunk/tracwikiextras/htdocs/icons/fugue/bonus/icons-24/globe.png

WikiExtrasPlugin/0.13.2dev: Fugue Icon Library Version 3.2 (October 1, 2011)

10:19 PM IncludeSourceMacro edited by anonymous
7:41 PM cgbrown edited by cgbrown
5:39 PM Ticket #9221 (Eclipse Plugin is not working with UTF-8 encoding) closed by anonymous
fixed: Thanks for taking the time to report this issue Currently the editor …
5:27 PM Changeset [10730] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/update-site/v_0.1.0.x

Current update-site is v_0.1.0.201110031648

5:27 PM Changeset [10729] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/update-site/v_0.1.0.x

Removing previous update-site release

5:27 PM Changeset [10728] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/update-site/v_0.1.0.201110031648
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/update-site/v_0.1.0.201110031648/artifacts.jar
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/update-site/v_0.1.0.201110031648/content.jar
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/update-site/v_0.1.0.201110031648/features
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/update-site/v_0.1.0.201110031648/features/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.feature_0.1.0.201110031648.jar

Release v_0.1.0.201110031648

5:27 PM Changeset [10727] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/tags/v_0.1.0.201110031648

Taging release v_0.1.0.201110031648

5:26 PM Changeset [10726] by ivangsa
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/src/main/java/org/trachacks/wikieditor/eclipse/plugin/editor/TracWikiDocumentProvider.java
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/src/main/java/org/trachacks/wikieditor/eclipse/plugin/editor/TracWikiMarkupEditor.java
  • wikieditorforeclipseplugin/trunk/eclipse/org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin/src/main/java/org/trachacks/wikieditor/eclipse/plugin/editor/WikiEditorStorage.java

Use UTF-8 as default encoding

4:41 PM Changeset [10725] by jun66j5
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/tests/testcase.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.11/tests/testcase.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.11/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.12/tests/testcase.js

Don't generate wiki text from element without text (e.g. <b></b>).

3:44 PM Changeset [10724] by jun66j5
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/tests/testunit.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.11/tests/testunit.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.12/tests/testunit.js

Improved test-case counter in testunit.js.

1:26 PM Changeset [10723] by gotoh
  • tracwikinegotiatorplugin/0.10/wikinegotiator/negotiator.py

Refresh existing languages on adding/deleting/renaming page.

1:26 PM Changeset [10722] by gotoh
  • tracwikinegotiatorplugin/0.10/wikinegotiator/negotiator.py

Do not remember temporary lang.

12:11 PM Changeset [10721] by airadier
  • tracrestrictownertolistplugin/0.11/restrictownertolist/restrictownertolist.py

Changed the settings variable. Use restrict_owner_list in ticket section.

12:04 PM Changeset [10720] by airadier
  • tracrestrictownertolistplugin/0.11/restrictownertolist
  • tracrestrictownertolistplugin/0.11/restrictownertolist/__init__.py
  • tracrestrictownertolistplugin/0.11/restrictownertolist/restrictownertolist.py
  • tracrestrictownertolistplugin/0.11/restrictownertolist/utils.py
  • tracrestrictownertolistplugin/0.11/setup.py

Initial commit

11:53 AM Changeset [10719] by airadier
  • tracrestrictownertolistplugin
  • tracrestrictownertolistplugin/0.11
  • tracrestrictownertolistplugin/0.12
  • tracrestrictownertolistplugin/0.9

New hack TracRestrictOwnerToListPlugin, created by airadier

11:19 AM Changeset [10718] by gotoh
  • tracwikinegotiatorplugin/0.10/wikinegotiator/util.py

Ignore invalid lang value for security reason.

We should reject lang value which does not have expected format ("xx"
or "xx-yy").

10:13 AM BadContent edited by osimons
Stop it. (diff)
8:08 AM Ticket #9229 (login pops-up for already authenticated users) created by adrian_herscu
Reproduction steps: 1. authenticate through the AccountManagerPlugin
8:03 AM adrian_herscu created by adrian_herscu
New user adrian_herscu registered
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.