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Nov 20, 2011:

3:04 AM Changeset [10927] by hasienda
  • usermanagerplugin/0.11/tracusermanager/templates/macro_um_profile.html

UserManagerPlugin: Post-chance template cleanup, refs #6259.

Converting from tab to space indentation, removing mixed whitespace too.

2:42 AM Changeset [10926] by hasienda
  • usermanagerplugin/0.11/tracusermanager/profile/macros.py
  • usermanagerplugin/0.11/tracusermanager/templates/macro_um_profile.html

UserManagerPlugin: Add mailto: email links in UserProfilesList output, refs #6259.

Thanks for Matt Caron's patch, extended by code to hide emails as suggested
by Leho Kraav.

2:27 AM Ticket #9552 (TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable) created by zbuhman@…
How to Reproduce While doing a GET operation on /timeline, Trac …
1:40 AM Changeset [10925] by hasienda
  • usermanagerplugin/0.11/tracusermanager/profile/macros.py

UserManagerPlugin: Some occasional code cleanup.

While started to correct line length, using pylint has yield some more hints
for significant improvement expressed in pylint rating boost 0.34 -> 7.08/10 .

Nov 19, 2011:

9:55 PM Ticket #2517 (Can't view load usermanager admin page - user mangement) closed by hasienda
wontfix: Sorry for the lack of action here too. But as detailed in …
9:51 PM Ticket #2516 (Can't view load usermanager admin page - profile fields) closed by hasienda
wontfix: I'm very sorry for the long time this ticket went without further …
1:09 AM Ticket #5186 (How to use permissions and groups) closed by hasienda
duplicate: This is even a self-declared duplicate of #5187.
1:03 AM Ticket #3942 (how to use wikitext in Ticket?) closed by hasienda
invalid: […] should get you started, but this is all about …

Nov 18, 2011:

11:31 PM Changeset [10924] by hasienda
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/changelog
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/formdb.py
  • tracformsplugin/trunk/0.11/tracforms/util.py

TracFormsPlugin: Replace rather too narrow check for IntType, refs #9286.

Following up to complaint raised by users of db backends other than SQLite,
notably MySQL, it seems unwise to any longer rely on form-IDs being int-only,
seen i.e. LongType too. So let's go with a check for just numbers.

4:56 PM Ticket #9551 (Error: Macro TracJSGanttChart(sample=1) failed %d format: a number is ...) created by pbruch
When I install the jsGantt plugin as described in the …
4:42 PM pbruch created by pbruch
New user pbruch registered
4:25 PM FlashEmbedMacro edited by ruben@…
added installation hints and render_unsafe_content workaround (diff)
2:34 PM Changeset [10923] by aleuhe
  • mailplugin/0.12/xmail/XMailFilterObject.py
  • mailplugin/0.12/xmail/XMailMainView.py
  • mailplugin/0.12/xmail/templates/xmail-edit.html

Commented out the display of the sql-error in the xmail-edit template because it causes errors. replace by the <pre> phrase ERROR IN SQL STATEMENT

1:29 PM Ticket #9550 (Add the ability to fetch a bunch of tickets in one go) closed by osimons
duplicate: This is really a duplicate of #1650. The current best practice is …
1:21 PM Ticket #9550 (Add the ability to fetch a bunch of tickets in one go) created by david@…
I guess either alter ticket.get() to accept a list of ids or …
10:54 AM jcd created by jcd
New user jcd registered

Nov 17, 2011:

7:11 PM Ticket #9549 (Hide some ticket types from certain groups) created by dnethery@…
I really need to be able to hide types of tickets from groups, but …
3:53 PM BadContent edited by otaku42
11:44 AM nicferrier edited by nic@…
change Nic's employer (diff)

Nov 16, 2011:

8:59 PM DoxygenPlugin edited by potter
Add new poll option. (diff)
9:59 AM Ticket #9548 (AttributeError: 'unicode' object has no attribute 'base') created by fr00d
I just got this error in trac.log when try to send email announcement …
9:23 AM CkEditorPlugin edited by framay
inserted sample screenshot and section limitations; added myself as … (diff)
9:15 AM sample.png attached to CkEditorPlugin by framay
Sample Screenshot of using CKEditorPlugin
9:06 AM CkEditorPlugin edited by framay
added section Configuration; added option for editor_type (diff)
8:28 AM Tickets #8851,​8850,​8852 batch updated by framay
fixed: (In [10922]) fixes #8850, #8851, #8852: implemented a lot of new …
8:28 AM Changeset [10922] by framay
  • ckeditorplugin/trunk/README.txt
  • ckeditorplugin/trunk/ckintegration/__init__.py
  • ckeditorplugin/trunk/ckintegration/htdocs/images
  • ckeditorplugin/trunk/ckintegration/htdocs/images/pastecode.png
  • ckeditorplugin/trunk/ckintegration/htdocs/pastecode.js

fixes #8850, #8851, #8852: implemented a lot of new functionalities, so named this version 1.1dev

8:22 AM Changeset [10921] by framay
  • ckeditorplugin/tags/1.0

tagging old version 1.0dev, before replacing by 1.1dev

8:08 AM Ticket #9547 (Option `persistent_sessions` is not working in `0.4dev-r10747`) created by framay
I set option persistent_sessions as following: […] But still …
3:51 AM AccountManagerPlugin edited by anonymous
3:50 AM AccountManagerPlugin edited by anonymous

Nov 15, 2011:

4:56 PM Changeset [10920] by hasienda
  • announcerplugin/trunk/announcer/api.py
  • announcerplugin/trunk/announcer/locale/.placeholder
  • announcerplugin/trunk/setup.cfg
  • announcerplugin/trunk/setup.py

AnnouncerPlugin: Refactor i18n in a more compatible way, refs #7314, #7666, #7380, #8062 and #9192.

Lessons learned meanwhile with other plugins, so the code applied here has
actually been tested and proven to work. This reverts [8409] effectively,
but let's keep proper Babel and Trac versions for i18n explicitly as an extra.

After these changes the plugin finally loads cleanly in Trac 0.11 again.

4:51 PM Changeset [10919] by hasienda
  • announcerplugin/trunk/announcer/distributors/mail.py

AnnouncerPlugin: Revert [9114] for breaking Trac 0.11 and 0.12 compatibility, refs #9522.

Actually ChoiceOption appeared even after Trac 0.12 release, so this would
belong into a dedicated 0.13 branch, that we may have in the future.

I plan to rollback and convert any 0.12 stuff to regain backwards-compatibility
with Trac down to 0.11, and move development to 0.13 instead. This involves
mostly i18n stuff (could be done in a more compatible fashion too) and
especially the db connection handling, that has seen may changes.
It seems to have settled only lately in Trac 0.13dev .

4:47 PM Changeset [10918] by hasienda
  • announcerplugin/trunk/announcer/api.py
  • announcerplugin/trunk/announcer/distributors/mail.py

AnnouncerPlugin: Another code beautification attempt.

4:09 PM Changeset [10917] by one
  • relevantticketplugin/0.12/relevantticketplugin
  • relevantticketplugin/0.12/relevantticketplugin/__init__.py
  • relevantticketplugin/0.12/relevantticketplugin/relevantticket.py
  • relevantticketplugin/0.12/setup.py

Initial import of Relevant Ticket Plug-in.

2:14 PM Changeset [10916] by hasienda
  • announcerplugin/trunk/announcer/formatters.py
  • announcerplugin/trunk/announcer/util/mail.py

AnnouncerPlugin: Provide supplemental code for compatibility with Trac 0.11, refs #9522.

exception_to_unicode is actually used since [7604], but this method has been
introduced to Trac some time after 0.11 release during development for 0.11.3 .
Now code from Trac core is replicated to restore backwards-compatibility with
Trac from down to 0.11 .

2:00 PM RelevantTicketPlugin created by one
New hack RelevantTicketPlugin, created by one
2:00 PM Changeset [10915] by one
  • relevantticketplugin
  • relevantticketplugin/0.12

New hack RelevantTicketPlugin, created by one

1:34 PM Changeset [10914] by hasienda
  • announcerplugin/trunk/announcer/formatters.py
  • announcerplugin/trunk/announcer/util/mail.py

AnnouncerPlugin: Some occasional code beautification.

12:50 PM Ticket #9546 (Cannot get mails from announcer plugin) created by fr00d
This is the message I get in trac.log. Can somebody tell me what went …
12:49 PM fr00d created by fr00d
New user fr00d registered
12:44 PM BadContent edited by otaku42

Nov 14, 2011:

10:42 PM Ticket #9545 (a description on attachments) created by anonymous
I have not been able to find a way to put attachments into a blog …
4:08 PM Ticket #9544 (The opened date is wrong - no matter what says 42 years) created by catherine.cain@…
No matter what format I use in the csv file, the open date always says …
10:57 AM Ticket #9530 (Expand all / Collapse all is not running) reopened by podskalsky
Sorry, but your patch is still not working at 1.4.8 :-( please look …
8:12 AM Changeset [10913] by iwata0303
  • tracblockdiagplugin/tags/0.5.1
8:11 AM Changeset [10912] by iwata0303
  • tracblockdiagplugin/tags/0.5.0
8:10 AM Changeset [10911] by iwata0303
  • tracblockdiagplugin/tags
8:07 AM Changeset [10910] by iwata0303
  • tracblockdiagplugin/0.12
  • tracblockdiagplugin/0.12/blockdiagplugin/cache.py
  • tracblockdiagplugin/0.12/blockdiagplugin/web_ui.py
  • tracblockdiagplugin/0.12/setup.py

merge from 0.11 branch

7:42 AM Changeset [10909] by iwata0303
  • tracblockdiagplugin/0.11/setup.py

Change version and fix typo.

7:41 AM Changeset [10908] by iwata0303
  • tracblockdiagplugin/0.11/blockdiagplugin/web_ui.py

see #9256 Use configuration API instead of direct access to Component.config.get (Thanks jun66j5)

7:19 AM Changeset [10907] by iwata0303
  • tracblockdiagplugin/0.11/blockdiagplugin/cache.py
  • tracblockdiagplugin/0.11/setup.py

Change EOL to UNIX style.

3:00 AM DynamicFieldsPlugin edited by robguttman
added Set Rule (diff)
2:35 AM Changeset [10906] by robguttman
  • dynamicfieldsplugin/0.11/dynfields/htdocs/rules.js
  • dynamicfieldsplugin/0.11/dynfields/rules.py

added Set Rule to set a field's value when another field changes to a certain value.

12:40 AM Ticket #9543 (TimelineCheckinFilterPlugin fails with trac 0.12 (fix included)) created by michaelb@…
The plugin seemed to fail when attempting to filter changesets by …

Nov 13, 2011:

9:15 PM TracJsGanttPlugin edited by ChrisNelson
Updated known issues and planned enhancements (diff)
6:49 PM Changeset [10905] by ChrisNelson
  • tracjsganttplugin/0.11/tracjsgantt/tracjsgantt.py

Better sorting of children under parents. Refs #9300.

Based on a patch from rjollos. Thanks.

6:38 PM Ticket #9441 (Error: unsupported operand type(s) for *: 'NoneType' and 'float') closed by ChrisNelson
fixed: No complaints in over a week. Assume this is working as well for …
6:36 PM Ticket #9445 ([Patch] The custom fields for start and end date should be required) closed by ChrisNelson
fixed: This works for me and I've heard no complaints in over a week.
6:35 PM Ticket #9525 (Display milestone in ticket summary) closed by ChrisNelson
6:19 PM Changeset [10904] by ChrisNelson
  • tracjsganttplugin/0.11/tracjsgantt/tracjsgantt.py

Honor user-specified start and finish date. Refs #9515.

This seems useful in some cases and harmless in others. I tested with
an 8-hour task with 2 hours done and a week between start and finish and
it showed 25% of the task filled in.

Based on a patch from dinumarina. Thanks.

5:56 PM Ticket #9268 ([PATCH] More charts per page patch) closed by anonymous
fixed: This works for me and I haven't heard any complaints in over a week.
5:55 PM Ticket #9508 (Installation instructions result in non-working plugin) closed by anonymous
11:58 AM Changeset [10903] by jun66j5
  • exceldownloadplugin/0.12/tracexceldownload/api.py
  • exceldownloadplugin/0.12/tracexceldownload/ticket.py
  • exceldownloadplugin/0.12/tracexceldownload/translation.py

tracexceldownload: Works with Trac 0.11-stable.

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.