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Dec 29, 2011:

6:44 PM Ticket #9643 (Add default sorting to CC selector plugin) created by grimmdude
If there are many developers the cc list can get quite long. By …
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9:03 AM Ticket #9542 (Is the Hack being Maintained?) closed by otaku42
fixed: @natewlew: you're now set as the maintainer of this plugin. Please …
8:51 AM Ticket #9595 (Adoption request) closed by otaku42
fixed: @ChrisNelson: plugin maintainership passed over to you now. Please …

Dec 28, 2011:

6:50 PM Ticket #9642 (Possibility to use TracTicketValidatorPlugin besides other plugins) created by cobratec
I need to know the possibility to use Trac Ticket Validator Plugin …
3:59 AM Ticket #9641 (Source browser fails with SMB hosted git repository) created by jan.hurst@…
I have configured my Trac, TracGit on a Windows XP + Apache machine, …

Dec 27, 2011:

9:02 PM Ticket #9640 (I can't reference a field using the subcontext from the ticket) created by cobratec
How can i reference a field from the Sandbox\example1 to another field …
8:43 PM cobratec created by cobratec
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Dec 26, 2011:

4:58 PM itamarost edited by itamarost
3:38 PM Ticket #9639 (Support for WikiCreole linking syntax) created by itamarost
Trac 0.12 introduced support for the wiki:WikiCreole sytax, which …
3:33 PM Ticket #9638 (Consider InterMapTxt and InterTrac before deciding a link is broken) created by itamarost
For example, it might be that MoinMoin is a camel case string and …
3:29 PM Ticket #9637 (Find also broken links into version control system) created by itamarost
When using Trac with source control (e.g. SVN) and linking from wiki …
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Dec 25, 2011:

2:35 PM Ticket #9636 ([Patch] Exclude PageTemplates from tag-extraction) created by itamarost
Ticket #3753 brought a long-awaited feature - propagation of tags from …

Dec 24, 2011:

6:05 PM Ticket #9635 (encode error) created by aqua.bindi@…
[…] my trac is 0.11.7 thank you.
3:21 AM Ticket #9634 (Error on database upgrade) created by yamilchamut@…
I was getting this error after running trac-admin …

Dec 23, 2011:

11:43 PM MasterTicketsPlugin edited by mitar
10:44 PM ListMilestonesMacro edited by AdrianFritz
Usage details (diff)
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8:55 PM Ticket #9633 (Breaks when special characters (like , or [[) in message) created by riot
If you try to add a comma or other special characters like a link …
7:25 PM FieldTooltipPlugin edited by matobaa
7:13 PM Changeset [11062] by matobaa
  • fieldtooltipplugin/0.12/fieldtooltip/FieldTooltip.py

retrieve tooltip text from wiki page

6:45 PM Ticket #9561 (Missing the setup.py file) closed by anonymous
6:43 PM Ticket #9632 (Unicode in function expecting an ascii param) created by anonymous
While editing a milestone I've gotten the unicode-decode error on …
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  • fieldtooltipplugin/0.12/fieldtooltip
  • fieldtooltipplugin/0.12/fieldtooltip/FieldTooltip.py
  • fieldtooltipplugin/0.12/fieldtooltip/__init__.py
  • fieldtooltipplugin/0.12/setup.py

first import

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New hack FieldTooltipPlugin, created by matobaa
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  • fieldtooltipplugin
  • fieldtooltipplugin/0.11
  • fieldtooltipplugin/0.12

New hack FieldTooltipPlugin, created by matobaa

2:07 AM Ticket #9631 (Show table with datatable) created by helend
I change some codes to show table with DataTable (datatables.net), but …
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