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Apr 11, 2012:

11:54 PM Changeset [11476] by rjollos
  • plantumlmacro/trunk
  • plantumlmacro/trunk/plantuml/macro.py

Refs #9955: FIX: If no PlantUML markup was defined, a list index out of range error would result, rather than the No UML text defined! message that was intended.

8:17 PM Ticket #9898 (Multiple environments support) closed by anonymous
wontfix: can re-create URL in ~/.trac_cmd.ini file prior to each use.... not …
8:15 PM Ticket #9957 (traccmd.py from within bash script does not work) created by anonymous
I con not create ticket from bash script like this […] I GET …
7:26 PM Ticket #9956 (Add 0.12 to default filters) created by rjollos
As originally discussed in …
5:19 PM Changeset [11475] by matobaa
  • snapshotplugin/0.12/setup.cfg
  • snapshotplugin/0.12/snapshot/macro.py

SnapshotPlugin: add "(query by ticket id)" link

12:06 PM Ticket #9955 ('comma' is not processed correctly) created by tom.ghyselinck@…
The following code shows no @startuml found (see plantuml.png) …
11:30 AM TracCgitPlugin edited by fhuberts
9:27 AM Changeset [11474] by rjollos
  • tracwikitopdfplugin/0.11/setup.cfg

Refs #6243: Tagged trunk with dev.

8:58 AM Changeset [11473] by rjollos
  • tracwikitopdfplugin/0.11/wikitopdf/wikitopdf.py

Refs #3337:

  • subprocess.check_output was introduced in Python 2.7, so we must use subprocess.Popen for now.
8:43 AM Changeset [11472] by rjollos
  • tracwikitopdfplugin/0.11/wikitopdf/wikitopdf.py

Refs #6243:

  • Fixed indentation.
8:39 AM Ticket #9954 (Managment Navigation Link Not Displaying) created by anonymous
as per your plugins managment screen should be coming on main …
8:17 AM TracWikiToPdfPlugin edited by rjollos
Refs #4043. (diff)
8:10 AM Changeset [11471] by rjollos
  • tracwikitopdfplugin/0.11/wikitopdf/wikitopdf.py

Refs #4043: Pass resource and id to the context, which seems to solve the issue that images require the realm and id to be specified (i.e. [[Image(wiki:WikiStart:myfile.png)]] worked, but [[Image(myfile.png)]] didn't.)

6:50 AM Changeset [11470] by rjollos
  • tracwikitopdfplugin/0.11/wikitopdf/wikitopdf.py

Refs #3337:

  • Check for existence and version of HTMLDOC, and give a nice error message if HTMLDOC is not installed. The version of HTMLDOC is written to the log file.
6:48 AM Changeset [11469] by rjollos
  • tracwikitopdfplugin/0.11/wikitopdf/api.py
  • tracwikitopdfplugin/0.11/wikitopdf/formats.py
  • tracwikitopdfplugin/0.11/wikitopdf/web_ui.py

Refs #6243:

  • Fixed indentation.
  • Removed un-needed imports.
6:11 AM Ticket #7028 (System-wide installation doesn't work) closed by rjollos
fixed: Try: python setup.py install, and I think it will work for you. …

Apr 10, 2012:

5:15 PM Ticket #9953 (Changing a testcase custom field value gives and error) created by vnemes
Hello, Every time I try to modify the value of a custom field, I get a …
2:56 PM TracGoogleAnalyticsPlugin edited by Karl Barker <karl.barker@…>
2:51 PM tracgoogleanalyticsplugin_async.patch attached to TracGoogleAnalyticsPlugin by Karl Barker <karl.barker@…>
Patch for GA asynchronous method support, restricted reporting and JS …
11:05 AM Ticket #9939 ("TypeError: generate() keywords must be strings" Python 2.6 and trac 0.12) closed by martin_s
11:03 AM jazattrachacks created by jazattrachacks
New user jazattrachacks registered
9:44 AM Ticket #9952 (Remove permissions checking from _get_boxes in prefs.py) created by rjollos
Some background on how I arrived at opening this ticket: I'm using …
6:12 AM Ticket #9951 ([patch] set type) created by Srl295
2:55 AM Ticket #9948 (multiple setup scripts error with easy-install) closed by rjollos
2:53 AM Ticket #9949 (doesn't work with easy_install) closed by rjollos
invalid: Yes, it won't work with easy_install. Just download the file into …
1:26 AM Ticket #9565 (setup.cfg file stops easy_install from executing) closed by rjollos
invalid: Issue seems to be setuptools not supporting SVN 1.7. See comment 6 in …
1:22 AM Ticket #9180 (ImportError: cannot import name find_element) closed by rjollos
invalid: The wiki page has also been updated to be more specific about which …
1:21 AM GraphvizPlugin edited by rjollos
Point to new download locations. Refs #9180. (diff)
1:20 AM Changeset [11468] by rjollos
  • graphvizplugin/branches/0.13

Refs #9180: Moved the 0.13 directory to branches.

1:16 AM Changeset [11467] by rjollos
  • graphvizplugin/branches

Refs #9180: Created a branches directory.

1:15 AM Changeset [11466] by rjollos
  • graphvizplugin/tags/0.10
  • graphvizplugin/tags/0.11-0.7.5
  • graphvizplugin/tags/0.9

Refs #9180: Moved the 0.9, 0.10 and 0.11-0.7.5 directories to tags.

1:13 AM Changeset [11465] by rjollos
  • graphvizplugin/tags

Refs #9180: Make a tags directory.

1:13 AM Changeset [11464] by rjollos
  • graphvizplugin/trunk

Refs #9180: Renamed the 0.11 branch to trunk.

Apr 9, 2012:

10:29 PM CloudPlugin edited by robguttman
10:28 PM Changeset [11463] by robguttman
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/daemon/ec2_launch.py
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/fields/handlers.py
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/progress.py
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/tests/progress_test.py

added lock file to progress file writing.

7:16 PM Changeset [11462] by robguttman
  • analyzeplugin/0.12/analyze/analysis.py

minor comment fixes.

12:56 PM Ticket #9950 (easy_install not available) created by anonymous
seems like if the INSTALL.txt file has the correct installation order, …
11:48 AM Ticket #9949 (doesn't work with easy_install) created by anonymous
10:44 AM Ticket #9948 (multiple setup scripts error with easy-install) created by anonymous
6:03 AM TracMathPlugin edited by rjollos
Removed changelog since it is hosted on BitBucket now. (diff)
5:35 AM Changeset [11461] by rjollos
  • noteboxmacro/trunk/notebox/macro.py
  • noteboxmacro/trunk/setup.py

Refs #9907: Minor refactoring.

4:12 AM NoteBoxMacro edited by rjollos
Changed name of example image. (diff)
4:11 AM NoteBoxExampleV1.0.png attached to NoteBoxMacro by rjollos
4:11 AM NoteBoxMacro created by rjollos
Moved from NoteBoxPlugin.
4:07 AM NoteBoxPlugin edited by rjollos
4:06 AM NoteBoxPlugin edited by rjollos
Renamed NoteBoxPlugin to NoteBoxMacro. (diff)
4:05 AM Changeset [11460] by rjollos
  • noteboxmacro

Refs #9907: Renamed NoteBoxPlugin to NoteBoxMacro (part 2).

4:04 AM Changeset [11459] by rjollos
  • noteboxplugin/trunk/notebox/__init__.py
  • noteboxplugin/trunk/notebox/htdocs/css/notebox.css
  • noteboxplugin/trunk/notebox/macro.py
  • noteboxplugin/trunk/setup.py

Refs #9907: Renamed NoteBoxPlugin to NoteBoxMacro (part 1).

3:59 AM AnalyzePlugin edited by robguttman
3:59 AM Changeset [11458] by rjollos
  • noteboxplugin/trunk
  • noteboxplugin/trunk/notebox/notebox.py
  • noteboxplugin/trunk/setup.py

Refs #9907:

  • Added new maintainer to setup.py.
  • Added copyright info for new maintainer.
  • Changed version to 1.0.
  • Renamed 0.11 branch to trunk.
3:57 AM rollup-project.png attached to AnalyzePlugin by robguttman
3:56 AM AnalyzePlugin edited by robguttman
3:46 AM AnalyzePlugin edited by robguttman
3:45 AM AnalyzePlugin edited by robguttman
3:45 AM AnalyzePlugin edited by robguttman
3:43 AM AnalyzePlugin edited by anonymous

Apr 8, 2012:

5:29 AM EpochFieldPlugin edited by matobaa
5:26 AM EpochFieldPlugin edited by matobaa
5:24 AM EpochFieldPlugin edited by matobaa
5:16 AM EpochFieldPlugin edited by matobaa
12:27 AM Changeset [11457] by rjollos
  • ticketmodifiedfilesplugin/0.11/ticketmodifiedfiles/ticketmodifiedfiles.py

Refs #8688: Modified Genshi transformer so that it can find a match in Trac 0.12 and inject the modified files link below the Change History, as it does in Trac 0.11. This change should preserve the functionality in Trac 0.11.

Apr 7, 2012:

9:36 PM MultiRepoSearchPlugin edited by anonymous
Removed recent changes since the project is hosteed on GitHub. (diff)
11:06 AM Changeset [11456] by agitronic
  • sharedcookieauthplugin/0.11/setup.py

Updated maintainer field.

Apr 6, 2012:

9:09 PM HtGroupEditorPlugin edited by anonymous
Needs adoption. See #8929. (diff)
9:03 PM FineGrainedPageAuthzEditorPlugin edited by rjollos
No maintainer, see #8929. (diff)
9:03 PM Ticket #9947 (Integrate functionality of FineGrainedPageAuthzEditorPlugin) created by rjollos
I propose that the FineGrainedPageAuthzEditorPlugin be integrated into …
6:55 PM Ticket #9946 (make the user overview page and the user creation page separate pages) created by mderickx
Dear AccountManagerPlugin maintainers, Since we have quite a few …
6:22 PM mderickx created by mderickx
New user mderickx registered
6:13 PM Ticket #9945 (Does not work on Trac 0.12b) created by wendy
I installed the plugin and made sure command python -s "import xlrd"
9:53 AM Ticket #9944 (Dependency graph bypasses all ticket security) created by wichert
The dependency graph view of a ticket does not do any permission …
9:51 AM wichert created by wichert
New user wichert registered
2:58 AM StickyTicketPlugin edited by AdrianFritz

Apr 5, 2012:

5:00 PM Changeset [11455] by matobaa
  • epochfieldplugin/0.12/epochfield/filter.py

EpochFieldPlugin: adapt for python 2.4. thanks jun66j5

4:15 PM Changeset [11454] by martin_s
  • watchlistplugin/0.12/tracwatchlist/plugin.py

Fixed "wldict".

10:56 AM MultiProjectCommitTicketUpdaterPlugin edited by fleeblewidget
10:53 AM MultiProjectCommitTicketUpdaterPlugin edited by fleeblewidget
10:31 AM Changeset [11453] by fleeblewidget
  • multiprojectcommitticketupdaterplugin/0.12/multicommitupdater
  • multiprojectcommitticketupdaterplugin/0.12/multicommitupdater/__init__.py
  • multiprojectcommitticketupdaterplugin/0.12/multicommitupdater/commitupdater.py
  • multiprojectcommitticketupdaterplugin/0.12/setup.py
  • multiprojectcommitticketupdaterplugin/0.12/testing

First version of hack

10:29 AM Changeset [11452] by martin_s
  • watchlistplugin/0.12/tracwatchlist/plugin.py

Ensured that HTML request dictionary only contains strings and no unicode. #9939

10:22 AM MultiProjectCommitTicketUpdaterPlugin created by fleeblewidget
New hack MultiProjectCommitTicketUpdaterPlugin, created by fleeblewidget
10:21 AM Changeset [11451] by fleeblewidget
  • multiprojectcommitticketupdaterplugin
  • multiprojectcommitticketupdaterplugin/0.12

New hack MultiProjectCommitTicketUpdaterPlugin, created by fleeblewidget

9:35 AM Changeset [11450] by jun66j5
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/talm_importer/importer.py
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/talm_importer/test.py
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/test/empty_columns.csv
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/test/empty_columns.csv._test_import-0.12.ctl

Fixed a problem acessing None with lack of the columns in a row

Apr 4, 2012:

11:32 PM Ticket #9943 (Add group-based configurable login page) created by rjollos
I've been using the GroupBasedRedirectionPlugin to redirect users in …
8:00 PM Ticket #7595 (Use `send` method from the NotifyEmail class in the Trac core) closed by rjollos
wontfix: Closing since this plugin is being deprecated.
7:58 PM FullBlogNotificationPlugin edited by rjollos
Fixed typo. (diff)
7:54 PM FullBlogNotificationPlugin edited by rjollos
Added suggestion to use the AnnouncerPlugin. (diff)
8:31 AM Changeset [11449] by jun66j5
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/test/newticket_empty_status.csv
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/test/newticket_empty_status.csv._test_import-0.12.ctl
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/test/newticket_empty_status.csv._test_import.ctl
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/test/newticket_empty_status.csv._test_preview-0.12.ctl
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/test/newticket_empty_status.csv._test_preview.ctl

Follow-up to r11448, adds test files for the changes

12:24 AM Ticket #9942 ('Headers Already Set' error after password reset) created by rjollos
I'm running the latest version of the AccountManagerPlugin, r11364, …
12:09 AM Ticket #9941 (Reset password still valid after first login) created by rinon
After a user (or admin on behalf of the user) resets their password, …
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