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May 11, 2012:

10:45 PM Changeset [11554] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/api.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/changelog

AccountManagerPlugin: Improve db cleanup on user deletion, refs #10028.

Thanks to Gary Martin from WanDisco for pointing out this weak spot.

6:40 PM Ticket #10028 (Account delete does not purge user's auth cookie) created by gary.martin@…
I would expect that if a specific user is logged at the point just …
5:47 PM Ticket #10027 (COinS Rendering) created by Amfortas
5:47 PM Ticket #7534 (some improvements: COinS rendering, PubList macro, detailed-entry view) closed by Amfortas
fixed: Thanks again for all of your work. It has been a long time until the …
5:32 PM Ticket #7721 (List entire bibliography) closed by Amfortas
fixed: Since r11553, there exists the macro […] Thanks for sharing all …
5:30 PM Ticket #9029 (It does not respect the "and") closed by Amfortas
fixed: Since r11553 its respected. Thanks for reporting.
5:28 PM Ticket #7713 (Allow loading of .bib file from htdocs) closed by Amfortas
fixed: Since r11553, as part of a full rewrite its now possible to load …
5:23 PM TracBibPlugin edited by anonymous
5:18 PM Changeset [11553] by Amfortas
  • tracbibplugin/0.10/Makefile
  • tracbibplugin/0.10/trac-admin.sh
  • tracbibplugin/0.11/Makefile
  • tracbibplugin/0.11/trac-admin.sh
  • tracbibplugin/0.12/Makefile


5:17 PM Changeset [11552] by Amfortas
  • tracbibplugin/0.10
  • tracbibplugin/0.11
  • tracbibplugin/0.12

copying trunk into version directories (no 0.13 at the moment)

5:16 PM Changeset [11551] by Amfortas
  • tracbibplugin/0.10
  • tracbibplugin/0.11
  • tracbibplugin/0.12
  • tracbibplugin/0.13

removing old version from version directories

5:12 PM Changeset [11550] by Amfortas
  • tracbibplugin/trunk

Moving the new version to trunk

5:12 PM Changeset [11549] by Amfortas
  • tracbibplugin/branches/old

Moving the old version of the plugin to the branches

5:06 PM Changeset [11548] by Amfortas
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/setup.py
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/trac-admin.sh

enable all components by default

2:59 PM Changeset [11547] by Amfortas
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/tracbib/ieeelike.py
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/tracbib/tracbib.py

some documentation

2:46 PM Changeset [11546] by Amfortas
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/Makefile
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/tracbib/__init__.py
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/tracbib/ieeelike.py
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/tracbib/source.py
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/tracbib/tracbib.py

compatibility modifications for trac 0.10

11:08 AM Ticket #10026 (When start is empty, auto set start from blocked/predecessors.) created by jiunshian@…
If issues has blocked/blocking relation, and the successors do not set …
8:46 AM Ticket #9047 (Plugin doesn't work with Chrome 12.0.742.122 (Mac OS X 10.6.8)) closed by jun66j5
fixed: Sorry for my late response. The issue has been fixed in [11505]. I've …
8:36 AM Ticket #8245 (Plugin does not work with Chrome 7.0.517.44 on OS X) closed by jun66j5
8:35 AM TracDragDropPlugin edited by jun66j5

May 10, 2012:

11:30 PM Changeset [11545] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/0.11/acct_mgr/api.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/api.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/changelog

AccountManagerPlugin: Fix SQL injection vulnerability, refs #10023.

An instant push to the 0.11 ensures, that this is available for users of the
stable branch right now too - without the need to wait for the next release.

Thanks to Timo "bluec0re" Schmid for both, report and suggested correction.

11:19 PM Ticket #10023 (SQL Injection in acct_mgr.api.AccountManager.lastseen()) created by hasienda
In the dawn of 2012-04-25 this claim was brought privately to my …
7:40 PM Ticket #10022 (Plugin installed, repository resynced and no change logs shown) created by anonymous
My previous commit messages has the pattern: .*#s.*, so I configured …
3:20 PM WinSvnHooksIntegration edited by LloydFernandes
3:12 PM WinSvnHooksIntegration edited by LloydFernandes
3:10 PM WinSvnHooksIntegration edited by LloydFernandes
3:10 PM WinSvnHooksIntegration edited by LloydFernandes
3:08 PM WinSvnHooksIntegration edited by LloydFernandes
2:45 PM WinSvnHooksIntegration created by LloydFernandes
New hack WinSvnHooksIntegration, created by LloydFernandes
2:45 PM Changeset [11544] by LloydFernandes
  • winsvnhooksintegration
  • winsvnhooksintegration/0.12
  • winsvnhooksintegration/anyrelease

New hack WinSvnHooksIntegration, created by LloydFernandes

10:53 AM NeverNotifyUpdaterPlugin edited by czarnymb
10:49 AM Ticket #10020 ([patch] For better styling blog-post div should have a class of their own) created by sto
We wanted to change the style of the blog posts and not having a class …
10:41 AM SettingsPlugin edited by framay
adding command attachment unused (diff)
10:32 AM Changeset [11543] by framay
  • settingsplugin/trunk/dist
  • settingsplugin/trunk/dist/SettingsPlugin-0.5.a2-py2.6.egg
  • settingsplugin/trunk/dist/SettingsPlugin-0.6.0-py2.6.egg
  • settingsplugin/trunk/settingsplugin/settings.py
  • settingsplugin/trunk/setup.py

adding additional command attachment unused, which lists or removes unused attachments; when calling attachment unused list the output could be piped and afterwards opened by OpenOffice Calc by using separator ":"


trac-admin $TRAC_ENV attachment unused list > attachments.txt
trac-admin $TRAC_ENV attachment unused remove > attachments.txt

see http://trac.edgewall.org/ticket/10313 for details

10:25 AM GitHubSyncPlugin edited by mitar
12:31 AM Ticket #9990 (DeprecationWarning : the md5 module is deprecated - Causes ...) reopened by rjollos
Replying to glenn@byte-consult.be: > Actually, I messed up …
12:07 AM Ticket #10019 (Add support for function/member link targets) created by elb@…
The attached patch adds support for javadoc macro targets that contain …

May 9, 2012:

7:05 PM Changeset [11542] by Amfortas
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/tracbib/ieeelike.py

minor internal changes

4:51 PM Ticket #10018 (only able to filter tickets but not changesets) created by falkb
though this means to map source (sub)pathes to components. E.g. would …
4:49 PM Ticket #10017 (doesn't display the component name for tickets) created by falkb
in the timeline: would be nice if the component name is displayed …
4:47 PM Ticket #10016 (selection "none for all" doesn't work, it really selects none instead ...) created by falkb
summary says it all
4:46 PM Ticket #10015 (store the filter setting to user session) created by falkb
currently, as soon as I leave the page, the filter settings are …
3:53 PM czarnymb created by czarnymb
New user czarnymb registered
3:42 PM Ticket #10014 (When SubTicketsPlugin module is enabled it crashes the CSS & JS) created by czarnymb@…
Trac 0.12.3 on Windows Xp Pro Sp3 Apache 2.2.21 MySQL …
9:38 AM OhlohBadgeMacro edited by rjollos
Related plugin. (diff)
8:56 AM Ticket #10013 (trac-upgrade showing error) closed by rjollos
invalid: SubticketsPlugin is hosted on GitHub. Take a look at the project page …
8:38 AM Ticket #10013 (trac-upgrade showing error) created by anonymous
i have inserted a column in a table and since then its not able to …
7:25 AM Changeset [11541] by rjollos
  • bookmarkplugin/0.12
  • bookmarkplugin/tags
  • bookmarkplugin/trunk

Refs #9789: Renamed 0.11 directory to trunk. Deleted the 0.12 directory. Diff of the two branches showed that they were identical. Maintaining a single codeline that works for Trac 0.11 and greater will ease maintenance. Added a tags which will be utilized in future releases.

4:55 AM BookmarkPlugin edited by rjollos
Removed example that didn't have any additional useful information. (diff)

May 8, 2012:

11:45 PM Ticket #9190 (TracListTicketsScript + mod_wsgi) closed by hasienda
duplicate: Seems like an exact duplicate of #9189.
8:52 PM PdfImagePlugin edited by rjollos
Fixed 'Open Tickets' list so that it shows only open tickets. (diff)
7:30 PM PdfImagePlugin edited by ursaw
7:29 PM PdfImagePlugin edited by ursaw
7:27 PM PdfImagePlugin edited by ursaw
mimimal explanation of config file:-resource (diff)
4:36 PM Changeset [11540] by rjollos
  • includemacro/trunk/includemacro/macros.py

Refs #4162: Part of [11531]. _get_source was returning source_obj rather than dest_format.

4:34 PM IncludeMacro edited by rjollos
Make 'Browse the source' a link, like on other t-h.o pages. (diff)
4:23 PM Ticket #10009 (File not found in ticket, although the attachment exists) closed by eu@…
invalid: Thanks for the pointer to the log :-) […] there was a further …
2:48 PM Ticket #9054 (phpDocumentor files generated with utf8 are not displayed correctly) closed by pkloud@…
fixed: Solved by setting parametr "encoding" in trac.ini [phpdoc] path = ... …
2:42 PM Ticket #9849 (UnicodeEncodeError: 'latin-1' codec can't encode character u'\u0159' ...) closed by pkloud@…
fixed: Solved by setting parametr "encoding" in trac.ini for phpdoc […]
12:56 PM Ticket #10010 (seems to ignore time data from timingandestimationplugin 1.2.7) created by anonymous
I'm stuck with this issue, see attachment: duration, start/end times …
8:04 AM Ticket #10009 (File not found in ticket, although the attachment exists) created by eu@…
I have a ticket #123 with an attachment called foo.pdf. Writing a …
7:12 AM Ticket #4114 (rendering of included html does not work) closed by rjollos
duplicate: I haven't found a solution yet, but closing this since it's a …
6:35 AM IncludeMacro edited by rjollos
Fixed another typo. (diff)
6:34 AM IncludeMacro edited by rjollos
Fixed typo in version. (diff)
6:29 AM Ticket #3882 (Add partial wiki page section include) closed by rjollos
duplicate: Closing as a duplicate of #9537 since #9537 has a patch. #8972 was …
6:27 AM Ticket #8972 (include anchor) closed by rjollos
duplicate: Can I assume you want to just include the section and possibly …
4:50 AM Ticket #10008 (Eclipse MyLyn default Trac commit message format issue) created by anonymous
The Mylyn plugin to Eclipse (and derivatives like Zend Studio) formats …

May 7, 2012:

5:32 PM Ticket #10007 (problem with clients pluggin within bitnami trac stack) created by f_cavaco@…
Hello, trac version 12 I have been somehow able to install the …
10:01 AM WikinfoPlugin edited by rjollos
Fixed a copy and paste error. (diff)
10:00 AM Ticket #3313 ([Patch] Wikinfo: Fails to work with Trac 0.11) closed by rjollos
9:58 AM Changeset [11539] by rjollos
  • wikinfoplugin/trunk
  • wikinfoplugin/trunk/COPYING
  • wikinfoplugin/trunk/setup.cfg
  • wikinfoplugin/trunk/setup.py
  • wikinfoplugin/trunk/wikinfo

Refs #3313: Rewrite of WikinfoPlugin for Trac 0.11 and later.

8:31 AM WikinfoPlugin edited by rjollos
Updated page and changed maintainer. (diff)
5:32 AM AdoptingHacks edited by rjollos
Added highlighting of source example setup.py (which doesn't work in … (diff)
5:27 AM IncludeMacro edited by rjollos
Changed maintainer. (diff)
5:27 AM IncludeMacro edited by rjollos
Added table of versions for getting source. (diff)
5:20 AM Changeset [11538] by rjollos
  • includemacro/tags/1.1.0

Tagging 1.1.0.

5:19 AM Changeset [11537] by rjollos
  • includemacro/tags/2.1.0

Tagging 2.1.0.

2:31 AM Ticket #877 (WikinfoPlugin: Missing 0.10 branch) closed by rjollos
wontfix: 0.10 won't be supported. I'll get #3313 implemented though.
2:25 AM IncludeMacro edited by rjollos
Updated for change in path with [11532] and [11534]. (diff)
2:18 AM Changeset [11536] by rjollos
  • includemacro/trunk/changelog
  • includemacro/trunk/includemacro/macros.py

Refs #9931: Fine-grained permissions checks were not being performed for the wiki realm.

1:10 AM Changeset [11535] by rjollos
  • includemacro/trunk/0.11

Refs #4162: Cleanup error in [11533] that was fixed in [11534].

1:09 AM Changeset [11534] by rjollos
  • includemacro/branches/0.11

Refs #4162: Created 0.11 branch from r10462.

1:03 AM Changeset [11533] by rjollos
  • includemacro/trunk/0.11

Refs #4162: Created 0.11 branch from r10462.

1:00 AM Changeset [11532] by rjollos
  • includemacro/branches
  • includemacro/branches/0.10
  • includemacro/tags
  • includemacro/trunk

Refs #4162: Created trunk, branches, tags directory structure.

12:52 AM Changeset [11531] by rjollos
  • includemacro/0.11
  • includemacro/0.11/README
  • includemacro/0.11/changelog
  • includemacro/0.11/includemacro/__init__.py
  • includemacro/0.11/includemacro/macros.py

Refs #4162:

  • Added multirepository support (0.12 compatibility). The change preserves backward compatibility with Trac 0.11.
  • Set svn:eol-style and svn:mime-type properties.
  • Set version to 3.0.0dev.
12:19 AM Ticket #3729 (segfault on trac 0.11.1 with Include(source: ...) closed by rjollos
worksforme: I think this issue is most likely resolve with the latest 0.11 branch. …

May 6, 2012:

11:13 PM GitHubSyncPlugin edited by mitar
10:38 PM Changeset [11530] by rjollos
  • includemacro/0.11/changelog
  • includemacro/0.11/includemacro/macros.py
  • includemacro/0.11/setup.py

Refs #2413:

  • Partial revert of [11266]. Set the realm for the context explicitly since it is not clear that it will be correct in many cases if we get the context from the formatter object.
  • Added a changelog.
  • Changed the maintainer.
9:32 PM Ticket #3910 (includemacro patch for Trac 0.12multirepos branch) closed by rjollos
duplicate: Duplicate of #4162. Normally I'd close the ticket with the higher …
12:00 PM Changeset [11529] by Amfortas
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/tracbib/api.py
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/tracbib/ieeelike.py
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/tracbib/source.py
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/tracbib/tracbib.py

source loader for external files

9:15 AM Changeset [11528] by Amfortas
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/tracbib/ieeelike.py
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/tracbib/source.py

support for crossref

May 5, 2012:

1:22 AM GitHub edited by rjollos
1:09 AM Ticket #10006 (allow for ORing display filtering rules) closed by anonymous
invalid: nope, seems a misdoc or misunderstanding of the docs - just this: …

May 4, 2012:

11:19 PM Ticket #10006 (allow for ORing display filtering rules) created by anonymous
seems that you can set just one filter: display=status:closed but it'd …
10:44 PM Ticket #10005 (yields an error about unicode) closed by anonymous
invalid: sorry, just re-checked ... seems old 0.9 was overtaking the latest …
10:23 PM Ticket #10005 (yields an error about unicode) created by anonymous
Error: Macro TracJSGanttChart(milestone=1.2.2) failed strftime() …
8:38 PM Changeset [11527] by Amfortas
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/tracbib/bibtexparse.py
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/tracbib/htdocs/base.css
  • tracbibplugin/branches/redesign/tracbib/ieeelike.py

et al appears already with three authors, chapters appear on the right place

3:48 PM WatchlistPlugin edited by martin_s
Fixed uninstaller links (diff)
3:44 PM Changeset [11526] by martin_s
  • watchlistplugin/0.12/tools/uninstall.py

Fixed wrong name.

2:51 PM BitbucketSyncPlugin edited by mitar
2:50 PM GitHubSyncPlugin edited by mitar
2:48 PM GitHub created by mitar
2:47 PM GitHubSyncPlugin created by mitar
1:20 PM NotificationOptOutPlugin edited by mitar
12:17 PM Ticket #7435 (Doesn't Show Up in Plugins) closed by anonymous
duplicate: Duplicate of #7123
12:15 PM Ticket #7435 (Doesn't Show Up in Plugins) reopened by brad103
I can confirm this problem with latest 0.12 just installed via …
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