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Jul 21, 2012:

11:26 PM WikiTicketCalendarMacro edited by hasienda
correct argument name for template pre-selection and start to move … (diff)
10:44 PM Changeset [11748] by hasienda
  • wikicalendarmacro/trunk/changelog
  • wikicalendarmacro/trunk/wikicalendar/macros.py

WikiCalendarMacro: Add wiki page template preselection to WikiCalendarMacro too, refs #7564.

After reading the wiki documentation lately it looked like a regression, that
the keyword argument base was missing from WikiCalendarMacro.

10:44 PM Changeset [11747] by rjollos
  • defaultccplugin/trunk/defaultcc/admin.py
  • defaultccplugin/trunk/defaultcc/main.py
  • defaultccplugin/trunk/setup.cfg
  • defaultccplugin/trunk/setup.py

0.2dev: Refs #4919: Modify CC list at the time of ticket creation, rather than after the ticket is created. This avoids an immediate comment change and email notification. Strip leading and trailing whitespace from the ticket. Thanks to Pete Suter with hints on the implementation.

10:18 PM WikiCalendarMacro edited by hasienda
hint on new option internal_css (diff)
9:55 PM Changeset [11746] by hasienda
  • wikicalendarmacro/trunk/wikicalendar/htdocs/wikicalendar.css
  • wikicalendarmacro/trunk/wikicalendar/macros.py

WikiCalendarMarco: Optionally embed CSS styles instead of using add_stylesheet, refs #8818.

This introduces a new option internal_css for the equally new upstream
configuration section wikicalendar. False is the default and that's fine,
unless you really need to force reading CSS style definitions.

I tried with ITemplateStreamFilter, but had to learn, that wiki macros are
expanded only afterwards, so including style definitions into the HTML page
seems like the only alternative to trac.web.chrome.add_stylesheet() so far.

4:18 PM Ticket #10169 ([PATCH] improve compatibility with Trac 0.12 / 1.0) created by Genie
Hi~, This is patch for Trac 0.12 / 1.0 compatibility. […]
2:03 PM Ticket #10168 (mail2trac: accept any subject with a ticket number in it (update feature)) created by michelbriand@…
Hello, I'd like to have mail2trac update a ticket when the subject …

Jul 20, 2012:

10:20 PM Ticket #10148 (offset between left and right part of chart table in Internet Explorer) closed by falkb
8:25 PM TicketImportPlugin edited by farialima
8:18 PM Ticket #8349 (dependencies break the import) closed by farialima
fixed: I believe that the fix for #7812 in [11745] is addressing this issue …
8:17 PM Ticket #5892 ([patch] unique timestamps needed for use with MasterTicketsPlugin) closed by farialima
wontfix: I believe we can mark this ticket as won't fix, since the issue …
8:13 PM Ticket #8409 (Support import nested task automatically) closed by farialima
worksforme: If I'm correct, the fix for #7812 in [11745] is addressing this issue …
8:08 PM Ticket #7812 ([PATCH] Handle references between imported tickets) closed by farialima
fixed: Actually, I ended up applying the patch to the 0.11 branch - in …
8:07 PM Changeset [11745] by farialima
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/talm_importer/importer.py
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/talm_importer/processors.py
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/talm_importer/templates/importer.html

Applied patch for #7812... not tested much, but it's not breaking anything :)

7:22 PM Changeset [11744] by farialima
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/test/celltypes-ticket-8804.xls._test_import-0.12.ctl
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/test/celltypes-ticket-8804.xls._test_import.ctl
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/test/celltypes-ticket-8804.xls._test_preview-0.12.ctl
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/test/celltypes-ticket-8804.xls._test_preview.ctl
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/test/with-id-called-id.csv._test_preview.ctl

Fixed the tests so that they run on my machine. I hope they will run on other people's machines too :)

5:01 PM Ticket #10167 (ticket templates don't work for users with TRAC_ADMIN permissions) created by fhuberts
I'm using RHEL6 with trac from EPEL: trac 0.12.3-3 …
4:16 PM Changeset [11743] by ChrisNelson
  • tracjsganttplugin/0.11/tracjsgantt/htdocs/jsgantt.js

Better table alignment in IE. Refs #10148.

Thanks to falkb for the patch!

This looks OK to me on Firefox and Chromium so I guess it doesn't break
anything. I don't have a good way to test IE.

3:36 PM Ticket #9222 (cannot enable all components) closed by rjollos
worksforme: Closing since there was no feedback. Please reopen if you wish to …
2:35 PM Ticket #10166 (got an unexpected keyword argument 'doc_domain') created by didley@…
I get this error after installing plugin […]
2:37 AM Changeset [11742] by hasienda
  • wikicalendarmacro/trunk/changelog
  • wikicalendarmacro/trunk/wikicalendar/macros.py
  • wikicalendarmacro/trunk/wikicalendar/ticket.py

WikiCalendarMacro: Really get all matching tickets, refs #7653.

Thanks to Tobias Johansson for pointing me into the right direction with his
proposed patch for WikiTicketCalendarMacro 0.12 branch.

2:13 AM Changeset [11741] by hasienda
  • wikicalendarmacro/trunk/changelog
  • wikicalendarmacro/trunk/wikicalendar/api.py
  • wikicalendarmacro/trunk/wikicalendar/macros.py
  • wikicalendarmacro/trunk/wikicalendar/ticket.py

WikiCalendarMacro: Restore full 0.11 backwards-compatibility.

Testing with Trac 0.11 lately uncovered thess unreported issues.
I've just added existing compatibility code from WikiTicketCalendarMacro's
0.11 branch.

Jul 19, 2012:

10:05 PM Changeset [11740] by ChrisNelson
  • tracjsganttplugin/0.11/tracjsgantt/tracjsgantt.py

Allow unicode field values (e.g,. for accents in milestones). Refs #9999.

Thanks to falkb for the patch.

5:27 PM Changeset [11739] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/setup.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12/setup.py

bumped version to 1.2.8 re #10165

5:25 PM Changeset [11738] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/timingandestimationplugin/dbhelper.py

updated db-helper backend checks to correctly handle pooled connections fix #10165

5:25 PM Ticket #10165 (dbhelper can't handle Pooled connections in 0.13/1.0dev) closed by bobbysmith007
fixed: (In [11737]) updated db-helper backend checks to correctly handle …
5:25 PM Changeset [11737] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12/timingandestimationplugin/dbhelper.py

updated db-helper backend checks to correctly handle pooled connections fix #10165

11:13 AM Ticket #10165 (dbhelper can't handle Pooled connections in 0.13/1.0dev) created by stotty@…
The db connection scpecific functions in dbhelper.py won't work if the …
10:08 AM Ticket #10164 (subversion paths are not listed with trac 0.12.2) created by tobias.bindhammer@…
The subversion paths are not listed with trac 0.12.2. Thus it is not …
8:10 AM Changeset [11736] by rjollos
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/js/autocomplete_newticket_cc.js
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/js/autocomplete_ticket_cc.js
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/changelog

Refs #6444: Added support for autocompleting the Reporter field on the ticket page.

Jul 18, 2012:

10:08 PM Ticket #10161 (DefaultCcPlugin should be tagged with 0.12 and 1.0?) closed by AdrianFritz
fixed: Done
8:47 PM Ticket #10163 ([patch] enable AD groups in permissions) created by sandinak
This is a combination of ideas from LdapPlugin that will enable AD …
6:30 PM Ticket #10162 (Display ticket tree hierarchy with optional filtering) created by Lisacho
I put the ChildTicketTreeMacro on the home page Wiki of our Trac, so …
5:19 PM Ticket #10161 (DefaultCcPlugin should be tagged with 0.12 and 1.0?) created by AdrianFritz
Ryan, on #10156 says DefaultCcPlugin it´s working for Trac release …
4:24 PM Ticket #10160 (blog publishing / checkpointing) created by sandinak
So I'd really like to see - ability to set a status on an blog entry …
10:41 AM MantisImportScript edited by anonymous
10:40 AM MantisImportScript edited by anonymous
10:40 AM MantisImportScript edited by anonymous
6:03 AM Ticket #9978 (TicketCreateButtonsPlugin wiki review request) closed by AdrianFritz
fixed: Completed
12:51 AM Changeset [11735] by rjollos
  • defaultccplugin/trunk/defaultcc/admin.py

0.2dev: Refs: #9555, #10156: Reverted unintended change in [11734].

12:27 AM Tickets #9555,​10156 batch updated by rjollos
fixed: (In [11734]) Fixes #9555, #10156: * FIX: Traceback would occur when a …
12:27 AM Changeset [11734] by rjollos
  • defaultccplugin
  • defaultccplugin/trunk
  • defaultccplugin/trunk/defaultcc/__init__.py
  • defaultccplugin/trunk/defaultcc/admin.py
  • defaultccplugin/trunk/defaultcc/main.py

0.2dev: Fixes #9555, #10156:

  • FIX: Traceback would occur when a system_message is raised, which could be due to component with same name already existing or 'Remove selected items' pressed with no items selected. Thanks to nike-17@… for the report.
  • FIX: Package was missing __init__.py file, which could result in a failure of the plugin to load.
  • FIX: Removed rollbacks on db upgrade, which fail in Trac 1.0dev and later since the db connection is read-only.
12:12 AM Ticket #9545 (a description on attachments) closed by osimons
worksforme: No response => worksforme

Jul 17, 2012:

11:58 PM Ticket #10157 (Pull summary frin parent to child ticket) created by FILEZ
In tickets, only Parent ID #something is listed. It will be highly …
11:04 PM Ticket #5199 (Trac fails after installing plugin) closed by rjollos
worksforme: Egg is loading correctly: […] Upgrade is needed: […] I think …
8:09 PM DefaultCcPlugin edited by anonymous
Plugin needs a maintainer. (diff)
5:17 PM Ticket #10156 (DefaultCC plugin doesn't work with Release 1.0) created by oliver.staron@…
1:23 PM Ticket #7073 (Times and dates are not imported properly) closed by codeFiend
fixed: Thank you for the report, I think the latest version with changes from …
1:18 PM BadContent edited by otaku42
1:15 PM Ticket #1505 (insert into session sql syntax error) closed by codeFiend
fixed: thank you
1:08 PM Ticket #1448 (script failed during getLoginName) closed by codeFiend
fixed: thank you
1:06 PM MantisImportScript edited by codeFiend
1:04 PM Changeset [11733] by codeFiend
  • mantisimportscript/mantis2trac.py

syncing changes from github

1:03 PM MantisImportScript edited by codeFiend
12:59 PM Ticket #4030 (better solution for ensuring utf-8 consistancy with) closed by codeFiend
fixed: thank you.
11:00 AM Changeset [11732] by rjollos
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/autocompleteusers.py
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/js/autocomplete_query.js
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/changelog

Refs #10155: Partial support for autocompleting the reporter, owner and cc fields on the query page. The dynamic behavior has not yet been implemented, for binding autocomplete behavior to dynamically added filters.

9:18 AM MantisImportScript edited by codeFiend
9:17 AM MantisImportScript edited by codeFiend
7:52 AM Ticket #10155 (Autocomplete fields on the custom query page) created by rjollos
Autocomplete the cc, owner and reporter fields on the …

Jul 16, 2012:

5:22 PM Changeset [11731] by falkb
  • simplemultiprojectplugin/trunk/simplemultiproject/templates/roadmap_versions.html
  • simplemultiprojectplugin/trunk/simplemultiproject/templates/version_edit.html

Refs #10086:

  • added a checkbox for activation of due datetime (see comment:ticket:10086:7)
  • properly enabled some string translations
3:07 PM Ticket #10154 (Announcement sending email failed SMTPServerDisconnected("Connection ...) created by admin
Trunk version has a problem with sending mail. Announcer exits with an …
9:27 AM AutocompleteUsersPlugin edited by rjollos
Updated documentation for recent and forthcoming changes. (diff)
6:39 AM AutocompleteUsersPlugin edited by rjollos
Removed dead link to the unofficial debian package. (diff)
6:21 AM AutocompleteUsersPlugin edited by rjollos
Added another contributor. (diff)
6:20 AM AutocompleteUsersPlugin edited by rjollos
Updated development news. (diff)
6:03 AM Ticket #5360 (Wrong comma added on a composed username) closed by rjollos
worksforme: I've tested username John Smith with the latest trunk version and …
5:52 AM Changeset [11730] by rjollos
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/COPYING
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/autocompleteusers.py
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/js/autocomplete_newticket.js
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/js/autocomplete_newticket_cc.js
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/js/autocomplete_perms.js

Refs #7324: Added support for autocompleting users and groups on the admin permissions page. Thanks to chrisheller for the initial patch.

3:54 AM Ticket #4832 (Add additional support for admistration user fields (like in permission)) closed by rjollos
duplicate: Duplicate of #7324.
3:49 AM Ticket #5346 (separate autocomplete "stuff" from the AutocompleteUsers and ...) closed by rjollos
wontfix: In light of #9599, it looks like this ticket is no longer relevant.
3:46 AM Changeset [11729] by rjollos
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/autocompleteusers.py

Refactoring to support transition to jQuery UI 1.8.

2:15 AM Changeset [11728] by rjollos
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/js/autocomplete_ticket.js
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/setup.py

Refs #6427: Enable autocomplete to work on reassign when a custom workflow is enabled.

Setting plugin version back to 0.4.2dev.

  • 0.4.2 will be the release for Trac 0.11.
  • 0.5.0 will be the release for Trac 0.12.
2:00 AM Changeset [11727] by rjollos
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/__init__.py
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/autocompleteusers.py
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/css/autocomplete.css
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/js/autocomplete_newticket.js
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/js/autocomplete_newticket_cc.js

Various code style changes and refactorings.

1:36 AM AutocompleteUsersPlugin edited by rjollos
Page cleanup. (diff)
1:31 AM AutocompleteUsersPlugin edited by rjollos
Pulled in mitar's changes. Added contributors. (diff)
1:18 AM Ticket #8970 (audocomplete fails to function under Trac 0.12) closed by rjollos
duplicate: The send_header method only needs to be called when calling the …
12:58 AM Ticket #5937 (Not working with tracd & http11) closed by rjollos
duplicate: It appears that the fix is #8970. See …
12:48 AM Ticket #5804 (AutoCompleteUsers + AccountManager + LdapAuthStore) closed by rjollos
duplicate: Replying to sergiocharpinel@gmail.com: > 1. I would …
12:42 AM Ticket #9169 (Doesn't work with the bitnami stack) closed by rjollos
worksforme: I suspect there is a jQuery UI issue that will be resolved as part of …
12:40 AM Ticket #7464 (chrome directory not updated while installing) closed by rjollos
12:39 AM Changeset [11726] by rjollos
  • autocompleteusersplugin
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/autocompleteusers.py
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/setup.py

Refs #7464: Provide explicit globs for package_data in setup.py.

Jul 15, 2012:

10:59 PM Ticket #10136 (SQL to extract tickets) closed by rjollos
invalid: This question should be directed to the mailing list then. It has …
9:23 PM GanttCalendarPlugin edited by Genie
add Important Links (diff)
12:20 PM GanttCalendarPlugin edited by Genie
remove invalid information (diff)
11:23 AM TracBootstrapTheme edited by anonymous
11:22 AM TracBootstrapTheme edited by chapman.cliff@…
Old instructions. (diff)
12:38 AM Ticket #10119 (show project description as project box header on roadmap page) closed by falkb
12:37 AM Ticket #10096 (support permission handling) closed by falkb
12:36 AM Ticket #10088 (project-related roadmap filtering/grouping: only milestones vs. only ...) closed by falkb
12:36 AM Ticket #10085 (version selection depending on projects) closed by falkb
12:35 AM Ticket #10074 (roadmap page filter for certain projects) closed by falkb
12:29 AM Ticket #10075 (new ticket page needs support for project selection) closed by falkb
12:08 AM timeline_projects_filter.png attached to SimpleMultiProjectPlugin by falkb
timeline filter demo

Jul 14, 2012:

9:06 PM DiscussionPlugin edited by rjollos
This plugin needs adoption. (diff)
4:58 PM ChiliProject created by peerst
10:17 AM DiscussionPlugin edited by Blackhex
9:01 AM Ticket #10153 (Create separated i18n domain for plugin messages) created by anonymous
As discussed in http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/CookBook/PluginL10N
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.