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Dec 22, 2012:

11:37 PM Changeset [12470] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/contrib/fix-session_attribute-failed_logins.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/contrib/sessionstore_convert.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/contrib/signatures.py

AccountManagerPlugin: Adjust licensing note in contrib files, refs #10644.

11:24 PM Changeset [12469] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/acct_mgr.po
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/locale/messages.pot

AccountManagerPlugin: (i18n) Extract 10 more msgids for config admin template.

Note that other translation's catalogs are not updated yet. Meanwhile prefer
contributions via Transifex, where updated catalogs will be available soon.

11:18 PM Changeset [12468] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/README.update
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/admin.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/guard.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/templates/admin_accountsconfig.html
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/tests/guard.py

AccountManagerPlugin: Polishing initial AccountGuard implementation.

This changeset requires a Trac db fix-up (for users of account locking).

Run python ./contrib/fix-session_attribute-failed_logins.py <env> on any
Trac environment, that had account locking enabled with time constraints

Time-stamps logged as microseconds before get converted into POSIX seconds.
This fixes an unreported backwards-incompatibility with Trac < 0.12.
Combined clean-up and reformatting, where unit tests helped again to identify
and remove hidden issues and weaknesses.

11:16 PM Changeset [12467] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/tests/__init__.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/tests/guard.py

AccountManagerPlugin: Add unit tests for AccountGuard class methods.

The following substantial changes to account guard wouldn't have been the same
without these 5 more unit tests added here, if they would have occured at all.

11:14 PM Changeset [12466] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/admin.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/templates/admin_accountsconfig.html
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/tests/__init__.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/tests/util.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/util.py

AccountManagerPlugin: Add tool-tip to input field for upper lock time limit.

While moving your mouse to that field, most browsers will show a more
human-readable timedelta representation of the value in seconds now.
It looks valuable to me, because that option value is getting too big for
fast checks at a glance.

Work on the underlying function has been pushed only up to the point,
where it became useful for this application. There's room for development
and improvements - postponed until required.

7:08 AM Changeset [12465] by matobaa
  • contextchromeplugin/0.12/contextchrome/htdocs
  • contextchromeplugin/0.12/contextchrome/htdocs/css
  • contextchromeplugin/0.12/contextchrome/htdocs/css/newicon.css
  • contextchromeplugin/0.12/contextchrome/htdocs/new.png
  • contextchromeplugin/0.12/contextchrome/linkdeco.py

ConteContextChromePlugin: add new WikiLinkNewDecolator feature.

12:05 AM RemoteTicketConditionalCreatePlugin edited by anonymous
12:03 AM Changeset [12464] by zshahan
  • remoteticketconditionalcreateplugin/trunk/remoteticketconditionalcreate/api.py
  • remoteticketconditionalcreateplugin/trunk/setup.py

made some performance improvements. removed need of status value in ini.

Dec 21, 2012:

11:39 PM Changeset [12463] by rjollos
  • adminenumlistplugin/trunk/adminenumlistplugin/htdocs/adminenumlist.js

Refs #10657, #10695:

  • closest doesn't exist until jQuery 1.3, so its use was replaced with parents.
  • prop is recommended for setting the DOM element statesdisabled and checked in jQuery 1.6+. prop is aliased to attr in version of jQuery that it doesn't exist.

In Trac 0.11.0 (jQuery 1.2.3) the indeterminate state of the checkbox is not seen. It may not be supported in earlier versions of jQuery.

10:56 PM Changeset [12462] by rjollos
  • adminenumlistplugin/trunk/adminenumlistplugin/adminenumlistplugin.py
  • adminenumlistplugin/trunk/adminenumlistplugin/htdocs/adminenumlist.js
  • adminenumlistplugin/trunk/changelog
  • adminenumlistplugin/trunk/setup.py

Refs #10657:

  • Added option to hide the column of select elements.
  • Script is only added to pages with enum panels, rather than all admin pages.
  • Bumped version to 2.0dev.
  • Updated changelog for recent changes.
  • Added 3-Clause BSD license to source.
10:50 PM AdminEnumListPlugin edited by rjollos
Refs #10657. (diff)
8:39 PM Changeset [12461] by rjollos
  • adminenumlistplugin/trunk/adminenumlistplugin/htdocs/adminenumlist.js

Refs #10695:

  • The Remove selected items button is enabled only when a checkbox has been selected for at least one of the items.
  • Added a tri-state Select all checkbox to the table header.
  • The Revert changes button is now enabled when a radio button has been selected.
  • Refactoring:
    • Extracted some selectors into variables.
    • Renamed some variables.
6:05 PM Changeset [12460] by rjollos
  • adminenumlistplugin/trunk/adminenumlistplugin/htdocs/adminenumlist.js

Refs #10687:

  • FIX: It was not possible to drag an item into the last row.
  • FIX: drag of items was broken after selecting a checkbox, radio button or select.

Patch by Jun Omae (jun66j5).

5:36 PM Ticket #4452 ([Patch] Use wiki formatting in tables) closed by rjollos
fixed: Please follow-up here if you have any issues with the latest change.
5:29 PM Ticket #8787 (Which function can I use) closed by rjollos
invalid: I'm fairly sure this will be database dependent. …
5:22 PM WikiTableMacro edited by rjollos
Formatting change. (diff)
5:12 PM Ticket #10724 ([PATCH] render inner macros inside the SQLTable macro) closed by rjollos
duplicate: Duplicate of #4452, please follow-up in that ticket.
5:11 PM WikiTableMacro edited by rjollos
Refs #4452. (diff)
5:08 PM Changeset [12459] by rjollos
  • wikitablemacro/trunk/wikitable/table.py

Refs #4452, #10724: Parse table data as wiki markup and format to HTML.

3:22 PM Ticket #10724 ([PATCH] render inner macros inside the SQLTable macro) created by falkb
Imagine this construct: […] The following patch let the table …
3:06 PM Changeset [12458] by rjollos
  • adminenumlistplugin/trunk/adminenumlistplugin/htdocs/adminenumlist.js

Converted tabs to spaces.

2:55 PM Changeset [12457] by rjollos
  • adminenumlistplugin/trunk/adminenumlistplugin/htdocs/adminenumlist.js

Refs #10693: Workaround for select.val() not working on IE8 with Trac 0.11.7. This appears to be due to the option elements not having a value, an issue that was fixed in later versions of jQuery. Patch by Jun Omae (jun66j5).

1:19 PM WikiTableMacro edited by rjollos
Patch moved to ticket #10723. (diff)
1:17 PM Ticket #10723 (Allow variables to be passed to the wikiprocessor) created by rjollos
This was previously attached to the project wiki page: I added below …
1:16 PM WikiTableMacro edited by rjollos
Added syntax highlighting. (diff)
1:14 PM WikiTableMacro edited by rjollos
The known issue was fixed in [12456]. (diff)
1:12 PM Changeset [12456] by rjollos
  • wikitablemacro/trunk/wikitable/scalar.py
  • wikitablemacro/trunk/wikitable/table.py

Display a message on the page when the SQL is invalid, and prevent the page from being locked to further edits.

12:22 PM Ticket #10718 ([PATCH] make it working with Trac-1.0) closed by rjollos
fixed: (In [12455]) Fixes #10718 (0.2dev): Use Trac 0.11+ API, replacing …
12:22 PM Changeset [12455] by rjollos
  • wikitablemacro/trunk/wikitable/scalar.py
  • wikitablemacro/trunk/wikitable/table.py

Fixes #10718 (0.2dev): Use Trac 0.11+ API, replacing implementation of render_macro with expand_macro.

12:13 PM Changeset [12454] by rjollos
  • wikitablemacro/.pydevproject
  • wikitablemacro/trunk/COPYING
  • wikitablemacro/trunk/README.txt
  • wikitablemacro/trunk/setup.cfg
  • wikitablemacro/trunk/setup.py

Converted tabs to spaces. Formatted code. Modified entry point.

11:39 AM Changeset [12453] by falkb
  • simplemultiprojectplugin/trunk/simplemultiproject/version.py

Refs #10365: ported editing of version completion time to Trac 1.0

11:38 AM Changeset [12452] by rjollos
  • wikitablemacro/trunk

Renamed 0.11 directory to trunk.

6:23 AM Ticket #10722 (Error sending notification when no component) created by tom.deneau@…
I had a project where there were no components enabled. I had …

Dec 20, 2012:

12:28 PM QueryUiAssistPlugin edited by anonymous
9:00 AM QueryUiAssistPlugin edited by matobaa
3:41 AM Ticket #10720 (ProgrammingError: operator does not exist: text = integerLINE 1: ...) created by ocaml
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a POST operation on …

Dec 19, 2012:

5:06 PM QueryUiAssistPlugin edited by matobaa
5:03 PM LabelDoubleClick.png attached to QueryUiAssistPlugin by matobaa
4:48 PM Changeset [12451] by matobaa
  • queryuiassistplugin/1.0
  • queryuiassistplugin/1.0/setup.py
  • queryuiassistplugin/1.0/uiassist
  • queryuiassistplugin/1.0/uiassist/__init__.py
  • queryuiassistplugin/1.0/uiassist/htdocs

QueryUiAssistPlugin: first commit

4:24 PM QueryUiAssistPlugin created by matobaa
New hack QueryUiAssistPlugin, created by matobaa
4:24 PM Changeset [12450] by matobaa
  • queryuiassistplugin
  • queryuiassistplugin/0.12
  • queryuiassistplugin/1.0

New hack QueryUiAssistPlugin, created by matobaa

3:16 PM Changeset [12449] by zshahan
  • remoteticketconditionalcreateplugin/trunk/remoteticketconditionalcreate/api.py

made some small updates and removed some unused imports.

2:53 PM Ticket #10719 (turn "Ticket Component Subscriptions" into "Ticket custom-field ...) created by falkb
I rather like to have ticket custom-field 'project' being watched than …
9:26 AM Changeset [12448] by rjollos
  • trackkanbanboardmacro

Project is hosted externally.

8:56 AM board.png attached to TracKanbanBoardMacro by rjollos
8:42 AM Ticket #10718 ([PATCH] make it working with Trac-1.0) created by falkb
Trying today's SVN revision of this plugin I noticed it doesn't work …
8:39 AM TracKanbanBoardMacro created by rjollos
Moved content from misnamed page.
8:15 AM TrackKanbanBoardMacro edited by rjollos
Page was misnamed. (diff)
7:19 AM Ticket #10717 (Closed tickets are scheduled to future with resource leveling) created by anonymous
When "resource leveling" is on, closed tickets are getting "planned" …

Dec 18, 2012:

11:20 PM Ticket #10716 (Internal Error when submitting a review) created by andy.barreras@…
Using Trac 1.0 via Apache (SSL) and PostgreSQL back-end, Python 2.7. …
9:19 PM Ticket #10715 (Config value bind_pw) created by anonymous
Hallo, I get the error value bind_pw is not set in trac.ini Actualy …
3:37 PM TrackKanbanBoardMacro edited by tracmultiproject
3:34 PM TrackKanbanBoardMacro edited by tracmultiproject
3:33 PM TrackKanbanBoardMacro edited by tracmultiproject
3:27 PM TrackKanbanBoardMacro edited by tracmultiproject
3:20 PM TrackKanbanBoardMacro created by tracmultiproject
New hack TrackKanbanBoardMacro, created by tracmultiproject
3:20 PM Changeset [12447] by tracmultiproject
  • trackkanbanboardmacro
  • trackkanbanboardmacro/0.12

New hack TrackKanbanBoardMacro, created by tracmultiproject

2:38 PM Ticket #10709 (Exception while rendering a diff file) closed by ejucovy
fixed: (In [12446]) fixes #10709 -- don't explode with a system error if …
2:38 PM Changeset [12446] by ejucovy
  • permredirectplugin/trunk/permredirect/filter.py

fixes #10709 -- don't explode with a system error if sys.exc_info()[0] is None. also, add some logging code in that situation, because i don't understand when it happens.

11:26 AM Ticket #10713 (DirectoryAuthPlugin: can't set dir_scope parameter in trac.ini) created by sima.baymani@…
For my setup of the plugin, I had to change the scope to 2 (Subtree) …
9:40 AM Ticket #10712 (genarate workflow pic error) created by nickolas.c@…

Dec 17, 2012:

10:49 PM SharedCookieAuthPlugin edited by hasienda
hint on recently added AcctMgr native SSO functionality (diff)
12:19 PM tracmultiproject created by tracmultiproject
New user tracmultiproject registered

Dec 16, 2012:

5:11 PM Changeset [12445] by alancoliveira
  • myprojectplugin
  • myprojectplugin/0.12

New hack MyProjectPlugin, created by alancoliveira

3:54 PM alancoliveira created by alancoliveira
New user alancoliveira registered
6:11 AM Changeset [12444] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/web_ui.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/changelog

AccountManagerPlugin: Revert [9556] and implement a better solution, refs #5964 and #8545.

Undesired recursion on LoginModule.authenticate is prevented by always setting 'user_locked' on the
request now. New option 'environ_auth_overwrite' allows to control previously hard-coded (re-)set of
environment variable REMOTE_USER.

Finally some log output should ease future authentication issue debugging.

5:34 AM Ticket #10709 (Exception while rendering a diff file) created by rjollos
I was investigating …
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