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Apr 12, 2013:

1:27 PM Changeset [12970] by aleuhe
  • budgetingplugin/trunk/ticketbudgeting/htdocs/js/budgeting.js
  • budgetingplugin/trunk/ticketbudgeting/ticketbudgeting.py
  • SQL injection prevented by using db_query and db_transaction with arguments for all values
  • Changes in Budgeting rows are logged in ticket_change (one entry for new or deleted rows, multiple entries for changes values of a row)

Apr 11, 2013:

11:04 PM Ticket #11015 (DirectoryAuthPlugin - db upgrade fails when using postgres backend) created by kyle.james.oconnor@…
Attempting to use Postgres 9.1 backend with this plugin version 1.0.2 …
9:58 PM Ticket #11014 (FieldTooltipPlugin - Hardcoded paths in fieldtootip.py do not exist in project directory ...) created by anonymous
The code in filter_stream(...) function is using hardcoded strings …

Apr 10, 2013:

8:59 PM Ticket #11013 (TracJsGanttPlugin - New techically capable user of Trac - just need to know how to install ...) created by cirocioppa
Interested in installing TracJsGanttPlugin. I'm technical enough to …
7:35 PM Changeset [12969] by Chris Nelson
  • tracjsganttplugin/0.11/tracjsgantt/tracpm.py

Background rescheduler sometimes fails to handle dependencies. Refs #9648.

12:06 PM Ticket #11012 (FootNoteMacro - Automatically insert footnotes at end of page) created by Michael Schwarz
I think it would be a great idea if footnotes would automatically be …
11:51 AM Feuermurmel created by Michael Schwarz
New user Feuermurmel registered

Apr 9, 2013:

6:51 PM NeverNotifyUpdaterPlugin edited by Russ Tyndall
updated references to the trac 1.0 branch to look at the correct place (diff)
6:46 PM Changeset [12968] by Russ Tyndall
  • nevernotifyupdaterplugin/0.12/nevernotifyupdaterplugin/api.py
  • nevernotifyupdaterplugin/1.0/nevernotifyupdaterplugin/api.py

fixed typoed log message

3:42 PM Ticket #7100 (NeverNotifyUpdaterPlugin - NeverNotifyUpdaterPlugin in multiple trac environments.) closed by Russ Tyndall
fixed: (In [12967]) got disabling/enabling per project working again fix #7100
3:42 PM Changeset [12967] by Russ Tyndall
  • nevernotifyupdaterplugin/0.12/nevernotifyupdaterplugin/api.py
  • nevernotifyupdaterplugin/0.12/setup.py
  • nevernotifyupdaterplugin/1.0/nevernotifyupdaterplugin/api.py
  • nevernotifyupdaterplugin/1.0/setup.py

got disabling/enabling per project working again fix #7100

12:19 PM Ticket #11011 (PlannedMilestonesMacro - plugin deprecated?) created by falkb
Not sure if UpcomingMilestonesChartMacro implements now what this …

Apr 8, 2013:

6:52 PM Ticket #11005 (TimingAndEstimationPlugin - sql error on Ticket Work Summary) closed by Russ Tyndall
fixed: The plugin once again hides its reports on the view-tickets screen so …
6:47 PM Changeset [12966] by Russ Tyndall
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/setup.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/timingandestimationplugin/htdocs/report_filter.js
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/timingandestimationplugin/reports_filter.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12/setup.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12/timingandestimationplugin/htdocs/report_filter.js

remove hours/work summary reports from the view-tickets screen re #11005

6:23 PM Changeset [12965] by Ryan J Ollos
  • directoryauthplugin/trunk/tracext/dirauth/auth.py

Refs #11007: Remove orphaned quote (error in [12961]). Thanks to kyle.james.oconnor@… for the patch.

6:07 PM Ticket #10713 (DirectoryAuthPlugin - DirectoryAuthPlugin: can't set dir_scope parameter in trac.ini) closed by Ryan J Ollos
duplicate: Duplicate of #10581, fixed in [12963].
3:15 PM TracJsGanttPlugin edited by Chris Nelson
Minor edit (diff)
3:14 PM TracJsGanttPlugin edited by Chris Nelson
Add documentation of scrollTo option (diff)
3:08 PM Changeset [12964] by Chris Nelson
  • tracjsganttplugin/0.11/tracjsgantt/htdocs/jsgantt.js
  • tracjsganttplugin/0.11/tracjsgantt/tracjsgantt.py

Add scrollTo option to Gantt chart. Refs #8532, #9667.

Apr 7, 2013:

1:02 PM TracIniAdminPanelPlugin edited by Dirk Stöcker
Add i18n link (diff)
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.