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Jun 19, 2013:

10:31 PM Ticket #11179 (ExtendedVersionPlugin - [Patch] Milestones on versions page are not shown in 0.12/trunk & ...) created by AlexK
When the patch I wrote was applied 2 years ago, the whole "show …
5:11 PM Ticket #11178 (AnnouncerPlugin - Notification on new created tickets only) created by ellen.andersson@…
I would love to have the option to subscribe for certain …
4:59 PM ContextChromePlugin edited by Matoba Akihiro
4:04 PM jaredbownds created by Jared
New user jaredbownds registered
3:57 PM Ticket #11177 (MailToTracPlugin - When closing a ticket the resolution is not set) created by Jan Beilicke
Steps to reproduce: Reply to a ticket notification with no matter …
3:25 PM Ticket #11176 (AnnouncerPlugin - Cannot sent emails on changes to tickets) created by andyhodgsononline@…
I have several Trac installations with (what I think are) identical …
8:44 AM Changeset [13299] by Matthias
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/branches/t1ra/TRANSLATION
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/branches/t1ra/projectplan/locale
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/branches/t1ra/projectplan/locale/de_DE
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/branches/t1ra/projectplan/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/branches/t1ra/projectplan/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/projectplanplugin.mo

T1RA 1

  • Added Translation support (L10N support using babel/trac 0.12+ translation api)
  • Cleaned out globber expressions in setup.py, simply add by package_data spec
  • Added Translation guide (file: TRANSLATION)
  • Added first pot and a Catalog for de_DE (for testing)
  • Added setup.cfg and part of setup.py for message extraction/catalog handling according to the l10n cookbook
3:38 AM Changeset [13298] by Pablo
  • jqchartmacro/1.0/jqplotchart/macro.py
  • jqchartmacro/1.0/jqplotchart/tests/jqplotchart_test.py

Support charts inside wiki processors.

3:31 AM Ticket #11175 (DateFieldPlugin - Doesn't support default_handler = TicketModule) created by Matthew Carlson
Date picker does not show up on the new ticket form when the Ticket …

Jun 18, 2013:

11:33 PM Changeset [13297] by Matthias
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/branches/t1ra
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/branches/t1ra/projectplan/htdocs/css/projectplan.css
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/branches/t1ra/projectplan/htdocs/js/dependingticket.js
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/branches/t1ra/projectplan/htdocs/js/jquery-ui.min.js
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/branches/t1ra/projectplan/htdocs/js/projectplan.js

sync to trunc (v2.1.3@r13288)

9:11 PM tester edited by tester
New user tester registered (diff)
3:51 PM ContextChromePlugin edited by Matoba Akihiro
3:16 PM Changeset [13296] by Jun Omae
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/setup.py
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.12/setup.py

tracwysiwygplugin: bump up the version

3:11 PM Changeset [13295] by Jun Omae
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.11/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.12/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js

tracwysiwygplugin: fixed "insertlinebreak" button on Firefox and Internet Explorer 10

2:26 PM Ticket #11173 (TracWysiwygPlugin - "Invalid argument" error if clicking "TT", link and table buttons on ...) closed by Jun Omae
fixed: In 13294: […]
2:26 PM Changeset [13294] by Jun Omae
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/tests/testcase.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.11/tests/testcase.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.11/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.12/tests/testcase.js

tracwysiwygplugin: use pasteHTML instead of execCommand('inserthtml') on Internet Explorer 10 (fixed #11173)

1:57 PM Changeset [13293] by Jun Omae
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.10/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.11/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.12/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js

tracwysiwygplugin: don't re-throw exceptions while caught exception on toolbar buttons

1:18 PM Ticket #11173 (TracWysiwygPlugin - "Invalid argument" error if clicking "TT", link and table buttons on ...) created by Jun Omae
1:13 PM Changeset [13292] by Matoba Akihiro
  • contextchromeplugin/0.12/contextchrome/cors.py
  • contextchromeplugin/0.12/contextchrome/htdocs/js/intertracticketlinkdecorator.js
  • contextchromeplugin/0.12/contextchrome/htdocs/js/xdr.js
  • contextchromeplugin/0.12/contextchrome/linkdeco.py
  • contextchromeplugin/0.12/setup.py

ContextChromePlugin: Added a new feature; decorate ticket links over intertrac.

7:15 AM FulmoIntegration edited by Jun Omae
5:28 AM SiteUpgradeProposal/UserClearance edited by Ryan J Ollos
Fixed markup error. (diff)

Jun 17, 2013:

2:03 PM Ticket #11166 (SimpleMultiProjectPlugin - About timeline filter behavior) closed by ykrocku@…
fixed: Test ok
12:14 PM Ticket #11172 (FineGrainedPageAuthzEditorPlugin - Plugin should help the user with the steps for configuring ...) created by Ryan J Ollos
The plugin specifies ConfigObj in install_requires, which is a …
10:53 AM Changeset [13291] by falkb
  • simplemultiprojectplugin/trunk/simplemultiproject/timeline.py

bugfix: if "All" is set as timeline filter, display also tickets without a set project (refs #11166)

12:23 AM Ticket #11171 (AnnouncerPlugin - documentation request for use of never_notify_updater) created by funky.future@…
after i figured it out, i thought it would be helpful for others to …

Jun 16, 2013:

10:25 PM Changeset [13290] by Steffen Hoffmann
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/admin.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/api.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/notification.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/register.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/web_ui.py

AccountManagerPlugin: Catch notification issues for web-UI requests, refs #11090.

NotificationError handling provides appropriate information to both, admins
and users, preventing too fatal perception of errors from notification actions.
This works around insufficient error handling in notification back-ends,
what has been reported specifically for TracNotification.

Currently it is not explicite, if an AcctMgr method triggers a account change
notification, and notifications are not handled in a request context, what
complicates throwing anything but a fatal TracError.

I noticed, that SingleUserNotification already got protection against this
sort of errors, but I guess, sucking them unconditionally was not a good idea.
Remembering issues related to password reset without notification, that might
have been easier to debug with logging in place - done now.

9:26 PM SiteUpgradeProposal/UserClearance edited by Steffen Hoffmann
start recording of deleted spammer accounts (diff)
2:33 PM TagsPlugin edited by Steffen Hoffmann
some clean-up and corrections (diff)
2:17 PM TagsPlugin/RelatedHacks created by Steffen Hoffmann
revised and corrected hack list, originally compiled for …
3:14 AM Ticket #11170 (CustomFieldAdminPlugin - Reset width and height of textarea after changing orders of custom fields) closed by Jun Omae
fixed: In 13289: […]
3:14 AM Changeset [13289] by Jun Omae
  • customfieldadminplugin/0.11/customfieldadmin/api.py
  • customfieldadminplugin/0.11/customfieldadmin/templates/customfieldadmin.html
  • customfieldadminplugin/0.11/customfieldadmin/tests/api.py

CustomFieldAdminPlugin: Keep width and height of textarea type when custom fields are ordered and fixed the label element for rows field. Closes #11170.

Jun 15, 2013:

6:37 PM Ticket #11170 (CustomFieldAdminPlugin - Reset width and height of textarea after changing orders of custom fields) created by Jun Omae
=== How to reproduce 1. Add custom field as textarea with 42 for …
4:49 PM Ticket #7815 (DateFieldPlugin - DateField-1.0.1 doesn't MODIFY customfield in TracCustomFieldAdmin-0.2.5) closed by Jun Omae
duplicate: It seems to be a duplicate of #8188. And verified the fix for this issue.
11:17 AM Ticket #11168 (CodeReviewerPlugin - Usage issue on vanilla Trac 1.0.1 installation) created by ckolumbus@…
I tried to get your plugin in running according to the installation …
9:11 AM Changeset [13288] by Andreas
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/trunk/projectplan/htdocs/css/projectplan.css
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/trunk/projectplan/htdocs/js/jquery-ui.min.js
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/trunk/projectplan/htdocs/js/projectplan.js
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/trunk/projectplan/htdocs/js/ticketdatepicker.js
  • projectplanplugin/0.11/trunk/setup.py

v2.1.3, patch release


  • jquery-ui is not included via CDN, it has not worked if the Trac instance is accessed via https


  • new mouse cursor for moveable tickets (drag and drop functionality)
2:20 AM TracTicketStatsPlugin edited by Ryan J Ollos
Fixed Image macro call. (diff)

Jun 14, 2013:

11:33 PM Changeset [13287] by Ryan J Ollos
  • tracwikiprintplugin/0.11/setup.cfg
  • tracwikiprintplugin/0.11/setup.py

Refs #10797: Bumped version to 1.9.3dev.

11:29 PM Ticket #10797 (TracWikiPrintPlugin - Update to xhtml2pdf from pisa (as pisa is now obsolete)) closed by Ryan J Ollos
fixed: In 13286: […]
11:29 PM Changeset [13286] by Ryan J Ollos
  • tracwikiprintplugin/0.11/wikiprint/wikiprint.py

Fixes #10797: Update import of pisa to account for new module name. Thanks to charlie@… for the patch.

11:28 PM Changeset [13285] by Ryan J Ollos
  • tracwikiprintplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • tracwikiprintplugin/0.11/wikiprint/api.py
  • tracwikiprintplugin/0.11/wikiprint/defaults.py
  • tracwikiprintplugin/0.11/wikiprint/formats.py
  • tracwikiprintplugin/0.11/wikiprint/htdocs/js/admin_wikiprint.js

Refs #10797: Code cleanup: PEP-0008 changes, removed unused imports including unused import of pisa in web_ui.py. Removed Trac from install_requires, as this has been shown to cause problems (see #10607).

9:28 PM Ticket #11167 (TracWikiPrintPlugin - Change license to BSD?) created by Ryan J Ollos
Previously you allowed changing the license for PlantUmlMacro from GPL …
4:47 PM retracile edited by Eli Carter
12:54 PM rjollos edited by Ryan J Ollos
Update with committer status on t.e.o. (diff)
12:51 PM rjollos edited by Ryan J Ollos
Changed description to "Active". (diff)
12:50 PM rjollos edited by Ryan J Ollos
Just using "assigned" now to track my in-progress tickets. (diff)
12:30 PM Ticket #8235 (TracMetrixPlugin - [error] AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'now') closed by Ryan J Ollos
12:27 PM Ticket #7275 (PollMacro - Message should be displayed when user doesn't have the POLL_VOTE permission) closed by Ryan J Ollos
12:26 PM Ticket #6904 (TicketChartsMacro - Genshi UnicodeDecodeError error while rendering template (unknown ...) closed by Ryan J Ollos
12:17 PM Ticket #4339 (PrivateTicketsPlugin - Various documentation issues) closed by Ryan J Ollos
12:16 PM Ticket #4154 (PrivateTicketsPlugin - privateticketsplugin fails in /report/1 after update to Trac ...) closed by Ryan J Ollos
11:57 AM retracile edited by Ryan J Ollos
Remove TagIt macro call. (diff)
11:31 AM Ticket #11129 (DiscussionPlugin - SpamFilterPlugin incompatibility) closed by Ryan J Ollos
fixed: In 13284: […]
11:31 AM Changeset [13284] by Ryan J Ollos
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/spamfilter.py

Fixes #11129, Refs #8764: Follow-on to [12058], fixing second location that SpamFilter.test is called. Patch by retracile.

6:44 AM Ticket #11166 (SimpleMultiProjectPlugin - About timeline filter behavior) created by anonymous
In timeline page, there is a "Filter projects" option added by simple …
6:11 AM Ticket #11165 (TracTicketStatsPlugin - TracStatsPlugin does not properly count imported tickets) created by achittur@…
Change [13107] changed the results of the get_num_closed_tix() and …
5:49 AM Changeset [13283] by Ryan J Ollos
  • themeengineplugin/trunk/README

Refs #10193: Update links in ThemeEnginePluugin README for Trac 1.0 raw attachment link format.

4:35 AM Ticket #11164 (TracHacksPlugin - Package site templates after porting from ClearSilver to Genshi) created by Ryan J Ollos
As osimons mentioned in comment:45:ticket:10193, the site templates …
2:11 AM Ticket #11155 (GraphvizPlugin - File permission errors) closed by Ryan J Ollos
worksforme: Replying to anonymous: > I have the following set: …

Jun 13, 2013:

1:54 PM Ticket #11163 (CodeReviewerPlugin - Code review disappears after making a comment) created by Peter Walhagen <peter.walhagen@…>
I've encountered a problem where the code review plugin stops working …
8:39 AM SimpleMultiProjectPlugin edited by falkb
attachment display fixed (diff)
8:34 AM Ticket #11162 (SimpleMultiProjectPlugin - improve project selection widget) created by falkb
I found http://www.erichynds.com/blog/jquery-ui-multiselect-widget
7:11 AM Ticket #11161 (EmoticonsPlugin - patch and images for adding "ok" and "cancel" (or "not-ok") icons to trac) created by mz@…
1:15 AM Ticket #11160 (SimpleMultiProjectPlugin - Shell command to create project) created by anonymous
Hi, is there any shell command for unix to create a project under …

Jun 12, 2013:

6:29 PM TracHacks edited by Ryan J Ollos
Added another maintainer. (diff)
2:10 PM TicketToTracScript edited by nielo
11:25 AM nielo created by nielo
New user nielo registered
12:14 AM Changeset [13282] by Ryan J Ollos
  • blackmagictickettweaksplugin/0.12/blackmagic/blackmagic.py

Refs #7185: Added additional checks for existence of variables since some parameters may not exist for all reports.

12:13 AM Changeset [13281] by Ryan J Ollos
  • blackmagictickettweaksplugin/0.12/COPYING
  • blackmagictickettweaksplugin/0.12/blackmagic/blackmagic.py
  • blackmagictickettweaksplugin/0.12/setup.py

Fixed PEP-0008 violations, including incorrect indentation and unused imports. Moved license to COPYING file.

12:10 AM Ticket #11140 (BlackMagicTicketTweaksPlugin - KeyError: 'id' - Error in running report with input arguments) closed by Ryan J Ollos
duplicate: Duplicate of #7185.
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.