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Jul 19, 2013:

12:33 PM TracLinksPlugin edited by Matoba Akihiro
10:42 AM Ticket #11231 (WorkflowNotificationPlugin - Ticket creation email not sent when creating ticket using email2trac) created by anonymous
So now I use email2trac for creation of email. Strangely, I don't get …

Jul 18, 2013:

10:59 PM Changeset [13337] by Matoba Akihiro
  • traclinksplugin/0.12/traclinks/htdocs/js/onhashchange.js
  • traclinksplugin/0.12/traclinks/textbox.py

TracLinksPlugin: enabled followings:

9:18 PM Ticket #11230 (TracMathPlugin - Could not find pdflatex binary at /usr/bin/pdflatex) created by jaydub66@…
I want to report two problems: 1. TracMath 0.6 seems to be triggered …
6:26 AM Ticket #11229 (WorkflowNotificationPlugin - Can't get it to run) created by Zeph
Hi, Thanks for your wonderful plugin. But I have a bit of problem …

Jul 17, 2013:

10:43 PM Changeset [13336] by Matoba Akihiro
  • fieldtooltipplugin/0.12/fieldtooltip/htdocs/jquerytools/jquery_tools_tooltip.css

FieldTooltipPlugin: Fixed that some tooltips was not wrapped.

4:26 PM Changeset [13335] by Jun Omae
  • ticketchartsmacro/trunk/ticketcharts/TicketCharts.py

refs #6904: fixed UnicodeDecodeError, _get_random_string generates a 8-bit string if non en-US locale

12:21 PM Changeset [13334] by Matoba Akihiro
  • fieldtooltipplugin/0.12/fieldtooltip/fieldtooltip.py
  • fieldtooltipplugin/0.12/fieldtooltip/htdocs/jquerytools/jquery_tools_tooltip.css
  • fieldtooltipplugin/0.12/fieldtooltip/htdocs/jquerytooltip/enabler.js
  • fieldtooltipplugin/0.12/fieldtooltip/htdocs/jquerytooltip/jquery.tooltip.css

FieldTooltipPlugin: fix invalidations of HTML;
div elements of tooltip were moved from child of table element to child of th element.

12:13 PM Ticket #11228 (TracJsGanttPlugin - click on ticket raises a new browser window but we want a new tab page) created by anonymous
Is there an option to let the tickets appear as new tab in the …
8:07 AM Ticket #11227 (AnnouncerPlugin - UnicodeEncodeError with accented characters) created by Stephan Geulette
trac 1.0.1, python 2.7.3 traceback […] output contains : […] …

Jul 16, 2013:

8:13 PM Ticket #11225 (DefaultCcPlugin - Could not add default cc to component) closed by Ryan J Ollos
fixed: In 13333: […]
8:13 PM Changeset [13333] by Ryan J Ollos
  • defaultccplugin/trunk/defaultcc/admin.py
  • defaultccplugin/trunk/defaultcc/model.py

0.3dev: Edits to the Default CC field of a component were not being saved. Related to [13017]. Refs #11039, Fixes #11225.

4:33 PM Ticket #11226 (TagsPlugin - Replacing a tag removes unrelated tags) created by Ben Allen
I noticed that while using the tag administration UI to rename a tag, …
2:05 PM Ticket #11225 (DefaultCcPlugin - Could not add default cc to component) created by Mario Fetka
when i try to add a default_cc to a component via the admin panel …

Jul 15, 2013:

9:59 PM Ticket #11224 (TracTicketChangesetsPlugin - svnsync breaks log) created by rdeman
I am using Trac with a mirror repository (this is b/c our corporate …
6:56 PM rdeman created by rdeman
New user rdeman registered
6:55 PM Ticket #9970 (TracTicketChangesetsPlugin - Only root may execute trac-admin commands) reopened by anonymous
2:30 PM Ticket #11223 (TracTicketDepgraphPlugin - Due to no *.css files present in htdocs, the directory is not included ...) created by dna
The situation in the summary resulted in an interesting error at our …
8:35 AM Ticket #11222 (WikiFormsPlugin - Populate drop down list from database) created by cverdecchia@…
Hello I would like to know if it's possible to populate a drop down …
6:16 AM HackProcedures edited by Steffen Hoffmann
missed a high-level link to adopting hacks procedure - here it is (diff)

Jul 14, 2013:

10:57 AM Ticket #11219 (TracDragDropPlugin - wrong attachment format) closed by Jun Omae
wontfix: I will not plan to change it.

Jul 12, 2013:

3:55 PM Ticket #11221 (LdapAuthStorePlugin - working LdapAuthStorePlugin for Trac 1.0.1) created by igoltz
I did merge together the different patches from #1147 and #1600 This …
3:38 PM igoltz created by igoltz
New user igoltz registered
8:48 AM Ticket #11220 (WhiteboardPlugin - Whiteboard for SQL queries) created by etienne.bersac@…
Hi, Whiteboard is activated only for trac query, could you activate …
8:38 AM SimpleMultiProjectPlugin edited by anonymous
Corrected typo ressource->resource (diff)
7:09 AM Ticket #11219 (TracDragDropPlugin - wrong attachment format) created by erictioh84@…
After uploaded an attachment, when we click the down arrow there are …
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