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Aug 16, 2013:

9:29 PM Ticket #11283 (Wrap summary & add owner) created by jblomo
This adds two features: - wrap the summary line to ~ 20 characters - …
9:24 PM jblomo created by jblomo
New user jblomo registered
6:56 PM Changeset [13355] by jun66j5
  • tracdragdropplugin/0.12/tracdragdrop/web_ui.py

tracdragdrop: trap client disconnects during call to req.args to avoid noisy logging

2:18 PM TestManagerForTracPlugin edited by seccanj
12:29 PM Ticket #11209 (Upgrading Trac throws SQL-error) closed by seccanj
fixed: Fixed with 1.7.1
9:33 AM Ticket #11282 (No clean copy of license file in source tree) created by awilliam@…
The condfieldsgenshi plugin is licensed under BSD, but doesn't include …
8:24 AM Changeset [13354] by rjollos
  • crystalxtheme/0.11

Deleted empty directories (left over due to move in Git and push via Git-SVN).

8:23 AM ShortcutIconPlugin edited by rjollos
Added maintainer and syntax highlighting. (diff)
8:17 AM CrystalxTheme edited by rjollos
Fixed link to image following [12807]. (diff)
8:09 AM leopay edited by rjollos
Remvoved TagIt macro. (diff)
4:54 AM Ticket #11281 (Possible issue with ListTagged macro and pagination) created by rjollos
I found this in the logs (running r13304 of TagsPlugin), […] I'm …
4:49 AM dreamkxd edited by rjollos
Remove TagIt macro calls. (diff)
4:24 AM GoogleMapMacro edited by rjollos
Development branch doesn't exist. (diff)

Aug 15, 2013:

6:50 PM Ticket #11280 (Billing HTML template tweaks) created by anonymous
I made a few minor teaks to the billing.html template and have …
5:10 PM Ticket #11124 (Missing dependencies, can't convert legacy dependencies) closed by asdorsey
invalid: Actually this was my own dumb fault; old versions of the plugins were …
4:51 PM Ticket #11279 (Multiple user lists in Users tab of Administration, only one "works") created by asdorsey
Whenever I installed UserManagerPlugin and navigated to the Users tab …
12:33 PM TracHoursPlugin edited by rjollos
Removed invalid browser links. (diff)
12:12 PM TimeVisualizerPlugin edited by anonymous
12:11 PM TimeVisualizerPlugin edited by anonymous
11:57 AM 0.7_screenshot.png attached to TimeVisualizerPlugin by anonymous
0.7 screenshot with multiple lines
7:32 AM TicketModifiedFilesPlugin edited by rjollos
Added page outline. (diff)

Aug 13, 2013:

9:27 PM Changeset [13353] by rjollos
  • lastmodifiedmacro/trunk/LastModified.py

Remove incorrect mimetype property.

9:26 PM Changeset [13352] by rjollos
  • wikinfoplugin/trunk/wikinfo/__init__.py
  • wikinfoplugin/trunk/wikinfo/macro.py

Remove incorrect mimetype property.

8:13 AM Changeset [13351] by johnatannvmd
  • teamcitypluginintegration/trunk/setup.py
  • teamcitypluginintegration/trunk/teamcity/web_ui.py

[teamcity-plugin] Fix missed Content-Length. Update version.

5:19 AM LdapAuthStorePlugin edited by rjollos
Cleaned up history. (diff)
12:40 AM Ticket #11278 (Allow for email template files) created by anonymous
I would like to see the ability to specify template files for .body …

Aug 12, 2013:

4:38 PM Ticket #11277 ([Patch] Add a component list view page) created by ak@…
We needed a list of all components/sub-components and the number of …
4:38 PM TagsPlugin edited by rjollos
Point to internal page now that we are on Trac 1.0. (diff)
3:33 PM TagsPlugin edited by fgnievinski
broken link (diff)
3:21 PM TagsPlugin edited by fgnievinski
tags are not a hierarchy (diff)
12:19 AM Ticket #11276 (creole links partially supported) closed by jun66j5
duplicate: A duplicate of #8387.

Aug 9, 2013:

10:51 PM Ticket #11276 (creole links partially supported) created by fgnievinski
7:55 PM Ticket #11275 (TracHoursRoadmapFilter is not working on BitNami Trac Stack) created by jmeros
After installing TracHoursPlugin on my BitNami Trac Stack server all …
5:59 PM Ticket #11274 (Summaries on Tags page should be wiki formatted to html) created by rjollos
By viewing the Tags page, we …
3:54 PM jmeros created by jmeros
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