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Sep 17, 2013:

11:00 PM Changeset [13388] by Matoba Akihiro
  • traclinksplugin/0.12/traclinks/textbox.py

TracLinksPlugin: refs #11324 Quick hacked to avoid error, not fixed yet

10:11 PM GliffyMacro edited by Ryan J Ollos
Syntax highlighting. (diff)
6:05 PM Ticket #11324 (TracLinksPlugin - AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'id' error when ...) created by anonymous
Currently the TracLinksPlugin is the only plugin I have enabled. When …
3:50 PM NoAnonymousPlugin edited by Ryan J Ollos
Removed unnecessary markup. (diff)
3:50 PM NoAnonymousPlugin edited by Ryan J Ollos
Syntax highlighting. (diff)

Sep 16, 2013:

3:29 PM Ticket #11323 (DirectoryAuthPlugin - AttributeError: Cannot find an implementation of the ...) created by pawel.koselski@…
Hi, After installation of DirectoryAuthPlugin I run project db upgrade …
10:21 AM Ticket #11322 (ShellExampleMacro - Add support for program stdin reads, by allowing $$ in the middle of a ...) created by anonymous
Sometimes you run a program or command, which prompts for some …
7:54 AM Ticket #8971 (DynamicFieldsPlugin - Enabling the hide rule wide textarea fields are not automatically put ...) reopened by anonymous
Replying to sue.sml2006@…: > Hi Rob, > I was able to use …

Sep 15, 2013:

5:16 PM Ticket #10417 (AutocompleteUsersPlugin - XML RPC to fix incompatible autocompletion plugins) closed by Ryan J Ollos
duplicate: * Autocompleting other fields has been requested in #6444. * Porting …

Sep 13, 2013:

9:42 AM AsciiMathMacro edited by anonymous

Sep 12, 2013:

9:29 PM MailToTracPlugin edited by Vikraman
Update the mail2tracAdmin script instructions (diff)
9:26 PM vikraman created by Vikraman
New user vikraman registered
8:01 PM Ticket #11321 (XmlRpcPlugin - XML response has incorrect Content-Type on some errors) created by Matt Muller
[…] The XMLRPC plugin is supposed to detect the Content-Type and …
7:49 PM mattinflection created by Matt Muller
New user mattinflection registered
4:48 AM Changeset [13387] by Ryan J Ollos
  • simpleticketplugin/trunk/simpleticket/web_ui.py

Refs #11290: Perform some additional tests for variable existence, and don't remove required fields.

3:46 AM Ticket #11320 (TestManagerForTracPlugin - baseurl in stats page doesn't use trac's configuration) created by lee@…
The baseurl passed to the page template should come from trac.baseurl …
2:31 AM Ticket #11242 (TracHacks - IndexError: pop from empty list) closed by Ryan J Ollos
fixed: We had these files in site-packages: […] I'm not sure what …

Sep 11, 2013:

10:32 PM Ticket #11319 (TestManagerForTracPlugin - Ability to Modify Test Plans) created by Ben Stasiewicz
I want to be able to create a test plan and then later on add or …
10:26 PM StazNZ created by Ben Stasiewicz
New user StazNZ registered
7:39 AM Ticket #11318 (TracJsGanttPlugin - PATCH: ALAP scheduling uses remaininghours to compute finish of ...) created by falkb
The official plugin code uses the planned (== "estimate") work hours …

Sep 10, 2013:

10:57 PM ContextChromePlugin edited by Matoba Akihiro
8:06 PM Ticket #11317 (CondFieldsPlugin - [Patch] please support GroupTicketFieldsPlugin) created by Andras Korn
The CondFieldsPlugin fails to hide fields grouped by the …
3:27 PM Ticket #11316 (HierWikiPlugin - The ! - mark will be shown on titles beside hierarchie-list) created by anonymous
Pages with the first entry = !ThisIsNotA Title = will be shown with …
1:32 PM Changeset [13386] by Matoba Akihiro
  • traclinksplugin/0.12/traclinks/anchoranywhere.py
  • traclinksplugin/0.12/traclinks/htdocs/js/onhashchange.js

TracLinksPlugin: Refactored, added help for quick search box, template for newticket.

8:48 AM Ticket #8591 (NavAddPlugin - NavAdd active state) closed by Ryan J Ollos
duplicate: Duplicate of #592.
8:46 AM Changeset [13385] by Ryan J Ollos
  • navaddplugin/trunk/navadd/navadd.py
  • navaddplugin/trunk/setup.py

Refs #940: Refactor code to use a ListOption and add doc. Bumped version to 0.2.

8:46 AM Ticket #940 (NavAddPlugin - Allow URLs relative to project root) closed by Ryan J Ollos
8:46 AM Changeset [13384] by Ryan J Ollos
  • navaddplugin/trunk
  • navaddplugin/trunk/COPYING
  • navaddplugin/trunk/navadd
  • navaddplugin/trunk/navadd/__init__.py
  • navaddplugin/trunk/navadd/navadd.py

Renamed 0.9 directory to trunk`.

8:46 AM Changeset [13383] by Ryan J Ollos
  • navaddplugin/0.9/navadd/navadd.py

Refs #940: Make href project-relative.

8:45 AM Ticket #11248 (NavAddPlugin - Broken for 1.0) closed by Ryan J Ollos
fixed: In 13382: […]
8:45 AM Changeset [13382] by Ryan J Ollos
  • navaddplugin/0.9/COPYING
  • navaddplugin/0.9/navadd/__init__.py
  • navaddplugin/0.9/navadd/navadd.py
  • navaddplugin/0.9/setup.py

Fixes #11248:

  • File contained fixed tabs and spaces.
  • Added license headers to file and 3-Clause BSD text.
  • Changed entry point so that import in __init__ isn't necessary.
8:27 AM Ticket #8556 (NavAddPlugin - NavAdd plugin installation issue) closed by Ryan J Ollos
worksforme: Please see #11248 and try again with the latest source.
4:04 AM Ticket #11314 (TracWorkflowAdminPlugin - Workflow Diagram does not work) created by paresh138@…
I have Trac 1.0 and TracWorkflowAdmin running on Ubuntu …
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.