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Feb 27, 2014:

4:30 PM Ticket #11603 (Editor can't manage more than 10 actions and messes states and actions up) created by bernd.stahlbock@…
If you want to build up a complex workflow, you will loose older …
12:01 PM Ticket #11601 (Create Ticket for a TestCase which is copied from an other) created by christian.piesker@…
Following situation: We created a TestCases and copied this two or …

Feb 26, 2014:

4:48 PM Ticket #11600 (Organize Test Catalogs only allows Test Cases to be moved) created by anonymous
When using the "Organize Test Catalogs" button, only the test cases …
9:42 AM Changeset [13714] by jun66j5
  • exceldownloadplugin/0.12/tracexceldownload/ticket.py

ExcelDownloadPlugin: follow-ups to [13702], fixed crash while downloading excel with history if result of custom query is empty

9:30 AM Changeset [13713] by framay
  • budgetingplugin/trunk/setup.py
  • budgetingplugin/trunk/ticketbudgeting/htdocs/js/budgeting.js
  • budgetingplugin/trunk/ticketbudgeting/ticketbudgeting.py
  • costs can be disabled; this might be useful when costs are entered by third party software.
  • setting version to 0.6.4
2:02 AM Changeset [13712] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/changelog
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/admin.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/tests/ticket.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/ticket.py

TagsPlugin: Return all tags for matching tickets, refs #4503, #11226 and #11302.

When moving ticket tags to normalized storage in [13165], my adapted db query
did no longer retrieve all tags for matching tickets in ticket tag provider
method get_tagged_resources().

Using this method in TagSystem.replace_tag() consequently caused
reproducible loss of all ticket tags other than the new tag.
Corresponding unit test covers ticket with multiple tags now as well.

Feb 25, 2014:

7:52 PM TracTicketTemplatePlugin edited by russellballestrini
7:51 PM russellballestrini edited by russellballestrini
6:34 PM Ticket #11547 (Install issue) closed by jun66j5
duplicate: That is the same as #11570. Please upgrade to [13660] or later. Thanks.
6:00 PM Ticket #11599 (Test Case URLs broken after organizing them) created by danimand
Whenever a Test Case is moved to another catalogs, all the URL links …
5:58 PM Ticket #11598 ("Default" Test Case template to be applied to newly created Test Catalogs) created by danimand
I have a generic Test Case template which most of the Test Catalogs …
5:53 PM Ticket #11597 (Cannot delete Test Case templates) created by danimand
Trying to delete a Test Case template always results in this error …
2:43 PM Changeset [13711] by framay
  • budgetingplugin/trunk/setup.py
  • budgetingplugin/trunk/src
  • budgetingplugin/trunk/ticketbudgeting/htdocs/css
  • budgetingplugin/trunk/ticketbudgeting/htdocs/js/budgeting.js
  • budgetingplugin/trunk/ticketbudgeting/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/ticketbudgeting.po

reverted to revision [13119], since changes made in commits [13306:13307] are not working properly

11:52 AM Ticket #11596 (Sample Ticket) closed by jun66j5
invalid: This is not a test system!
11:29 AM Ticket #11596 (Sample Ticket) created by sample
New ticket has been created
1:18 AM Ticket #9264 (Replace ticket field title "Keywords" with "Tags") closed by hasienda
wontfix: Replying to rjollos: > While this ticket could be a …
12:53 AM Ticket #7714 (display ticket-summary in "tags-query") closed by hasienda
fixed: Seemingly the documentation changes have been sufficient, because we …

Feb 24, 2014:

5:44 PM Ticket #11595 (KeyError: 'peer review') created by benjamin.jefferson@…
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a GET operation on …
2:59 PM Ticket #11594 (wide textarea fields are not automatically put on their own lines) created by anonymous
In custom fields, I have a 60 column wide textarea field that ends up …

Feb 23, 2014:

8:25 PM AnnouncerPlugin edited by rjollos
Grammar fix. (diff)
11:43 AM Ticket #11576 (Template for email content) closed by hasienda
fixed: Replying to hasienda: > I'll extend our wiki documentation …
11:40 AM AnnouncerPlugin edited by hasienda
hint in template usage for ticket change notification in response to #11576 (diff)

Feb 22, 2014:

10:50 AM Ticket #10032 (TypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, Element found) closed by hasienda
fixed: Thanks for the hint on #8995. I wouldn't have reminded that one …
2:38 AM Blog: trac-hacks.org is moving edited by rjollos
Proper link for "admin".
2:31 AM Blog: trac-hacks.org is moving created by rjollos

Feb 21, 2014:

4:35 PM Ticket #11592 (Cannot create forums with Trac 1.0.1.) closed by anonymous
fixed: Hi, I have tried changeset:13709 and I can now create forums as well …
2:23 PM GanttCalendarPlugin edited by Genie
update Contributors (diff)
9:57 AM Changeset [13710] by osimons
  • xmlrpcplugin/trunk/tracrpc/tests/ticket.py

XmlRpcPlugin: Added a test for ticket.type.getAll.

7:28 AM Changeset [13709] by rjollos
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/api.py

0.9dev: Do a db.commit after each transaction, because having a single db.commit doesn't seem to be effective either due to scoping issues, or because the statement isn't encountered in certain scenarios. Refs #11592.

4:20 AM Changeset [13708] by rjollos
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/api.py
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/notification.py
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/wiki.py

0.9dev: Keep db object in scope when using a cursor. Refs #11592.

Also fixed an unresolved import and removed logging of SQL because it is implicitly logged (see the [trac] debug_sql configuration item).

3:23 AM Ticket #11593 (Style has not been sanitized) created by uchida_t@…
I input CSS Expression in box. […] Output: […] This can used …
2:55 AM Changeset [13707] by rjollos
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/__init__.py
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/api.py
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/spamfilter.py
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/timeline.py
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/wiki.py

0.9dev: Fixed indentation and trimmed whitespace using reindent.py.

2:37 AM DiscussionPlugin edited by rjollos
Updated plugin version info. (diff)
12:40 AM Changeset [13706] by rjollos
  • discussionplugin/0.11/setup.cfg
  • discussionplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/api.py
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/timeline.py

0.9dev: Fix for Cannot operate on a closed cursor because db object is out-of-scope when using the cursor to retrieve timeline events. Refs #11592.

Feb 20, 2014:

10:52 PM Ticket #11592 (Cannot create forums with Trac 1.0.1.) created by vrowley@…
Hi, I'm trying to use the plug-in in Trac 1.0.1. I use …
10:33 PM XmlRpcPlugin edited by olemis
XmlRpcPlugin : List issues related to attached Java client lib (diff)
10:21 PM Ticket #11108 (Problem with the api's library(int id, int when=0)) closed by olemis
cantfix: This is what I get from the Python console […] Then I wrote …
8:31 PM Changeset [13705] by ChrisNelson
  • tracjsganttplugin/0.11/tracjsgantt/tracpm.py

Revert "Try using executemany(). Refs #11287, 9648, 11385"

This reverts commit 5738e04f43ada2747ec5326db294c58de2ab89ba.

4:01 PM Ticket #11591 (Provide a macro to insert page breaks and change page format in ...) created by orontee
When one export a document containing larges images, page breaks must …
3:49 PM orontee created by orontee
New user orontee registered
2:30 PM Ticket #11581 (Trac jsGantt plugin failed) closed by jun66j5
worksforme: Please report to #11385 about the ProgrammingError problem.
1:35 PM Ticket #11581 (Trac jsGantt plugin failed) reopened by tsmelyanskiy@…
Solution in #11385 doesn't help... I still have the problem […] …
1:25 PM TracTicketReferencePlugin edited by t2y
1:00 PM Ticket #11590 (Wrong URL in setup.py) closed by rjollos
fixed: In 13704: […]
1:00 PM Changeset [13704] by rjollos
  • codereviewerplugin/0.12/setup.py

Fixed URL in setup.py. Patch by hackonteur. Fixes #11590.

11:43 AM Ticket #11590 (Wrong URL in setup.py) created by hackonteur
On the Admin plugins page, the "Home page" for the plugin is wrong. …
8:57 AM Changeset [13703] by rjollos
  • flexiblereporternotificationplugin/0.11/COPYING
  • flexiblereporternotificationplugin/0.11/flexiblereporternotification/api.py
  • flexiblereporternotificationplugin/0.11/setup.py

Added 3-Clause BSD license.

8:47 AM Changeset [13702] by jun66j5
  • exceldownloadplugin/0.12/tracexceldownload/api.py
  • exceldownloadplugin/0.12/tracexceldownload/ticket.py

ExcelDownloadPlugin: improved performance to reduce query execution and use unbound methods

8:43 AM FlexibleReporterNotificationPlugin edited by rjollos
Reworked the description. Added contributors. (diff)
8:36 AM Ticket #7554 ([Patch] Fix for Trac 0.12) closed by rjollos
fixed: In 13701: […]
8:36 AM Changeset [13701] by rjollos
  • flexiblereporternotificationplugin/0.11/flexiblereporternotification/api.py
  • flexiblereporternotificationplugin/0.11/setup.py

Complete rework of plugin, using ideas from #11210 in the patch by chris-at. Fixes #7554, Refs #8821, #11210.

Note that only one instance of the reporter in to_recipients is removed. So for instance, if the reporter is also the owner and always_notify_owner is True, then the reporter will still receive a notification.

This has been lightly tested, so please report back if you find any issues.

8:36 AM Changeset [13700] by rjollos
  • flexiblereporternotificationplugin/0.11/flexiblereporternotification/__init__.py
  • flexiblereporternotificationplugin/0.11/flexiblereporternotification/api.py
  • flexiblereporternotificationplugin/0.11/setup.py

Compatibility for Trac 0.12 and later.

8:36 AM Changeset [13699] by rjollos
  • ticketteamdispatcherplugin/0.11/ttd/admin.py
  • ticketteamdispatcherplugin/0.11/ttd/notification.py

Whitespace cleanup using reindent.py.

8:36 AM Changeset [13698] by rjollos
  • flexiblereporternotificationplugin/0.11/flexiblereporternotification/__init__.py
  • flexiblereporternotificationplugin/0.11/setup.py

Whitespace cleanup using reindent.py.

8:29 AM Ticket #11210 (Trac 1.0 Support) closed by rjollos
duplicate: I used some of the ideas in api.py to prepare the fix for …
6:43 AM Ticket #8821 (FlexibleReporterNotifcationPlugin not working) closed by rjollos
duplicate: Duplicate of #7554. A fix will be committed against that ticket.
6:36 AM DateFieldPlugin edited by jun66j5
Removed leading whitespaces in the configuration example (diff)
6:21 AM FlexibleReporterNotificationPlugin edited by rjollos
Added page outline. (diff)
6:12 AM Changeset [13697] by rjollos
  • codereviewerplugin/0.12/coderev/api.py
  • codereviewerplugin/0.12/coderev/htdocs/coderev.css
  • codereviewerplugin/0.12/coderev/htdocs/coderev.js
  • codereviewerplugin/0.12/coderev/model.py
  • codereviewerplugin/0.12/coderev/templates/coderev.html

PEP-0008 changes. Fixed unresolved import in api.py.

5:50 AM Changeset [13696] by rjollos
  • codereviewerplugin/0.12/setup.py

Bump version to 0.0.3. Refs #10357, #10834.

5:47 AM Ticket #10834 (Internal Error when submitting a review) closed by rjollos
fixed: In 13695: […]
5:47 AM Changeset [13695] by rjollos
  • codereviewerplugin/0.12/coderev/web_ui.py

Support default (not explicitly named) repositories. Fixes #10834. Patch by hackonteur.

3:41 AM Ticket #11589 (Use of add_javascript is deprecated and should be replaced with add_script) closed by rjollos
fixed: In 13694: […]
3:41 AM Changeset [13694] by rjollos
  • teamcitypluginintegration/trunk/teamcity/admin.py
  • teamcitypluginintegration/trunk/teamcity/timeline.py
  • teamcitypluginintegration/trunk/teamcity/web_ui.py

Replaced deprecated add_javascript with add_script. Fixes #11589.

3:41 AM Changeset [13693] by rjollos
  • teamcitypluginintegration/trunk/setup.py
  • teamcitypluginintegration/trunk/teamcity/admin.py
  • teamcitypluginintegration/trunk/teamcity/helpers.py
  • teamcitypluginintegration/trunk/teamcity/timeline.py
  • teamcitypluginintegration/trunk/teamcity/web_ui.py

Replaced tabs with spaces using reindent.py.

3:40 AM Ticket #11589 (Use of add_javascript is deprecated and should be replaced with add_script) created by rjollos
add_javascript has been deprecated since Trac 0.10 ([trac 3505]).
3:33 AM Ticket #11588 (Use of add_javascript is deprecated and should be replaced with add_script) closed by rjollos
fixed: In 13692: […]
3:33 AM Changeset [13692] by rjollos
  • spoilermacro/0.12/spoiler/macro.py

Replaced deprecated add_javascript with add_script. Fixes #11588.

3:31 AM Ticket #11588 (Use of add_javascript is deprecated and should be replaced with add_script) created by rjollos
add_javascript has been deprecated since Trac 0.10 ([trac 3505]).
3:02 AM Ticket #11584 (update to Trac-1.0) closed by rjollos
fixed: bwanamarko: If you'd ever like to take over maintenance of this …
3:01 AM Changeset [13691] by rjollos
  • windowsservicescript/tracservice.py

Applied follow-on to [13672] from bwanamarko. Refs #11584.

  1. On L67 in OPTS each part of auth tuple should be enclosed in separate sets of quotes.
  2. Forgot to add quotes around string 'log' on L76.
  3. Since using tuple for auth, in add_auths() on L81 remove L82 and change input arg vals to info.
  4. base_path never had any default, so set its default to None after L132.
  5. Can't split None so move L162 into if block
  6. These are non-POSIX paths, so don't need to strip forward slashes, only backslashes.
1:59 AM AnnouncerPlugin edited by rjollos
Improve bugs/features section. Copied from AccountManagerPlugin. (diff)
1:56 AM AccountManagerPlugin edited by rjollos
Fixed grammar. (diff)
1:38 AM Ticket #11587 (changeset modification only happens with path) created by hackonteur
If the page being retrieved is: […] Then I don't see the codereview …
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.