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Apr 18, 2014:

10:28 PM Changeset [13858] by Steffen Hoffmann
  • tagsplugin/trunk/changelog
  • tagsplugin/trunk/setup.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/tests/__init__.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/tests/xmlrpc.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/xmlrpc.py

TagsPlugin: Add component for RPC access to tag system methods, refs #1304.

12:24 PM Ticket #11693 (ToggleMacroPlugin - Is this plugin working with version Trac 1.0.1) created by trac@…
I upgraded to Trac 1.0.1 and this plugin doesn't seem to work. It …
10:04 AM Changeset [13857] by lucid
  • mailarchiveplugin/trunk/mailarchive/web_ui.py

MailArchivePlugin: Implement support for format=table in the MailQuery() macro and make this the default.
(Get the previous simpler format using format=list.)

10:00 AM Changeset [13856] by lucid
  • mailarchiveplugin/trunk/mailarchive/model.py

MailArchivePlugin: Fix for problematic emails with base64 encoded attachments in message/rfc822 parts.

Apparently such emails are a known source of problems:

"message/rfc822" with "base64" encoding from Outlook users via GMail commercial accounts.


Suggests that this is an invalid(?) email.

RFC 2046 section 5.2.1 has this to say about message/rfc822:

No encoding other than "7bit", "8bit", or "binary" is permitted for
the body of a "message/rfc822" entity. The message header fields are
always US-ASCII in any case, and data within the body can still be
encoded, in which case the Content-Transfer-Encoding header field in
the encapsulated message will reflect this. Non-US-ASCII text in the
headers of an encapsulated message can be specified using the
mechanisms described in RFC 2047.

Such broken emails contain something like this:

    Content-Type: message/rfc822; name=Forwarded message
    Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=Forwarded message
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
    [base64 encoded attachment]

But Python's email.message.Message.walk() sees this as two separate parts:

  1. The message/rfc822 part WITHOUT payload.
  2. The payload as text/plain. (So it skips the needed base64 decoding when calling get_payload(decode=True).)

We ended up displaying the undecoded attachment as the message for such emails instead of the actual text/plain part.
Fix: Show the first text/plain part and definitely not the misparsed base64 encoded attachment message/rfc822 part.

Also we failed for such attachments because part.get_payload(decode=True) returns None in: add_attachment(part.get_payload(decode=True), ...
For now we still don't import such attachments, but we detect them.

Apr 17, 2014:

4:30 PM Ticket #11691 (TracJsGanttPlugin - Problem with root option (Macro crash)) closed by Chris Nelson
invalid: The OP's change (11780) is in the history of the fix for this "column …
2:27 PM Ticket #11375 (TracJsGanttPlugin - Trying to install TracJsGanttPlugin in 1.0.1 version.) closed by Chris Nelson
worksforme: There is no authentication in the plugin. And we now see it working …
5:38 AM Changeset [13855] by Matoba Akihiro
  • opensearchplugin/1.0/opensearch/handler.py

fix a bug when deploy by egg archive

1:22 AM Changeset [13854] by Steffen Hoffmann
  • tagsplugin/trunk/changelog
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/model.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/web_ui.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/wiki.py

TagsPlugin: Prepare tag change records for timeline view, refs #11661.

This is the minimal solution proving only changes recorded by TagsPlugin.

Since [13428] tag changes are saved, but only for wiki pages by default.
So changes recorded with tagged resources like tickets are left out here.
Hint: Use realm's native timeline event providers (i. e. ticket_show_details
option in trac.ini section [timeline] for tickets) to get them.

Apr 16, 2014:

8:43 PM Changeset [13853] by Chris Nelson
  • tracjsganttplugin/0.11/tracjsgantt/htdocs/jsgantt.js

Remove comment that has been addressed. Refs #11489.

8:41 PM Changeset [13852] by Chris Nelson
  • tracjsganttplugin/0.11/tracjsgantt/htdocs/jsgantt.js

Handle collapsing groups on multi-Gantt pages. Refs #11489.

Needed to add the chart ID to more DOM element IDs for uniqueness.

Apr 15, 2014:

3:26 PM Ticket #11691 (TracJsGanttPlugin - Problem with root option (Macro crash)) created by jaroslaw.pekala@…
Problem after update from 0.10 to 0.11 Error: Macro …
1:23 AM Ticket #11690 (TagsPlugin - Document which components are required) created by Ryan J Ollos
I was looking at the plugin admin page the other day and thinking it …

Apr 14, 2014:

9:48 PM Changeset [13851] by Steffen Hoffmann
  • tagsplugin/trunk/changelog
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/api.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/tests/api.py

TagsPlugin: Use tags for fine-grained permissions on tagged resources, refs #3891.

So an idea for the days, when permission providers for Trac were born, finally
has come true.

9:21 PM Ticket #11684 (SELECT A HACK - Forget Password possibility) closed by Ryan J Ollos
invalid: Yes, if you are using AccountManagerPlugin. If you have further …

Apr 12, 2014:

10:13 PM DevGuide edited by Ryan J Ollos
Fixed typos. (diff)
10:03 PM DevGuide edited by Ryan J Ollos
Assert minimum Trac version requirement. Refs #9800. (diff)
9:58 PM Changeset [13850] by Ryan J Ollos
  • changelogmacro/trunk/changelog/ChangeLogMacro.py

0.2: Follow-on to [9754]. Remove line that was copied from example code. Refs #8365.

9:55 PM Changeset [13849] by Ryan J Ollos
  • changelogmacro/trunk/changelog/__init__.py

0.2: web_context is only available since Trac 1.0, so enforce a minimum Trac version at runtime. Refs #8365, #10607.

6:43 PM Changeset [13848] by Steffen Hoffmann
  • tagsplugin/trunk/changelog
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/api.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/macros.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/web_ui.py

TagsPlugin: Add configurable prefix for tag wiki pages, refs #9797.

These changes follow a contributed patch, and reduced debug logging for wiki
macros and a few other minor changes are added on-top.

Apr 11, 2014:

6:47 AM Changeset [13847] by Jun Omae
  • tracworkflowadminplugin/0.12/tracworkflowadmin/htdocs/css/tracworkflowadmin.css
  • tracworkflowadminplugin/0.12/tracworkflowadmin/htdocs/scripts/main.js
  • tracworkflowadminplugin/0.12/tracworkflowadmin/templates/tracworkflowadmin.html

tracworkflowadmin: fixed overflow of workflow diagram in the area

3:09 AM OpenSearchPlugin edited by Jun Omae
fixed incorrect repository url in the "installation" (diff)
2:32 AM OpenSearchPlugin edited by Matoba Akihiro
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.