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Apr 30, 2014:

11:00 PM SvnAuthzAdminPlugin edited by rjollos
Removed redundant title. (diff)
11:00 PM Changeset [13892] by rjollos
  • svnauthzadminplugin/0.12/setup.py
  • svnauthzadminplugin/0.12/svnauthz/admin_ui.py
  • svnauthzadminplugin/0.12/svnauthz/io.py
  • svnauthzadminplugin/0.12/svnauthz/model.py
  • svnauthzadminplugin/0.12/svnauthz_test/io.py

Executed reindent.py on codebase.

8:11 PM Ticket #11709 (jsGantt needs priorities, ticket types and severities) created by Markus
Removing all priorities, ticket types or severities from the ticket …
6:15 PM Changeset [13891] by hasienda
  • discussionplugin/0.11/COPYING
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/__init__.py
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/admin.py
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/ajax.py
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/api.py

DiscussionPlugin: Add license headers to python scripts making license more obvious as per Trac plugin coding recommendations, refs #11706.

5:34 PM Changeset [13890] by hasienda
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/api.py
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/timeline.py

DiscussionPlugin: Script header/imports cleanup, refs #11706.

More PEP8 changes (doc-string quotation placement, line-wrap), comment review,
and complete preparation of URLs to messages as anchors in the corresponding
topic (parent resource) page by get_resource_url() for the discussion
Trac Resource domain as planned in [13882].

4:25 PM Ticket #11708 ([Patch] Unicode field names in SQLTable macro) created by theYT <dev@…>
Error occured when using non-ASCII text as field name (as table …
4:06 PM Ticket #11707 (Backlinks for Unicode page name) created by theYT <dev@…>
Pages with unicode (non-ASCII) name are not matched (filtered out) …
3:59 PM Ticket #6783 (RFE: Tags for discussion) closed by hasienda
fixed: DiscussionPlugin works well with tractags>=0.7, so the issue is …
3:56 PM Ticket #11706 (Code review) created by hasienda
As recent development has been tracked in #6783, but going totally …
3:48 PM Changeset [13889] by hasienda
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/core.py

DiscussionPlugin: Clean-up for the core request handler, refs #6783.

8:29 AM Changeset [13888] by jun66j5
  • tracticketfieldslayoutplugin/0.12/tracticketfieldslayout/web_ui.py

TracTicketFieldsLayoutPlugin: fixed invisible radio buttons on ticket form (refs #11703)

8:27 AM TracTicketFieldsLayoutPlugin edited by jun66j5

Apr 29, 2014:

7:40 PM Ticket #11704 ([PATCH]: Make title of ticket links consistent with Trac core) created by anonymous
Now we can see ticket type, ticket summary and ticket status instead …
7:01 PM Changeset [13887] by hasienda
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/init.py

DiscussionPlugin: Clean-up for environment setup participant, refs #6783.

Most notably passing a db cursor outside of the scope of the constructing
method or function shall be avoided, because it causes rather nasty,
hard-to-debug issues. Rephrasing 'db' to 'schema' for clarity.

We do not handle exceptions on db upgrade but let Trac deal with it instead,
enabling it to better care itself for side-effects on other setup participants.
Introducing some INFO logging gives a bit more insight behind the scene of
running upgrade actions.

5:09 PM Ticket #11703 (Not working as expected for radio buttons on ticket form) created by armandocroce@…
as you can see from the attachments, I have a group "services" with 3 …
2:48 PM Ticket #8276 (PATCH: Python 2.4 compatibility.) closed by hasienda
fixed: In 13886: […]
2:48 PM Changeset [13886] by hasienda
  • discussionplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/api.py
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/templates/discussion-macros.html
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/templates/topic-list-classic.html
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/templates/topic-list-compact.html

DiscussionPlugin: Bring full Trac 0.11 compatibility, closes #8276.

Most of these changes have been kindly contributed by Guido Draheim.
Thanks a lot for your time, encouraging me even more to find the remaining
places - Python code hidden in Genshi HTML template markup.

1:04 PM Changeset [13885] by hasienda
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/admin.py

DiscussionPlugin: Cleanup for the admin panel provider, refs #6783.

1:04 PM Changeset [13884] by hasienda
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/init.py

DiscussionPlugin: Add ToDo marker regarding what looks like a reoccurance of #9521 for TagsPlugin.

9:38 AM CatagorizedFieldsPlugin edited by anonymous
9:34 AM Changeset [13883] by cauly
  • catagorizedfieldsplugin/trunk/CatagorizedFields/CatagorizedFields.py
  • catagorizedfieldsplugin/trunk/setup.py


  1. ordering of catagories and fields


  1. table column size problem
  2. small ui imporvements
1:53 AM Ticket #9576 (NameError: global name 'TagSystem' is not defined) closed by hasienda
fixed: Replying to rjollos: > Some work was done in #8832 and …
1:47 AM DiscussionPlugin edited by rjollos
Use the maintainer macro. (diff)
1:47 AM Changeset [13882] by hasienda
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/api.py
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/core.py
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/templates/discussion-macros.html
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/templates/forum.rss
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/templates/message-notify-body.txt

DiscussionPlugin: Major unification of timeline discussion event provider code, refs #6783.

Replacing string tuples with true Trac Resource objects is required i. e.
to let this event provider work with tractags.web_ui.TagTimelineEventFilter.

Other changes include

  • more imports cleanup and PEP8 changes (line-wrap, indentation)
  • making DEBUG log entries more explicit
  • simplification of string-replacements and refit of component doc-string according to component relevance markup proposal (see #11690 for TagsPlugin)
  • more readable 'message_<messageID>' anchor name format for direct links to individual messages (was: 'message<messageID>')

Apr 28, 2014:

10:11 PM Changeset [13881] by hasienda
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/tags.py

DiscussionPlugin: Review and refit of tag provider, refs #6783.

Change summary:

  • clear trivial import comments, remove ununsed imports
  • add missing describe_tagged_resource() method
  • remove tag list sort in private methods by returning tags in sets - the default interable object returned by TagsPlugin's own tag providers
  • reduce method count by moving code of _get_stored_tags() and _delete_tags() into change listener methods
  • add ToDo markers for unhandled issues found during code review
  • fix check_permission() broken by reflowing super() call in [13880]
9:37 PM DiscussionPlugin edited by hasienda
adding more code contributors to list (diff)
9:09 PM Changeset [13880] by hasienda
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/tags.py

DiscussionPlugin: Initial set of changes to improve existing tag provider, refs #6783.

Changes include

  • enforcing PEP (doc-string formatting, max-char-per-line < 80)
  • making imports more explicite (from trac.core)
  • merging unnecessarily separated components into one
  • correcting permission actions relevant for this plugin
  • reducing excessive blank lines and trivial code comments
  • making DEBUG log entries more explicite
  • simplification of string-replacements (removed iterable notation)
8:57 PM DevGuide edited by rjollos
Suggest discussing on TracDev mailing list. (diff)
12:46 PM Changeset [13879] by jun66j5
  • tracpygit2plugin/trunk/tracext/pygit2/tests/git_fs.py
  • tracpygit2plugin/trunk/tracext/pygit2/tests/gitrepos.dump

TracPygit2Plugin: renamed dump file for tests

4:26 AM Changeset [13878] by jun66j5
  • tracpygit2plugin/trunk/tracext/pygit2/tests/git_fs.py

TracPygit2Plugin: fixed NameError while testing if no git executable

4:05 AM Ticket #11698 (AttributeError: 'FakeRequest' object has no attribute 'authname') closed by rjollos
3:42 AM Ticket #11701 (WindowsError: (5, 'Access is denied')) closed by jun66j5
duplicate: A duplicate of #9646. I replaced the garbled text with English text.
3:38 AM TracHacksPlugin edited by rjollos
Added additional contributor. (diff)
3:38 AM Tag change on TracHacksPlugin by rjollos
Tags jun66j5 added
2:48 AM Changeset [13877] by rjollos
  • trachacksplugin/0.11/trachacks/util.py
  • trachacksplugin/0.11/trachacks/web_ui.py

3.0dev: PEP-0008 changes. Refs #11698.

2:32 AM Changeset [13876] by rjollos
  • trachacksplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • trachacksplugin/0.11/trachacks/util.py

Fixed an AttributeError exception in TracHacksHtPasswdStore.save_changes (IAccountChangeListener implementation) due to missing authname attribute of FakeRequest class. Refs #11698.

TagsPlugin 0.7 requires an authname attribute on the Request object in order to record the tags change history. Bumped TracTags requirement from 0.7dev to 0.7.

Patch by Steffen Hoffmann.

2:30 AM Changeset [13875] by rjollos
  • trachacksplugin/0.11/trachacks/web_ui.py

3.0dev: Refactored user_created method in IAccountChangeListener implementation:

  • TagsSystem.add_tags uses the Resource object attribute of the WikiPage object rather than a new Resource object created in the caller. TagsSystem.add_tags continues to be called before WikiPage.save to prevent a Tags added entry in the page history. Presumably this is the behavior we want, but it could be discussed further.
  • Extracted the user page template to a module-scope attribute USER_PAGE_TEMPLATE.
  • In page comment: wrapped user with italics markup.

Apr 27, 2014:

1:55 PM Ticket #11701 (WindowsError: (5, 'Access is denied')) created by admin
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a GET operation on /browser, …

Apr 26, 2014:

7:38 PM Changeset [13874] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/tests/web_ui.py

TagsPlugin: Adapt unit tests to [13867], refs #1344.

2:14 AM Changeset [13873] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/changelog
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/web_ui.py

TagsPlugin: Create filter component to show events only for resources matching tag query, refs #3660.

The input field added to timeline preferences box accepts full TagQuery
syntax, even filtering events by taggable realm without specifying a tag.

Apr 25, 2014:

7:04 PM TracPygit2Plugin edited by jun66j5
Added notes for Python 2.4 and 2.5 (diff)
6:36 PM Changeset [13872] by jun66j5
  • tracpygit2plugin/trunk/tracext/pygit2/git_fs.py
  • tracpygit2plugin/trunk/tracext/pygit2/tests/git_fs.py

TracPygit2Plugin: don't raise NoSuchChangeset and NoSuchNode exceptions from GitRepository.get_node() if empty repository

3:03 PM Changeset [13871] by jun66j5
  • tracpygit2plugin/trunk/tracext/pygit2/tests/git_fs.py

TracPygit2Plugin: reduce execution of git fast-import in the tests

2:21 PM Ticket #11700 (null values) created by Jarosław Pękala <jaroslaw.pekala@…>
When data contains nulls like: || Sp_data || Ideal || Real || || …
6:23 AM TracPygit2Plugin edited by jun66j5
6:23 AM Tag change on TracPygit2Plugin by jun66j5
Tags bsd-license added
6:16 AM Changeset [13870] by jun66j5
  • tracpygit2plugin/trunk/setup.py

TracPygit2Plugin: added Trac and pygit2 to install_requires in setup.py

6:14 AM Changeset [13869] by jun66j5
  • tracpygit2plugin/0.12
  • tracpygit2plugin/1.0
  • tracpygit2plugin/trunk
  • tracpygit2plugin/trunk/COPYING
  • tracpygit2plugin/trunk/setup.py

TracPygit2Plugin: initial check-ins

Apr 24, 2014:

5:48 PM Ticket #8231 (Integration with DiscussionPlugin) closed by hasienda
duplicate: The issue is largely about DiscussionPlugin, not TagsPlugin, with not …
4:53 PM FootNoteMacro edited by rjollos
The page outline aligns with top of page if it's used in the first line. (diff)
4:52 PM FootNoteMacro edited by rjollos
Revert changes to example since they were confusing and made it … (diff)
4:52 PM Tag change on FootNoteMacro by anonymous
Tags 1.0 added
4:38 PM Changeset [13868] by ChrisNelson
  • tracjsganttplugin/0.11/tracjsgantt/tracpm.py

Use executemany() when inserting multiple rows. Refs #11027.

Required for cross-db compatibility.

Light testing shows this still works for me in PostgreSQL so it
doesn't seem I broke anything. I need SQLite feedback, though.

4:11 PM Changeset [13867] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/api.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/web_ui.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/xmlrpc.py

TagsPlugin: Refit of configuration options inherited from KeywordSuggestPlugin, refs #1344, #3816, #4201 and #11690.

Included are minor changes for component doc-strings as follow-up to [13865].

2:29 PM Ticket #11634 (Create a NEW ticket -> rescheduleTickets OperationalError: near ",": ...) closed by ChrisNelson
worksforme: With no more information available, I'm going to close this. Reopen …
2:24 PM Ticket #11139 (rescheduleTickets OperationalError: near ",": syntax error) closed by ChrisNelson
worksforme: With no more information available, I'm going to close this. Reopen …
10:50 AM Changeset [13866] by jun66j5
  • exceldownloadplugin/0.12/tracexceldownload/ticket.py

ExcelDownloadPlugin: fixed TypeError exceptions while rendering excel file on query view

9:56 AM Changeset [13865] by hasienda
  • tagsplugin/trunk/changelog
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/admin.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/api.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/db.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/macros.py

TagsPlugin: Pilot for generic component relevance tagging, refs #11690.

Self-documentation (in TagSystem main component) and other doc-string
improvements are included.

5:31 AM TracPygit2Plugin edited by jun66j5
5:31 AM Tag change on TracPygit2Plugin by jun66j5
Tags 0.12, 1.0, git, jun66j5, plugin, versioncontrol added
5:31 AM TracPygit2Plugin created by jun66j5
New hack TracPygit2Plugin, created by jun66j5
5:31 AM Changeset [13864] by jun66j5
  • tracpygit2plugin
  • tracpygit2plugin/0.12
  • tracpygit2plugin/1.0

New hack TracPygit2Plugin, created by jun66j5

5:01 AM Changeset [13863] by cauly
  • attachmentviasvnplugin
  • attachmentviasvnplugin/1.0

New hack AttachmentViaSVNPlugin, created by cauly

Apr 23, 2014:

7:30 PM FootNoteMacro edited by AdrianFritz
It´s a macro (not a plugin). Improves example, since FootNoteMacro is … (diff)
7:17 PM InstallTemplate edited by AdrianFritz
Simplify (diff)
6:35 PM FootNoteMacro edited by AdrianFritz
Page refactor. Install details. Tested as per [13654] (diff)
7:25 AM Ticket #11697 (Remote password change possible upon register of new user w/ already ...) closed by hasienda
fixed: Replying to erinn_tor: > Thanks a lot for the …
7:17 AM AccountManagerPlugin edited by hasienda
update news and download links after acct_mgr-0.4.4 release (diff)
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.