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Aug 14, 2014:

8:47 PM Changeset [14088] by rjollos
  • footnotemacro/trunk/COPYING
  • footnotemacro/trunk/footnotemacro/htdocs/footnote.css
  • footnotemacro/trunk/footnotemacro/macro.py
  • footnotemacro/trunk/setup.py

1.4: PEP-0008 changes and moved COPYING file to proper location.

8:20 PM Tag change on TicketExtPlugin by rjollos
Tags 0.12 added
7:37 PM Ticket #11923 (Support Trac 1.0.x) created by ChrisNelson
Numerous minor issues.
7:35 PM Ticket #11922 (I'd like to adopt TicketExt) created by ChrisNelson
There has been no activity from the author in 3 years. I use it daily
2:29 PM Ticket #11921 (Footnote numbers are duplicated in Trac 1.0.1 ticket preview) created by ChrisNelson
If you put one or more footnotes ([[FootNote(some text)]]) and the …
3:41 AM WantedPagesMacro edited by glinders
3:25 AM Ticket #9637 (Find also broken links into version control system) closed by glinders
invalid: The scope of WantedPagesMacro is to find links to missing wiki pages …
3:14 AM Ticket #8629 ([PATCH] Support for nested pages and wiki: (and more)) closed by glinders
fixed: The changes for Changeset r14058 include changes with the same effect …
3:07 AM Changeset [14087] by glinders
  • wantedpagesmacro/trunk/README
  • wantedpagesmacro/trunk/wantedpages/tests/macro.py

#8629 added test cases from patch

2:39 AM Ticket #8119 (Include pages referenced in commit messages) closed by glinders
invalid: The scope of WantedPagesMacro is to find links to missing wiki pages …
2:31 AM Ticket #7582 ([patch] Filter result pages) closed by glinders
fixed: Included patch in the macro, see comment:9
2:25 AM Changeset [14086] by glinders
  • wantedpagesmacro/trunk/wantedpages/macro.py

#7582 added two missing line continuation characters

Aug 13, 2014:

5:03 PM Ticket #8839 (Compiling with python 2.4 fails with "invalid syntax") closed by framay
wontfix: As Trac does not support Python 2.4 from version 1.0 (see …
4:59 PM BudgetingPlugin edited by framay
added link to SVN-dist folder (diff)
4:56 PM Changeset [14085] by framay
  • budgetingplugin/trunk/dist/Budgeting_Plugin-0.6.4-py2.6.egg

adding compiled egg for python 2.6

1:29 PM Ticket #10061 (Plugin for Python 2.7) closed by framay
fixed: You can download distribution file (.egg) from SVN-folder dist: …
1:24 PM Changeset [14084] by framay
  • budgetingplugin/trunk
  • budgetingplugin/trunk/dist
  • budgetingplugin/trunk/dist/Budgeting_Plugin-0.6.5-py2.7.egg
  • budgetingplugin/trunk/setup.py
  • budgetingplugin/trunk/ticketbudgeting/ticketbudgeting.py

refs #11239: improving creation of mandatory table BUDGETING and report 90; thus changing plugin-version to 0.6.5

9:28 AM Changeset [14083] by rjollos
  • condfieldsplugin/1.0/COPYING
  • condfieldsplugin/1.0/condfields/admin.py
  • condfieldsplugin/1.0/condfields/htdocs/condfields.js
  • condfieldsplugin/1.0/condfields/templates/condfields_admin.html
  • condfieldsplugin/1.0/condfields/web_ui.py

3.0dev: Trac 1.0-compatible version. Refs #11920.

  • Uses add_script_data to pass variables to script rather than dynamically interpolating a template.
  • Removed unnecessary code from admin module that duplicated declaration of options in web_ui module.
  • Required permission to access the "Ticket Type Fields" admin page is now TICKET_ADMIN rather than TRAC_ADMIN.
8:21 AM Changeset [14082] by rjollos
  • condfieldsplugin/1.0

Branching for Trac 1.0. Refs #11920.

8:02 AM Ticket #11920 (Fields in property table not hidden after autopreview) created by rjollos
In Trac 1.0.x and later, after an autopreview the fields in the ticket …
3:07 AM Changeset [14081] by rjollos
  • condfieldsplugin/0.11/condfields/templates/condfields.js

Update properties table when ticket type changes. Refs #11882.

3:06 AM Changeset [14080] by rjollos
  • condfieldsplugin/0.11/condfields/templates/condfields.js

Refactored code.

2:53 AM Ticket #11882 (CondFields not working in Trac 1.0) closed by rjollos
fixed: In 14079: […]
2:53 AM Changeset [14079] by rjollos
  • condfieldsplugin/0.11/condfields/templates/condfields.js

Ticket type was not being properly extracted in Trac 1.0 and later. Fixes #11882.

Patch by rpshaw.

Aug 12, 2014:

9:24 PM Changeset [14078] by hasienda
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/register.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/changelog

AccountManagerPlugin: Improve doc-strings for regular expression configuration options, refs #11894.

Another description - for email addresses - is extended in the same notion.
Thanks to Luis for suggesting this embedded documentation improvement.

8:50 PM Ticket #10658 (SubComponents are missing in Custom Query) closed by rjollos
wontfix: It's probably a conflict with another plugin. See …

Aug 11, 2014:

11:40 AM Changeset [14077] by jun66j5
  • tracwavedromplugin/0.11
  • tracwavedromplugin/0.11/.gitignore
  • tracwavedromplugin/0.11/COPYING
  • tracwavedromplugin/0.11/README.md
  • tracwavedromplugin/0.11/setup.py

TracWaveDromPlugin: initial checkins, sorry for the long delay....

1:37 AM WantedPagesMacro edited by glinders
1:25 AM Changeset [14076] by glinders
  • wantedpagesmacro/trunk/wantedpages/macro.py

Added option to ignore referring pages using regex

Aug 8, 2014:

4:58 PM Ticket #11918 (Disable emails for entries made via TracHoursPlugin) created by jaredbownds
Utilizing Trac with the default notification system, and …

Aug 7, 2014:

9:51 PM Ticket #11917 (plaintext email notification template field formatting) created by rpshaw
Hello, I am wondering how best to format the fields in the plaintext …
2:39 PM Changeset [14075] by ChrisNelson
  • tracjsganttplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • tracjsganttplugin/0.11/tracjsgantt/tracpm.py

Save schedule under Trac 1.0, bump version. Refs #11773.

NOTE: This is incompatible with versions of Trac prior to 1.0!

Plugin version now 0.11. That's a little confusing since plugin 0.10
worked in Trac 0.11(.6). Sorry. This is temporary. Hopefully I'll get
some other changes in soon and bump the plugin version again.

There are other database accesses that should be converted to 1.0 style
but I haven't fully tested those changes yet.

1:47 PM ExcelDownloadPlugin edited by jun66j5
1:47 PM Tag change on ExcelDownloadPlugin by jun66j5
Tags 1.0 added
1:42 PM Ticket #11916 (Trac 1.0.1: "excel w/ history" missing in query view) closed by jun66j5
worksforme: Works for me. I just confirmed that; - The query page (/query) has …
1:33 PM Ticket #11910 (missing NULL value / white space check) closed by jun66j5
fixed: Thanks for the feedback! Closing this ticket.
1:05 PM Ticket #11916 (Trac 1.0.1: "excel w/ history" missing in query view) created by thenor
Have a trac instance with the configuration shown below. At the …
12:30 PM Changeset [14074] by jun66j5
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/htdocs/css/gantt.css

WikiGanttChartPlugin: removed font-size style, the font was too small.

11:57 AM Changeset [14073] by jun66j5
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/htdocs/css/gantt.css
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/htdocs/js/gantt-templates.js
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/htdocs/js/templates/gantt-popup.html

WikiGanttChartPlugin: fixed tooltip wrongly showing with empty fields (refs #11910)

11:28 AM Changeset [14072] by jun66j5
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/tests/web_ui.py
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/web_ui.py

WikiGanttChartPlugin: raise an error message if task name is empty (refs #11910)

9:02 AM Ticket #11899 (Use of deprecated Environment.get_db_ctx which has been removed in ...) closed by jun66j5
9:02 AM Changeset [14071] by jun66j5
  • tracmigrateplugin/0.12/tracmigrate/admin.py

tracmigrate: don't pass db parameter for Environment.get_version since the parameter has been removed in 1.1.2dev (refs #11899, trac:r12826)

8:43 AM Changeset [14070] by jun66j5
  • tracmigrateplugin/0.12/tracmigrate/admin.py

tracmigrate: directly retreive database connection rather than deprecated Environment.get_db_cnx (refs #11899, trac:r13064)

5:52 AM rjiejie created by rjiejie
New user rjiejie registered
5:52 AM Tag change on rjiejie by rjiejie
Tags user added
1:37 AM PlantUmlMacro edited by jun66j5
No. Use [plantuml] java_bin option instead of copying java.exe (diff)
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