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Dec 28, 2015:

11:29 PM SiteUpgradeProposal edited by rjollos
Update status of tasks. (diff)
11:28 PM WikiStart edited by rjollos
Point directly to external page. (diff)
11:27 PM SpamFilterPlugin edited by rjollos
Redirect. (diff)
5:55 PM Ticket #11817 (Feature request to customize CSS) closed by jun66j5
wontfix: You can customize htmlnotification_ticket.html using your …
5:42 PM Ticket #12622 (TracHtmlNotificationPlugin not properly formatted in MS-Outlook) created by wbeaucha
TracHtmlNotificationPlugin does a great job of formatting the SMTP
2:11 PM Changeset [15137] by Cinc-th
  • multipleworkflowplugin/trunk/multipleworkflow/workflow.py
  • multipleworkflowplugin/trunk/setup.py
  • Let parent calculate default ticket actions only once instead of calculating them again and again when using.
  • Calculate actions for ticket types only once
  • Bump version to 1.3.1

Refs #12570

Dec 24, 2015:

11:50 AM MultipleWorkflowPlugin edited by Cinc-th
Added Trac 1.0 to supported versions (diff)
11:50 AM Tag change on MultipleWorkflowPlugin by Cinc-th
Tags 1.0 added
8:01 AM Ticket #4880 (Request optional friendly name for headers) closed by rjollos
7:59 AM Ticket #5903 (Enhanced detection of links) closed by rjollos
duplicate: This should be resolved by the use of the TracLinks parser, suggested …
7:55 AM Ticket #8797 (Support WikiCreole style link) closed by rjollos
duplicate: Closing as a duplicate of #12619. See comments in that ticket.
7:53 AM Ticket #10817 (Suppress footnote/menu when there are no links to display) closed by rjollos
fixed: In 15136: […]
7:52 AM Changeset [15136] by rjollos
  • backlinksmacro/trunk/backlinks/macro.py

7.0dev: Suppress output if there are no backlinks

Fixes #10817.

7:44 AM Ticket #10818 (Back links are displayed for pages that are not referring.) closed by rjollos
duplicate: Similar issue to #12619, but the description in that ticket is better …
7:39 AM Ticket #10746 (Different class for backlinks) closed by rjollos
fixed: In 15135: […]
7:39 AM Changeset [15135] by rjollos
  • backlinksmacro/trunk/backlinks/macro.py

7.0dev: Add backlinks-menu class

This allows the custom styling to be applied to the menu.

Fixes #10746.

7:36 AM Ticket #9503 (Doesn't catch all matches of pagename.) closed by rjollos
fixed: It appears to be working correctly now.
7:26 AM Ticket #6850 ([PATCH] add relative url support) closed by rjollos
7:24 AM Ticket #9175 ([PATCH] BackLinksMenuMacro was not working on TRAC 0.12.x) closed by rjollos
fixed: In 15134: […]
7:24 AM Changeset [15134] by rjollos
  • backlinksmacro/trunk/backlinks/macro.py

7.0dev: Pass env rather than db object

This will make it easier to eventually adapt the code
to the Trac 1.0 DB API.

Fixes #9175.

7:11 AM Changeset [15133] by rjollos
  • backlinksmacro/trunk/README
  • backlinksmacro/trunk/backlinks/__init__.py
  • backlinksmacro/trunk/backlinks/macro.py
  • backlinksmacro/trunk/setup.cfg
  • backlinksmacro/trunk/setup.py

7.0dev: Cleanup whitespace

  • Set svn:eol-style to native
  • Remove tag_svn_revision since it's not supported in setuptools >= 10.
12:40 AM Ticket #11821 (Features for next version of plugin) closed by rjollos
fixed: (3) and (4) from comment:description have been implemented. Created …
12:39 AM Ticket #12621 (Utilize configuration of CommitTicketUpdater) created by rjollos
The configuration settings of CommitTicketUpdater can be used to …
12:37 AM Ticket #12620 (Ticket-changeset relation table) created by rjollos
Create a ticket-changeset relation table. The table would be populated …

Dec 23, 2015:

5:35 PM Ticket #12619 (Exclude from backlink when text is included in WikiMacros like TicketQuery) created by kyb.stefan@…
If a "TicketQuery" includes the same text as a wiki-page is named the …
12:48 PM Changeset [15132] by Cinc-th
  • multipleworkflowplugin/tags/V1.3.0

Tag for stable version V1.3.0.

12:46 PM Changeset [15131] by Cinc-th
  • multipleworkflowplugin/tags/V1.3.0

Missing files in tag V1.3.0. So removing it...

12:41 PM Changeset [15130] by Cinc-th
  • multipleworkflowplugin/tags/V1.3.0

Tagged stable version V1.3.0.

Dec 22, 2015:

6:18 AM Changeset [15129] by rjollos
  • ticketmoverplugin/trunk/ticketmoverplugin/web_ui.py

0.1.3dev: Normalize casing before comparing paths

The issue was reported by Ahmed M in

Refs #12608.

Dec 21, 2015:

5:05 PM AnnouncerPlugin edited by rjollos
Switch to HTTPS. (diff)
4:54 PM Ticket #12618 (InvalidQuery: Ungültiges Attribut 'http') created by rjollos
We should trap and log InvalidQuery errors. […]
4:33 PM Tag change on UserPicturesPlugin by figaro
Tags bsd-license added
1:41 PM Ticket #12617 (Missing file userpictures.css) created by t.riedel@…
File userpictures.css is missing: […]
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