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Nov 9, 2008, 1:20:05 PM (9 years ago)
Heiko Graeber

Added EstimationToolsPlugin to my list.


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    11= 7lima =
    3  * '''Name:''' Heiko Graeber
     3 * '''Name:''' Heiko[wiki:7lima  ]Graeber
    44 * '''Home:''' Germany
    55 * '''Email:''' ip.3773[wiki:7lima @]heiko-graeber[wiki:7lima .]de
    77I am the head software developer and system administrator in a
    8 [http://i-will-not-place-advertisement-here small company].
     8[http://i-am-not-intending-to-place-advertisement-here-of-course small company].
    99We are effectively doing '''software migration''' projects
    1010in which we make dated large-scale COBOL mainframe applications run on modern UNIX servers.
    1313for the cooperation of a distributed team of software developers,
    1414the manager and our customers.
    15 In the course of that I have looked at a lot of TracHacks plugins
     15In the course of that I had a look at a lot of the TracHacks plugins
    1616and decided to use a selection of them.
    1717They are doing everyday work already for me and the team:
    1919 * BatchModifyPlugin
    2020 * CodeTagsPlugin
     21 * EstimationToolsPlugin
    2122 * FilenameSearchPlugin
    2223 * NavAddPlugin
    3839Right now my participation in TracHacks is to use and test the plugins and to help to improve the Wiki.
    3940I am also contributing to the [trac:ticket:5475 German translation of Trac].
    40 I am using Trac 0.10.4 and will continue to because a lot of the plugins is not yet ported to Trac 0.11.
     41I am using Trac 0.10.4 and will continue to because a lot of the plugins are not yet ported to Trac 0.11.
    4142So developers go ahead please and make them follow Trac along its Roadmap.
    4243I will also make myself acquainted with Python eventually and join you!