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Comments about myself and my activity in TracHacks.


  • Name: Heiko Graeber
  • Home: Germany
  • Email: ip.3773 (at) heiko-graeber (dot) de

I am the head software developer and system administrator in a small company. We are doing software migration projects in which we make dated COBOL mainframe applications run on modern UNIX servers.

Currently I am establishing Subversion, Trac and Eclipse as the main platform for the cooperation of a distributed team of software developers, the manager and our customers. In the course of that I have looked at a lot of TracHacks plugins and decided to use a selection of them. They are doing everyday work already for me and the team:

Right now my participation in TracHacks is to use and test the plugins and to help to improve the Wiki. I am also contributing to the German translation of Trac. I am using Trac 0.10.4 and will continue to because a lot of them is not yet ported to Trac 0.11. So developers go ahead please and make them follow Trac along its Roadmap. I will also make myself acquainted with Python eventually and join you!

Aside from that I am really looking forward to being able to use some of the excellent 0.11-only TracHacks plugins!

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