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    55 * '''Note''': Like all Python configuration files, name/value pairs may use either colon `:` or equal `=` characters, both
    66   are valid assignment syntax.
     9# dictionary.ini -- abbreviations and acronyms
     10# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
     13ACM = Association for Computing Machinery
     14ADA = Americans With Disabilities Act
     15Ajax = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
     16AMP = Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python
     17API = Application Programming Interface
     18ARPA = Advanced Research Projects Agency
     19ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange
     20ASP = Active Server Pages
     21BOM = Byte Order Mark
     22BSD = Berkeley Software Distribution
     23CDN = Content Distribution Network
     24CEO = Chief Executive Officer
     25CERN = European Organization for Nuclear Research
     26CGI = Common Gateway Interface
     27CMS = Content Management System
     28CPAN = Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
     29CPU = Central Processing Unit
     30CRUD = Create Read Update Delete
     31CSRF = Cross Site Request Forgery
     32CSS = Cascading Style Sheets
     33CTO = Chief Technology Officer
     34CV = Controlled Vocabulary
     35DB = Database
     36DBD = Perl DBI Database Driver
     37DBI = Perl Database Independent Interface
     38DCMI = Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
     39DES = Data Encryption Standard
     40DMI = DTD Modularization Interface
     41DNS = Domain Name System
     42DOM = Document Object Model
     43DRY = Don't Repeat Yourself
     44DTD = Document Type Definition
     45ECMA = European Computer Manufacturers Association
     46ERCIM = European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics
     47EXIF = Exchangeable Image File Format
     48FAQ = Frequently Asked Question
     49FF = Firefox
     50FIPS = Federal Information Processing Standards
     51FK = Foreign Key
     52FLWOR = For Let Where Order Return
     53FOAF = Friend of a Friend
     54FPI = Formal Public Identifier
     55FPU = Floating Point Unit
     56FTP = File Transer Protocol
     57FYI = For Your Information
     58GPL = General Public License
     59GPS = Global Positioning System
     60GRDDL = Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages
     61GUI = Graphical User Interface
     62HTML = Hypertext Markup Language
     63HTTP = Hypertext Transfer Protocol
     64I18N = Internationalization
     65IA = Information Architecture
     66IANA = Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
     67ICDRI = International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet
     68ICRA = Internet Content Rating Association
     69ICT = Information and Communication Technology
     70IDE = Integrated Development Environment
     71IE = Internet Explorer
     72IEC = International Electrotechnical Commission
     73IETF = Internet Engineering Task Force
     74INRIA = Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique
     75IP = Internet Protocol
     76IPR = Intellectual Property Rights
     77IRC = Internet Relay Chat
     78ISAM = Indexed Sequential Access Method
     79ISBN = International Standard Book Number
     80ISO = International Organization for Standardization
     81ISOC = Internet Society
     82IT = Information Technology
     83JIT = Just in Time
     84JPEG = Joint Photographic Experts Group
     85JRE = Java Runtime Environment
     86JS = JavaScript
     87JSON = JavaScript Object Notation
     88LAMP = Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP
     89LCS = Laboratory for Computer Science
     90LDAP = Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
     91MathML = Mathematical Markup Language
     92MIA = Missing in Action
     93MIME = Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
     94MIT = Massachusetts Institute of Technology
     95MMS = Multimedia Messaging Service
     96MPEG = Moving Picture Experts Group
     97MVC = Model View Controller
     98NCSA = National Center for Supercomputing Applications
     99NIST = National Institute of Standards and Technology
     100NS = Netscape
     101NSA = National Security Agency
     102NSDI = National Spatial Data Infrastructure
     103ODP = Open Directory Project
     104OOP = Object Oriented Programming
     105OPML = Outline Processor Markup Language
     106ORM = Object Relational Mapping
     107OS = Operating System
     108OSI = Open Systems Interconnection
     109OSS = Open Source Software
     110OWASP = Open Web Application Security Project
     111OWL = Web Ontology Language
     112PCL = Public Class Language
     113PDA = Personal Digital Assistant
     114PDF = Portable Document Format
     115PEP = Python Enhancement Proposal
     116PGP = Pretty Good Privacy
     117PHP = PHP = Hypertext Preprocessor
     118PICS = Platform for Internet Content Selection
     119PK = Primary Key
     120PKI = Public Key Infrastructure
     121PNG = Portable Network Graphics
     122PR = Public Relations
     123PTC = Public Text Class
     124PTD = Public Text Description
     125PTI = Public Text Identifier
     126RDBMS = Relational Database Management System
     127RDF = Resource Description Framework
     128REST = Representational State Transfer
     129RFC = Request for Comments
     130RIA = Rich Internet Application
     131RoR = Ruby on Rails
     132RPC = Remote Procedure Call
     133RSA = Rivest Shamir Adleman
     134RSS = RDF Site Summary
     135RTF = Rich Text Format
     136SAPI = Server Application Programming Interface
     137SCM = Software Configuration Management
     138SEO = Search Engine Optimization
     139SERP = Search Engine Results Page
     140SFTP = Secure File Transfer Protocol
     141SGML = Standard Generalized Markup Language
     142SIG = Special Interest Group
     143SMS = Short Message Service
     144SNI = Server Name Indication
     145SOAP = Simple Object Access Protocol
     146SOP = Same Origin Policy
     147SPARQL = SPARQL Protocol And RDF Query Language
     148SQL = Structured Query Language
     149SSH = Secure Shell
     150SSI = Server Side Includes
     151SSJS = Server Side JavaScript
     152SSL = Secure Sockets Layer
     153SVG = Scalable Vector Graphics
     154TAG = Technical Architecture Group
     155TCP = Transmission Control Protocol
     156TLD = Top Level Domain
     157TLS = Transport Layer Security
     158TZ = Time Zone
     159UA = User Agent
     160UCB = University of California at Berkeley
     161UCS = Universal Character Set
     162UDDI = Universal Description Discovery and Integration
     163UDP = User Datagram Protocol
     164UI = User Interface
     165UIUC = University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
     166URI = Uniform Resource Identifier
     167URL = Uniform Resource Locator
     168URN = Uniform Resource Name
     169UTC = Coordinated Universal Time
     170UTF = Unicode Transformation Format
     171VB = Visual Basic
     172VM = Virtual Machine
     173W3C = World Wide Web Consortium
     174WAI = Web Accessibility Initiative
     175WaSP = Web Standards Project
     176WCAG = Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
     177WSDL = Web Services Description Language
     178WSGI = Web Server Gateway Interface
     179WWW = World Wide Web
     180XBL = Extensible Bindings Language
     181XFN = XHTML Friends Network
     182XHR = XML HTTP Request
     183XHTML = Extensible Hypertext Markup Language
     184XMDP = XHTML Metadata Profile
     185XML = Extensible Markup Language
     186XMLNS = Extensible Markup Language NameSpace
     187XPath = XML Path Language
     188XSL = Extensible Stylesheet Language
     189XSL-FO = XSL Formatting Objects
     190XSLT = Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation
     191XSS = Cross Site Scripting
     192XUL = Extensible User Interface Language
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