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Wiki macros provided by AccountManagerPlugin

Since r11327 (acct_mgr-0.4) the plugin offers some macros for TracWiki.


Wiki macro listing some generic Trac statistics.

This macro accepts a comma-separated list of keyed parameters, in the form "key=value". Valid keys:

  • wiki -- statistics for TracWiki, values:
    • count -- show wiki page count
  • prefix -- use with wiki key: only names that start with that prefix are included

'count' is also recognized without prepended key name.

Wiki macro listing users that match certain criteria.

This macro accepts a comma-separated list of keyed parameters, in the form "key=value". Valid keys:

  • perm -- show only that users, a permission action given by value has been granted to
  • locked -- retrieve users, who's account has/has not been locked depending on boolean value
  • format -- output style: 'count', 'list' or comma-separated values (default)
  • nomatch -- replacement wiki markup that is displayed, if there's no match and output style isn't 'count' either

'count' is also recognized without prepended key name. Other non-keyed parameters are:

  • locked -- alias for 'locked=True'
  • visit -- show a list of accounts with last-login information, only available in table format
  • name -- forces replacement of maching username with their corresponding full names, if available; adds a full names column if combined with 'visit'
  • email -- append email address to usernames, if available

Requires USER_VIEW permission for output in any format other then 'count'. A misc placeholder with this statement is presented to unprivileged users.

Related issues

#6616 Invalid entries for usernames in table - originally wontfix, moved over from UserStatsMacro
#9852 Embed some user information in TracWiki - initial and primary development ticket

Development notes

Because I favor added-value over rather uncontrolled growth of Trac plugins I aim at integration of related plugins, addressing their outstanding issues too. See #9852 for more reasons, why I think this is especially a good idea in this case.

Added value

UserQuery uses the existing i18n support in AccountManager to provide i.e. localized messages and table headers - one more reason for translators to contribute to AccountManagerPlugin.


Featured macros

  • Stats(Username) | Stats() -- Stats for an individual: prints wiki edit and attachment statistics for a specified user or as a table for all wiki users
  • PageCount -- prints a count of the number of pages in the wiki
  • UserCount -- prints a count of the number of users in the wiki (acct_mgr plugin with the db backend required)


  • Pending No results
  • Resolved
    Error: no such function: IF
    No documentation on WikiMacros page
    Inquiring as to maintainership status


WikiStatsPlugin macroAccountManagerPlugin macro
PageCount ProjectStats(wiki=count[,prefix=<string>])
UserCount UserQuery(count)
no limitation regarding suitable user stores

Note: I'm halting further implementation of statistics at least temporarily now. TracStatsPlugin does a fairly good job at that already. I'd rather aim at implementing WikiMacros over there then re-inventing the wheel here.


Featured macros

  • UserStats -- wiki table with all user names, last login timestamp, and the number of days that have passed since the last login


  • Pending
    Provide more useful feedback if a user has never logged in
    Allow ability to "colourize" 'How long ago' column
    Add ability to generate additional [wiki:username] links for each user
    [Patch] Show user's full name in addition to user login
    Better readability for 'How long ago' column
    Option to hide accounts that are not active
  • Resolved
    Adoption request
    "import datetime" breaks RecentChanges
    "How long ago" time does not update
    Plugin needs a license


WikiStatsPlugin macroAccountManagerPlugin macro
UserStats UserQuery(visit)

Hint: This is still WiP, see #9852