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A couple more acronyms


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    211211||AFK||Away from keyboard.||
    212212||AKA||Also known as...||
     213||AOL||America On Line||
    213214||BAK||Back at keyboard.||
     215||BBFN||Bye bye for now||
    214216||BBIAB||Be back in a bit.||
     217||BBIAFM||Be back in a few minutes.||
    215218||BBIAF||Be back in a few.||
    216 ||BBIAFM||Be back in a few minutes.||
    217219||BBIAM||Be back in a minute.||
    218220||BBL||Be back later.||
    219221||BBS||Be back soon.||
     222||BFN||Bye for now||
    220223||BRB||Be right back.||
    221224||BTW||By the way...||
    222 ||CU||See you.||
     225||BYKT||But you knew that||
     226||CMIIW||Correct me if I'm wrong||
    223227||CUL8R||See you later.||
    224228||CUL||See you later.||
     229||CU||See you.||
    225230||DIIK||Damned if I know!||
    226 ||EOL||Eurkhing out loud.||
     231||EOL||End of line/lecture||
     232||ETLA||Extended Three Letter Acronym||
     233||FITB||Fill in the blank||
    227234||FOAD||F**k off and die!||
    228235||FOAF||Friend of a friend.||
    229236||FOTCL||Falling out the chair laughing!||
     238||FUBAR||F**ked up beyond all recognition||
    231239||FWIW||For what it's worth...||
    232 ||FUBAR||F**ked up beyond all recognition||
    233240||FYA||For your amusement...||
    234241||FYI||For your information...||
    238245||HHOJ||Ha-ha, only joking!||
    239246||HHOK||Ha-ha, only kidding!||
     247||HTH||Hope this helps||
    240248||IAC||In any case...||
    241249||IAE||In any event...||
     250||ICL||In Christian love||
    242251||IMAO||In my arrogant opinion...||
     252||IMCO||In my considered opinion||
    243253||IMHO||In my humble opinion...||
    244254||IMNSHO||In my not-so-humble opinion...||
    251261||LTNS||Long time no see!||
    252262||LTNT||Long time no type!||
     263||MGB||May God bless||
     264||MHOTY||My hat's off to you||
    253265||MOTAS||Member of the appropriate sex.||
    254266||MOTD||Message of the day.||
    259271||NP||No problem.||
    260272||NRN||No response necessary.||
     273||NTMK||Not to My Knowledge||
    261274||OIC||Oh, I see.||
    262275||OTB||Oh, to bed.||
    267280||POV||Point of view.||
    268281||RL||Real life.||
     282||ROFLMAO||Rolling on the floor laughing my arse off!||
    269283||ROFL||Rolling on the floor laughing!||
    270 ||ROFLMAO||Rolling on the floor laughing my arse off!||
     284||ROF||Rolling on the floor||
     285||ROTFL||Rolling on the floor laughing||
    271286||RSN||Real soon now.||
    272287||RTFM||Read the f**king manual!||
    277292||TIA||Thanks in advance.||
    278293||TIC||Tongue in cheek.||
     294||TLA||Three Letter Acronym||
    279295||TTFN||Ta-ta for now!||
    280296||TTYL||Talk to you later!||
     297||TYVM||Thank you very much||
    281298||WB||Welcome back!||
    282299||WTF||What the f**k?||
    283300||WTG||Way to go!||
    284301||WTH||What the hell?||
     302||WYSIWYG||what you see is what you get||
     303||YMMV||Your mileage may vary||
    286305== Examples ==