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     1= How to Adopt Unmaintained Hacks =
     3When owners of one of the hacks hosted on retires, the hack may be adopted by interested parties to maintain and further the hack for the Trac community. The standard procedure is:
     51. Open a ticket for the hack in question, ask about it's maintainership
     6   status  and tell the audience that you'd be willing to take over
     7   maintainership. Then sit back and wait for at least two weeks, to see if
     8   the author of the hack replies.
     10 2. If the author replies, he is to decide how to proceed. He could deny
     11    your request, ask us to give you read/write permission for the hack in
     12    the repository or even pass (maintainer|owner)ship to you.
     14 3. If the author does not reply, post the request to the [ th-users mailing list]. This makes the whole process public, allowing other users to
     15    comment on it if, for example, they have information on the whereabout of
     16    the original author.
     18 4. If the author does not reply within the given time frame and the mailing list discussion hasn't panned out, contact one
     19    of the admins ''(link?)''. They will check the status quo, probably try again to get
     20    in contact with the author, and eventually decide on your request. In
     21    most cases you would be granted (maintainer|owner)ship of the hack in
     22    question if its development seems stalled and if neither the original
     23    author nor any contributor can be contacted in a reasonable timeframe.