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Agile-Trac Plugin


The agile-trac plugin is in its infancy. However it should be usable and already provides the following new features to Trac making it more suitable as an agile project management tool.

  • Iterations are added along with an Iterations page.
  • Tickets now have relatively sized completion stages.
    • One or more completion stages can be defined for a tickets where each completion stage has associated with it a relative size and a completion date.
  • Tickets are closed when all completion stages are Done.
  • The Roadmap page is enhanced with a milestone summary view showing estimated completion dates which are based on previous iteration progress.
  • Progress bars are relatively sized to provide a better indication of the size of Iterations and Milestones.
  • Milestones can now be ordered by priority making it easier to split large Milestones in to smaller Milestones.

Learning more and Installation

To learn more about agile-trac and for instructions on how to install the plugin and patch please go to the self-hosting website. This site uses agile-trac so browsing it should give fair idea of what the plugin offers.

Please note that currently agile-trac requires Trac itself to be patched, though this is a simple process.

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