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    1 = Agilo for Trac =
    3 [[Image(AgiloForTracScreenshots_small.png)]]
    5 See also TracBacklogPlugin, BacklogPlugin, AgiloForScrumPlugin, IttecoTracPlugin.
    7 == Description ==
    9 Agilo for Trac (formerly Agilo for Scrum) is a simple, web-based and straightforward tool to support the Scrum process. Agilo is based on Trac, a very successful and widespread Ticket Tracking System, and developed using the Python programming language. Agilo is distributed as Open Source Software according to the Apache Software License 2.0 and can be:
    11  - either freely downloaded from [ this website] or
    12  - tried out on our online test server.
    14 Just [ register] and you will receive further information.
    16 Please note that since version 1.3.5 / 0.9.5 Agilo for Scrum has been renamed to Agilo for Trac.
    17 Agilo for Scrum is a different tool now. More info [ here].
    20 == New Agilo For Trac Pro 1.3.6 Released with Agilo for Trac 0.9.6 ==
    22  - Performance improvement for backlog rendering
    23  - Fetch ticket list via xml-rpc. Currently the xml-rpc support is limited to read-only operations and deletion. Extended support like ticket creation, update and hierarchical information is planned for next versions. For this feature to work the Trac XML-RPC plugin ( has to be installed
    24  - Fixed [ #1109]: Cannot collapse filter in custom query
    25  - Fixed appliance bug: non alphabetic characters in project name cause authentication failure
    27 == New Agilo Pro 1.3.1 Released with Agilo for Scrum 0.9.1 ==
    29  - Agilo is now compatible with Trac 0.12, while keeping compatibility with Trac 0.11.X.
    30  - Agilo Pro now remembers your filter settings in the backlog and the whiteboard so if you switch to another page, you don't have to configure the filters again. Furthermore, Agilo Pro remembers if you looked at a sprint using the whiteboard or the traditional sprint backlog and when you select a sprint in the left navigation, it'll directly use that view instead of always going to the traditional sprint backlog.
    31  - Global backlogs now have an option to include 'planned' tickets (which have their sprint and/or milestone set). Check the backlog admin for this option.
    32  - other minor changes and bugfixes
    34 == New Agilo Pro 1.2.1 Released with Agilo for Scrum ==
    36  - Now you can configure the columns in every backlog to your hearts content. (And we respect the columns that you configured for each backlog instead of showing the default columns). To configure this yourself, go to Admin > Backlogs, then choose your backlog and enable/ disable what you want.
    37  - Alternative Column-Content is supported, so you can render „Remaining Time“ for Tasks and use the same column to render „Total Remaining Time“ for Stories.
    38  - Multiple parents now don’t break the new backlog and the whiteboard and are just appended to the first parent in the view.
    39  - You can now submit a select field in the new backlog using Enter (Firefox)
    40  - Bugfixes
    42 == New Agilo Pro 1.1 Released with Agilo for Scrum 0.8.3 ==
    44  - You can now create (referenced) tickets right in the Backlog, no need to go to separate pages anymore
    45  - Testing infrastructure has been upgraded to better maintain quality
    46  - Bugfixes
    48 == New Agilo Pro 1.0 Released with Agilo for Scrum 0.8 ==
    50 The new Agilo Pro version adds to the already complete feature set of Agilo for Scrum also a very nice virtual Whiteboard, where very intuitively Team Members and Scrum Masters will be allowed to swap tasks around just by dragging and dropping them, and the Daily Scrum will probably be a more effective meeting. If you are interested, please download it from [ Agilo for Trac] website and give us feedback for improvement via the [ Agilo User Group].
    52 == New Version Released 0.7.4 ==
    54 With the last release of Agilo we increased a lot the compatibility with Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7 and IE8) and fixed some more issues which were becoming annoying. The complete release note can be found on the [ Agilo Blog]. You can find a complete list of the improvement made on the [ Agilo Development Portal].
    56 == New Version Released 0.7.3 ==
    58 We recently release a new version of Agilo for Scrum 0.7.3 that works with Trac 0.11. Major changes include the removal of dependencies with '''matplotlib''' and '''numpy''', now all the charts are generated using a fully client-side solution- based on javascript, no plugins - Agilo can be downloaded from [ this website].
    60 == Related Plugins ==
    61 ScrumBurndownPlugin is a similar plugin providing burndown charts.
    63 == Bugs/Feature Requests ==
    65 We have a [ Google User Group] where you can ask support and questions :-)
    67 Agilo is not really a plugin, and should probably be moved to the Trac patches section.  In particular, it has issues coexisting with standard Trac installations.  While these can sometimes be worked around, it's definitely fair to say that Agilo is closer to a patch than a plugin.
    69 == Download, Source ==
    71 Source code and egg versions are available at [ Agilo for Trac website].
    73 == Example ==
    75 Here there's a pretty [ comprehensive HowTo] and after registering you can access the Online Demo server too.
    77 == Recent Changes ==
    79 [[ChangeLog(agiloforscrumplugin, 3)]]
    81 == Author/Contributors ==
    83 '''Author:''' [wiki:andreat] [[BR]]
    84 '''Contributors:''' fschwarz, garbrand, jvposer, sschulze, taz, mhaecker, srago