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Mar 12, 2010, 11:19:07 PM (9 years ago)
Steffen Hoffmann

added some more Q&A inspired by IRC talk with doki_pen


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    100100  * PRO: interface to a range of plug-in encryption modules, not only but including gnupg, language bindings for C / C++, C# / .NET, Delphi, Java, Python, and Visual Basic, re-entrant and completely thread-safe, most core algorithms implemented in assembly language, support crypto hardware acceleration facilities like in Via C3 CPU family, extensive documentation designed for cut-n-paste directly from manual
    101101  * CON: no Debian package?
     102 * [ PyCrypto]
     103  * PRO: ?
     104  * CON: looks incredibly complex at first glance
     105 * [ ezPyCrypto], a simpler API on top of !PyCrypto
    102107conclusion: test '''python-gnupg''', !PyMe, PyGPGME, skip GnuPGInterface, OpenPGP, cryptlib (for now)[[BR]]
    103108hints, recommendations? known-good code references or popular applications?
    105111==== The code ====
    125131  A: Encryption is not about encoding etc.
    126132  ''Formatter is more about turning an event into a message, it shouldn't be done here.'' - '''doki_pen'''
     133 ? Doesn't smtplib or any other stock python library handle encryption?
     134  A: No. Pythons smtplib is dedicated to e-mail construction including MIME, but no PGP/MIME etc. (see Pythons nativ [ crypto utils] currently consist of secure hash and checksum generators (md5, sha).
    127135 ?: What are the explicitly handled exceptions?
    128136  A: For readability let's try to put this into a table.