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Mar 20, 2010, 8:41:45 PM (8 years ago)
Steffen Hoffmann

added note regarding GnuPG2 and hints about options for encryption stuff


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    88My initial assumption that I could add cryptographically functions right before inserting recipient addresses to the message was wrong.
    10 It might help a lot to look at [wiki:AnnouncerPlugin/Documentation internal structure and event flow] of AnnouncerPlugin in detail.
     10It might help a lot to look at [t:wiki:TracDev/Announcer internal structure and event flow] of AnnouncerPlugin in detail.
    1111By now I add the following into code of ./announcerplugin_trunk/announcer/distributors/ from trunk of AnnouncerPlugin:
    127127  b. consider invention of a new class, i.e. to allow for reusable code, gpg interface initialization before sign and encrypt actions would profit among others
    128128  c. add a minimal set of new options to [annoucer] section of trac.ini and replace formerly fixed values to gain planned control about new cryptographic functions
     129   c.1 mandatory options (not needed for basic operation with common GnuPG installation
     131   ||option name ||default value ||note ||
     132   ||encrypt ||False ||whole e-mail sign/encrpt disabled, if not set to 'True', to allow smooth upgrading of existing installations ||
     134   c.2 additional options
     136   ||option name ||default value ||note ||
     137   ||gpg_binary ||gpg ||full path to binary, needed i.e. for custom GnuPG install or GnuPG v2 ||
    129139 3. step: extend web_ui of AnnouncerPlugin to remote-control new options from user and/or administration settings
    143153 ?: What are the explicitly handled exceptions?
    144154  A: For readability let's try to put this into a table.
    145156  ||exception ||cause ||action/behavior ||
    146157  ||missing pubkey ||fingerprint in user settings but no corresponding key in pubkeyring file ||delete recipient from recipient list of event in delivery, create new event with info "specified pubkey not in Tracs keyring" to be sent to this user and project admin ||
     159 ?: Does python-gnupg support GnuPG v2?
     160  A: AFAIK yes, and I'll continue to test with both versions in the future to maintain compatibility. There might be even a bonus from using GnuPG v2, since it is announced to be PGP/MIME aware. However I'll still have to look into this in detail.
    148162=== Sources (for ideas and code) ===