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    107107[ new ticket].
    109 == Download ==
     109== Installation and Configuration ==
    111 Download the zipped source from [download:announcerplugin here]. '''Note''': Announcer isn't quite available yet-- re-factoring a bit then I'll post the alpha version up.
     111As of r3107 (dubbed v0.2), the AnnouncerPlugin has been working (for me!) in a basic way in our corporate Trac installation. This includes all the mentioned modules above, in particular the notification of Wiki additions/changes/deletions to anyone interested, 'watching' interesting resources, HTML ticket notifications, and such.
    113 == Source ==
     113The email distribution is not as stable and complete as the default Trac notifications yet; there's many options that are not yet taken into account, and a lot of stuff particularly focused around codecs that are simply ignored right now. That isn't to say it won't work, just that you should be prepared for errors if you're ambitious enough to use it until more people have tried it :)
    115 You can check out AnnouncerPlugin from [ here] using Subversion, or [source:announcerplugin browse the source] with Trac. '''Note''': Announcer isn't quite available yet-- re-factoring a bit then I'll post the alpha version up.
     115=== Prerequisites ===
    117 == Example ==
     117 * AnnouncerPlugin will only ever run on 0.11b1 or later.
     118 * You probably need to install Genshi from the trunk before this will work (>=0.5dev), at least until 0.11 comes out final.
    119 Initially(very soon now), it'll simply be a drop-in replacement for the default notifications, extending them to include attachment additions and deletions, and allowing users to opt-out from receiving notices normally sent because of the always_notify_* options.
     120=== Download ===
     122 * Download the zipped source from [download:announcerplugin here].
     123 * You can check out AnnouncerPlugin from [ here] using Subversion, or [source:announcerplugin browse the source] with Trac.
     125=== Installation ===
     127The easiest way to install AnnouncerPlugin is to simply point easy_install at the t-h.o SVN repository, a la:
     130 easy_install
     133Alternatively, you may download the source via one of the above methods and go into the 0.11 directory and then run:
     136 python install
     139After you have installed the AnnouncerPlugin, you must carefully evaluate the modules you wish to use and enable them. The simplest method of doing this is through 0.11's built in Admin panels.
     141The following recommendations should make the decisions easier:
     143 * Producers - ''It is recommended you enable all of the producers; they are the source of events that are fed into the !AnnouncementSystem.''
     144  * '''!TicketChangeProducer'''
     145  * '''!WikiChangeProducer'''
     146  * '''!AttachmentChangeProducer'''
     147 * Subscribers - ''Evaluate the descriptions of the subscriber modules above, and decide which features you want users to support.''
     148  * ''For compatiblity with your current setup, the following are recommended:''
     149   * '''!LegacyTicketSubscriber'''
     150   * '''!StaticTicketSubscriber''' (if you use smtp_always_bcc)
     151   * '''!CarbonCopySubscriber'''
     152  * ''Additional options that are recommended: ''
     153   * '''!WatchSubscriber''' (to allow the user to ''Watch'' tickets or wiki entries; if you use this its possible to replace existing CC functionality with this more privacy-aware option)
     154   * '''!GeneralWikiSubscriber'''
     155  * ''Possibly useful:''
     156   * '''!JoinableGroupSubscriber''' (this was more of a proof-of-concept then anything else; but with !WatchSubscriber above and a disabled !CarbonCopySubscriber, it can allow you to completely redefine the CC field)
     157 * Distributors - ''Only '''!EmailDistributor''' is available at this point, so is essentially required.''
     158 * Formatters - ''It is recommended that both formatter modules be enabled. If one is disabled, then events from that specified realm will never be able to be sent to anyone.''
     159  * '''!TicketEmailFormatter'''
     160  * '''!WikiEmailFormatter'''
     161 * Resolvers - ''For all subscriptions besides those sent from !CarbonCopySubscriber, a resolver must be present to translate a name into an address''
     162  * '''!SessionEmailResolver''' (recommended, will use the session's email address (authenticated or otherwise) to send mail)
     163  * '''!DefaultDomainEmailResolver''' (recommended if you used the smtp_default_domain option previously)
     164  * '''!SpecifiedEmailResolver''' (not recommended-- a proof of concept if nothing else)
     167So, basically, for a system that is basically compatible with your existing setup and allowing minimally invasive wiki features, the following is suggested in trac.ini:
     171announcerplugin.* = enabled
     172announcerplugin.subscribers.ticket_groups.* = disabled
     175=== Configuration ===
     177The easiest way to configure Announcer is to simply rename the {{{ [notification] }}} section in your Trac.ini to {{{ [announcer] }}}. Where possible, the option names are the same. Additional options that may be available are specified above in the modules section.
    122179== Recent Changes ==