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    3636 '''Subscribers'''::
    3737 !StaticTicketSubscriber adds a static subscription to every event; its essentially identical to smtp_always_bcc. !LegacyTicketSubscriber mimics the behavior of always_notify_(owner|reporter|updater) but allows users to opt-out of these decisions. !CarbonCopySubscriber mimics the CC field behavior. !RuleBasedTicketSubscriber to do simple filtering on ticket events is about half done.
     38 * !JoinableGroupSubscriber: Admin define a list of 'groups' in trac.ini-- simple names. Anyone can then, in their preferences, indicate they are a member of said group. Such as 'sec' for security issues. If "@(group)" is added to the CC field, all members of the group will receive the notice. The purpose being bringing special attention to a topic to a group of people who are interested in that topic. !CarbonCopySubscriber appropriately just ignores any CC that starts with an @.
    3840 '''Distributors'''::
    3941 !EmailDistributor is basically done-- what with liberal theft from trac.notifications meaning I didn't have to re-implement the actual /sending/. :) Eventually I'm going to make it launch an external process (without waiting) I think -- as an option. I don't want a blocking SMTP going bad screwing up Trac.