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New hack AutocompleteUsersPlugin, created by k0s

autocomplete user fields on tickets using AJAX


The AutocompleteUsersPlugin allows AJAX completion of users for the owner and CC fields on new and existing tickets. Currently, all the known users are autocompleted though this could be restricted to those that have the ticket owner permission. A /users URL is served which presents the user data in a format suitable to the javascript autocompleter. The AutocompleteUsersPlugin should gracefully degrade in the case of no JS or the case where [ticket] restrict_owner = true

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for AutocompleteUsersPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


Download the zipped source from [download:autocompleteusersplugin here].


You can check out AutocompleteUsersPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


Screenshot of the plugin in action:

Recent Changes

15410 by rjollos on 2016-03-06 23:38:12
0.4.4dev: Remove use of deprecated $.browser

The $.browser function was removed in jQuery 1.9.

The plugin should continue to work with modern versions of all
major browsers.

Fixes #12664.

15265 by rjollos on 2016-02-11 05:29:08
Remove unnecessary svn:mime-type on js and html files

svn:mime-type was set to "plain" for many files.

14214 by t2y on 2014-10-16 04:20:07
Refs #11947: Created 0.4.3 branch (r14213)


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