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This plugin automatically generates Wiki pages based on boilerplate Wiki markup with parameter placeholders and tables describing pages to create with argument lists on special 'boilerplate' Wiki pages.

Boilerplate Wiki markup is defined by placing it between special [[BoilerplateStart]] and [[BoilerplateEnd]] macros. Within such a boilerplate section, placeholders for parameter replacement can be described by {{n}}, where n is an integer greater than or equal to zero.

Boilerplate Wiki markup is hidden when the boilerplate page is rendered.

The pages to generate are defined by declaring how they should be generated in a Wiki table on the same page as the boilerplate Wiki markup:

= Noble Gases =

This table describes the attributes of the noble, or inert, gases.

||'''Element Symbol''' ||'''Element Name''' ||'''Atomic Number''' ||
||["He"]               ||Helium             ||2                   ||
||["Ne"]               ||Neon               ||10                  ||
||["Ar"]               ||Argon              ||18                  ||
||["Kr"]               ||Krypton            ||36                  ||
||["Xe"]               ||Xenon              ||54                  ||
||["Rn"]               ||Radon              ||86                  ||
||["Uuo"]              ||Ununoctium         ||118                 ||

= {{0}} =

The element {{1}} is a noble gas with an atomic number of {{2}}.  Like all
noble gases, it has a full complement of electrons in its outer valence.

This would result in seven pages being generated, the first of which would look like this:

= He =

The element Helium is a noble gas with an atomic number of 2.  Like all
noble gases, it has a full complement of electrons in its outer valence.

The first column must contain either the name of, or a MoinMoin-style free link to, the page to be generated. Subsequent columns contain text to be inserted into the Wiki page as described by the placeholders for parameter replacement in the boilerplate Wiki markup. {{1}} will be replaced by the contents of the first column after the target page column, {{2}} will be replaced by the contents of the second column after the target page column, etc. {{0}} will be replaced by the name of the page extracted from the first column without the link markup if present. Table rows whose contents are bold are ignored, to allow headers.

When a Wiki page with boilerplate Wiki markup is created or its content is changed, the plugin searches the page for table rows. It takes the boilerplate Wiki markup, performs parameter replacements as described above, and saves the resulting text into a new or existing Wiki page whose name is extracted from the first column. If the page already exists and the desired text is identical to the current page contents, the page is not saved.

Aside from the boilerplate markup and the descriptive table, the boilerplate page itself can have any other arbitrary Wiki markup, which allows the boilerplate page to itself have documentary value. This is also the reason the boilerplate markup is not shown when the boilerplate page is rendered.

I have not tested it with Trac 0.11, but it will probably work there too.

Attribution: Many thanks to Alec Thomas, whose AcronymsPlugin provided the instruction I needed to author this plugin.

Bugs/Feature Requests

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If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


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Download the zipped source from here.


You can check out BoilerplatePlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


Copy the file to your Trac plugins directory, for example /usr/share/trac/plugins. No other configuration is neccessary.

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