Scrum burndown with support for re-estimates

Notice: This plugin is deprecated. The plugin is written using the ClearSilver template language, which is no longer supported by Trac, and uses Flash, which is being deprecated by browsers.


This is a plugin for creating burndown charts using Adobe Flash, a common part of Scrum and other Agile development methodologies.

This plugin requires TimingAndEstimationPlugin and Free FusionCharts and was developed and tested on Trac 0.10.x.

I have used the existing ScrumBurndownPlugin as a model to develop a version including support for re-estimates which we needed. As far as the license info is concerned all of it should be completely free licensing.

See also: ScrumBurndownPlugin, ScrumPlugin

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Download the zipped source from here.


You can check out BurndownPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


Installing this plugin involves the following:

  1. Install the TimingAndEstimationPlugin.
  2. Install the BurndownPlugin egg.
  3. Assign permissions.
  4. Reload/Restart the server.

Installing the egg

  1. Install just like you would any other Trac plugin. Drop the egg into your plugins or site-packages folder and then try to access Trac in your browser. Add plugin to [components] section in your trac.ini (at least the following plugins must be enabled):
    timingandestimationplugin.* = enabled
    burndown.* = enabled
  2. Assign permissions to users for BURNDOWN_VIEW.
  3. Finally, you will need to restart your webserver to see some of the features that BurnDownPlugin provides, such as the addition of a 'burndown' link on the Trac navbar.


You can view different burndown charts, selectable by milestone by choosing from the dropdown and clicking the 'Show Burndown Chart' button.

At the beginning of a milestone (eg sprint), make sure the tickets have been input and estimated in Trac. The 'Hours to Add' earliest entered determine the start of the milestone (i.e. sprint) while the one entered last define the end of the milestone.

For this to work, it is imperative that developers keep the 'Estimated Hours' and 'Total Hours' fields accurate and up-to-date on the tickets they are working on. The 'Total Hours' field itself should never be manually edited, but rather, it can be changed by inputting positive and negative values into the 'Hours to Add' field.

During the sprint you can enter revised estimates. The chart displays 2 bars per day: one for the total amount of work estimated including revised estimates and a second one displaying the total amount of work performed. Like this you can also see how the total amount of work estimated evolves during the sprint:

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