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Emphasize deprecated status.

Selectable pop-up calendar for fields

Project closed: Please use the DateFieldPlugin. This project is no longer supported.

As discussed in #7030, the same functionality of this plugin is provided by DateFieldPlugin. So I'm putting further efforts into DateFieldPlugin.


Show selectable calendar pop-up where needed. It is easier to see a date rather than insert some date without visualization.


Download the zipped source from [download:calendarpopupplugin here].


You can check out CalendarPopUpPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.



First you have to identify all the html-ids of the input fields, where you want the pop up to appear, as well as the html filenames.

Take for example the html file milestone_edit.html and add an entry to trac.ini as shown below. Then you take a look at the html code to find the input fields where you'd like the pop-up to appear. That's the field {{id="duedate"}}.

That leaves us with the following settings, that go into the trac.ini


And in a bigger context:


Remark: The default (yyy/MM/dd) date format is taken, if not defined by =.

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