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Canned Responses Plugin

Notice: This plugin is unmaintained and available for adoption.


The CannedResponsesPlugin allows a trac administrator to specify a list of "Canned Responses" for those with the appropriate permissions to use in responding to tickets.

Each canned response can change the status of a ticket, as well as modify the resolution and add a comment. Each response can also be restricted to users with specific permissions. For example, you may wish to have a response that only users with TICKET_ADMIN permissions can use and another which anyone with TICKET_MODIFY or greater permissions can use.

Canned responses will appear as an option in the Action box at the bottom of a ticket for those with the permissions to use any of the available canned responses.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for CannedResponsesPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


You can check out the source of the CannedResponsesPlugin from here using Mercurial, as well as browse it at the same place.


To enable the plugin, install it to your trac's plugins directory and add the following to your trac.ini:

cannedresponses.* = enabled

To add canned responses, choose a short name, then add attributes like so:

tpp = new,pending -> closed
tpp.comment = This issue is caused by a third party plugin.  We have no control over these plugins.  Please report this problem to the authors of this third party plugin.
tpp.resolution = invalid = Third Party Plugin
tpp.permissions = TICKET_MODIFY

The above example creates a canned response that sets a ticket to the closed status, sets the resolution to invalid, and adds the comment "This issue is caused by a third party plugin. We have no control over these plugins. Please report this problem to the authors of this third party plugin." The canned response is available to any user with at least TICKET_MODIFY permissions, including TICKET_ADMIN and TRAC_ADMIN.


  • The line tpp = new,pending -> closed specifies the statuses a ticket may have for using this canned response and the status the ticket will be set to.
  • The 'name' attribute provides a "pretty name" for users to see in the list of canned responses.
  • The 'comment' attribute specifies, in WikiFormatting, the text of the comment to be added. Anything inserted into the comment field at the same time as applying a canned response will be retained and placed after the canned response.
  • The 'resolution' attribute specifies the resolution to use on the ticket when closing.
  • The 'permissions' attribute specifies the minimum level of permissions required to see and use the response.


Author: Daniel Atallah
Maintainer: rekkanoryo